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vagina words

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    affair (slang, male or female genitals)
    alcove (slang)
    anemone of love (poetic; Chinese spiritual)
    antechamber (slang)
    ax wound (vulgar slang)
    batcave (slang)
    bearded clam (vulgar slang)
    bearded lady (vulgar slang)
    bear trap (vulgar slang)
    beaver (vulgar slang)
    bell (Tibetan spiritual)
    belly (Victorian slang)
    Bermuda triangle (slang)
    black velvet (vulgar slang for a Black woman)
    box (vulgar slang)
    bucket seat (vulgar slang)
    bun (vulgar slang)
    bush (vulgar slang)
    bushy park (vulgar slang)
    cabbage (slang)
    cake (vulgar slang)
    canasta (vulgar slang)
    chuff box (vulgar slang)
    cockpit (vulgar slang)
    coin purse (slang)
    conch shell (poetic)
    cookies (vulgar slang)
    coosie (vulgar slang)
    cootch (vulgar slang)
    cooter (vulgar slang)
    cooze (vulgar slang)
    crack (vulgar slang)
    crawl space (vulgar slang)
    crevice (slang)
    crucible (spiritual)
    cum dumpster (vulgar slang)
    cum guzzler (vulgar slang)
    cunny (Scottish vulgar slang)
    cunt (vulgar slang)
    cup (slang)
    donut (slang)
    door of life (spiritual)
    dripping delta (vulgar slang)
    fanny (British polite slang)
    female crucible (spiritual)
    felted mound (slang, from “Story of O”)
    fillet-o-fish (slang)
    finger hut (vulgar slang)
    fish (slang)
    fish taco (vulgar slang)
    flossy (vulgar slang, from German fotze)
    flower (poetic)
    fly catcher (vulgar slang)
    fringed mound (slang, from “Story of O”)
    front bum (New Zealand slang)
    fuckhole (vulgar slang)
    gammon goalposts (vulgar slang)
    garage (vulgar slang)
    gash (vulgar slang)
    gates of Heaven (spiritual)
    golden doorway (spiritual)
    golden furrow (spiritual)
    grain-shaped cave (poetic)
    Grand Canyon (vulgar slang)
    granny twadge (British vulgar slang, Liverpool/Birkenhead/Merseyside area, from “stinks like granny twadge”)
    grotto (poetic; spiritual)
    growler (New Zealand slang)
    grunion nest (vulgar slang)
    heaven’s door (poetic; spiritual)
    hole (vulgar slang)
    honey cave (poetic, esp. relating to cunnilingus)
    honey pot (poetic, esp. relating to cunnilingus)
    hot box (vulgar slang, esp. relating to women who orgasm quickly)
    inner heart (spiritual)
    inner stream (spiritual)
    inner terrace (spiritual)
    jade cavern (spiritual)
    jade gate (spiritual)
    jade gateway (spiritual)
    jaws of Hell (vulgar slang)
    lobster pot (vulgar slang)
    loins (slang)
    loose meat sandwich (Australian vulgar slang)
    lotus (poetic; spiritual)
    lotus flower (poetic; spiritual)
    lotus of her wisdom (spiritual)
    love box (slang)
    love canal (poetic)
    love grotto (poetic)
    love jungle (vulgar slang)
    lower lips (vulgar slang)
    lower mouth (vulgar slang)
    map of Tasmania (Australian slang)
    map of Tassie (Australian slang)
    muff (vulgar slang)
    mysterious cavern (spiritual)
    mysterious valley (spiritual)
    nardlets (vulgar slang)
    nooch (childish)
    nook (vulgar slang)
    nookie (vulgar slang)
    peach (poetic)
    peachfish (slang)
    perfumed mouse (poetic)
    pleasure center (poetic; spiritual)
    pleasure center of heaven (poetic; spiritual)
    pleasure grotto (poetic; spiritual)
    pleasure house (poetic; spiritual)
    pocket (slang)
    poon (vulgar slang)
    poontang (vulgar slang)
    precious crucible (spiritual)
    precious gate (poetic; spiritual)
    precious gateway (poetic; spiritual)
    pudendum (anatomy)
    purse (slang)
    pussy (vulgar slang)
    quiff (vulgar slang)
    quim (vulgar slang)
    rat trap (vulgar slang)
    red pearl (poetic)
    scratch (vulgar slang)
    sea shell (poetic, from “Anias Nin”)
    seat of pleasure (poetic; spiritual)
    secret cavern (poetic)
    sensitive cavern (poetic)
    shake bag (vulgar slang)
    shae nae (New Zealand slang, pronounced “shay nay”)
    sheath (vulgar slang)
    slash (vulgar slang)
    slit (vulgar slang)
    snapper (vulgar slang, from “snapping pussy”, indicating strong control of the vaginal muscles)
    snatch (vulgar slang)
    space (slang)
    split (vulgar slang)
    stench trench (vulgar slang)
    tampon socket (vulgar slang)
    temple (spiritual)
    temple of love (poetic; spiritual)
    tender trap (poetic)
    thingie (childish)
    thingy (childish)
    tool shed (vulgar slang)
    treasure house (poetic)
    tuna (vulgar slang)
    tunnel (vulgar slang)
    tunnel of love (slang)
    tush (vulgar slang, from ZZ Top)
    twadge (British vulgar slang, from “stinks like granny twadge”)
    twat (vulgar slang)
    undercut (vulgar slang)
    vagina (anatomy)
    velvet cage (slang)
    Venus fly trap (slang)
    vertical smile (vulgar slang)
    well (vulgar slang)
    wheat-shaped cave (poetic)
    whisker box (New Zealand slang)
    white tiger’s cavern (poetic)
    womb (Victorian slang)
    X (slang)
    yoni (Sanskrit spiritual)


    poes (pronounced “poos”, as in the insult “Jou ma se peos”, meaning, “Your mother’s cunt”)


    Doos (“box”)
    Flosje (“flossy”)
    Honinggrotje (“honeycave”)
    Kut (“cunt”, the most used word in the Netherlands)
    Liefdestunnel (“tunnel of love”)
    Neukspleet (“fuckslit”)
    Trut(je) (“cunt”, sometimes also used for a annoying girl)


    Fotze (“cunt, flossy”)
    Himmelstur (“heaven’s door”, sometimes also used for a annoying girl)

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