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This is a very strange story
This was an experiment in computer generated erotic horror fiction
created on a Macintosh in 1992

   It was a dark and stormy night.

   Bambi Jones erotically shuddered as she thought of the numb dream once again.

   She had been absorbedly sauntering home under the full Sagittarius moon lated that cowlèd night. Her luxuriant red hair was long, pulled straight back and tied in a girlish ponytail.

   Bambi had found herself exuberantly parading down the spooky section of roadway that passed through the marsh.

   The cute, red-headed babysitter swatted jocundly at a mosquito that buzzed excitedly around her pretty young head.

   Bambi noticed thundersquall clouds on the horizon.

   The virgin young high school freshman gradually froze in place, deeply frightened by the sound of something scurrying softly through the lush underbrush. Bambi sucked in her breath deeply.

   A small white rabbit bounded across the bog. Bambi quickly laughed at being frightened by a harmless bunny.

   Thick pitch dark clouds continued to gather across the darkened sky, sliding ominously over the Sagittarius moon.

   Bambi thought she had best hurry on home before the storm broke. A thick fog was rolling in from the sea. The temperature was dropping rapidly.

   The cool air felt good against the young girl’s creamy white arms. Bambi joyfully walked on into the sable night air, stepping off the lane. The grass felt cool and tickly on the bottoms of the young virgin teenager’s feet as she devotedly removed her white high-heeled boots.

   Something glinting in the light from the moon made her bend her knees and crouch down. The beautiful red-head dropped to her knees in the thick grass. It was a glistening winter quartz. The emerald-eyed 14-year old virgin lifted up the corner of the rock. A cockroach scurried out from underneath with a heavy heart.

   Bambi didn’t hear the larger creature until its nightmarish claws softly clattered across the slates behind her. The green-eyed gorgeous young missy stiffened, wondering for a second what the sound might be. It was so dark and she was on edge.

   She saw the shadowy form of a large black insect climbing out of a bog hole behind her. The child froze in place on her hands and knees, big round butt waving temptingly in the air, massive young jugs swinging gently.

   Bambi staggered to her feet, backing toward a nearby birch tree, then turned to run.

   “Oh, Goddess!”


   She made an impulsive dash, attempting to dart around the ugly giant insect, trying for the paved street.

   A strong black arm lustfully caught her around her slim girlish waist. “Slut! Where in the fuck you think you’re goin’?”

   Little Bambi Jones loudly gasped, her cry for help cut off as a huge black claw slapped firmly over her dainty virgin mouth. She was lustily jerked off her stockinged feet and yanked backward against the cockraoch’s gigantic body.

   Wide-eyed Bambi absorbedly stared into the insect’s leering, sweating face.

   “Let me go!” she yelped, struggling to break free of the brute, to escape the six inhuman claws coming at her. Bambi grabbed desperately at the coarse wrist around her trim 22 inch waist.

   “You … you filthy black bastard!” hissed Bambi, furious.

   The gorgeous young teenager kicked out frantically, blindly, fighting with all her might to free herself from the irregular hugging arm. She kicked back and up, trying for the insect’s nuts. But her nubile young legs flailed into the air, kicking nothing. The effort brought only a gruff mocking laugh.

   Her delicate little fingers tore at the iron band of the beast’s hairy forearm. The cruel monster was cravingly squeezing the vulnerable exposed flesh of her tender tummy so hard she couldn’t breathe.

   She felt herself being lifted higher, the rough arm at her middle became a cruel steel band hoisting and turning and pointing her towards the bayou.

   The Orthopteran being of the night dragged her back into the murky swamp.

   Bambi’s heart pounded hard in her chest.

   “Oh, my Goddess! He’s going to rape me!” she screamed.

   Bambi went limp. She felt the strength drain from her limbs. The icy claw over her dainty little mouth ground down hard, crushing her soft maroon lips against her sharp white teeth. It hurt terribly!

   Tears flooded out of her pretty green eyes.

