A common chore for sissy maids is vacuuming.

sissy maid vacuums

    A sissy should vacuum all high traffic areas daily, and low traffic areas once or twice a week. Move the vacuum slowly on carpet, using parallel rows, going over the carpet slowly several times. High traffic areas typically need seven passes, while three or four passes should be sufficient for low traffic areas.

    A canister vacuum is more versatile than an upright vacuum, allowing better access to places like stairways and corners.

    A sissy should know the uses of the various attachments for a canister vacuum. The wall and floor brush attachment is used for bare walls and bare floors (such as wooden or tile floors). The crevice tool attachment is for getting dust out of drawers, cleaning heating and air-conditioning vents, and vacuuming under large appliances. The upholstery attachment is for vacuuming matresses, fabric-covered furniture, curtains, and car interiors. The dusting brush attachment is for removing dust from blinds, lampshades, and moldings.

Sissy Maid Suzie vacuums
Maid Suzie

    Adjust the height of the nozzle depending on the depth of your carpet. The lowest setting is appropriate for low-pile carpet, with higher settigns for thicker plush carpets. When you have adjusted the nozzle correctly, you will need to push your vacuum with moderate effort.

    Extra care should be used when vacuuming an Oriental rug. Oriental rugs are often very fragile, but also need to be kept clean to stay in peak condition. Turn off the agitator brush on an upright vacuum to help protect the delicate rug. When you near the fringe, slightly tip the front of an upright vacuum and gently push off the end of the carpet to prevent the fringe from getting caught in the rotating agitator brush. With a canister vacuum, use the bare floor brush for the main area of the carpet and the upholstery attachment for the fringe. Once a week (or less often for Oriental rugs in low traffic areas), turn the rug over and vacuum the underside.

    Make sure to keep the vacuum clean for best cleaning efficiency. Check the dirt level in the bag before each use. Changes bags before they are three quarters full. Filters should be changed when they start to show signs of wear or if excessively dirty or torn. HEPA filters (which remove the most dirt particles) should be changed after six months or after the sixth bag change, whichever comes first.

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    “Mistress owns a five bedroom house, it used to be mine until she made me her sissy maid. Every Friday I must begin to vacuum the entire house starting with mistress upstairs bedroom. Mistress has me use a pull along type with 8 attachments all of which I will use in the course of my work . The whole house usually takes me 9 hours to finish and is the minimum time required by mistress to do a good job. As I dress in the morning I must wear satin panties, bra , garter belt and nylons. This is all I am allowed to wear even if mistress decides to bring home company which she has done. It is so humiliating to be seen by others dressed in this fashion while they converse and socialize. I have begged mistress not to expose me in such a fashion but to no avail. Most often however I am left alone to do my work while mistress goes out for the day. I work very hard and do my best to please mistress because I love her very much and her happiness is paramount. If I have done a good job mistress allows me to sleep in her bed with her when she comes home at night . If the job is sub-standard I must do it over the next day after sound punishment and then I must prepare her overnight bag so she can stay over with a male friend. I try very hard to avoid this as I do not like being a cuckold but mistress says I really do need this to become her perfect sissy.”—Jmt173v; e-mail

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    “I am a busy surgeon and my life is much easier ever since I turned my wimpy husband into my real life housemaid. He was such a drag on my life as a guy. He spent my money, goofed off, and freeloaded, but demanded sex and expected me to keep the house! Well, no more! Now during the day she keeps my house spotless while wearing a frilly maid uniform, ruffled panties, baby doll socks, and high heels. When I get home my dinner is ready. If the house is not clean to my high standards she is disciplined and bound up for the night.
    “After dinner she rubs and massages my tired feet. Busy wives should think about making their husbands more obedient by making them wear sissy type clothes. It makes them much more docile and very easy to handle.”—Mistress Joan; e-mail

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