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    The floor shaking rumble of the police helicopter circling overhead drew me to the window in time to see the bright white oval scan the back yard.

    As soon as the spot flitted around another building, the two young men frantically running from the police dashed in to the darkness of our back door.

    They sure picked the wrong door to seak sanctuary!

Latex Rubber and Foam Filled Breast Top
Latex Rubber and Foam Filled Breast Top

    Mistress flicked on the kitchen lights to reveal the double barrelled shotgun pointed straight at their guts. The two stunned criminals were overwhelmed by the beauty of the Black Amazon Mistress. Their eyes bulged at the sight of the stern gun toting dominatrix in form fitting black leather highlighting her sculpted muscular body and wide womanly hips and the tightly laced black leather corset that pushed up her magnificent full breasts and showed off her ample cleavage.

    She ordered the men to remove their shoes, trousers, shirts, and underwear and toss the discarded clothing into a pile. Once the frightened criminals were stripped and nude, she ordered me to place their clothing into the trash compactor.

    Mistress ordered the gang bangers to their knees and had them crawl to her feet one at a time and ordered them each to kiss and lick her shiny black leather thigh high boots.

    While the police helicopter circled overhead and police sirens wailed through the night, the two fleeing criminals were handed a couple of basins, shaving cream, and a package of razors and ordered to remove all of the hair on their legs, arms, back, chest, and stomach, and to closely shave the beard area of their faces.

    Both men were forced to put on transvestite vagina panties. These latex panties covered their penis and balls with a realistic molding of an aroused vagina with puffy labia and erect clitoris. The panties were padded on the buns and the hips, to give their hips and ass the shape of a sexy woman. A latex hole in the back was molded from a wide open asshole and allowed easy entry to their anuses.

Vee-String Female Vagina Prosthesis
Vee-String Female Vagina Prosthesis
Transform Super Soft Breast Form
Transform Super Soft Breast Form

    Both criminals were forced to glue silicon breast forms to their frshly shaved chests, giving them 40 DDD tits to go with their 38 inch waists.

    Mistress laced up a tight black corsette, pulling in their waists to a womanly 24 inches.

    The gangbangers were handed stockings. The taller one was forced into sexy black fishnet stockings with rear seams. The other was forced into cute white lace stockings topped with a pretty white satin bow.

    The bigger criminal was given black lacy silk panties and front clasp bra, while the smaller one was forced into a soft pink lace bra and powder pink satin pantie briefs covered with rows and rows of white lace ruffles.

picture of Dick Rambone 15 inch Black Cock Dildo copyright © Convergence Inc. Used by permission.

    While the criminals transformed into sissies, mistress played with herself with a giant black Rambone dildo. The two and a half inch thick (eight inch circumference) realistically veined black rubber dildo was cast directly from Dick Rambone’s huge cock.

    Transforming macho men into effeminant sissies turned mistress on.

    Mistress finished up the taller one’s costume with a super short black leather miniskirt, a day glo pink lace see-through top that showed off her erect nipples, and black strap-on six inch spiked high heels to lift her shapely ass and show off her freshly shaven legs — the classic streetwalking whore look.

    Mistress finished off the shorter one’s costume with a frilly pink satin sissy dress trimmed with lots of white lace and cute pink baby dolls heels — the classic sissy party girl look.

picture of Mistress Dildo copyright © Libida. Used by permission.

    Mistress switched to the Mistress dildo and its swirls of color and continued to play with herself while the two dressed up sissies applied whorish makeup: thick foundation to cover any trace of a beard, way too much blush, way too much blue eyeshadow, way too much black eyeliner, exaggerated glue on fake eyelashes, and over size bright red lipsticked cock inviting mouth.

    The tall streetwalker was put into a wig with long bright red hair in long flowing waves, while the short party girl was forced to put on a long blonde wig with lots of girlish curls and then tie a white lace bow in her hair.

picture of Sean Michaels Dong copyright © Convergence Inc. Used by permission.

    Mistress forced the two criminals to suck on the giant head of her black Sean Michaels Dong, lick and kiss its 10 inch length, and orally caress its two huge ball sacs. The two and a quarter inch thick realistically veined black rubber dildo was sculpted from Sean Michaels for the life-like size, feel, and pleasure of Sean’s pride and joy.

