Anal Probes

    Anal probes and butt plugs are designed for use in the anus. These come in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and materials, as well as with and without vibrators.

    Anal probes are toys that are inserted into the anus. Some are vibrators, while others are sleeves or attachments that go onto an already existing vibrator.

    “Anytime you are looking for anal stimulation there are important rules to remember. First and foremost, anything you stick up your butt should have something (a flared base or a string) to keep it from going all the way in and getting stuck. Most battery vibes don’t have strong enough cords to pull them out by the cord and most electric vibes won’t fit. The best vibes for anal stimulation are in this section. However, there are attachments for the Magic Wand that are also good for butt vibration. Check out the shape of the Wonder Wand and the G-Spotter Attachment (attention boys: when I say G-Spot, think prostate).” —Erin Doherty from Toys in Babeland

    “We believe if you have a positive experience with a sex toy, you’ll keep coming back for more. If you don’t, you may never try another again. I’ve been selling sex toys for a long time and can assure you that a lot of what’s out there is cheaply made (falls apart easily, breaks down, smells bad, or in some cases is just dangerous). Sometimes it’s worth it to pay a little more for a toy, or try and find out what toys sell the best, or have been reviewed by other customers.” —Anne Semans from, author of “The Mother’s Guide to Sex”, “The New Good Vibrations Guide to Sex”, and “The Woman’s Guide to Sex on the Web”

Anal Probes

Anal Ecstasy
Anal Enforcer
Anal E-Z Bend Vibe
Anal Twist Corkscrew

Blue Knight
Crystal Anal Wand
Gerbil Flex Stimulator
5X Giga Power Sex Probe Vibe

Vibro Anal Beads
Wild Thing Anal Pleaser


anal lubricant



    Clear: Crystal Anal Wand

    Caucasian skin tones: Anal Twist Corkscrew

Anal Enforcer

5X Giga Power Sex Probe Vibe

Vibro Anal Beads

Anal Ecstasy

5X Giga Power Sex Probe Vibe

Anal E-Z Bend Vibe

Blue Knight

    See also: colors.

special features

    Ejaculating: Blue Knight

Anal Ecstasy
Anal Enforcer

Gerbil Flex Stimulator

5X Giga Power Sex Probe Vibe

    Handle: Anal Enforcer, Anal Twist Corkscrew

    With spheres: Anal Enforcer, Vibro Anal Beads

    Bendable: Anal E-Z Bend Vibe, Gerbil Flex Stimulator


    10-1/2 inches: Crystal Anal Wand

    8 inches: Anal Enforcer

    7 inches: 5X Giga Power Sex Probe Vibe

    6-1/2 inches: Anal Ecstasy

    6 inches: Anal E-Z Bend Vibe

width (diameter)

    2 inches wide: (6 inch circumference) Anal Ecstasy

    1 inches: Anal Enforcer

care and use

    Lubricants can make the use of most toys more pleasureable and are essential for the use of butt plugs. There are a number of different lubricants available. Never use oil or petroleum based lubricants with latex toys. Use water based lubricants with toys, as oil or petroleum based lubricants can melt or destroy some toys (especially any toy made of latex or Cyberskin). Lubricants are available in flavored and unflavored varieties. Unflavored lubricants are better quality than flavored lubricants (flavored lubricants are primarily for use with oral sex).

    Toys shared between partners can carry sexually transmitted diseases. The safe sex method is to either not share toys are to use a condom on shared toys. Do not move a toy from the anus to the vagina without washing it first, as this can transmit bacteria (even in the the same person).

    Do not drop battery powered vibrators (they often break on impact). Clean vibrators with warm water and soap after each use, then rinse and thoroughly dry before storage. Do not let water get into the metal parts of a vibrator. If there is a cord, be careful never to tug on the cord, as it will come loose easily. Do not use an egg or other vibrating toy that has a cord inside the anus. Battery powered devices are air cooled, if they don’t have access to air, they can become hot enough to burn. Do not fall asleep with a vibrator turned on.

    Sex toys should be cleaned, rinsed, and dried after each use. Failure to clean toys can lead to disease. One man reported failing to clean his inflatable doll after each use and then one day discovering maggots growing in it (which taught him to start cleaning his toys). Remove batteries from all toys before storage (leaving the batteries in can result in acid leakage, which can ruin the toy). Vibrators should be wiped clean with a cloth and warm water or alcohol. Do not let water get into the motor or electrical parts of a vibrator. Vinyl attachments can be cleaned in the top rack of a dishwasher. The more expensive materials (such as silicon, Cyberskin, Realskin, Ultraskin, etc.) should be washed in soap and warm water (either an antibacterial soap or mild soap), thoroughly dried, and coated with a light layer of cornstarch before storage (do not use talc on any toy that will be inserted vaginally). Silicon toys can be placed in the top rack of a dishwasher or can be sterilized in boiling water (if there are no latex, metal, or plastic parts and no electrical or motorized parts). Be careful not to crack or tear the surface of a silicon toy, as the tear will rapidly spread and ruin the toy. Rubber and Cyberskin are semi-porous and use of a condom will extend their useful life. Clean rubber, latex, and plastic dildoes and butt plugs with warm water and a mild soap. Thoroughly dry latex, rubber, or plastic toys before storage, but do not use heat for drying. Hand wash leather clothing, harnesses, and devices with warm water and mild soap and thoroughly dry before storage. Leather care products may be used on leather toys, clothing, and harnesses. Store products in a clean, dry, dark location away from direct sunlight or sources of heat. Be careful about placing toys next to each other, as some materials might react and destroy both toys.

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