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Club Mandingo Staff Girlz!

by TJ Ryder

    Terry Pennywell shifted uncomfortably in his chair at the court ordered psychologist’s office as the middle aged woman murmured as she looked at his paperwork.

    It had been a rough year and this wasn’t making it easier.

    After losing one of the few jobs left in Ocala, he tried drinking his way out, only to have his wife leave him and take his teen daughter with her, Then he got sued for child support and he had no job, and then forced into rehab. Then he discovered his wife was seeing a black man, serious taboo for the Florida panhandle and his buddies couldn’t stop kidding him about it.

    What it made it poignant was he had started her on that road himself, suggesting swinging when his daughter was still too young to know what was going on. He quit that when he realized his vibrant voluptuous wife was getting a lot more opportunities than a thin smallish man with no money to spend. He might have quit, but his wife was getting into a relationship with a big black buck he saw around the small town they lived in.

    Now, after a DWI taking away his license, threatened jail time over non payment and this court ordered counseling, he knew he had get it together fast, so he forced himself to be polite and agreeable.

    “Mr. Pennywell!” He started, so lost in thought he didn’t see her raise her head. Mrs Maxwell was an attractive white woman and he hadn’t missed seeing her desk photos, with a black man and two biracial children.

    “Um, yes ma’am!”

    “You know, I mean, you DO know I’m am trying to help you with your problems?”

    Not sure of that at all, he nodded.

    “Well, Mr. Pennywell, there are only two types of jobs you qualify for in the local economy. Delivery work and the service industry. And your DWI takes care of the driving part!” He winced and nodded. He wished he hadn’t done that.

    “And, the service industry is dominated frankly by illegal aliens and, frankly again, women and minorities! You are a white male!”

    He sighed, as if he needed someone to tell him this.

    “And a white male with few options left if he doesn’t want a six month stay in Ocala County Jail, which,” she smiled, “I do not think would be pleasant, especially for you!” He winced again, blushing, because a slim small white male like himself with blond hair and never having needed to shave would never get off his knees there!

    “Well, do you agree with my assessment?”

    “Um, well, yes, ma’am, I guess I have to!”

    “Good, then you might consider an opening that I think you can get. The service industry, as I said, doesn’t hire people like you, but the Club Mandingo has openings at the moment!”

    He gasped! She smiled at his reaction.

    “Um, but I don’t think that…well I mean…!”

    “I have been looking at your personality tests and it is in line with the guidelines the Club is looking for!”

    “It is?”

    “Yes, have you ever heard the term ‘Alpha Male’? It means a strong dominant personality that in the animal kingdom means the predominant breeder of the females!”

    “Oh, is that what I am?”

    She chuckled, “No, you are a classic Beta Male! In fact most males are beta; it’s not an insult. All men can’t be Alpha or the world would be in even worse shape than it is!”

    He blushed a little at that! It was something he suspected but didn’t want to admit. “Um, I, guess I see, but the Mandingo club is, well, my wife…, ex wife, and I had a fight over, well….!”

    “Over her going out with a black man, I read your file and the police report. You called her a ‘nigger lover’ among other things!”

    He sighed, wishing his wife hadn’t reported that!

    “That could lead to a hate crime charge in addition to your current set of problems! Do you know the state has a five year maximum sentence for hate crimes now?” He gasped again.

    “Um, yes, but…!”

    “So,” she said rather primly, taking a rubber stamp and putting it on his file, “I am going to recommend you to Club Mandingo for several reasons! It will solve your financial problems and also be good therapy for your obvious racial difficulties, and demonstrate to the court a new attitude! And I think you will acquire one when you see white women and black men together on a daily basis. I think you’re fortunate in fact. Many white beta males like yourself would enjoy a job like this!”

    He swallowed, trying hard not to fantasize about it. “But, um, I’m sure there are other white men then who would apply!”

    “There are, but I have here their physical requirements that very few white males could pass! Your body type, naturally blonde hair, no beard line, and definitely submissive personality makes you a good candidate!”

    “Candidate, for what?” he wondered. She got a phone call, and spoke, ignoring him, as he sat by the desk, trying to get a glance at the paperwork, until she noticed he was still there and put her hand on the mouthpiece.

    “I have to take this call, here is your appointment slip with the club’s personnel director!”

    Standing up he took it. “Thank you ma’am!”

    “And, I would be disappointed if don’t give it a good try, Mr Pennywell!”

    “Um, yes ma’am!” He didn’t have to have it spelled out.

