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    I didn’t plan on capturing a racist anti-gay White Supremist cop and feminizing him into a sissy girl who sucked Black men’s cocks. It just turned out that way.

Police Woman Doll

    The cop killed my son. My son was doing well in school and stayed out of trouble. I was a very proud mother.

    The Los Angeles Police Department and the city prosecutors cleared the racist pig of any wrong doing.

    I burned in anger seeing him free, patrolling the streets while my fine Black son was dead and buried.

    One day he accidently bumped into me backing out of a local coffee shop balancing two boxes of doughnuts. I snapped.

    I wailed on him and beat him down. When all those months of anger settled down enough that I could think, he was laying crumpled at my feet in a bloody pulp.

    I handcuffed him with his own cuffs and dragged him back to my apartment.

    When he came to, I let him know all of my anger and frustration and hatred. A couple of times I kicked him as my anger momentarily spilled over. Mostly I just told him how wrong he’d been.

    I caught a glimpse of the tattoo on his upper arm. I pulled away the cloth revealing his “KKK forever” burning cross tattoo. I kicked him in the crotch until he broke down weeping and begging for me to stop.

    He cried like a little girl.

    And that inspired me to strip off his uniform, shave off all the hair on his body, cover his face with make up, and dres him up like a streetwalking whore.

    I invited all of the neighborhood men and took great pleasure in watching the sissy cop suck Black and Hispanic cock and take big dark meat up his sissy ass.

    After he was gang raped all afternoon and deep into the night, I decided that rather than kill his racist ass, that I wanted him to live through decades of punishment and abuse.

    I kept him as a completely feminized sissy maid for the women of the hood and a sissified sex slave for the men. We named our sissy she-male slave Bambi, a nice white bread suburban girl’s name to emphasize that the former racist White cop was now the she-male feminized plaything in a Black and Hispanic neighborhood.

    He/she was a household panty slave for both me and all of the families in the apartment building, doing all of the dishes, cleaning, washing and folding clothes, vacuuming, cleaning toilets, and other household chores.

    Bambi’s face was tattoed with permanent eye shadow, eye liner, and lip liner so that he/she would always have to wear full make up for the rest of her life.

    All of the hair on her body and face (except for a cute little pubic triangle, feminine trimmed eye brows, and the hair on the top of her head) was permanently removed with electrolysis.

    The outlines of frilly pink and white lace panties were tattoed onto Bambi’s sissy butt.

Latex Rubber and Foam Filled Breast Top
Latex Rubber and Foam Filled Breast Top

    I kept Bambi, the former cop who had gunned down my son, on a steady supply of hormones from Mexico that rounded out her body and face into a feminine form, swelling his hips and breasts, while shrinking her useless penis. I took her to Tijuana where I had a Mexican surgeon give her triple-D breast implants.

    I kept Bambi’s weight down for lots of corset and bondage discipline.

    I had a metal chastity wlded permanently to Bambi’s little dick so that he/she could never again have sex or even masturbate.

    In addition to having her work as a sissy maid for all of the women in the neighborhood, we’d all tease Bambi, causing her excruciating pain as her little penis strained to expand against the unyielding metal chastity.

    Bambi is made to satisfy the women of the neighborhood orally, but he/she can no longer satisfy himself because of her chastized sissy dick. I enjoy having sex with Black men as my she-male chastised slave is bound up to watch, knowing the Bambi will never be able to have sex again. Then I make my she-male slave eat my lover’s cum out of my Black pussy while I laugh at her sissy whimpishness.

    At all times she had to wear high heels, stockings, and a garter belt to look sexy and feminine for the Black and Hispanic men of the neighborhood.

    I keep Bambi bound up constantly in five or six inch boots or shoes.

    Bambi has to sleep every night wearing high heels, stockings, lingerie, and a slave collar — and, of course, a shiny metal chastity. The sissy slave sleeps in tight bondage so that he/she can never touch her little sissy dick.

    I trained her for petticoat and frilly panty servitude. I dress my sissy slave in high heels, stockings, and sexy bra and panties. The men of the neighborhood get turned on by the appearance of a sexy dressed woman and continually visit to get blow jobs and fuck her up the butt.