   Bambi whimpered quietly as she felt herself dragged into the dank dark marsh. her little fists clutched uselessly at the hairy black arm over her delicate snow white tummy; her knuckles turned white from the strain.

   The innocent little schoolgirl moaned as she was finally dragged behind a large granite outcropping. The cockroach-beast’s paw slipped upward, crushing her nose.

   “He’s going to suffocate me!” the busty, beautiful 14-year-old thought in panic.

   Her tiny feminine hands flew to the black bony finger-like appendages cupping her full, soft mouth and nose and tugged wildly, trying to pull them away so she could breathe!

   “Oh, Goddess! Goddess!” the cute teenybopper silently prayed.

   She tried to twist her trembling, frightened face aside. The passionate filly kicked and jerked and struggled as hard and as violently as she could. But the demonic cockraoch-fiend from hell was just too terribly strong.

   Bambi snorted silently as the cold black arm around her soft, hot tummy tightened. The chilly insect claw over her scarlet mouth yanked her head back firmly against the titanic nightmare Orthoptera’s body. She tried to suck air into the little lungs, but she couldn’t.

   She couldn’t breathe.

   Her lungs burned.

   The frightened high school freshman kicked out again. But the nightmare beast holding her threw both of its hairy black mid-legs over her shapely young calves and scissored her luscious long legs tightly closed.

   She was helpless.

   Her lungs felt as if they were going to burst.

   Her brain throbbed. She felt herself getting very dizzy.

   Silence engulfed her. Except for the roaring pounding of blood in her ears.

   Her soft, sexy arms tingled and went limp.

   The giant insect-thing clamped her hot, young body even tighter.

   Everything seemed to be getting so hot and hazy and far away.

   Suddenly, the inhuman grip against her sweet, soft face relaxed. The niveous black hand slipped away from her nostrils, and Bambi sucked in a deep painful gulp of air, filling her burning lungs. Her heart was pounding like a gigantic jackhammer in her chest.

   Slowly, the vile beast’s hairy black claw slipped away from her pale red lips, his strong fingers moving down over her delicate chin to her soft slender throat. he wrapped his inhuman fingers completely around her lily white neck.

   The giant Orthoptera squeezed harder, then relaxed, letting the frightened innocent child know he could very easily break her fucking little neck — if he wanted to — if she struggled too hard, or made too much noise, while he raped her. Bambi tried to calm herself down. She forced herself to take one deep breath at a time. Slowly, the pounding in her heart eased, just a little.

   But she couldn’t shake her fear.

   Her young mind was in a fog. She knew, intellectually, what was going to happen to her soft virgin body. But it didn’t seem real. No! It couldn’t be real! It must be happening to some other little girl. Not Bambi. Not Bambi!

   The buxom babe was so scared!

   Her head was forced backward in the fiend from hell’s painful grip around her tender young throat. her green eyes fluttered. She was looking directly into the mamoth cockroach’s squinty angry eyes. How horrible! She shut her pretty emerald green eyes as tightly as she could.

   The callipygous lass swallowed with great difficulty. It hurt! The colossal cockroach-beast was clutching her slim throat so tight. her closed eyes watered with the pain.

   Her wide open mouth was so dry. A few tears slipped from under her tightly shut eyelids, and trickled down her cheeks, wetting the beast’s trembling hand.

   Bambi shuddered. “Oh, Goddess! This is really insane! He’s going to hurt me!”

   Suddenly, the vile beast pressed his dry lips down over Bambi’s sweet moist teenage mouth. His hard thin lips hurt her. His crooked teeth battered and scraped against her own immaculate straight clean teeth. She felt the awful disgusting mass of his dry old cockroach tongue forcing his way into her innocent virgin mouth. To keep from tasting the terrible thing, Bambi yanked her own tongue deep into the back of her throat, and yawned her lovely mouth as wide as she could. She felt the demonic insect’s fat wiggling snake of a tongue wiggling around in the hot moist cavern of her mouth.