    He had to take the bus to the club; a 45 minute drive out on the beach. It used to be a naval base in the 50s, then two different kinds of family beach resorts that failed, then timeshares that went bankrupt. It only recently changed to a franchise of Club Mandingo and local gossip the tourism trade was doing much better because of it. White wives and couples were flying into the usually slow Ocala airport, people were coming from as far away as New Orleans and Jacksonville, Florida, and Georgia, and the mostly black military bases in Louisiana.

    His orientation was with several other white males, some in their early twenties, and he figured at 35 years old he was the oldest. They were of a type though, shorter than average, slim, and small boned. An attractive young woman with a pointer and a slide projector stood in front of the blackboard.

    “First off, gentlemen, thank you for coming. You’ve passed the initial screening, so now we can be more explicit in what a very rewarding and exciting job at the highest growth industry within the adult resort scene entails!”

    “First slide, Tiffanny, please,” she said to an attractive girl manning the projector in the back. He had smiled at the girl with the dimples and cleavage in the very revealing outfit he had seen on all the staff. In fact he hadn’t seen any males yet but many attractive white girls, and some older like himself.

    “This was our first crop of (smile) ‘Girlz!’” It was a slide of this room, taken from the front, showing five young men sitting in chairs, looking very much like the group he was with.

    “You see we had five boys to start with. Two didn’t make it through the training, and one was dismissed during his probation period. However, this is our fourth recruiting cycle and we’ve learned to do better. I am hoping for zero washouts with this one,” she smiled encouragingly. Terry admitted that was encouraging as the guys smiled.

    “Next slide, Tiffanny!” This showed acres of scantily clad gorgeous white women, some Asians and Hispanic, and big brawny black males cavorting around a pool and a hot tub. “This is your typical pool scene on a weekend, and business is up every month since we opened. We are one of the most successful Mandingo franchises in history! Your duties are typical in many respects, waiters, bartenders, maid service!” Terry felt his cock stir at the sight of all that nearly nude firm flesh.

    “And we’ve introduced new fast track procedures to get a boy up to speed here. The first few days we have a resident expert assisting on dress and decorum. Then after the uniforms are fitted, limited duty as waitpersons for your probation period which now only takes a few days to make sure you have the right attitude instead of a month like it used to!”

    “Next Slide please!” This was rather odd, same class as the first slide, but only with four people, and they were all females but somewhat familiar. A couple boys chuckled, but Terry’s face was red. They were the boys in the first picture!

    “See, all ready to start their rewarding careers in less than a month!” She asked if there were any questions.

    One man asked if they had resident housing, and she said yes, taken out of their salaries, two to a room. Another asked about mentorship, and she said everyone had an experienced mentor during the first few months, but, she added, because of the growth rate one mentor to many trainees. Terry fidgeted in his seat, dying to ask questions, and the lady smiled.

    “At this point, I’m sure you’re interested in talking to someone who’s gone through the program already. Tiffanny, would you please?”

    “Yes ma’am!” The buxom young lady walked forward, stood in front with her hands behind her. “In case you’re wondering,” she smiled, holding a photo of the first slide, “I’m second from left. I was one of the first graduating classes and have worked here for almost a year!” Terry could see now the similarities, the slim blonde young male looked a lot like himself.

    One boy raised his hand, “Um, ah, did you have any flexibility with the, well, cosmetics?” Terry groaned. He wanted to ask if he any problem with getting boobs to get this job, but also knew he didn’t want the question to come from him. He knew Miss Maxwell would hear of any reason he was dropped from this program.

    Tiffanny shook her head, “No, the club has a certain standard and since they’re the boss and pay for surgery that costs thousands, they set the rules if you want the job! And I had to pass probation period first to make sure I had, (smile) the right attitude!”

    “Oh,” the boy asked, “cuz I was thinking of a few things that…!”

    The lady interrupted with a smile. “The club is not wanting a lot of variety in their service Girlz. They are intentionally selected and trained and well, modified, to the same standard!”

    “Um,” another man raised his hand. “Well, why is that?”

    “Because like waiters in a good restaurant, we want to be interchangeable. We exist to help our customers have a good time, not be the entertainment, just be good service, is that right Tiffanny?”

    “Yes,” she smiled, “believe me, I appreciate it when they can’t tell me from the others!”

    “Um, do you wear name tags?”

    “Yes, but they’re phoney. They change them. Everyone calls me Tiffanny because that was my first name, but this week the customers call me Bambi!”

    “Are there, well, I mean I know there are, but ordinary women?”

    “Sure, but that’s another secret to the guests. The women they see who have close contact with the guests are all T-Girlz like us!”

