I’m not actually seeking a girlfriend, although I would welcome that.

I’m looking for an adult virgin woman who wants to experiment with sex with an adult male.

Generally it is more socially acceptable for women to be virgins than for guys. There is an assumption that guys are virgins because they are deeply flawed losers.

I’m thinking I’m more likely to have a sympathetic sexual encounter with an adult virgin woman.

Here are my ideas. I am more than willing to compromise and make adjustments so the proposed sexual encounter is pleasurable to both of us.

I will need ot collect some money and there will be time for items ot be delivered, so this is still the planning stage for a proposed date.

The biggest benefit of a sexual partner is bondage is much more safe with someone else than as self-bondage.

I intend to wear a high quality satin maid’s costume. Light blue/cyan French maid dress with pink trim at the hem and neck and a very short skirt so that panties can be seen. White satin apron with pink lace trim. Multi-layered white ruffle crinoline tulle pettiskirt. Huge breast forms. Tight leather corset locked around the waist. The sissy maid dress locked at the back of the neck. A locking wasit belt on the outside with big metal rings all around. Three inch pink leather neck collar with a large metal D-ring in front and with four sissy bells and pink lace trim. Locking pink satin panties with rows of white lace and a fuck hole in the back and pink bow in front and more sissy bells and hip and rear padding. Penis trapped in a locked on metal chastity shaped to look like a vagina. Huge black penis dildo in the ass. Locked metal female chastity belt with pink padding and a pair of locked metal thigh cuffs with pink padding. Black fishnet stockings. Pink leather high heels with six inch spike heels, sissy bells, and locked on at the ankles. Locked on full length leather arm binder. Inside the arm binder, locked on pink leather wrist cuffs that can be chained to the waist belt when the arm binder is removed. Locked on pink leater ankle cuffs with metal chain in between that forces sissy mince stepping. A metal chain that goes up the front from the center of the chain between the ankles to the waist belt, then to the collar. Another chain that goes from the waist belt down the front of the skirt and back up inside the skirt to the penis chastity. When the arm binder is removed, the wrist cuffs can be locked via a metal chain to the waist belt, allowing limited movement, including eating. A gag with the black leather harness that goes over the top of the head and down the two sides of the nose and then down under the chin, with a bright red ball gag that has a black leather penis dildo on the inside, locked on, but with the ability to unlock the gag portion for eating. Remote control vibrators for the butt plug didlo, the penis chastity, each side of the inner groin, and the insides of both breast forms, all controllable by the woman.

For equal fun, the woman will also have remote control vibrators and I will have the controller in my hands inside the arm binder.

After a nice meal, return to the dungeon.

I will make-out with an inflatable sex doll for the woman under her instructions about what she wants me to do to her, all the time still locked in sissy clothing and a metal penis chastity.

I want to have a kissing session while locked in bondage.

I want to be locked into a bondage chair and watch the girl masturbate. I can adjust my plans based on what I see her enjoy.

I want to perform cunnilingus.

I want the girl to fuck me doggie style with a big black strap on dildo while I am locked onto a bondage horse until I leak in the chastity cage.

I want to receive a blow job while locked on a bondage rack.

I want to fuck the woman in her favorite position and fuck her doggie style.

I want to fuck the woman in her ass, completing all three holes. If she wants a tittie fuck, I will fuck her titties and spray cum on her chest, face, and hair.

I want to switch to a kigurumi body suit and full head mask, be bound spread eagle on a bed, and be stimulated with a wand vibrator, followed by the woman using a rainbow colored strap-on didlo on all three of my kigurumi holes.

And any interesting ideas that the woman might have for her own pleasure.

What am I looking for in a girlfriend?

I’d like someone to have conversations with on a wide variety of subjects.

I’d like someone who is fun to be around (of course, what constitutes fun is different for everyone, so this one is very vague)/

I’d like someone who is interested in bondage and enjoys a guy who crossdresses.

I’d like someone who was an artistic partner. I think that I would be extremely useful to a truly great singer who isn’t famous yet. But I would do that partnership without any requirement that the woman be my girlfriend.

Women routinely ask me if I am married or have a girlfriend and then ask me why not. Here is the long explanation.

When men tell me they want to have sex with me, well guys just aren’t very choosey about whom they have sex with.

When women tell me they want to have sex with me, it always comes as a complete surprise.

Why would any woman, especially a beautiful woman, want to have sex with me?

Women are choosey. Because they can be choosey.

It makes sense for women to have sex with the highest quality person they can find. Each woman has her own criteria for what she seeks.

There is nothing about me that is sex related where I am the best in the world.

For employment, there are things where I am the best in the world and a larger set of things where I am the best available candidate. But those things only apply to employment. No woman is ever going to choose a sexual partner based on skill at hand optimizing machine object code.

Even if a woman ignores my negative characteristics, for every positive characteristic that I possess there are a very large number of men surpass me.

There is no good reason for a woman to choose me, especially on the most common measures, such as looks, amount of money or penis size.

Sex is (assuming a woman is involved) whatever the woman wants to do and only what the woman wants to do.

Sexual harassment is when a woman is exposed to any undesired (unwanted) sexual activity or words. The determination of what words or actions are sexual in nature are entirely the perception of the woman.

That presents the first big problem: how do I know what actions or words any particular woman (especially a stranger) considers undesired sexually related words or actions?

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