Safety first.

woman wearing metal female chastity
(genuine girl)
courtesy Doug Adams

    Chastities are designed to prevent sex. Both male and female chastities are available. Chastities are available in leather and metal and a wide variety of styles. Chastities usually have a waist belt and there is a wide variety of waist belt designs. Women can normally masturbate while wearing a chastity (unless additionally restrained), but male chastities do not allow a man to masturbate. Some chastities include butt and/or vaginal plugs.

    The original female chastities were typically belts (metal or leather) that held a “U”-shaped metal crotch guard in place.

Chastity tube she-boys working the condom fitting counter, helping a black man with a huge black cock
courtesy MidnightX interracial

male chastity belt with one lockmale chastity belt and leg strap with four locks
Male Chastity Belt with 1 LockMale Chastity Belt and Leg Strap with 4 Locks

mistress laces up a sissy dick

naked woman whips a naked chastised sissy
pictures courtesy of femminilizzazioneforzata

    Please learn more about bondage safety before actually engaging in bondage.

Mmm, yes, lick my cunt. Maybe, if you do a good job, I will let you open my new slave’s virgin ass.
picture courtesy of femminilizzazioneforzata

chastity experiences

    In private he [the sissy husband] was forced to wear a cock-and-ball cage as well as the French Maid outfit and serve us drink whilst I put her [the sissy’s wife] through her paces. If he stiffened at all when he saw her on display in front of us, his cock received a whipping from my riding-crop. As I grew to know what worked with him we graduated up the scale of humiliation. He was never comfortable watching me fucking his wife so of course I made sure that he saw plenty of that. —Courtesy of Doug Adams’ Cuckolded and Submissive Men

my chastity story

    Hi my name is Jimmy and I am from Manassas, VA. This all started with me reading stories on-line regarding chastity and wearing sissy cloths etc. I have been married for 22 years now and had told me wife I liked and wanted to wear panties. Though she though it was weird she had no problem with it. I even wore teddys to bed and she said she didn’t like the idea so much but still had sex with me.

    After getting her to accept the clothing I had sent her articles regarding chastity and anal toys and such. She wasn’t into using her fingers in my anus at all but we did purchase the gates of hell leather chastity, only because it was less expensive than some of the other recommended ones, cb2 and 3000 and it was very uncomfortable. I would wear it for a couple of days and she’d tease me but I had to beg for it to be taken off because of it pinching my cock and balls at various times.

    As I continue to surf for devices and stories I began to wonder what the cb series would be like. Soon I ask for it and we decided to get one, cb2000. Wow! What a difference! With a few adjustments and setting the spacers comfortably I was all set and locked in. She took the keys and brought them who knows where but she said they were not in the house. I was locked up for the first time in definitely. Her reply was as long as you are good I won’t keep you locked up too long the first time. This lasted for 4 weeks. Wow!! My cock didn’t get hard and I didn’t actually cumm the way I would normally. On a few occasions she had used an 8 inch dildo on my ass and I would ooze cumm letting me feel good for a bit.

    Since she was able to use the dildo I asked her if we can get a strapon for her so she can actually fuck me and make me feel like the sissy I was becoming. All the time we were married she always loved my cock. It was 7 inches and thick and the biggest she ever had she said. Now I was reduced to no hardons and getting ass fucked with almost the same size cock I have, so we had something in common almost. To my surprise she started to enjoy it as much as I did and was fucking my ass 1-2x a week. Now that I am locked up for her pleasure endlessly and ass fucked like the sissy I have become I MUST SAY OUR MARRIAGE HAS NEVER BEEN BETTER. If I had know the pleasure I was going to receive and how wonderful it would enhancing our marriage I would have done this years ago.

    To all the guys out there who feel that being ass fucked is for fags, NO WAY. If you try it you will love it. Of course it has to be done right and you have to relax BUT I am telling you it is awesome. Ladies know how to do this! They know how they like it to feel and make you feel the same way. For the first time in my life I am multi-climatic. I never got that way before BUT once I had the strapon is rubbing my prostate OMG it’s pleasure city over and over and over again.

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chastity pictures

That’s it, you watch while he fucks me. Something you will never do again. don’t worry. We’ll let you clean my juice off his cock when you’re done.
picture courtesy of femminilizzazioneforzata

Chastity Belted Bellboy!
courtesy MidnightX interracial

courtesy Sissy Train Club Mandingo

chastized sissy in sheer black nightie with hands bound behind back chastised transvestite relaxes with a  book. Beware! This could happen to you! Men transformed into she-male slaves by masters and mistresses. Sissy in bondage double fucked in mouth and ass by two macho men. This poor man was changed into a beautiful chastized she-male. chastized sissy in lingerie with mistress Waiting in bondage -- sissy chastized in stockings and high heels and chained to a bed Naked trannie in bondage wearing high heels, leather collar, and metal penis chastity. Woman loves power of domination -- to change a man to woman and control his manhood. naked blonde sissy in high heels, ankle cuffs, wrist cuffs, elbow cuffs, and male chastity bent over by powerful mistress Forced Womanhood! Issue 39. Men transformed into sexy she-male slaves by mistresses and masters. Enslaved sissies and maids. Issue 3. Sissy men serving mistresses and masters. Forced Womanhood! Issue #15. Men transformed into female slaves.
pictures courtesy of femminilizzazioneforzata

Pool Rules: All White Males Must Wear Chastity Belts!
courtesy SissyTrain interracial


sequin dress with chastity CB3K
courtesy — they sell chastitites

girlified sissyboys

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