Safety first.

    Armbinders are more severe than hand cuffs for securing a sissy’s arms and hands. Armbinders are usually made of strong leather and are either laced or zipped up, encasing the arms and hands completely.

This poor man was changed into a beautiful chastised she-male. Beware! This could happen to you if you read this magazine. Sissy in bondage cuckolded while wearing stockings, high heels, black lace panties, purple teddy, penis chastity, collar, ball gag, and arm binder.
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armbinder bondage

trannie Sandra tightly ballgagged while strapped into arm binder    Sandra endures an evening tightly ballgagged while strapped into the arm binder and ankle spreader. Her friend KKY adds a collar and neck rope to make her ordeal even more uncomfortable. —courtesy Trannies in Trouble

    Please learn more about bondage safety before actually engaging in bondage.

Mistress prepares to whip a chastized sissy. Sissy has black leather neck posture collar, red leather armbinders, white panties, white garter belt, and black stockings.
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sissy bondage picture

armbinder experiences

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Slave Piercing Vol 2
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