Getting started cooking

    A common chore for sissy maids is cooking.


    Learning curve Your first attempts to cook will include some miserable failures. Don’t let you get that down. Each new time you cook you will learn more about how it is done and improve.

    Get to know your kitchen Become familiar with your kitchen. Figure out where the key items are and where things are stored.

kitchen essentials

    Starting new: There are a few key basics to get started. You need a sink with running hot and cold water, a stove (a hot plate will get you started), an oven (a toaster oven will get you started), and a refrigerator (a small dorm room style fridge will get you started, and a few key tools and ingredients (discussed below).

    Key utensils: Spatula, wooden spoon, soup ladle, whisk, a chef’s knife, a paring knife, measuring cups and spoons, can opener, cutting board.

    Key cookware Stockpot, saucepan, skillet, colander, baking sheets.

    Key linens: Dish towels, oven mitt

    Cleaning supplies: Sponges, dish soap.

    Containers: A few different sizes of plastic containers with sealable lids.

basic recipes

    Search the internet for your first recipes. Look under the categories of quick and easy as well as cooking for children.

    Pick meals that you personally like. You will be messing up at first and it is much easier to stomach a bad version of something you like than to try to eat something you didn’t really like even when it is cooked perfectly.

    As you read through the recipes, look up anything you don’t understand. In particular, look up cooking terms (which might not mean what you gues they mean) and how to properly do measurements.

    If you like a particular recipe, make a copy of it. You can print out recipes and keep them in a binder or you can save files on a computer or both.

    Be patient with the process of learning cooking. Don’t get down on yourself even with total failure. And total failure will rapidly become rare. Most of the time you will be dealing with meals that are acceptable, just not up to the standards you are accustomed to. Figure out what went wrong and make mental notes to fix it the next time around. if you pay attention and learn, each time you cook it will be better. And it won’t take too long until you are a perfectly decent sissy cook.

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