see also Goddess worship

    Transvestites have a long history of association with Goddess worship, going back thousands of years in ancient Egypt, ancient India, ancient Greece, ancient Mesopotamia, ancient China, and other ancient civilizations. Sissies would serve female priestesses as physical manifestations of the Goddess.

    Sissies served in priestesses in ancient Egyptian Goddess temples, in particular the temples of Isis (Aset) and Bast. Effeminate men dressed in women’s clothing would serve the priestesses as personal maids.

    In the temples of Bast and Sekhmet there were special priestesses who saw visions of the Goddess while in the throes of orgasm. Sissies would perform cunnilingus on these priestesses to bring about longer visions through continued orgasm.

Bast worship

    Bast is the ancient Egyptian goddess of enlightenment. She is also the goddess of the dawn, the goddess of cats, and the goddess of physical pleasures. In modern terms she might be considered the goddess of sex, drugs, and rock ’n’ roll. She is also the goddess of art and philosophy.

    The ancient Egyptian religion evolved and changed a great deal over its 10,000 year history. There are written records from much of that history (including the oldest religious writings in the world), as well as numerous works of art.

    The ancient Egyptian religion evolved from Goddess Worship, an elemental nature religion that is more than 100,000 years old. Variations of Goddess Worship are still alive today, especially in various Wiccan faiths.

    Almost all of modern religions are derived from the ancient Egyptian religion.

    Bast worship is positive and life affirming.

    Bast is a nature goddess.

    Bast is known as the great critic of the Great Council and the Pharaohs.

    In the Bast tradition, it is believed that artwork is divinely inspired by the goddess and that the artists are more dependable in revealing the will of the supreme goddess than mere priests.


    Candy was invented by ancient Egyptian priests and priestesses (probably of Bast, Sekhmet, and/or Ptah). The first versions were hard candies made from honey. The Temple magicians were asked by the Pharoah to come up with a cure for sore throats. The hard candies immediately became popular as a sweet and Temple magicians started adding a variety of spices, including spearmint, peppermint, and other mints.

see also Goddess worship

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