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    This is the fictional story of two super heroines, Supergirl and Wonder Woman, with their sissy maid named Candy.

    This script is speculative. Clearances have not been obtained on copyrighted and trademarked material. You, as a private individual, can use the form near the bottom of this page to customize the character names, place yourself into the story, and change the names. Click here

    Note that all parts of this story involve characters who are at least the minimum age of consent in any nation in the world, a standard that can randomly change in any country at any time.

PREVIEW     Chapter 0

    Supergirl and Wonder Woman burst before the cowering human school teacher. He was in shock and awe.

    Supergirl and Wonder Woman explained that they were secretly lesbian lovers and they wanted their own sissy maid. They’d specifically chosen him to be their sissy maid because they knew he was the purest secret sissy in the entire world. And they were going to transform the human into their real life sissy maid.

    The two super heroines were bi, but the world at that time couldn’t accept openly LBGQT public figures. And they couldn’t consumate their respective relationships with Jimmy Olsen and Steve Trevor because their powerful vaginas would crush their frail human penises in an orgasm. So, they needed a sissy who would be satisfied with a caged sissy clitty.

    Supergirl and Wonder Woman would keep their sissy maid in secret in the super hero groups headquarters, performing the necessary cleaning and cooking chores to keep the headquarters feeling like home. Plus the vulnerability of a secret sissy maid in bondage was sure to be a perfect lure to trap some of the most notorious super villians of all time.

HOME PLANET     Chapter 1


    Zor-El and Alura left for the day.

    Kara recorded the violin, bass, viola, and piano parts for her musical composition. Then she worked on her solution for quantum gravity for her science fair project. Next up was the finishing touches on her mathematical proof of P = NP. This was followed by more work on her Girl Scout Gold Star Take Action community project. Then finalizing her plans for her upcoming month long wilderness hike to become an Eagle Scout. So many demanding projects for a young lady destined to be part of her planet’s ruling council.

    Kara should have continued working on her homework, but she was exhausted from the family expectations and took a much needed break for herself.

    Kara Zor-El gathered her flashlight, a mirror, and her new rainbow colored vibrating rabbit massager and sat down on her bed.

    Kara’s nipples were engorged and erect. She gently massaged her own breasts in anticipation of masturbating.

    Kara slowly removed her blouse, letting the cloth slip off her shoulder, revealing her brassière covered tit. Her hand slipped down for a moment, touching her nipple, making her gently moan and her fuckhole ache for pleasure.

    Kara slowly removed her skirt, sitting on her bed in just her undergarments. She felt a tingle in her clit as it started to pulse and throb. Her pussy lips moistened as they swelled and bulged with pleasure.

    Kara took off her bra and looked at her tits. She massaged her big tits, letting out some light moans of pleasure. Her



    Kara’s hand moved down to her temple of love. She gently stroked her pussy, moistening her undies.

    Kara pulled down her panties. She couldn’t wait to directly touch her naked pussy.

    She used the flashlight and mirror to explore her genitals. She gently spread her pussy lips and searched for her beautiful clit.

    Kara’s hand stroked her Gates of Heaven, her forefinger slipping between her pussy lips.

    She felt her moistness and moaned.



    Her hand explored the confines of her pussy lips. She moved to the top of her pussy lips and stroked her super clit.

    She felt super.

    Kara massaged her clitty as it became engorged and swollen. She moved the hood of her clit and directly touched her swollen clitoris.

    She moaned harder.



    Kara was very wet inside and she wanted to increase her pleasure by inserting more fingers into her beaver. She started rocking her hips to her finger’s stroking motion while her other hand was massaging her soft tits.

    Kara was breathing hard and continued to moan as she became more and more aroused.



    Kara rubbed her throbbing clitoris in circles, harder and harder, faster and faster. She needed something more powerful. Her vibrator.

    Spreading her legs wide open, Kara pressed the rainbow colored rabbit vibrator against her swollen clitoris and sucked in her breath at the exciting new feelings.

    Kara was turned on by the mere fact reality that she was pleasuring herself. She lay back in her bed, enjoying the buzzing feeling between her legs.

    Kara inserted the rainbow colored vibrating rabbit deep into her conch shell with the rabbit ears tingling against her swollen clit. She slowly stroked the vibrator out sliding close against her throbbing clitoris and then sliding the rabbit back deep into her lotus flower.

    Kara’s pussy throbbed and her body started to shake. Her felted mound felt like a volcano waiting to erupt. Her body continued to shake and her clitoris throbbed even more. She felt like she was about to pass out, her body became very weak.



    Kara was surprised to see her mother standing in the door of her room.

    Kara turned off the rainbow colored rabbit vibrator as she hurriedly tried to pull a sheet to cover up her naked poon.

ARRIVAL     Chapter 2

    Traditionally, Kara was rocketed from Krypton as a teenager. She was sent in suspended animation and arrived after her cousin, who was sent as a baby.

    In this version, Kara is the commander of a star ship that arrives at earth after many adventures.

    After arriving at Earth, Supergirl meets Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman takes Supergirl home to her island Themyscira for training as a super heroine.

    Supergirl and Wonder Woman fall in love.

    Supergirl and Wonder Woman find a suitable individual to become their sissymaid. He is brought in as a teacher about Earth history and customs, but quickly changed into the Sissy Maid Candy.

BEGINNINGS     Chapter 3



    From the 2010 direct-to-video animated movie Superman/Batman: Apocalypse. Despite the title, the movie serves as the origin story for Supergirl, Cara Zar-El.



    Superman and Supergirl vs Darkseid Part 1 - Fight Scene | Superman/Batman: Apocalypse
Batman Outsmart Darkside | Superman/Batman: Apocalypse HD Movie Clip

    Superman and Supergirl vs Darkseid Part 2 - Fight Scene | Superman/Batman: Apocalypse
Batman Outsmart Darkside | Superman/Batman: Apocalypse HD Movie Clip


EXT. STORE - DAY     4








Hello (V.O.)


Hello? (O.S.)










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