Washing Dishes

    A common chore for sissy maids is washing dishes.

Madame Dahlias Sissy Maid cleans dishes
and shows off spanked ass

    Sissy Maid washes dishes.

    Madame Dahlia: You like being my little sissy bitch?

    Sissy Maid: Yes I do Mistress.

    Madame Dahlia: Cleaning my dirty dishes?

    Sissy Maid: Yes Mistress.

    Madame Dahlia: That’s all you’re good for, right?

    Sissy Maid: Yes Mistress

    Madame Dahlia: Make sure you don’t miss a spot.

    Mistress Dahlia lifts Sissy Maid’s black miniskirt and reveals a spanked rear end.

    Madame Dahlia: It’s already nice and red.

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    “I have been my wife’s maid for more than six years now. She works and I stay home as her maid and take care of all the cleaning, chores, and cooking.”—Maid Karen; e-mail

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Maid In Heaven
have you made dinner yet Dan?
michael oˆneil, originally from

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