   Bambi struggled briefly, trying to turn her pretty little face away from his slobbering insect mouth. But the villainous brute gripped her throat tighter an growled. She held her face still, where he wanted it.

   The demonic Orthoptera began chewing on her delicious young lips. He gnawed on her full sensuous lips, biting them and sucking on them until they were red and sore.

   She went limp in his hard, black arms, and let it happen. She prayed to her Goddess that this was all he wanted from her. A little hugging and kissing, a little touching.

   Then she felt his mid-legs unwrap from her creamy soft teenage thighs. His arms relaxed from her trembling teenage tummy, and she gulped in her first full deep breath in minutes. She sucked in air with deep pleasure. Her lungs expanded fully, pushing out her firm young jugglets. Sweet innocent Bambi breathed greedily.

   And then she gasped. The huge mean wretch wolfishly pushed Bambi against a fir tree, still tightly holding on to her from behind.

   “Wh-what are you going to do to me?” Bambi gasped.

   The beast’s impatient roving hands lepaed to her virgin chest. He eagerly cupped her delectable warm mammaries with his immense claw-like hands, massaging her bulging 36C breast mounds through the sleek material of her skimpy white blouse and pretty little bra.

   Bambi winced as the colossal Orthoptera dug his thick, ragged fingers into the dainty flesh of her firm, luscious bosom.

   “Oh, noooooo!” Bambi whimpered.

   Her slender young hand flew down to her chest and she grabbed at his hard, shell-covered hand. But the massive Orthoptera simply yanked backward hard on her throat and growled low again. She let her hand flutter away.

   The demonic nightmare was far too strong for such a tiny child.

   Bambi was a lovely catch. The pretty peach was tiny and frail, full-breasted, with long cherry red hair that reached almost to her luminous white waist. Her sensual little hips were just beginning to flare into the softer curves of womanhood. She was a physical delight.

   The beautiful maiden moaned as she felt his hard icy claw cupping her lush smoothly curved tit-mound, rubbing firmly over her blouse, mashing her soft nipple into the meaty glove of her virgin teenage boobs.

   The horrible insect mouth covering her lovely virgin lips nibbled at her with more and more urgency. She winced as he bit her lips and her cheek hard. Her whole creamy soft body began shaking with sobs as she finally let go and began crying.

   The titanic cockroach pulled his mouth away from her soft, warm face.

   Bambi, weeping, left her mouth wide-open, in case he wanted to come back inside for more.

   The mammoth cockroach stood opposite the vivacious red-head and rapidly slid his roguh hind legs between her soft white thighs.

   “Spread those legs, cunt,” the Orthoptera snarled.

   Bambi yelped as the cockroach pried her long, lean legs apart with his rugged inhuman knees.

   “Take your skirt off, bitch,” the towering cockroach from hell instructed. His voice was low and rumbling.

   “No, I can’t.”

   “Get it off, slut,” the evil insect gave her arm a yank for emphasis.

   The mighty brute reached behind the foxy adolescent maiden and yanked the zipper of her short white leather miniskirt down in one split second. The hot to trot tease struggled vainly as the giant cockroach pulled the garment off her well-proportioned 38-inch hips, wiggling till it easily slid down her lanky white legs. The big-busted teenage cheerleader stumbled out of her sexy schoolgirl skirt and the mountainous cockroach sent the tiny bit of cloth sailing with a swift kick.

   Her other garments relentlesly followed. The insect swiftly tore off her gauzy thin blouse. Her new black lace teenage bra ripped apart. When it came to her delicate black lace panties, the immense cockroach-beast shredded them with one ferocious yank.

   The enormous wild beast stripped Bambi Jones completely naked.

   The squirming virgin’s hands were tied to two nearby cypress trees. Her long silken legs were bound spread eagle to a beech tree and a juniper, displaying the hot and wet sex kitten’s love grotto with its first growth of briliant red hair.

   Bambi despairingly wriggled and writhed in the muck, pebbles digging into the tender flesh of her sweet plump rear end.

