Sunbathing With My Blow Up Babe

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Sunbathing With My Blow Up Babe

    Sensuous steamy romantic picture site of a horny guy all alone. See him in romantic love making with his BLOW UP DOLL! Yes it’s cool and it’s sexy too! Come see what passion!

    Nothing beats the feeling of the sun beating on your naked body.

    I’ve never dated a woman that appreciated being outdoors like this.

    She loves the feel of my body and oil on her.

    I feel so sexy when I’m out there in a big field. It’s exciting wondering if you’ll be discovered any moment by anyone passing by.

    I love to massage her and tease her and rub her with oil.

    I give a good back rub I’m told.

    I love skin so soft because it keeps my skin smooth and soft!

    I apply a lot of it all over and then relax for awhile in the sun.

    Then when I’m relaxed and feeling good I’ll let my cutie doll give me what I need.

    After relaxing in the buff on the grass I start dreaming and fantasizing all I can think about is how good my cock will feel deep inside her oiled pastic pussy.

    My mind is telling me to get up and fuck her!

    I know that’s what I really want to do. Screw this relaxing!

    With open arms and ready holes to be gently filled she beckons be to come over and please please her.

    She gives a loud whistle as she watches me get up

    She always tells me she loves my buttocks — I believe her. (Hey it’s my fantasy she can do and say whatever!)

    I touch her cheek and say in my sexyiest voice “I will please you lover”.

    “I will give you all of me and I won’t stop until you tell me to”.

    She winks and is ready for me!

    I show her what I’ve got for her she smiles.

    “I will get it big and hard and fuck you sooooo good Lisa“.

    I begin to work my cock and get it harder and bigger for her.

    Harder and harder and harded it gets as I stroke it gently.

    My inflatable lover Lisa is getting excited seeing it grow bigger before her eyes.

    It’s big and READY for playtime with my plastic gal.

    Time for a good lay in the middle of the day (hey I rhymed!).

    I mount her and ever so slowly enter her oiled pussy.

    AHHHHHHH this is what this sunny day was made for!

    My cock glides inside her with such ease.

    I talk to her as I fuck her gently.

    “What a pretty and sexy gal you are” I say.

    My sweat is getting me moist but keeping my body cool. I like to pace myself boinking.

    So far I’ve never been caught with my blow up honey.

    That is as far as I know!

    Can you imagine the shock if someone found me like this?

    My cock is getting so hard and I love it.

    The oil I use lasts a long time plus her pussy gets a good squirt of cum every five minutes or so as I have all these wonderful mini orgasms.

    I’m not the kind of guy that likes quickies. Intercourse should be a time to get closer and enjoy and take your time pleasing each other and verbalizing your feelings.

    My cock is very happy right now just pumping her. She has a nice feel and bounce to her it’s just fun!

    Lisa is really getting into it. The heat of my stroking and the heat of the day make her love tunnel open wider to accommodate my cock gettting even bigger.

    We’ve been doing it for about ten minutes already and I just shot my third load of juice into her. And good news! I’m still ready for more.

    Are you rooting for me? I hope so!

    I hope you’re getting excited knowing that I’m really getting into this fetish.

    It’s okay to just say as you watch this — “Go for it fuck her harder and keep cumming”.

    I’m just about done with fucking her this way. What should I do next? Should I turn her over or should I let her suck on me after I’m spent?

    I’m trying so hard to keep my erection. I’ve been going now for about fifteen minutes.

    “Lisa, can I stop? Can I rest now?” I ask her.

    She demands that I keep pumping her for five more minutes before I can rest.

    “Harder Harder fuck me harder!” she demands as I moan louder.

    Trying as hard as I can to keep it up she can see how hard I’m trying.

    “Make me cum again and I’ll let you stop” she says.

    Lisa screams loudly and cums for me once again. “What a stud you are loverboy!” she says so sexy.

    “Is it time for me to taste your spent penis” she asks.

    She tastes my spent penis trying to keep it from going completely limp. “I need more” she seems to be saying.

    She loves to suck on me even if it’s softer. It won’t be long til it’s rock hard.

    As I mount her from the rear I admire her derriere. The sight of her buttocks made it easy for another hard-on.

    The rear entry is a bit snugger but I will stretch her out!

    Gently pushing my rod into her she giggles. I love a cute giggle when I’m getting excited.

    Alternating between soft gentle pulses and hard thrusts that might pop her I give her the loving she craves and I’m satified.

    Her pussy and body makes sort of an airy sound as her tiny ass gets sat on by pounding hardening member.

    I just shot a pretty good load into her. Now I’m trying to not lose my boner so I can continue. I know it’s way too soon for me to stop — she wants even more pounding.


    I’m hardly keeping it hard but I mustn’t give up.

    She smiles and tells me “It’s okay I know you can do it!”

    My body is so hot and perspiration is dripping off me. We both are having such a great time on this hot day.

    It’s such a great work out fucking this way. My legs and buttocks will be firmer for sure.

    I have been very loud in my moans and groans today. Luckily no one has came by and seen us.

    This is just been an amazing time! Too bad I can’t find a real woman who would do it outside like this!

    I think I have just about one more orgasm left in me. After this I’m going to collaspe and sleep for awhile.

    She laughs and giggles as the my last big load shoots out with exciting force on her. I really enjoy squeezing all of its juice out for her.

    My totally spent tool drips its cum — a happy penis! I miss her insides already but I must stop!

    Well I guess this is about the end of our fun for now. We’ll have to do this again really soon!!!

    I don’lt know If I can get Lisa to behave! But I’lll try to get her dressed again. She really does love to suck my dick dry!

    Okay Lisa you must stop. This cock is totally wasted. Your love stud is completly dry and exhausted.


    It’s time to leave now. Oh shit! I hear a car approaching let’s scram!

picture story courtesy of
see copyright holder for all legal documentation and information

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