Safety first.

    Gags are used to muffle speech. No gag completely blocks the ability to make sound. A simple gag is made by tying a scarf around the head so that it is partly inside the mouth. Do not stuff cloth into the mouth, because the cloth will expand with saliva and can choke a sissy to death. The most common gags are ball gags, which have a rubber ball on a leather strap or metal chain. If there is paint on the ball gag, make sure that it is not flaking or loose. There are gags that have a horse’s bit. These can be used for pony girl play or as a gag that allows a sissy to bite down hard (a bit gag might be used in combination with spanking, paddling, or whipping). There are gags that include a penis head, usually made of leather. Most gags have a single chain or leather strap that fastens at the back of the head. There are gags that are designed to be locked into place, as well as gags withmutliple straps. Some masks have built in gags. Make sure that the gag used does not completely fill up the mouth, as this is a choking hazard. A gag will cause saliva to flow. Make sure that the sissy can either swallow the saliva or that the saliva can freely flow down the face. Otherwise, the sissy might choke on his own saliva.

variety of gagsvariety of gagsvariety of gags
courtesy Trannies in Trouble

tape gags

    The most basic gag is tape over the mouth. The tape gag can be combined with other gags.

trannie in tape gagtrannie Sandra on a bed in self-bondage with tape gagtrannie in tape gagtrannie in tape gag shemale sissy maid in tape gag
courtesy Trannies in Trouble courtesy Shemade Shemale
(see notes below)
trannie in tape gagSandra lounges in corset and heels when she is subdued and tape gaggedtrannie Sandra in self-bondage with tape gagtrannie in tape gag
courtesy Trannies in Trouble

cleave gags

    A cleave gag is when a scarf, bandana, handkerchief, or other cloth is wrapped around the head, with the cloth cleaving the lips of the mouth.

trannie in cleave gagtrannie in cleave gagtrannie in cleave gagtrannie in cleave gagtrannie in cleave gagtrannie in cleave gag
courtesy Trannies in Trouble

pantyhose gags

    A pantyhose gag is special case of the cleave gag using pantyhose.

trannie in pantyhose gag
courtesy Trannies in Trouble

ball gags

    A ball gag is a gag featuring a ball that holds the mouth in an open position while partially blocking the ability to speak. The ball gag is usually attached with a leather strap, but sometimes a metal chain is used.

trannie in ball gagSandra tied up and ball gagged in her dommer costumetrannie in ball gagtrannie in ball gagtrannie in ball gagtrannie in ball gag
trannie Sandra tightly ballgagged while strapped into arm binder and ankle spreadertrannie in ball gag
courtesy Trannies in Trouble

Candy In Bondage: Ball Gag Paint Free

source for ball gags

head harness with full blindfold and ball gag

source for head harness with full blindfold and ball gag

picture from the internet

penis gags

penis gag

    A penis gag is a gag featuring a dildo inside the mouth. The two basic variations are a single didlo inside the mouth or a double dildo with one inside the mouth and one outside the mouth. From the outside, the single dildo penis gag appears to be just a plain leather gag. The double dildo penis gag forces the sissy to suck on a cock while the mistress rides the sissy’s face. The length of the dildo inside the mouth must be kept short to prevent suffication.

source for penis gags

ring gags

    A ring gag is a variation where the moutth is kept wide open with a rubber (or other material) ring. This is used when the sissy will be forced to suck on cock, preventing the sissy from closing the mouth or otherwise refusing to suck cock.

ring gag
courtesy Michael’s Forced Femme

bit gag

    A bit gag is similar to the bit used for a horse This is a common item in pony girl play.

Jasmine’s Tgirl Whore Ponygirl has rubber bit in her mouth
bit gag used for pony girl play

picture courtesy

bit gag,  hand cuffs, and thumb cuffs
handcuffs, thumbcuffs, and (pony) bit gag
(genuine girl)

Candy in bondage with ball gag, blonde wig, leather collar, and colorful bra

    Ball gags: Ball Gag Paint Free, Head Harness with Full Blindfold and Mouth Gag, Slave Mask with Removable Blind and Gag

    Penis gags: Penis Gag

blue bondage

picture courtesy

woman in blue vinyl dress ball gagged and strapped into chair
blue bondage
(genuine girl)

gag experiences

    Additionally, whenever I am at home I must wear a cock gag, and She has even made me devise an entirely internal cock gag from the end of a dildo which I must keep in my mouth whenever possible, even out in public, even at work, so that often when I encounter people from my straight life, I am confronted with the humiliation of looking them right in the face knowing that my sissy ass is plugged with a huge artificial cock and my mouth is stuffed with a little toy penis to remind me of who and what I am; a filthy, nasty, dirty-minded little sissy faggot cockwhore and cumslut. —sissy slut crystal

Share your sissy gag experiences and suggestions at

gag bondage pictures

Please learn more about bondage safety before actually engaging in bondage.

