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general principles

    Make-up is one of the most important factors in presenting a “passable” image — that is, being able to pass as an actual woman.

    The first step for men is covering up and camouflaging any physical traits that identify you as a man. Once you achieve a blank, androgynous canvas you can use any of the make-up techniques used by women.

    Male traits to be covered up or camouflaged include: prominent Adam’s apple, thicker eye brows, large nose, less defined cheek bones, thinner lips, and facial hair.

    Once you have achieved a blank canvas, you can layer on additional make-up to create any feminine look you desire.

    As you experiment with make-up, remember to take photographs of each attempt. You can analyze the photographs and figure out what needs to be fixed, as well as compare different looks to see which one works best for your face and feminine image.

    It is best to make one change at a time rather than flailing about with wildly different looks. With one change at time, you can see if you have improved and have a better idea about what step to take next.

    Keep notes of what you have tried, what works, and what doesn’t work.

    With patience you can achieve a very realistic feminine appearance.

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make-up time limits

    Make-up does become too old to use. The following are the reasonable limits on the lifetime of major kinds of make-up. When any item approaches the end of its life, throw it away.

    Lipstick: 1 year

    Lipliner: 2 years

    Lip gloss: 18-24 months

    Oil-free foundation: 1 year

    Cream or compact foundation: 18 months

    Concealer: 18 months

    Powder: 2 years

    Blush and bronzer: 2 years

    Cream blush: 12-18 months

    Eye shadow (powder): 2 years

    Eye shadow (cream): 12-18 months

    Eyeliner: 6 months

    Mascara: 3 months

    Nail polish: 1-2 years

celebrity make-up

    Venus Williams, a women’s tennis player and world traveller, was asked to name three things that she must always have with her.
    Her answer was: “A good book, my iPod, and well, I don’t have to include tennis rackets, do I? That’s a given, right? OK, and my emergency makeup kit. Or is that a given too?” 3 September 2005

summer make-up

    For a quick natural look, sweep blush on the cheekbones, apply eyeliner to the root of the lashes, apply a sweep mascara, and apply sheer lipstick.

    For a summer bronze look, you can mix bronze gel into your normal foundation, according to Tim Quinn, face designer for Giorgio Armani Cosmetics.

make up remover

    make up removerMake Up Remover “In a hurry. A few wipes and your make-up will be completely removed. No water necessary. This package of 20 sheets fits neatly in your purse.” —Design Hers

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first experiences

    “Hi. I’m Paulina;
    “I plucked my eyebrows so thin that they can’t be hidden. They are thinner and have a higher arch than most girls. I went to Khols to buy some panties, bras, and a new mini skirt and got looks from everyone with my eyebrows so thin and carrying the most feminime clothes they sell. I was scared but didn’t care as I am a hopeless Sissy.
    “Thanks for your Sissy tips”—Paulina; e-mail

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make-up experiences

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    Everlicking She will be the prettiest sissy at the ball tonight when I finish working my magic on her. asdf

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