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picture of white adult baby sissy dress and bonnet with pink bow on sissy cock

Picture of white sissy dress
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    Adult baby fantasies involve being dressed up in diapers and babywear, along with accessories such as bottles, cribs, and baby toys. Little girl and mommy fantasies are closely related.

    A close variation to both the poufbunny annd the adult baby is the sissy who enjoys little girl dresses.

    Important Note: This is about fantasy play in which adult sissies wear the clothing of babies. This is not about illegal sexual activity of any kind with minors. It may include adults legally pretending to be babies. Kind of sad that I have to explicitly state the obvious.

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    “I am looking for a mature Mommy with very big boobies. Which dominant Lady who likes a little pink frilly sissy like me wants to take care of me?”—; e-mail

    “Mommy can turn you into a little girl and dress you up sooooo pretty. Then I can put my STRAP-ON and you’ll have to beg me for IT.”—MOMMY_HELEN; e-mail

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    A gallery of adult baby pictures follows this web page.
    “Welcome to Mommy’s Darling! The place with lots of pictures and links to Big Boys who feel like Mommy’s Little Sissy!! There are many thousands of us all over the world!!! Click on the dummy to see a large variety of these cute little sissyboys and never forget that all these sweet creatures are grown-up men.”—courtesy of Mommy’s Darling

barbie made Ken into a sissy baby

    Barbie made Ken into a sissy baby ~ A short story & drawing, with TG & AB

    Hi sweeties! Maybe many sissy babies did it to Ken if we got the chance to. I know I did. *giggle* Now Barbie is getting in on the fun!


    A mover named Ken got a surprising call to help clear away antiques. They said it is in a land called Feliacity Castle. He never was called to do a castle before and excitedly got ready be on his way there. Once there he saw they were not kidding. A butler helped him find his way through the beautiful castle. He opened the doors to a gigantic room full of all sorts of peculiar things. The butler said “A certain princess needs everything in this room moved to her spouses house and I’d be careful if I were you”, then the butler leaned in and whispered, “Some of these things are rumored to have a little magic.” Ken rolled his eyes. The butler quickly took off. Ken said “Wait! How do I know what the address of this princess’s spouse’s house is?” The butler said “You will know what to do at the door.”

    Ken looked around gazing and wondering what everything around him was. He saw a glass peacock with a painting on every feather, an unearthly globe, a sculpture of a lady which was part tree, a metal fish big enough to be a submarine for one person, a door in the middle of the room and when he walked behind it, it disappeared.

    In front of a horse carousel he saw a pretty dollhouse. He figured from everything he has seen, that would be the safest thing to move. As he looked closer at it he saw it was one of those Barbie Dream Houses, though it was more elaborate then any Barbie Dream House he has seen before. So he stretched, did a couple jumping jacks to get ready to lift this thing.

    He tried to pick it up from the bottom, but his hand instead lifted up a switch instead. Suddenly a sparkling pink and lavender cloud swirled out of the dollhouse and engulfed him. Then everything went blank.

    Awaking, he slowly opened his eyes. He saw he was in a different room. Everything around was so cute and pretty. Ken saw a blond girl poke her head into his sight. She said “Hi, I’m Barbie, whats your name?” Ken sat up from a couch and said “Er, um..I’m Ken”. Barbie’s face lit up with a smile. “Oh Ken! Your back! *gasp* Why is my baby in icky boy clothes? Don’t worry sweetie, I have some darling outfits that will fit you nicely.”

    She rushed Ken into another room. Ken said, “Huh? What do you mean darling outfits?” Barbie shook her head, “Oh poor baby Kimmy, did you bump your head when you fell on the couch? Remember that you were my boyfriend, but you loved all the beautiful outfits girls would dress me up in more than I did. Even one day I caught you dressing up as a baby doll, so on Valentine’s Day in 2004 I told everyone we broke up so we could be together, with you as my cute sissy baby girl.”

    Ken tried to object but soon, in went a pacifier. He spit it out. Then a process went on of spitting it out and Barbie putting it back in multiple times. Finally before Barbie could put it back in Ken said “Wait! I’m not Ken, I don’t even look like the Ken you know.” Barbie turned Ken to a full lengthed mirror and said “Oh really?”

    Ken was surprised to see his hair and eye color changed to the color of the Ken doll, but he had a more feminized body. It was more petite, curvy and he had breasts! Like a female Ken. Barbie hugged Ken and waved a cute frilly baby girls dress in front of him in the mirror. “See, you will look so cute in this!”

    Then something sparked in him as he felt the satin dress on his body. His heart fluttered and his knees felt weak. There was something he hasn’t felt before. He loved her babying him. He wondered, “Was this place making him feel this way?” He smiled and was surprised to hear himself giggle.

    Barbie slipped the dress on him, then put baby booties on him, gave him frilly wristbands and decorated his hair with a bow. She patted his bottom, “Baby Kimmy needs a diaper or she will wet all over her pretty little outfit!” He blushed at her talking to him like such a baby. She was able to pick him up and place him on a babies changing table. Barbie powdered his bottom and placed a cushiony diaper underneath him.

    He couldn’t believe how sweet and secure he felt in Barbie’s care she lifted the soft diaper over and snapped it together. He thought. “I can’t feel this way, I’m not a baby.” Then he felt himself already wetting his diaper just after thinking that. An amazingly sensual feeling overwhelmed his body! Surprised at how turned on he felt he said out loud “Oh my, I’m becoming attracted to being an AB [Adult Baby] girl!” He began crying, then Barbie cuddled up with him and said “Aww, that’s how I like my cute Kim-kim. Would my sweetie like to be treated like a baby from now on?”

    Barbie got a smile and cute nod in return from a Ken, now Baby Kimmy. Kimmy sucked on a baby bottle with Barbie’s milk until she went asleep in the baby crib. Suddenly pink and lavender sparkles appeared around her as she appeared back at the castle. “So there you are!” Baby Kimmy opened her eyes to see it was the butler who said that.

    “Aww you went in the Barbie Dream House didn’t you?” Baby Kimmy tried to speak “Aba goo goo” but all she could say was baby talk. “It was set up to turn Princess Samantha’s spouse into a baby whose name is also Ken. There isn’t a way to undo the spell, but not to worry. We have a wonderful nursery that can fit the both of you. The dollhouse will be in the nursery as well, so the both of you can see Mommy Barbie anytime you want...this is why its so hard for us to find good movers these days.” The end. ^-^

    (Feel free to share this with anyone as much as you like! You can even make this into a cute wallpaper!)

    Story and picture by ChristieLuv


sissy bondage drawings

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