shemale sissy maid in tape gagball gagged sissy maid in kitchenball gagged sissy servinggagged sissy French maidgagged sissy maid in bondage
gagged sissy maid in bondagekneeling sissy maid in bondagekneeling sissy maid in bondagesissy maid in bondagegagged sissy maid dusting and serving
courtesy Shemade Shemale
(see notes below)

trannie Sandra cuffed and ball gagged    Sandra starts out cuffed and ball-gagged, then adds a leather blindfold. Her mouth gets so filled with spit that she uncontrollably drools onto her panty-hosed leg! —courtesy Trannies in Trouble

trannie ball gagged in rope bondage kneels in corner    Her captor told her to stand perfectly still in the corner for her daily posture training but finally she just couldn’t take anymore. “Maybe we’ll just add some ropes and a ball-gag to help out…” —courtesy Trannies in Trouble

tightly bound trannie in cleave gag    She was posing for glamour shots when the photographer suggested something different: pantyhose tied with a tight over-the-mouth gag.” —courtesy Trannies in Trouble

trannie secretary in chair bondage with cleave gag    She never thought that her new secrretarial job would lead to such a predicament — tightly bound, a handkerchief shoved in her mouth and a cleave gag to hold it in place. —courtesy Trannies in Trouble

trannie librarian tight rope bondage with cleave gag and tight crotchrope hiking up skirt    Naughty librarian Sandra finds herself cleave gagged and tied with a tight crotchrope hiking up her skirt. —courtesy Trannies in Trouble

pretty trannie abducted and placed in tape bondage with tape gag    Sandra’s abductor had planned everything for just this moment. Tightly bound, a handkerchief shoved in her mouth, an ace bandage over that, and electrical tape wrapped around it all just to be sure.” —courtesy Trannies in Trouble

trannie kidnapped and tightly bound and tape gagged    She thought he was just playing around when he started talking about trying out a kidnapping scenario. Now Sandra finds herself tightly bound and gagged and wonders what she’s gotten herself into.” —courtesy Trannies in Trouble

office trannie tightly rope bound with strapped-in ball-gag    The tightly strapped-in ball-gag left office girl Sandra in her humiliating predicament — drool dripping from her lips while the intruder rifled through her office.” —courtesy Trannies in Trouble

trannie tied up and gagged with red tape gag    A cruel intruder ties Sandra up and gags her with red tape. Then before leaving her, he lifts her up onto a chair to teeter precariously on her high heels!” —courtesy Trannies in Trouble

self-bondage adventure includes ankle and wrist cuffs and ball gag    Sandra loses the dare and must complete a new self-bondage adventure. Cuffed and ball-gagged, waiting for her release — the key hanging just out of reach, suspended from a slowly melting ice cube (or so she thinks…).” —courtesy Trannies in Trouble

pretty trannie bound with ropes, mouth stuffed, and tightly cleave gagged    Sandra was just chatting with her date in the bedroom, when suddenly the evening took a turn for the worse — bound, her mouth stuffed and then tightly cleave gagged. —courtesy Trannies in Trouble

trannie Sandra lounges in corset and heels when she is subdued and hog tied    Sandra lounges in her corset and heels when she’s attacked and subdued. First she’s cleave gagged and tied, then later her abductor wraps black tape over her mouth, finally putting her in a hogtie to struggle helplessly. —courtesy Trannies in Trouble

trannie hogtied and cleave gagged with pantyhose    Sandra gets bound in her short Frederick’s dress, stockings, and heels. First cleave gagged and left to struggle on the floor, later she gets hogtied and has a pair of pantyhose added to her gag to keep her extra quiet. —courtesy Trannies in Trouble

pretty trannie rope bound and cleave gagged    Sandra was trying on her new stockings when she was surprised by an intruder. Bound and gagged, first she endures a tight cleave gag and then her abductor adds a blue ace bandage over that to fully stifle her. —courtesy Trannies in Trouble

trannie silk blouse and shiny disco pants placed in ropes, blindfold, and tape gag    Sandra dressed in her silk blouse and shiny disco pants gets tied and tape gagged. To heighten her fear and helplessness, she’s finally blindfolded with sticky tape over her eyes. —courtesy Trannies in Trouble

trannie in tight leather skirt, tape gag, and tape bondage    Sandra taped up in her tight leather skirt. First she’s forced to tape gag herself, then she has her wrists and elbows taped up, also her thumbs and fingers for good measure! —courtesy Trannies in Trouble

trannie Sandra tightly ballgagged while strapped into arm binder and ankle spreader    Sandra endures an evening tightly ballgagged while strapped into the arm binder and ankle spreader. Her friend KKY adds a collar and neck rope to make her ordeal even more uncomfortable. —courtesy Trannies in Trouble

trannie Sandra in self-bondage with tape gag    With her new longline bra, Sandra rushes home for some self bondage with ankle and handcuffs, securely connecting them with a length of chain and another piece secured around her waist. Then she settles in to wait for that key to drop… —courtesy Trannies in Trouble

trannie in blindfold, cleave gag, and rope bondage    Sandra endures an evening with the Ol’ Sarge. First it’s a shoulder-aching wrist tie, then serious scarf gagging and blindfolding, and finally a scarf hood over that for further isolation in her bondage.—courtesy Trannies in Trouble

trannie Sandra fully hooded, gagged, blindfolded, and taped into bondage    Scarved! Delilah was shooting pictures and brought out the scarves. Little did Sandra know that she was about to be fully hooded, bound, gagged, and blindfolded in silk and rayon. —courtesy Trannies in Trouble

    Delilah’s Back in Bondage! Recently she found herself tied and helpless in the guestroom: placed in a tight hogtie, her mouth stuffed with an unforgiving ballgag and left to struggle in vain against the ropes.—courtesy Trannies in Trouble

sissy wearing blue leather collar
picture courtesy of femminilizzazioneforzata

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    If you think you can help achieve these goals, send a real letter to Candy, PO Box 5237, Balboa Island, California 92662, USA.

    More information.

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