A common chore for sissy maids is ironing.

sissy ironing pink dress

    Picture from SissyMaidVivian (at Tumblr), who claims the picture is in the public domain. cuckoldsissybecka says “A sissy wife doing what she is supposed to be doing.”

Ironing my Master’s shirts by Lacy

Sissy Boy Ironing and pressing is a chore to be enjoyed dressed this way
by ermelein

shemale sissy maid irons

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sissy ironing suggestions

    Be careful ironing. It is easy to destroy or ruin expensive (or inexpensive) clothing quickly.

    Learn ironing techniques on samples of various fabrics. it is much better to make mistakes on and ruin small cloth samples rather than expensive clothes.

    For some fabrics, it helps to layer a protective cloth in between the iron and the garment.

    For some fabrics, it helps to use steam.

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