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Effeminate Guy-friend
now my obediant live-in Sissy Maid

By Susan

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Effeminate Guy-friend now my obediant live-in Sissy Maid

Latex Lady box cover

    I met Bobbie at college and knew immediately he was a sissy. I mean, it’s not like girls can’t tell. I had him pegged as a panty-wearer right from the start. (I was right, he later admitted he wore girl’s panties much more often than than male underwear.)

    But even though he’s a sissy, he fell in love with me like a puppy dog. It was cute, but kinda annoying at the same time. Sometimes a girl needs to be with her girlfriends, sometimes she wants to be alone, and sometimes she wants to be wrapped in the arms of a big, strong man (a real man — not a sissy.) But Bobbie hung around so much I barely had much privacy.

Tera Patrick’s Ultimate Love Doll

    I began to make pretty good money at my job and moved to a nice new (and big) apartment at about the same time Bobbie lost his menial service job. (Ever notice, girls, how many hopeless little store clerks, buss boys, or waiters are sissies? Something about not being too competitive with the “big boys”, I think. Besides, lowly no-power jobs sort of fit their pansy personalities. In other words, you could say sissies were “born to serve.” So why not have them serve you?)

    Well, you can guess what happened. He begged to move in with me. So I let him stay in my tiny guest bedroom. Besides, the boyish little single bed seemed so right for a non-sexually-active sissy like him.

    At first, he just laid around doing nothing all day (except probably jerking off his little thingy, like sissies tend to do!)

    After putting up with that nonsense for two weeks, I let him work off the rent as my “houseboy.” Quite soon he was regularly doing my laundry, some ironing, cleaning my bathroom, picking up after me — the usual domestic things boys like Bobbie seem to be so naturally drawn to.

    Yes, he pouted quite badly when I began to date men openly. He hated being left alone on Friday and Saturday nights when I was either at some party trying to catch the attention of some hunk, or going on a date with same-said hunk the next weekend. I guess it was a bit humiliating for him to have to stay home doing my housework while I was out with a real man. But, that’s the breaks, sissy-boy!

    The first time I had a man sleep over with me, he actually cried. I tried hard not to laugh as he acted all jealous (as if he ever had a romantic chance with me!) But I told him there would be lots of other nights with men in my bed, of nights I’d be out all night at the man’s place, and he’d just have to get used to it.

    The femmy maid clothing, the leg shaving and all that came along in time. Kind of a natural progression for a sissy, really. They do so love their panties and short skirts! Besides, like many sissies, his little thingy is so tiny and soft it barely makes a bump in the smallest panties. Of course guys like Bobbie are so totally useless (and clueless!) with a girl in bed.

    One thing that was rather disgusting is when I inadvertantly saw his little bed unmade and noted with horror the many, many little-boy cum stains from his jerking-off! Yeechhh! Needless to say, his little bed is now made up with stain-proof rubber sheets. He hates them, but tough-shit.

Chasey Lain Inflatable Fantasy Playmate

    Actually, he’s pretty well trained now. He wears a very tight gaff under his panties when he’s in little short-shorts or skirts, (or tapes himself with flesh-toned duct tape.) And he does all the housework and laundry and other domestic chores I want done. He also runs errands for me, and is a sort of “at home secretary.”

    Bobbie now serves me respectfully as a matter of course. And just as important, he’s learned to serve my boyfriends with respect too. (Which is only fitting — they have high-power jobs, can satisfy a woman in bed — all the things a pantied sissy like Bobbie could never, ever manage!)

Glenda, the Perfect 10 Deluxe Fantasy Love Doll

    Recently, though, Bobbie has been after me about his “sex life” (whatever that means?) One night last week I had him come into the living room and gave him a present. I’d gotten a quite realistic rubber cock at an X-rated store for him. I handed it to him and told him to get on his knees and practice sucking it. His face turned beet red — but I told him I was serious.

    “Obviously, Bobbie — you’re a sissy, not a man. I mean, you wear panties and little skirts, do my housework for a living, and sleep in a little single bed — with rubber sheets no less. And sissies need to know how to suck cock,” I explained firmly.

Alexa’s Essensual Elements Vibrating Love Doll

    He blicked at me with tearful eyes.

    “Ever heard of a ‘sissy facial’ ” I asked the pansy.

    He shook his head ‘no’.

    “Well, it’s when a sissy is on his knees in front of a real man, and after some cock-sucking or as the man is pleasuring himself — well, you know — ‘squirt, squirt’ ” I said with a giggle.

    Bobbie looked horrified.

    I was kind of kidding him. But I wanted him to at least know what his future might hold!

    Meanwhile — get back to my ironing, bitch-boy!


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