“If you’re over twenty and you have a doll in the house, you better be a guy and it’d better be inflatable.” —Bill Maher, Real Time, 28 October 2005

    The two basic characteristics associated with sissies are wearing women’s clothing and playing with dolls. Not every sissy plays with dolls, but many do.

    Sometimes the dolls are children’s dolls, such as the Barbie doll or stuffed dolls (especially for adult baby play), but usually the dolls are inflatable or other sex dolls.

Erotic Eve Love Doll    Some mistresses and masters only allow their sissies to masturbate with dolls. This can be a source of embarassment for the sissy, especially if the sissy is limited to playing with a doll while the mistress or wife cuckolds the sissy by having sex with a real man.

    Sissy play with dolls is not limited to masturbation. Many sissies also dress up their dolls in women’s clothing. Also a mistress or master may force the sissy to make-out with the doll, sometimes for hours, before being allowed to masturbate with the doll. Long periods of making out with a doll can teach a sissy to be more inventive and creative in foot massage, foot licking, pussy licking, breast massage, kissing, etc.

    The widest variety of adult dolls are the vinyl inflatable dolls. All of the inexpensive dolls are inflatable vinyl dolls, but there are a variety of increasingly expensive inflatable vinyl dolls with more and more special features. Also there are a wide variety of vinyl dolls associated with particular fetishes or themes.

inexpensive dolls

Hustler Inflatable Bondage Sex Doll    Inexpensive dolls generally don’t last long (for very cheap dolls, sometimes one or two uses). A sissy can extend the life of any inflatable doll by avoiding rough handling, by avoiding over inflation, and for vinyl dolls by avoiding any positions where the weight of the sissy is supported by the doll (latex dolls, as well as solid foam and silicon dolls can support a sissy’s wieght).

Big Bazooka Babe    Most of the dolls under $50 are pretty much the same. The really cheap dolls are balloons with holes and painted faces (sometimes also painted lingerie). The next level up have plastic face masks and plastic breasts. Some guys prefer the softer balloon breasts of the less expensive dolls.

    There are many choices under $50. The following are some of the better choices. Many excellent choices aren’t mentioned here.

     Kylie Kneeling Love Doll: Pretty standard inexpensive doll, three holes, face mask, small tits. The major feature is the kneeling shape, which can make access to the vaginal hole a little easier. The box shows a woman in doggie-style position — but the actual doll is in kneeling position

Doc Johnson Pussy Galore Doll    Doc Johnson Pussy Galore Doll: Another pretty standard doll (three holes, face mask, small breasts). The major feature is a water filled vagina. This has two benefits. First, you can control the tightness by how much water you put in. Many times you will find that a doll's hole is either too loose or too tight — with this doll, you can adjust the tightness to exactly the level that fits you! Second, you can control the warmth. You can use warm water so that the vaginal hole is hotter. Do be careful, you can put in water so hot that you burn yourself — a very painful injury.

    Spread Eagle Doll. Slightly above your target price, but only by a couple of dollars. This is my favorite inexpensive doll. This doll has an unusual position somewhere between seated and doggie style. This position allows easy access to both vaginal and anal holes from both the front and back from pretty much any position you want. This is the MOST accessible inflatable doll (at any price). The face mask is pretty standard (open mouth, blue eyes, blonde hair tufts). The breasts are jumbo size plastic and fairly soft for plastic doll breasts. Also, the doll has printed lingerie (open breast bra, open crotch panties, and fishnet stockings). The combination of the spread eagle position and the trashy lingerie makes this doll look like an extreme slut — among the sluttiest looking dolls around. I have purchased at least half a dozen of this doll over the years. Some of the very expensive dolls are better for a variety of reasons, but this is a great inexpensive doll.

    CyberChic Doll. There are actually four variations: white, brown, and black in standard position and white in oral version. This is a very ugly doll. The looks are horrible. But it includes a CyberSkin insert (vaginal and anal holes). This is among the nicest artificial vaginas available (in a doll or stand-alone). The oral version has a CyberSkin mouth for blow jobs instead of CyberSkin vagina/anus. The inserts can be pulled out of the doll when it finally loses air and used as a very nice stand-alone vagina — making this a better long term value than most inexpensive dolls.

mid priced dolls

    With mid-priced dolls, typically the extra money goes to some particular feature. In some cases the additional feature is a theme, such as a nurse doll or police doll or bondage doll. In other cases it is a sex related feature, such as fancier or bigger breasts, a mannequin head, fancy vagina and/or anus, or other special feature.

    Some recommended mid-priced dolls include: Smart Ass Love-Doll, Aphrodite Bending Fantasy Doll, Aria Giovanni Italian Love Goddess Doll, and Chasey Lane Inflatable Fantasy Playmate.

Smart Ass Love DollAria Giovanni Italian Love Goddess DollChasey Lain Inflatable Fantasy Playmate

expensive dolls

    Expensive dolls come in four categories: expensive vinyl dolls, latex dolls, foam dolls, and silicon dolls..

    There are several deluxe vinyl inflatable dolls. These dolls feature a mannequin head, large breasts, “realistic” vagina and anus, and often molded hands and feet. Examples include the Alexa’s Essensual Elements Vibrating Love Doll and the Perfect 10 Deluxe Fantasy Love Doll.

Alexa’s Essensual Elements Vibrating Love DollGlenda, the Perfect 10 Deluxe Fantasy Love Doll

    A more expensive kind of inflatable doll is the latex doll. Vinyl inflatable dolls typically "lose air" or burst on the seams rather quickly (although some of the more expensive vinyl inflatable dolls have thicker skins and can last much longer). A latex doll can last for years or decades, if properly taken care of. Some sissies don’t like the feel of latex dolls and some sissies have an allergic reaction to the latex.

    Some recommended latex dolls include: Latex Lady, Letha Weapons, and Tera Patrick’s Ultimate Love Doll.

Latex Lady box coverTera Patrick’s Ultimate Love Doll

    Even more expensive are the foam filled dolls. These solid dolls are generally long lasting. Most of the foam dolls are made in Japan, but there are now a few American made foam dolls. Foam dolls are sometimes called foamies. Examples include the Rumiko Doll, Sachiko Doll, and Virtual Girl Living Foam Doll.

    The most expensive dolls are silicon dolls, such as the famous Real Doll. Although silicon dolls can be used for masturbation, they are better suited for display. Sissies can dress up silicon dolls in women's clothing and pose them for pictures. This can include intricate bondage.

transvestite dolls

American She-Male Love DollShe-Male Doll

doll list

doll experiences

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