sissy band

    There are a lot of sissies who sing and/or play musical instruments.

    Let’s take it to the next level.

    The plan is create a central location for sissy musicians to cooperate in building a world-wide recognizable brand of high quality sissy music available locally wherever it is legal.

use of the name sissy band

    Anyone who meets the published standards (which can change over time without prior notice) can use the “sissy band” brand. This permission can be withdrawn at any time for any reason or for no reason at all. Hopefully this won’t happen, but failure to meet basic standards jeopardizes everyone else’s efforts.

    Strongly recommending that all siisy bands use both the sissy band name and their own band name. That will allow any band to disassociate with the sissy band idea at any time without losing the audience they have built up.

basic standards

    A sissy band must include at least one member who dresses as a sissy on stage during performance. Other members can be non-sissies and can be dressed in any legal manner.

    A sissy band must strive for quality musicianship and a highly entertaining show.

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