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    Some sissies suck cock, either because of having a master or as part of being cuckolded by their wife.

how to suck cock

woman in bondage practices cock sucking with a large didlo
(genuine girl)

    The most important thing is for the sissy to be enthusiastic. Enthusiasm can cover up a lot of sloppy technique, but even the best technique done grudgingly is going to be boring and unsatisfying to the real man.

    Sissies should make imaginative use of the tongue, lips, hands, and fingers in giving sissy blow jobs. Sissies can gain a great deal of practice by using dildoes or inflatable male dolls.

    Basic technique involves the combined use of both the mouth and the hands. A sissy’s mouth is not large enough to accomodate a regular size penis by itself. The solution is to add the use of one or both hands. The hand closest to the mouth can be used to control any thrusting so as to prevent the real man’s cock from hitting the back of the sissy’s mouth and still feel as if he is partially outside. Proper positioning of the hand or hands greatly increases the real man’s pleasure.

Smile ... It’s the second best thing you can do with your lips...
courtesy of Bobbie Chicago

    The most basic hand technique is the twist. As the sissy moves the hand up and down the shaft of the real man’s penis, the sissy should twist the hand as well. This twisting motion isn’t available with vaginal or anal intercourse and is one of the things that makes a blow job a very pleasant activity in intself. The double twist involves using two hands, each twisting in opposite directions. The sissy should experiment with a wide variety of hand motions for the best blow job.

    At the height of a blow job, the sissy should make sure that a hand is near the base of the penis. The two most sensitive locations on the penis are the cock head and the base of the shaft. While the sissy’s mouth is on the head of the cock, the sissy’s hands should be at the base. The other hand can travel up and down the shaft (especially in a twisting motion).

    In cuckolding or bondage situations it is common that the sissy doesn’t have the hands free. Therefore it is important for the sissy to develop the ability to give great blow jobs with just the mouth. The ideal way to practice hands free blow jobs is to attempt to place a condom on a dildo with just the lips and tongue. It is generally more difficult to put a condom on a dildo than on a real cock, so this is excellent training.

picture of sissy maid sucking cock at dinner table courtesy of Michael’s Sin, Sex & Pleasure: French Maids
picture courtesy of Michael’s French Maids

transvestite maid sucking mistress’s dildo
picture of transvestite maid sucking mistress’s cock posted to newsgroup by

    The sissy must learn how to suck the tip of the condom into the mouth without dropping it. This takes a bit of practice. Unrolling the condom on a penis (or dildo) isn’t anywhere as easy with the mouth as with the hands. The sissy will need to start with a darting motion, unfurling the condom a little at a time, mostly with the lips. A little past the head of the cock, the sissy will find that the darting motion no longer works because the tip of the cock is hitting the back of the sissy’s mouth. At this point the issy will need to put the lips and tongue on the side of the shaft and slowly push the condom further down the penis. The sissy will have to move the her head around to push on all sides of the shaft until the condom is finally fully on the real man’s cock.

    With lots of practice, the sissy should be able to put a condom on a real man’s penis in not too much longer than it takes with hands. In a cuckolding situation, this can get the real man hot and ready for the wife and reinforce the submissive and humiliating nature of the sissy’s position.

    A more advanced version of this technique has the sissy also unzip the real man’s trousers, fish out the penis, and put on the condom — all with just the use of the mouth. This can be an exciting prelude to a great blow job or get the real man ready to cuckold the sissy’s wife. A inflatable male doll can be dressed in men’s trousers or jeans and leaned up against a wall to practice this technique.

    At the beginning of a blow job, the sissy should start with kissing. Sometimes gently blowing on the head of the cock can be exciting, especially if the sissy leaves some saliva behind before gently blowing on the surface of the skin. The sissy should kiss not just the head of the cock, but also the shaft and balls.

picture os sissy maid in purple dress sucking cock courtesy of Michael’s Sin, Sex & Pleasure: Cuckolding
picture courtesy of
Michael’s Cuckolding

    The tongue is the most flexible and (pound-for-pound [or kilo-for-kilo]) the strongest muscle in the human body. This flexibility offers numerous possibilities for pleasing blow jobs. The most basic techniques involve various wrappings of the tongue around the head of the real man’s cock. Wrapping the tongue on the underside of the penis head is possible even with deep throating. Wrapping the tongue on the top side of the cock head is only possible on shallow thrusts (a reason for good hand placement to keep thrusts from going into the mouth too deeply), or at the outermost portion of deeper thrusting.