    Mistress lashed the shorter sissy party girl to a bondage horse and turned her attention temporarily to humiliating the taller sissy whore.

picture of Fleece Lined Wrist Restraints copyright © SafeSexMall. Used by permission.    picture of Fleece Lined Ankle Restraints copyright © SafeSexMall. Used by permission.

    Mistress ordered the tall whore to kneel between two iron posts and locked black leather ankle cuffs and wrist cuffs onto the submissive sissy slut. She attached the cuffs to rings on the iron poles, locking the slut into a submissive kneeling position, with legs and ass spread wide.

picture of Remote Control Vibrating Leather Panties copyright © Discreet Online Shopping. Used by permission.

    Mistress pranced seductively in front of the bound sissy whore, showing off her large scantily clad breasts and fingering her succulent pussy through the tight confines of her black leather remote control vibrating panties, expertly bringing the bound criminal to heights of sexual arousal, his cock hard and erect and straining against the flimsy black lace fabric of his skimpy silk panties.

    The magnificent Black Amazon dyke smiled as the sissified criminal’s cock throbbed and pulsated in erotic frenzy. She teased his cock by grinding her leather covered cunt against the slut’s nose and face. Her gloved hands stroked his chest and abdomen, slowly, teasingly, moving towards his acheing rock hard cock. The feminized whore nearly jumped out of his freshly shaved skin when the domantrix’s hand brushed against his swollen dick. The captured criminal moaned into his rubber ball gag as mistress teased him.

    And at the height of his sexual frenzy, mistress turned away, leaving the leather bound criminal desperately jerking and twisting in his bondage, unable to achieve sexual relief, shamed that he was so turned on wearing women’s clothing.

    Abandoning the tall criminal to his shame and humilation, mistress turned her attentions to the short sissy party girl lashed to the bondage horse. She stepped behind the hogtied criminal and lifted up the frilly skirt of his pretty pink party dress. Her gloved hands expertly stroked and massaged the sissy’s panty covered behind, making him moan into the rubber ball gag stuffed in his lipstick covered mouth.

    Mistress slowly, teasingly, pulled down his ruffled pink panties and gently brushed her fingers over his ass, circling in on his exposed and helpless anus. Her finger pressed firmly against his butthole and then popped inside. The beautiful Black Amazon mistress slipped her finger in and out of his naked ass. As she continued to finger fuck his ass she slipped in a second and then a third finger, stretching his virgin ass to the limit. The short sissy party girl was surprised to find himself moaning as the anal stimulation continued. His cock was hard and erect.

    Suddenly mistress stopped and the bound criminal squirmed against her still finger.

    “Beg me to keep fucking your ass,” mistress harshly demanded.

    The sissified gang banger moaned into his gag.

    “What did I say, you wussy boy?” mistress boomed. “I don’t repeat my commands, you sissy wimp.”

    “Please fuck me in the ass,” the feminized sissy girl mumbled into her gag, simultaneously shamed and aroused.

    “That’s better, but next time you are slow to comply, you will be severely whipped.” mistress menacingly whispered into the bound criminal’s ear.

    Mistress strapped on a huge 14 inch dildo and lubed it up to ass fuck the feminized criminal.

picture of Black Expander Dildo copyright © Convergence Inc. Used by permission.

    Mistress pumped and plunged the depths of the shorter criminal’s virgin ass with the giant black expander dildo. The expander dildo is a 14 inch anal dildo with a handle and three bulges for cramming up the ass. The first bulge is two inches thick, preparing the criminal’s ass for the ass fucking of his gang banging life. Once he had stopped screaming in pain from the initial anal onslaught, mistress crammed the second two and three quarters inch thick bulge up his virgin asshole. Just when the sissy party girl thought that the anal rape had reached its peak, mistress jammed in the third and final bulge of the expander dildo, a full three and a quarter inches thick black rubber hardness and another couple of inches of shaft, filling his ass to the fullest. The sissy party girl wept in bondage. Mistress continued the anal rape until the sissy criminal’s cries turned to moans as he adjusted to his new role as submissive sissy anal slut.