   The giant horny hunk sensuously stared up and down the sassy bimbo’s naked form.

   His sparkling crimson eyes smoldered deeply with intense lust.

   The demon stared at the thicket of freshly clipped pubes that graced Bambi’s virgin pelvis.

   His hard insect shaft jerked in his jeans as the foul behometh gazed upon the quivering, glistening pussy lips that poked out of the young virgin’s kinky flame-red pubic hairs.

   Bambi found herself becoming turned on by her imminent beastial rape.

   Her hot and eager pretty little cuntlips trembled in anticipation.

   Yin-essence oozed covertously from the daughter of Eve’s deepest sesnual depths and covered her dripping pussy lips with youthful excitement.

   “And how about them boobs?” the stupendous cockroach grunted.

   The stupendous cockroach sensually massged and kissed Bambi’s hot young breasts, paying special attention to her erect cocoa brown nipples.

   The gigantic cockroach grabbed his zipper and tugged it down.

   Bambi watched, enraptured, as the object of her wet dreams delved into his opened fly.

   The colossal cockroach tugged his angry 12 inch phallus out of his jeans.

   Bambi wriggled with delight as she gazed upon the flint-hard proboscis.

   The massive cockroach grinned proudly as he lazily wrapped his fingers around the base of his jade stalk.

   He rapaciously thrust his bony insect hips forward, showing off his granite-hard cock.

   Bambi gasped.

   She stared with increasing eagerness at the thick black rod between the massive Orthoptera’s rough legs.

   “Don’t fight it, Bambi. I know what you want. I’ve always known,” the towering giant cockroach leered.

   The enormous cockroach had his hardened shaft out in his rugged insect hands and was impassionedly displaying it to the petite girl, energetically waving his arrow of love in front of her.

   Bambi gasped at the sight.

   “See, you little cunt,” he was saying. “See how hard it is? Now I’m going to fuck you with it. I’m going to run it up your perfumed cunt, shove it right to the hilt, and fuck you!”

   “Don’t hurt me,” the bad girl in bondage lustfully whispered. “Please, your cock is so bog and hard. Don’t let it hurt me.”

   The immense cockroach impassionedly smiled at sweet yong Bambi, his compound eyes twinkling with anticipation. He looked hungrily at the gentle swell of her luscious young teats, just beginning to fill out.

   The towering cockroach’s forelegs shook and trembled excitedly as he climbed over the naughty, eager captive, getting between Bambi’s wriggling, open thighs and erotically pointing the mushroom-shaped head of his erect penis against her virgin pleasure grotto.

   “Mmmmmm,” he devoutly muttered. “I’m going to find out how sweet your twat is. I’m going to find out all about it right now.”

   The big cockroach knelt so that he was straddling Bambi’s luscious round hips. He tenaciously wrapped his arm about her sweet glistening alabaster body, and pulled her tightly against him, feeling her moist, warm thighs clench at his rigid prick.

   He gently pressed the thick glans of his huge phallus up against her clit. The monumental orthoptera used the tip of his yang peak to rub her purple mountain peak in a series of slow erotic circles.

   The gargantuan cockroach softly rubbed the pubescent red-headed schoolgirl’s clitoris with the head of his 12 inch arrow of lust. Small, delicate, gentle circles. Teasing her virgin young love button gently.

   With his black hairy forearms the prodigious Orthopteran lustfully reached up and lightly stroked the sexy teenage brat’s huge virgin 36C breasts.

   The immense black cockroach used his rough, bony hindfeet to playfully massage and knead her delectable young white ass.

   One of his middle claws continued to tirelessly guide his jade-hard phallus in genetle teasing circles around and near Bambi’s blood-engorged clit while the other knurled middle claw lazily stroked and petted her flame-red public hairs.

   The savage insectoid demon scrupulously rubbed the tip of his jade stalk up and down her sopping wet pussy lips. Her trembling twat was wet and juicy, ready for rape.

