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Sissy Trick

    “The Law of Unintended Consequences,” I thought to myself as I scurried to answer the sharp knock at the door. “That’s what I’ve fallen victim to, the Law of Unintended Consequences.” Like when they dam a river to get power and prevent floods, but then the fish can’t spawn. Duh.

    Or like when I finally give in to a lifelong yearning to be enslaved, feminized, degraded and humiliated by a magnificent Goddess, and after nearly a decade of searching finally find the perfect Owner/Mistress, but then find myself alone in a sleazy motel room waiting for total strangers to come by for blowjobs. (Bitch slap).

    Dressed like the trashy whore I was being made to act as, in a bright, pink latex micro miniskirt and lacy pink cotton spaghetti strap top over a pink bra, bikini panties, garter belt, fishnet stockings and five inch heels, I opened the door to see, standing there leering at me, what looked like a caricature of a used car salesman; a paunchy, balding nightmare in gaudy polyester, reeking of cheap cologne.

    My job, however, being not to judge but to serve, I suppressed my instinct to laugh, and instead licked my lips as sluttily and lasciviously as I could and invited him in. After giving me a quick once over and not even trying to suppress his laughter, he came into the room and immediately slapped me across the face, then grabbed me by the hair and forced me to my knees on the floor. Still laughing, he began slapping my face and making me say that I was a nasty, sissy cockwhore and beg to suck his cock.

    I was already on the verge of tears from his abuse when he grabbed me by the hair again and dragged me on my hands and knees to the middle of the room, where he commanded me to undo his fly, take out his cock and start sucking it. Right away he began brutally fucking me hard and fast in the face, and although his dick was rather small, he was so rough with me that he had me choking and gagging on it in no time.

    Surprisingly quickly, I felt him tense and quicken and then explode with a huge, gooey wad of hot, sticky cum right into my mouth. He commanded me not to swallow, but to hold it in my mouth, then made me play with it, gargling and blowing creamy bubbles, while he again began slapping my face and making me repeat after him what a nasty, worthless, sleazy cockwhore and cumsucking slut I was.

    After a while of this, he commanded me to swallow his sticky load, then turned around, bent over, and shoving his ass directly into my face, ordered me to lick his asshole. Several long minutes of my tongue probing his asshole got him hard again, and dragging me once more by the hair behind him, he found a chair, and settled in for a longer, more leisurely blowjob.

    I must have sucked him off for an hour or more and swallowed who knows how many of his cum loads by the time he finally said, “All right, bitch, I’m done with you,” slapped me again across the face and stood up to get dressed and go. Almost as an afterthought, just before he zipped his cock back into his pants, he said, “Oh, one last thing, slut; open your mouth,” and when I did so, he took a long, hard, intense piss all over my face and into my open mouth, commanding me to swallow every drop that I could catch. It was incredible how much there was, and try as I might to catch it all, he made a point of getting it all over me as well as inside me, and by the time the acrid, bitter salty stream stopped gushing from his dick I was kneeling before him completely drenched in a puddle of it on the floor.

    Roughly forcing me to lie on the floor with my face in it, he continued verbally degrading and humiliating me while making me lick up every drop of his nasty piss and continually repeat to him what a filthy, dirty, nasty, cumsucking, pissfaced whore I was.

    Barely had I gotten it all licked up and he stormed out of the room as brusquely as he had entered it, slamming the door behind him, than there was another sharp rap on the door, and I had to pull myself together as quickly as I could and scurry to answer it.

    “The Law of Unintended Consequences,” I thought to myself again, “That’s what I’ve fallen victim to, the Law of Unintended Consequences,” and opened the door.

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