Forced Masturbation

    Forced masturbation is when the sissy is forced to masturbate on commmand for the master or mistress. Forced masturbation can be highly ritualistic and involve many rules. Often there are time limits. Minimum time limits are used to delay orgasm, while maximum time limits are used to hurry orgasms (or even not allow enough time for an orgasm, increasing sexual frustration. Forced masturbation can be combined with CBT (cock and balls torture), cock control, male chastity devices, and/or masturbating orders.

    Please learn more about bondage safety before actually engaging in bondage.

forced masturbation experiences

    “On your Knees…Stroking for me…You will love my sexy voice counting your strokes for you. Starting off slow and increasing the speed and then all of the sudden when you are on the edge ‘STOP!’ You better make sure when I say ‘STOP’ you take that hand away. Don’t worry you will get to stroke again, but cumming might be another story. Depends on how obedient and well behaved you are! Let this Goddess control you in many different ways… Tease and Denial; Cock Control; Forced Cum Eating; Sissifcation; CBT; Masturbating Orders; Orgasm Chastity; Dildo Training.”—Sexy Selena; e-mail

    “Now that you have been a bad sissy and probably surfing the net and looking at hot young sluts, who probably wouldn’t give you the time of day anyway, it’s time to let a REAL woman take over. I know you have a hard on right now don’t you? I also know that if you are touching it now you will promptly remove your hand! First rule you will NOT touch until you are told to. Think you can handle that cock stroker? So did you like looking at those hot pussies and perky tits? Did your dick twitch thinking about feeling one of those tight twats squeezing out your cum? How bad do you want to wrap your fist around your shaft right now? Too fucking bad! I might think about letting you stroke for me!”—Cum 4 Mommy; e-mail

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message to wealthy business person

    You have an interest in sissies. You are wealthy. You are good at business.

    I am creative (very creative). I am good at generating web traffic. You have found this website because with literally no money, I have made this one of the top sissy websites in the world. Entirely legally. No stolen material.

    Anything sex or fetish related is a highly competitive field. Businesses spend millions of dollars a year in this field without achieving the results I have.

    I need to team up with a competent business person (male or female) who has an interest in sissies and can fund good work and can run a business so that it makes plenty of money. Not looking for a boyfriend or girlfriend, but someone who sees the potential here and has a plan and the funds to make a profit ethically. No pop-up ads. None of the things that are annoying. Good, decent, ethical business.

    If you think you can help achieve these goals, send a real letter to Candy, PO Box 5237, Balboa Island, California 92662, USA.

    More information.

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