    Mistress turned her attention to the taller criminal and pulled down the tall slut’s black lace panties and whipped the whore’s ass with her 24" Round Braided Cat O’ Nine Tails Whip until the streetwalker’s bare butt was red and welted.

picture of Round Braided 24 inch Cat O Nine Tails Whip copyright © Safe Sex Mall. Used by permission.

picture of Long Dong Sean Davis Squirting Realistic Cock Dildo copyright © Convergence Inc. Used by permission.

    Mistress strapped on her nine and a half inch Long Dong Sean Davis Squirting Realistic Cock Dildo and fucked the taller criminal’s cherry ass. This realistic dildo masterpiece was cast directly from Sean’s erect cock and balls and hand molded and detailed to capture every detail so that the streetwalking slut would be properly introduced to the ravages of back door fucking. Mistress finished up the virgin criminal’s first butt fucking by squirting cum up his butthole.

picture of Alexa’s Starlight Tantalizer Vibe clitoral stimulator copyright © Discreet Online Shopping. Used by permission.

    Mistress played with herself using her Alexa’s Starlight Tantalizer Vibe while watching the taller gang banger fuck in and out of the sissy party girl’s ass. She held up the toy, with its imposing long crystal white and aqua thickly veined soft jelly shaft and ominous thick round sculpted cyan jelly cock head. At the flick of a switch, the Starlight Tantalizer flickered fireworks-like with a rapid series of green, red, and yellow flashes of bright colored lights. The crystal white beads in the shaft were dragged back and forth in a motorized rumble. The slippery jelly shaft squirmed and rotated in a tiny slow circle while flashing in multiple bright colors. Her thumb rotated a wheel to make the bead swing paths longer, then another thumb wheel to kick the clitoral stimulator into loud high speed powerful vibrations.

    The Alexa’s Starlight Tantalizer Vibrator had a crystal cyan jelly vibrating shaft was plunged and buried deep in her vagina, the soft, supple cock head crowning inside her, while the spectacular rotating beads on the base of the shaft stimulated her slick wet vaginal lips and the flashing yellow jelly vibrator tip vibrated against her clitoris, the flashing vibrating clitoral stimulator pushing her towards climax after climax while she watched the miniskirted slut anally fuck the sissy party girl in the cute pink sissy dress. Just as the tall streetwalker was about to cum, mistress ordered him to pull out and spray his cum on the back of the sissy party girl’s ass and legs, letting the cum run down and cake on the back of the legs and stain the tops of the lacy white stockings, making it obvious to any observer that the sissy party girl took it up the ass.

picture of Micro Dolphin Vibrator copyright © Libida. Used by permission.

    Mistress then ordered the kneeling streetwalking slut to give the sissy party girl a blow job. While the bound whore sucked and licked her partner’s cock, mistress stepped into the stretchy elastic G-string of her Micro Dolphin clitoral stimulator, positioning the three inch blue jelly dolphin over her clitoris. This left mistress’s hands free to whip the asses of both sissies while the blow job proceeded, the vibrations against her clit driving her into a whipping frenzy. Just before the shorter criminal came, mistress ordered him to pull out and spray his cum all over the tall whore’s face and neck, cum drying on her face and running in streaks down the cleaveage of her chest, with droplets of dried cum hanging from strands of her flaming red haired wig and her long false eyelashes, making it obvious to any observer that the sissy streetwalking whore sucked cock.

    My strong Black Amazon Mistress called the police and reported that she had captured two strange men who had broken into her home and tried to disguise themselves in women’s clothing.

    In less than a minute, the police dispatcher had notified the police searching the block and they knocked on the front door. The police broke into fits of laughter at the sight of the two sissified criminals with dried cum splattered all over their faces.

    The police officers led the two feminized sissies into the street, past the the local television news crews while the news helicopters circled overhead and the police helicopter illuminated the criminal’s sissy shame in a bright white ellipse.

    The two sissified criminal gang bangers out the front door were hauled off to a busy night of sissy cock sucking and backdoor fucking in the local jail.

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