    Now that Bambi has her over-sized stripper style breast implants, she has to live full time as a woman. Even if she escaped, there is no way she could pass as a man. She has to wear high heels, garter belt, stockings, and sexy underwear wherever she goes. Men get so turned on by this sexy-dressed slutty looking “woman”.

    The Black and Hispanic men of the neighborhood get particular pleasure out of picking up on this former racist cop. The men get turned on by the whole idea of fucking a racist pig, and go beserk when they get a chance to fuck her tight sissy ass and play with her beautiful, sexy body and tits.

    Juan popped Bambi’s cherry. Back when Bambi was still a macho, strutting law enforcement officer, she had stopped Juan without any cause — just because Juan was Driving While Hispanic. When Juan demanded to know why he had been stopped, the racist pig beat Juan with a billy club and slapped handcuffs on and arrested Juan for disobeying authority. In the subsequent search of Juan’s car, the polcie found a single marijuana seed in the ash tray and charged Juan with possession. Juan spent 18 months in jail over that single cannabis seed.

    When I invited Juan over for payback, Bambi was dressed in a super short white leather micro-miniskirt (showing off the shapely ass formed by the continual administering of female hormones), gauzy see-through white lace blouse (showing off Bambi’s new 44-DDD breast implants), bare midriff (showing off the results of severe corset training), white fishnet stockings and white six inch high heels (showing off Bambi’s long slender shapely smoothly-shaven legs).

    Bambi’s arms were lifted high up her back with a locking black leather neck to wristing restraint. The restraint had a black collar around Bambi’s tender white neck, a thick leather strap down the center of her exposed back, and a pair of black leather wrist cuffs that held Bambi’s hands up and away, leaving her helpless against anything Juan might want to do.

    Bambi’s waspish little waist was tightly bound with a black leather bondage belt. A short length of chain connected one of the metal rings on the bondage belt to the metal of the radiator. Poor little Bambi wasn’t going anywhere.

    Bambi’s ankles were securely bound with leather lined ankle shackles.

    Juan went insane with lust, yanking down Bambi’s pink lace bikini panties, and shoving his hard Latin cock deep into Bambi’s tight sissy ass. Juan grabbed Bambi by the hips and pumped madly, shouting into Bambi’s ear “Remember me! Mother fucker! Remember me!”. Bambi’s tender virgin ass was sore for weeks.

    After shooting his load up Bambi’s butt, Juan smoked a joint and blew the smoke directly into Bambi’s femininely made up face. Bambi cried like a little girl.

    Juan was turned on again by Bambi’s bright red lipsticked cock-sucking lips and demanded that Bambi get down on her knees and lick the cum off his cock. After a few hesitant licks, Juan grabbed Bambi’s head and pulled the sissy slut onto his cock, forcing the former cop to suck for all she was worth.

    I got turned on by this turn of events and got out my Jacklyn Lick’s Violet Universal Strap-on harness Kit and started slamming the six inch jelly dildo up Bambi’s butthole. The motion of my strap-on ass fucking slammed Bambi’s mouth up and down Juan’s huge Latin cock. Juan didn’t even have to move as Bambi’s cock sucking lips slid up and down his hot manmeat.

    Juan laughed as his cum filled Bambi’s sissy mouth, overflowing and spilling down her chin and dripping onto her big round silicon melons. Tears streaked Bambi’s thick black mascara, as the former cop wept in the shame of being a cock-sucking sissy slut.

picture of Sean Michaels Dong copyright © Convergence Inc. Used by permission.

    At first Bambi’s blow jobs were sloppy, but I solved that with hours of dildo training. I groomed Bambi to suck cock by training her with my strap-on Sean Michaels Dong. She is required to lick and kiss its 10 inch black shaft and orally caress its two huge black ball sacs, slicking up the two and a quarter inch thick realistically veined black rubber dildo. After he/she gets the big black dildo nice and juicy, I bend Bambi over and fuck her sissy ass.

    Bambi is required to sit when she pees, and wear girl’s panties at all times. Whenever she pouts, we tease her about her PMS and then make her wear a pad for three days, as well as a tampon up her sissy butt.

    After a year of heavy bondage and sissy training, Bambi has become quite the beautiful she-male slave. The racist pig is now a she-male sex toy.

To be continued…

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