chain bondage

    Safety first.

    Chain bondage is bondage using metal chains. A sissy can make many interesting items from different sizes of hardware store chain.

picture courtesy of femminilizzazioneforzata

Amazon mistress reacy to whip the ass of a chained naked sissy with a leather bat.
picture courtesy of femminilizzazioneforzata

Chained Slave

    Sometimes we discover the bonds that hold us the tightest liberate us the most.

    Yet another shemale in chains drawing.

picture and text courtesy of Ghastly of Ghastly’s Ghastly Comics

chained sissy in bondage licks mistress’s pussy
picture courtesy of femminilizzazioneforzata

naked woman whips a naked chastised sissy
picture courtesy of femminilizzazioneforzata


    This was a picture I drew on someone’s oekaki BBS but the damn thing crashed and wouldn’t let me save it so I had to do a screen cap. Nothing special about this pic really. Just another shemale in chains and cuffs.

    Move along… move along.

picture and text courtesy of Ghastly of Ghastly’s Ghastly Comics

Sissy Maxine in post bondage with ankle cuffs and wrist cuffs
picture of Sissy Maxine

Boyfriend who loves being tied up and forced to dress as a woman gets more than her wish
Sissy in Bondage, Femdon

    Please learn more about bondage safety before actually engaging in bondage.

chain experiences

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Beware! This could happen to you! Men transformed into she-male slaves by masters and mistresses. Sissy in bondage double fucked in mouth and ass by two macho men. This poor man was changed into a beautiful chastized she-male. sissy fucked in ass by macho man while sucking mistress’s pussy Forced Womanhood! Issue 39. Men transformed into sexy she-male slaves by mistresses and masters. Enslaved sissies and maids. Issue 3. Sissy men serving mistresses and masters.
pictures courtesy of femminilizzazioneforzata


    S/he waits at the bar. Waits for the chains that will enslave her. Waits for the chains that will set her free.

picture and text courtesy of Ghastly of Ghastly’s Ghastly Comics

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