    The sissy should learn to use a variety of tongue positions and technniques to keep a blow job at peak interest. Flicking of the tongue is most pleasant at the beginning of a blow job to tease and intice, with firmer grips and wraps being better placed later in the blow job. Throughout the cock sucking, the sissy should vary the pressure of the tongue and the location on the real man’s penis that the tongue moves. Imagination and variety is the key to a great blow job.

    At the beginning of a blow job, the sissy should use the lips and tongue on the entire shaft of the penis. Kissing and licking can be combined with fondling and other hand motions. As the blow job progresses, the sissy will concentrate more on the cock head with in-mouth sucking.

    The lips are also flexible and offer a variety of interesting and pleasing techniques. In addition to variations in pressure, the lips can move in a lot of positions. A sissy can practice moving the mouth as if speaking (but remaining silent) to achieve a wide variety of lip positions. The sissy’s imagination can build on this practice to attain an infinite variety.

    Air can be used for a variety of sensations. The most obvious is sucking air. Varying degrees of suction greatly enhance the pleasure of the blow job. Although they are called blow jobs, blowing air tends to be a lesser quality technique and should be used sparingly.

    The sissy should be especially careful with teeth. While a light scraping of the penis at the beginnning of a blow job can be exciting, in general the sissy’s teeth should never touch the real man’s penis. While any biting is obviously bad, even the slight touch of tooth against cock can be unsettling.

    At the beginning of a blow job, the sissy should also pay attention to the balls. These can be caressed with hands and mouth, kissed, and even gently sucked. The sissy should learn how to gently suck the balls into the sissy’s mouth without any pain or undue pressure. There are many dildoes with balls that can be used for this practice. Gentle is essential to prevent any pain.

    Nothing is more frustrating for a real man than to be on the edge of orgasm and having a sudden loss of sensation. A sissy must “swallow”. Even if a condom is being used, the sissy should have a swallowing motion while the real man ejaculates.

    Once again, the sissy must be enthusiastic. The sissy should slurp with gusto until the blow job is complete.

sissy in bondage double fucked in mouth and ass by two macho men
picture courtesy of femminilizzazioneforzata

SissyCockSucking — A few tips from Nancy.

    In my 20s and 30s, I spent 12 years living and working 24/7 in the femme role. I was living in a house with 3 women and they taught me a great deal about the art of sucking weenies. First of all, they told me that as long as I wanted to dress and be like a girl and socialize with men that I should just as well get used to the taste of semen, because chances were I would be tasting it a lot. Simply put, cocksucking is what sissies DO and what they are noted for. Men EXPECT sissies to suck their cocks. So, a sissy should just as well become good at it if she wants the men to treat her nicely.

    One secret they taught me is to drag the lower lip along the neck of the stiff penis. This give the man a sensation and gets him off sooner. Very often, an empowerment seeking man will simply want to “use a sissy’s mouth” as he would an expedient vagina. In these cases, the sissy is best off to daintily get on her knees before the man’s “stiffy”, fold her hands nicely in her skirted lap, make a nice sissy “O” with her lipsticked lips, and let the man take control and use her mouth. This is where dragging the lower lip helps nicely. The sissy may make uncontrollable slurping and slishing sounds when his cock pistons in and out of her mouth like this, but this adds to the man’s enjoyment and also stimulates his ejaculation.

    Then, when the sissy senses his weenie getting extra hard, swelling up, or starting to wiggle furiously in her mouth, the best thing for her to do is to hold still and let him set the pace. And when this happens … be ready. The sissy is about to get a mouthful of his cream and sometimes a lot more of it than she ever anticipated. Surprise!

