A common chore for sissy maids is cooking.

sissy maid with frying pan

Sissy Maid Josie cooks for wife

Sissy Maid Josie
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    As you can see, Josie’s wife is very strict about the maid’s appearance. Maid Josie has to keep her hair colored, permed, and cut in a permanent female hairstyle. She has thin arched brows, acrylic nails, double pierced ears, and permanent tattooed eyeliner.

maid lexus
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sissy maid works in kitchensissy maid works in kitchen
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Sissy Maid Josie works in kitchen
Maid Josie

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    “I am a busy surgeon and my life is much easier ever since I turned my wimpy husband into my real life housemaid. He was such a drag on my life as a guy. He spent my money, goofed off, and freeloaded, but demanded sex and expected me to keep the house! Well, no more! Now during the day she keeps my house spotless while wearing a frilly maid uniform, ruffled panties, baby doll socks, and high heels. When I get home my dinner is ready. If the house is not clean to my high standards she is disciplined and bound up for the night.
    “After dinner she rubs and massages my tired feet. Busy wives should think about making their husbands more obedient by making them wear sissy type clothes. It makes them much more docile and very easy to handle.”—Mistress Joan; e-mail

    “I have been my wife’s maid for more than six years now. She works and I stay home as her maid and take care of all the cleaning, chores, and cooking.”—Maid Karen; e-mail

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learning to cook

    We have extensive instructions on how to cook, starting you from being a beginner who has only learned that if you touch a hot stove you will get burned and the beer is in the refrigerator.

sissy maid cooking pictures

A maid should always smile while working
Lisa Rose Farrow, originally from

this is jack, sue’s hubby maid
Lisa Rose Farrow, originally from

Petra, 31 December 2016

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