Skirts come in a wide variety of shapes and lengths.

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    Everlicking How can you not want to wear skirts instead of pants?
    Katie Louise Eve I would wear skirts and dresses everyday. Everyone should be femme.

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    Everlicking Soon you will be slipping into a skirt or dress without even thinking about it
    TG Sissy Practice makes perfect

blonde bimbo wearing black leather miniskirt
(genuine girl)
courtesy Doug Adam’s Bimbo Training

Clothes tips

    Courtesy of Doug Adam’s Bimbo Training: My friend and muse Lyndie Likemore [pictured right] is a bimbo of renown in her circles. Limited intelligence and inch-long nails make typing hard for her but she has risked even wrinkles by furrowing her brow and concentrating hard to give us her thoughts on the making of a good bimbo. Some slight editorial changes have been made so that the spelling or punctuation isn’t distracting, but otherwise these are all her own words. Read on and enjoy her air-head wisdom or just enjoy her picture on the right..

    “Skirts should always be very short, either tight lycra or light and flippy, a pleated skirt or mini kilt are good as when you walk it can flip up and give people a glimse of what is under that skirt. Under the skirt you should have NO knickers as they will stop people from seeing your cunt, you can have bare legs with your skirt if you hope to look more of a whore than a bimbo, bimbos should always have legs which look like they should be touched; to get this either very sheer and shiny stockings or pantyhose, if wearing pantyhose make sure that they are sheer to waist and that the gusset is clear you will be wanting like I do to have your pussy visible and the nylon to show how wet you are, even let it trickle down the side of your hose coved legs.”

Courtesy of Doug Adam’s Bimbo Training

first experiences

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skirt bondage

Sandra tied up in her miniskirt domme costume    Sandra dresses up in her domme costume, but somehow she’s always the one who gets tied up! —courtesy Trannies in Trouble

trannie secretary in white blouse and black leather miniskirt is tightly bound and securely tape gagged.    Office receptionist Sandra gets grabbed and taken away. Tightly bound and securely gagged, she helplessly mmmpphs and ponders her sad fate. —courtesy Trannies in Trouble

trannie Sandra fully hooded, gagged, blindfolded, and taped into bondage    Scarved! Delilah was shooting pictures and brought out the scarves. Little did Sandra know that she was about to be fully hooded, bound, gagged, and blindfolded in silk and rayon. —courtesy Trannies in Trouble

trannie in tight leather miniskirt, tape gag, and tape bondage    Sandra taped up in her tight leather skirt. First she’s forced to tape gag herself, then she has her wrists and elbows taped up, also her thumbs and fingers for good measure! —courtesy Trannies in Trouble

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    Everlicking Don’t forget about the girl that dressed you up to look so cute. She may want to pull your hem up and sit on your lap ... giggle

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    Everlicking And who could blame you!! A sxy short skirt and heel will catch the eye of both guys and some girls ;)

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