    Men also like to see their cream inside the sissy’s mouth—especially when there is a lot of it and it is bubbling out of her lips and dripping down the sissy’s chin. Men get empowerment from this scene. Blowjobs can be sloppy. The sissy has to expect and accept that they will always be. In most cases, the juicier and messier the cocksuck, the better the men like it.

    Needless to say, swallowing of the semen is almost mandatory in being a good sissy fellatrix. Most men dislike “spitters” as it seems to reduce the effect of the blowjob. The semen is harmless if the man is clean and virtually tasteless (just a little bland tasting). As the women told me, “It’s not bad and you will get used to it.” And it will make a sissy feel ooooh so femmy afterwards.

    If a sissy is worried about the semen messing up her dress or blouse, she can construct for herself a little frilly flouncy lace trimmed bib to wear when she sucks cock. It’s a nice touch that the men also enjoy. The design ideas are almost endless, including little embroidered sayings scrolled on her bib. Plus, they are fun for a sissy to make on her sewing machine. I have found that when I anticipate having to suck some cock, that my man really enjoys seeing me already wearing my bib and juicy lipstick. It all serves as a signal to him that I am ready and receptive to suck his weenie. When the men see this, the sissy can usually expect to be on her knees and making a sissy receptive “O” within minutes.

    One more tip: A lot of men really enjoy when the sissy holds up her dress and petticoats high, so the man can see her panties, while she lets him use her mouth (as she drags her lower lip). It’s another empowerment thing that men seem to really enjoy on occasion.

    In general, a sissy will learn that if she really wants to be treated nicely by the men, she will become an accomplished fellatrix. She will get a lot of repeat “dates” with them.

—Nancy; e-mail

chastized sissy in stockings forced to suck a cock Domination and Humiliation. Chastized and blindfolded sissy in bondage forced to suck a cock.
pictures courtesy of femminilizzazioneforzata

    “When your man looks down he needs to see a long mane of golden blonde hair bobbing back and forth.” —(advice from genuine girl Lyndie Likemore of Doug Adam’s Bimbo Training See more information about bimbo hair)

Good luck, sissy. Yes, good luck, sissy. There’s 50 guys waiting for you in the next room and none of them suspect you’re not a woman. Don’t disappoint them, sissy! I hope you’re hungry! Ha, ha, ha, ha! Picture courtesy of Michael’s Sin, Sex & Pleasure: Forced Femme
picture courtesy of Michael’s Forced Femme

cock sucking experiences

    “My name is Sissy Tanya and I am a chaste sissy. My MIstress has me read you page often to learn how to do varoius things and I have to say it is a very helpful page. I have just finsihed your page on cocksucking and learned a great deal and have applied it in real life to Mistress’s boyfriend. He likes to deep throat and through your page i have learned how to accomidate him and gain greater amounts of semen from him so I may swallow his cum like a good sissy. I swallow every drop very time and clean up every drop. Last everning I was sucking him hard and stradled his man cock as he went deep into me and it felt so good to have him cum deep inside me. I felt like I did my Mistress proud to drain his cum with my pussy. Again thank you for your informative page.”—Sissy Tanya; e-mail

cocksucking swallowing sissy slut

    (pictured above) I am a cocksucking cum swallowing sissy slut. I keep records of how may cocks I have sucked and my best was in the summer of 2003. I cruise the parks in my city and hit 2 parks in one hour. But in that time I had sucked 7 cocks to completion and had my sissy cunt fucked 3 times, all this happening while I was giving bjs. Mmmmm, I luv cum and that was one of my sluttiest days. But this year while just wearing a mini and no panties on, in the same park I let one guy lift my mini skirt and suck my clit, then I turned around and he put it in my sissy cunt while another guy watched. Then I waved him over and began sucking him, as the first guy fucked me, he came fast and so did the second, both in my sissy mouth. —Sissy Jaime; e-mail