    “You see, boys,” the orientation woman smiled, “our industrial psychologists discovered early from customer polls, that the women patrons didn’t like attractive female staff members especially entering the rooms or the pool areas. And on the other hand, black men are uncomfortable with white males in rather intimate serving roles, so this is a compromise that leaves everyone feeling good!”

    “Um, so they know they’re, I mean we are…!”

    “Oh yes, it’s like a hidden joke! The customers enjoy it!”

    Terry was reeling and he was feeling he should ask something and searched for a question that wouldn’t label him a troublemaker.

    “Um, ah, you always have the same, well outfits?”

    “We have our own dressmaker on staff for alterations, is that what you mean?”

    “Um, I guess so. But when you’re off duty is there some kind of dress code?”

    “Oh yes, in fact the club is very interested whether you live in housing provided or off site you are properly discreet. In fact,” she added, “we have an expensive investment in you, and if you are terminated for cause before the first year is up you have to repay us for the cosmetics!” He groaned, all he wanted was to ask a question and now probably raised a red flag!

    Two hours later he felt he was redeemed as their house personal trainer expert, a middle aged woman, critiqued his physique as well as the others.

    “Excellent bone structure!” she smiled, checking a clip board.

    Because of lack of transportation and because they liked having the trainees live on base, he was assigned a room with a southern boy called Bob. He was glad he wasn’t a flaming queen. In fact none of the boys were fluttering types, chosen that way he had no doubt.

    “How do you like it here?” he asked, and Terry was going to say something when a woman entered just wearing a tiny robe showing gorgeous legs and cleavage. It was Tiffanny.

    “Hi boys, in just a few days I’ll be saying Hi Girlz! I thought I’d see how you were doing!”

    “Hi Tiffanny!” Terry said, admiring her lush curves, and she smiled, and opened the robe up, and he saw her impressive for a white boy half hard cock and hefty balls!

    “I know you’re all just dying to see me anyway!”

    “Wow,” Bob smiled, “I guess you’re not on hormones!”

    “No, and everyone wants to know if that’s mandatory, and it’s not!”

    “And nobody wanted to ask the question!” Terry said, and Tiffanny nodded.

    “I know some of you are forced to be here, cuz I was too. I was on probation when I was selected. Let me tell you something before you say anything. Be careful what you say and who you say it to in here.” She looked around the room and Terry wondered if there was a bug planted. Nobody said anything for a few moments.

    “But,” she smiled, “I can guess that while you are pressed to be here, you’re also going to like it here. They can tell. I know I didn’t expect to like it, and I didn’t expect anything that happened, including these,” he laughed, cupping his big beautiful breasts, and idly pinching his brown nipples. That was when Bob noticed he had a tongue stud and a cock knob ring but no nipple rings.

    “Is that, well, those, optional?”

    “Yes, to a point. The tongue stud is mandatory, nipple rings and tattoos are forbidden, and the cock ring is optional. Nobody has any tattoos do they?”

    Bob and Terry shook their heads, thankful for that.

    “Good you’re lucky, I had to have two sanded off, painful as hell. And you get two tongue studs!” He demonstrated as he opened his mouth, one on the tip, small, and one bigger, near the center of his tongue. “The customers expect that and now I’m used to it!”

    Bob asked, “What about rumours, well, about chastity belts!”

    “Sometimes, for a variety of reasons, the staff will assign them, don’t worry, they only last a week or so usually!” Terry gasped in shock.

    Shaving his genital area except for a tiny triangle with a women’s shaver, using hair removal lotion on his whole body, wearing his hair long enough for a ponytail, and of course wearing bikini panties made him squirm, blush, and also get his little cock hard, and Terry was thinking though he still could do this. Until he got his uniform, which was of course a kind of maid skirt and blouse. And mandatory non smear slutty red lipstick.

    In his dorm room he was practicing the feminine walk in private, having failed a test that day during his feminisation training. He wasn’t the only one, but he had no femme mannerisms and was told sternly he had to get better.

    Tiffanny paused and giggled at the open doorway.

picture of Jah Love Classic Thong copyright © MichaelM. Used by permission.
White Sissy forced to wear Rasta Jah Love thong panties to show appreciation for Black culture.

    Terry smiled, blushing a little, “I knew I should have shut the door!”

    “No, you’re doing better, but you can’t do it that way!”

    Studying himself in the mirror, he slipped his hips out a bit more! “Like that?”

    “It’s in your head first, then the body reacts. Have you got your practice dildoe? Oh wait, here’s Bambi!” Bambi was one of the very attractive young real females who was helping with the training.

    To Terry’s horror she poked her beautiful head in, and Terry was forced to repeat the movement as they both laughed.

    “See Bambi, I told the girls they had to start with the dildoes!”

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