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sissy maid deborah suffers the ultimate public humiliation

    Posted by mistressicecold.

sissy maid deborah suffers the ultimate public humiliation

    Sissy Maid Deborah in chains.

    Mistress Morticia: We’re going on a little outing now.

    Sissy Maid Deborah: Yes, mistress.

    Mistress Morticia: So, come along.

    Mistress Morticia: No dawdling.

    Mistress Morticia: And no talking along the way.

    Comment: A lovely video Mistress, with such a lucky maid xxx —youngtrannyslut

    Down the stairs.

    Comment: Delicious - I’m getting all twitchy down below. —Shauna Hennessy

    Outside in back of the church.

    Through an alley with a man passing by.

    Comment: Mistress, I am so in love with Sissy maid Deborah —Rickie Muth

    Comment: ewww she walks like a man —Kyle Ming

    Man: Not very pretty about it.

    Outside in front of the church.

    Mistress Morticia: <unintelligible>

    Mistress Morticia: All right.

    Chained to fence.

    Mistress Morticia: Stay there.

    Mistress Morticia: Don’t talk to anybody.

    Mistress Morticia: Keep your eyes lowered. Don’t talk to anybody. Stay there.

    Comment: an amazing video, Mistress Morticia. You certainly know how to handle Your maid deborah! —okmarcus

    Mistress Morticia: Would you like a maid?

    Mistress Morticia: Would you like this maid right here?

    Mistress Morticia: It’s free. Your every whim is fulfilled. Biting your cigarettes. Moving the mouse.

    Woman: What’s her name? Is she a man? Is she a man?

    Mistress Morticia: Turn around Deborah.

    Mistress Morticia: This is Maid Deborah.

    Man: I’ve got to take a piss.

    Woman: Oh, my!

    Mistress Morticia: Would you like one of these?

    Women laugh.

    Comment: Mistress Morticia. You are quite lovely. —Rickie Muth

    Comment: I’d say Maid Deborah got her moneys worth. I LOVE vids where you get the reaction from people on the street! To add to the humiliation I’d like to see higher heels and larger boobs, Harder to walk and a forced jiggle. What building was she chained in front of? No offense but the renter segment looked a bit staged. Easy to criticize. I wouldn’t dare do that. I voted LIKE. —lacy235

    Comment: for a genuine sissy, humiliation is both deserved and craved for. thank you Mistress Morticia for posting this humilaition. you are a wonderful woman —inadequatesissy

    Comment: Amazing video Mistress Ice Cold. Can u suggest anywhere that i might find myself a tv Mistress thats as cruel and likes to humiliate their sissy maids like u do mistress? Subcdmiad kelly.xxxx —subcdkelly

    Comment: Wonderful video, so humiliating for her xx —sandranorm

    Comment: Mistress Ice Cold ... What a wonderful humiliation. So nicely and beautifully done. What a fortunate sissy? Do you belong to the online community fetlife? If you don’t, may I recommend that You do. You’re definitely would make a wonderful impression there. And i’d love to “friend” Your sissy slace. i think Your slace and i have a lot in common. sissyfairy. —sissy slave

    Comment: Does everyone react like that group of guys and girls? —Emily Sakura

    Comment: wow, thats embarrassing for the maid. i bet she like it —Emily Sakura

    Maid Deborah left alone chained to the front of a church.

    Comment: I think that Sissy maid has a lot of courage and is very privileged to have a great Mistress I wish I had the guts to do that —djsplosh

    Comment: lovely public humiliation! outside a church!!!! argh my sides are splitting from laughing sooooo much :D —gettingborednow

    Mistress Morticia meets a hooded man in an alley.

    Mistress Morticia: Would you like a maid?

    Hooded Man: Where is she then?

    Mistress Morticia: Just have a look through there. She’s just there.

    Hooded Man: I’m not paying 20 quid for that.

    Hooded Man: I’ll give you the ten, alright?

    Mistress Morticia: Alright, that’ll have to do, I guess.

    Mistress Morticia: There she is, she’s all yours.

    Hooded Man: Fucking hell.

    Mistress Morticia: You paid though, come on.

    Hooded Man: I have to see her.

    Mistress Morticia: Well, I have to go and get her.

    Mistress Morticia: We’ll bring her around to you.

    Hooded Man: All right. All right.

    Mistress Morticia: Odd. What a freak. Well, tell of them, darling.

    Mistress Morticia returns.

    Comment: I love your hair colour!!!
    Thats was funny and interesting to watch XD —DeadlyTeaParty

    Mistress Morticia removes SIssy Maid Deborah from the fence while the wind blows her skirt up.

    Mistress Morticia marches SIssy Maid Deborah to the alley.

    Mistress Morticia: Come on.

    Mistress Morticia: I found a use for you.

    Mistress Morticia turns SIssy Maid Deborah over to the hooded man.

    Mistress Morticia: You get a half an hour for a tenner

    Hooded Man: Half an hour!

    Mistress Morticia: Yes, half an hour.

    Hooded Man: Half an hour!

    Mistress Morticia: Bring her back in one piece.

    Comment: Lovely Misstress. You should let me have MAid Deborah for punishment. She wouldnt sit down for a week. WHat ever happened to Maid CAroline? —Rickie Muth

    Comment: I would pay you 5 times what he paid you!!! —Rickie Muth

    Comment: $100 for the weekend? Is it a deal? —Rickie Muth

    Mistress Morticia: Back in one piece, all right?

    Hooded Man: See you later.

    Mistress Morticia: Deborah, you have work to do.

    Hooded Man: Bye. See you later.

    Hooded Man: Come on miss.

    The hooded man lifts up the back of Sissy Maid Deborah's skirt, revealing her sissy panties.

    Hooded Man: What the hell.

    Comment: Why did the man taking the photos then pretend to be someone else intending to want the sissy? Was clear he took ‘ her ’ just out of shot, then brought it back winder..... —mmiball

    Comment: I think it was just a joke with the dude at the end. Anyway, nice to see another video from Mistressicecold —seekah1

    Comment: I Like it, I want to do it. —carmenvonk

    Comment: I would like to be your next sissy maid so you can rent me out for money and I clean other people’s homes for money that will be given straight to you. —mrpc1989

    Comment: What part of England is this? —Rickie Muth

    Comment: only in glastonbury! —mrmiball

    Comment: It’s Amazing what they get up to in the Shires! —mobilefreak

    Comment: very nice video an a Dream from me, is it possible that Mistress make it with me? —sabinetv34

    Comment: I just love a happy ending! —Teresa Bowers

    Comment: How simply delicious!! Humiliation extrodinare!! Love it!! —satintrudi

    Comment: Great video —annalouise blackburn

    Comment: Love your new video, lucky maid, can I be next Mistress x —tiamoboy1966

    Comment: lucky girl —valierie I

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