Bimbo hair

    Eventually a dedicated sissy will have to advance past wearing wigs and have a full head of bimbo hair. Older sissies with male pattern baldness will have to use wigs and there will be times when the easiest way to change hair color and/or style is with a wig.

bimbo training
(genuine girl)
courtesy Doug Adam’s Bimbo Training

Hair Tips

    Courtesy of Doug Adam’s Bimbo Training: My friend and muse Lyndie Likemore [pictured left] is a bimbo of renown in her circles. Limited intelligence and inch-long nails make typing hard for her but she has risked even wrinkles by furrowing her brow and concentrating hard to give us her thoughts on the making of a good bimbo. Some slight editorial changes have been made so that the spelling or punctuation isn’t distracting, but otherwise these are all her own words. Read on and enjoy her air-head wisdom.

    “There are a few basic rules. Firstly hair has to be long either straight or very big and wavy the last thing a man wants when he look down at you when your on your back is a butch short haired girl looking up at him, he wants to see you face surrounded by a halo of golden hair. That brings us to point number two, a bimbo’s hair must always be blonde, if blonde isn’t your natural colour then start bleaching the hell out of it, it you are naturally blonde like me than bleach it anyway, add high lights as well if you like. You are looking to strip all colour from your hair, to end up with a fake white blonde colour which almost glows in the dark. When your man looks down he needs to see a long mane of golden blonde hair bobbing back and forth.”

Courtesy of Doug Adam’s Bimbo Training


    Courtesy of Doug Adam’s Dressing The Floozy The hair offers endless opportunities for the artist. Slut hair is perhaps less important, but bimbos really do need to have a lot of attention paid. Ringlets, backcombing, and probably bleached blonde, hair is the bimbo’s crowning glory. Most men don’t have a clue what to do with hair so it’s pointless giving you advice. Instead, your best hope is to befriend a gay hairdresser with obvious talents in this direction and take his advice. Do whatever it takes to get his attention, procure young boys for him or give him your collection of Kylie Minogue autographs but at all costs bring him into the conspiracy. All other paths are doomed unless the girl herself displays a talent in this direction.

two real dolls with long blonde bimbo hair
(Real Dolls)
courtesy Doug Adam’s Dressing the Floozy

Courtesy of Doug Adam’s Dressing The Floozy

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shemale sissy maid curtseyshemale sissy maid curtseyshemale sissy maid curtseyshemale sissy maid in bondage

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    Everlicking She will be the prettiest sissy at the ball tonight when I finish working my magic on her. asdf

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