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The topic is Car.

Car Lesbians


There are only two stats. These are Hotness and Car, and both are ranked 1-10 with normal people having a five in both (average looks / people carrier). Having a ten in each stat would make you smoking hot / give you a turbo-charged custom built Bond car.

Car Lesbians are created in the following manner:

Car: 1d6+3

The normal cap for your Hotness and Car is 10 (after all Backgrounds and other modifiers have been applied), but they can rise above thaat during certain circumstances that appear during play.

Car Lesbians

We will adjust the scale to be 3-18 with 10 average to better fit with mainstream RPGs. Roll for Car with 3d6.

If your character is a class from pre-industrial eras (such as Medieval or antiquity), then you have a mount (such as horse), chariot, wagon, or buggy instead of a car. You can participate in lesbian car races on an equal standing with characters who have a car.

When making a car check, use half your car score (rounded up) for the number of dice rolled.

The normal cap for your Car is changed to 20.

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