Goddess worship

    Goddess worship is an ancient practice, in which the sissy serves and honors a human woman as the physical manifestation of the divine Goddess.

    Transvestites have a long history of association with Goddess worship, going back thousands of years in ancient Egypt, ancient India, ancient Greece, ancient Mesopotamia, ancient China, and other ancient civilizations. Sissies would serve female priestesses as physical manifestations of the Goddess.

    Sissies served in priestesses in ancient Egyptian Goddess temples, in particular the temples of Isis (Aset) and Bast. Effeminate men dressed in women’s clothing would serve the priestesses as personal maids.

    In the temples of Bast and Sekhmet there were special priestesses who saw visions of the Goddess while in the throes of orgasm. Sissies would perform cunnilingus on these priestesses to bring about longer visions through continued orgasm.

    The Roman Emperor Caligula on occassion dressed as a woman for official government meetings and in the last year of his reign would appear in public dressed as either Minerva or Venus.

history of Goddess worship

    The ancient Egyptian religion evolved and changed a great deal over its 10,000 year history. There are written records from much of that history (including the oldest religious writings in the world), as well as numerous works of art.

    The ancient Egyptian religion evolved from Goddess Worship, an elemental nature religion that is more than 100,000 years old. Variations of Goddess Worship are still alive today, especially in various Wiccan faiths.

    Almost all of modern religions are derived from the ancient Egyptian religion.

    Western religions are evolved from a male-dominated Sumerian/babylonian variation in which the creator and the created were separated from each other (“the fall of man”). Zoarastrianism further separated the Creator into two distinct, but equal, powers, one good and one evil, locked in an eternal struggles. Judaism made the good power more powerful than the evil one. You probably already know of the subsequent introduction of Christian and Islamic mythology.

    Eastern religions remained more true to the original ideas of the ancient Egyptian religion. Hinduism has almost a one-to-one correspondence of ideas with the middle period of Egypt, right down to matching names for some minor deitties. Obvious derivations of Egyptian religious ideas exist in Asian, Polynesian, and Native American religions. Buddhism, Zen, Tantra, Confucianism, Taoism, and other philosophical Oriental religions represent natural evolutions of ancient Egyptian ideas.

    Goddess worship has been heavily vilified by about 1,500 years of viscous Christian and Moslem propoganda. Goddess worship is not perverse and unnatural. Goddess worship is not satanic. Goddess worship is not evil and does not promote evil acts.

    Goddess worship is positive and life affirming.

selected Egyptian deities

    Amon: An Eldger God, god of wind, fertility, and secrecy. He is husband of Mut and father of many other gods and often combines with Ra as Amon-Ra. He appears human or with the head or horns of a ram, or as a sphinx. Great Councilor.

    Anubis: The guard and guide of the dead, son of Osiris and Nephthys. He is not a Great Councilor but attends with Osiris. He appears as a dark man, a black jackal, or a jackal-headed man.

    Atum: An Elder God and a god of the sun. He appears as a man, a hawk, or a hawk-headed man. Great Councilor.

    Bast: The goddess of dawn and cats, and daughter of Ra. Goddess of enlightenment. Goddess of physical pleasures (sex, drugs, and rock ’n’ roll). She is not a Councilor, but attends to offer advice and ridicule their mistakes. She appears as a cat, a lion, a beautiful woman, or a woman with a feline head. Modern worshippers of Bast view her as the primary channel for worshipping and understanding the Goddess.

    Bes: God of marriage, protector of women and children.

    Geb: God of earth and third king of the gods (pharaoh), brother and husband of Nut, father of Isis, Osiris, and Set. He appears as a green man wearing a goose on his head. Great Councilor.

    Great Council: The Great Council is the supreme power and authority in the Egyptian universe, a parliament of the most important gods. Even the King of the Gods (Pharaoh) is not as mighty as the combined might of the Council. There have been several Kinfs of the Gods (Pharaohs), each elected unanimously to the throne by the Great Council. And so, oddly enough, the Egyptian gods were more democratic than the Egyptians themselves.
    On or off the council, the most famous and widely worshipped Egyptian gods are: Amon, Hathor, Ptah, Anubis, Horus, Ra, Atum, Isis, Set, Bast, Min, Tauret, Bes, Osiris, and Thoth.

    Hathor: Goddess of love, beauty, and pleasure, daughter of Ra and bearing the title of “Eye of Ra”. She appears as a cow or as a beautiful woman sometimes with the horns of a cow. Great Councilor.

    Horus the Elder: God of the sky, brother of Isis, Osiris, and Set. He appears as a falcon or a falcon-headed man. Great Councilor.

    Horus: God of kingship and the sun, and the fifth (and current) king (pharaoh) of the gods, he is the son of Isis and Osiris. He appears as a man, a falcon, or a falcon-headed man. Great Councilor.

    Isis: Goddess of royalty and magic, patroness of all magic, the sister and wife of Osiris, the sister of Set, she appears as a woman, a swallow, or a kite (a long-tailed hawk). Great Councilor.

    Ma’at: Goddess of wisdom, her name means “truth”. Daughter of Ra and bearing the title of “Eye of Ra”. She appears as a woman or a white feather. Great Councilor.

    Min: God of fertility.

    Muit: An Elder Goddess and goddess of fertility and queenship, she is the wife of Amon and mother of many gods. She appears as a woman, a vulture, or a woman with a vulture for a head. Great Councilor.

    Neith: Goddess of wisdom and daughter of Amon and Mut, she appears as a woman, a cat, or a spear. Great Councilor.

    Nephthys: Goddess of the desert, estranged wife and sister of Set, sister of Isis and Osiris, she appears as a mourning kite (a long-tailed hawk) and as a woman. Great Councilor.

    Nuit: Goddess of the sky, she is mother of Isis, Osiris, and Set, and appears as a blue-star-spangled woman or cow. Great Councilor.

    Osiris: God of the dead and of the harvest, he is the fourth king of the gods (pharaoh). The husband and brother of Isis, the brother of Set, and the father of Horus, he appears as a man or a mummy. Great Councilor.

    Ptah: Creator of the world and of the Eleder Gods, Patron of craftsmen, he appears as a man, a hawk, or a scarab beetle. Great Councilor.

    Ra: An Elder God, a god of the sun, and the first king of the gods (Pharaoh), “he” is androgynous (both sexes) and the sole parent of Bast, Hathor, Ma’at, and thoth. He appears as a man, a scarab beetle, or a man with a beetle for a head. Great Councilor.

    Set: God of evil and war and brother of Isis and Osiris, he appears as a man or an unnatural animal like a twisted dog. Great Councilor.

    Shu: God of air and storm and second king (pharaoh) of the gods, he is the son of Atum and appears as a man, a lion, or a lion-headed man. Great Councilor.

    Tauret: Goddess of motherhood and babies.

    Tefnuit: Goddess of water and clouds, she is the daughter of Atum and wife of Shu and appeaars as a woman, a lioness, or a lioness-headed woman. Great Councilor.

    Thoth: God of wisdom and scholarship, he is the son of Ra and appears as a man, an ibis, a baboon, or a man with the head of an ibis or baboon. Great Councilor.

    Uraeus: An emanation of Horus, his “Eye” and agent, but not a Councilor.


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