    He got used to seeing me using his wife as my plaything and being dressed and treated as a sissy. It was soon time to move him on to greater humiliation, so next I trained him how to suck my cock and rim my ass while I made his wife kiss me and have her tits played with. Gradually I trained him to take deep throat and to get on his hands and knees and ask politely if he could taste my cum. —Courtesy of Doug Adams’ Cuckolded and Submissive Men

    “I love to suck the cock of a guy who has just finished fucking my wife.”—cuckolded in va; e-mail

    “I like for my wife to get gangbanged and I have to lick all the guy’s cocks clean.”—petite sissymaid; e-mail

    “Last night I bound my sissy’s hands behind her back and made her suck my lover’s cock nice and hard for me. I got so turned on watching my sissy suck his first cock I came in my satin panties, then took my lover’s very big and hard cock and pushed it into me.”—Mistress Linda; e-mail

    “You want to be my bitch don’lt you, you like pleasing your mistress don’t you…taking it up the ass & sucking off all the neighborhood men, especially Big, Black John, bet you love having a BIG, BLACK COCK up your ass!!, while you are dressed in those little black lace panties & bra. I WILL spread your ass cheeks wide & ram this thick strap-on cock up your assholemaking you scream with pleasure!!!
    “Come on you little sissy bitch, I know you can take this whole cock.
    “I love watching you while you get fucked deep up the ass & seeing your mouth wrapped around a nice hard cock, especially while your derssed in those little black panties & bra, I WILL spread your cheeks NICE & WIDE while I make you my sissy whore!!!
    “Cum on & bend over, spread them ass cheeks for me!”—Strap-On-Vixen; e-mail

Beware! This could happen to you! Men transformed into she-male slaves by masters and mistresses. Sissy in bondage double fucked in mouth and ass by two macho men. This poor man was changed into a beautiful chastized she-male.
pictures courtesy of femminilizzazioneforzata

    So far all of the takers have been men, predictably enough, and the only sex I have had for months going on into years has been with men, all of them total strangers who, by arrangement with Mistress, drop by my house to have their way with me — fuck me in the face and in the ass, cum and piss all over my face and in my mouth, slap me around, verbally humiliate and degrade me, then leave, dropping me wet, sore, and sobbing on the floor in a disgusting, wet, sticky pool of spit, cum, and urine.
    On occasion Mistress has allowed me to organize and host for Her amusement bukkake-style gangbangs, in which as many men as possible are invited to come over and fuck me and make me suck them off, cumming all over me and in my mouth, and having me collect all their cum in a bowl, which I must then, when they are all done, eat the entire contents of with a spoon, in front of any who care to stay to watch. Often these sessions are captured on video, too, which Mistress then sells on the internet to augment my tribute to Her and to enhance my total, abject, public humiliation and debasement.
    Mistress and I live rather far apart, and I am not able to serve Her in person very often (She has slaves from all over the world who come to serve and worship Her), but She says that She gets almost as much pleasure from just whoring me out from afar as from me serving Her in person, and She definitely seems to get great pleasure from listening on the phone while some total stranger rams his big, hot manly cock repeatedly down my throat, choking and gagging me with his strong, throbbing dick, or roughly rams it up my tender ass, making me moan and whine to the rhythm of his insistent fucking, then dumps his hot, sticky load all over my pathetic, worthless sissy face and in my lowly, humble cumsucking whore’s mouth, and leaves me to wallow in a messy mixture of my own tears of shame, humiliation, and embarrassment and his salty, gooey sexual effluent, as he waltzes off on his merry way. —sissy slut crystal

    “Definitely a sissy slut. Love to suck cock and have him fuck me. Really love a stream of cum down my throaty.
    “Definitely Love to dominated and rough. Love the taste of warm cum. Shoot it on my face” —SallyX, 2 June 2020

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Sissy Slut Crystal practices cocksucking with a giant dildo
Sissy Slut Crystal practices cocksucking with a giant dildo
courtesy of Sissy Slut Crystal

Sissy Bobbie Chicago loves sucking big black cock
photo courtesy of Bobbie Chicago

Enslaved sissies and maids. Issue 3. Sissy men serving mistresses and masters.
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courtesy Sissy Train Club Mandingo



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