   The ponderous brute slowly massages the sensual doll’s sexy, voluptuous boobs, pleasantly cupping the swell of her naked pink breasts, slowly circling the flshly slopes, but ver teasingly avoiding the taut perky nipples at the youthful peaks.

   His bony midnight black fingers relentlessly rose ever higher up the tender white slopes of the ravished red-headed bimbo’s firm, beautiful knockers, getting teasingly closer and closer to her bumpy light brown areolae and the hard round nipples in their centers.

   The towering insect worked the head of his pulsting 12 inch proboscis in between her inner cunt lips.

   “Fuck me! Take me! Fuck me!” she desperately pleaded with the massive cockroach, begging him with her sexy teenage voice, her glazed schoolgirl eyes, her squirming cheerleader body!

   The heady odor of hungry wet twat filled the swamp air.

   The gigantic cockroach placed the tip of his hardened bull against her boiling virgin cunt. The sexy nympho tease whimpered and milked his vivid purple blood-engorged cocktip with her quivering innocent cuntlips.

   “Oh, please! Fuck me with it! Put it inside me!” Bambi whimpered wildly. She was writhing against the insectoid rapist.

   Bambi could feel the tips of the mammoth cockroach’s dark rugged paws relentlessly rubbing up and down the entire length of her pretty pink butt and she moaned cravingly each time it touched the crimson asterisk of her anus.

   The gargantuan cockroach was holding Bambi’s smooth round ass cheeks apart as far as they could go while his icy finger tips wolfishly scraped the split up her tender callipygian ass.

   The enormous cockroach’s spiny forelegs caressed and stroked the suirming captive’s wiggling bouncing boobs.

   The nightmare beast slid but a half inch of his fat foot-long cock inside the passionate 14-year old cheerleader’s juicy pink pussy lips.

   The colossal cockroach slowly withdrew to the entrance of the voluptuous jeune fille’s trembling inner gate.

   Once again he slid only a fraction of an inch of burning cockflesh into her sopping wet cunt.

   The immense brutish Orthptera slowly pulled back, then softly slid in a full inch of hot throbbing cockroach cock.

   He put it in one inch and slowly pulled back out, and in one inch and slowly out.

   The big black brute kept sadistically teasing the innocent school girl as she squirmed in frustration, screaming at the top of her lungs for him to drive his dappled black cock deep into her hot juicy inner heart.

   The huge freak just kept exactingly teasing the raped high school nymph, slowly slipping in just a little more throbbing black cock flesh, very slowly. An inch and a half. And then back out, almost, but not quite ever leaving her luscious rubine yoni.

   Over and over, the immense Orthoptera-brute continued the slow, teasing rhythm, gradullay increasing the amount of pulsating jade-hard shaft buried in the wet and wild teen’s boiling wet pussy until almost the full 12-inch length of his firm, masculine jade flute was buried deeply in her quivering steamy hot cunthole.

   He stopped. Frozen in mid-stroke, almost fully inside her.

   And then the villianous rapist started to withdraw. Slowly. Extremely slowly. Pulling back at a snail’s pace until only the very tips of his bloody purple cock head was barely encased within the very soft and sexy babe’s eager trembling pussy lips.

   The shameless defiled slut’s kuscious white thighs shook and undulated in wild, abandoned, bestial anticipation.

   The demonic beast gave a sudden powerful lunge.

   The massive black cockroach thrust his long, lanky, thick, and bulky tool into her viselike box.

   Her juicy virgin lotus spilt wide open.

   His jade stalk slipped inside the bound minx.

   The beast robustfully drove his broad rock hard member deeply into the shuddering red pearl of the victimized captive.

   “Ohhh!” the beautiful female prisoner gasped. her long flowing red hair was swinging madly as the naked prisoner tried to fight against the fullness and size of the intrusion of stiff angry cockroach cock.

   “Ohhhh! You’re killing me! You’re tearing me apart! Ohhhhh!”

   The hard proboscis was buried now all the way up the the insect’s family jewels.

   The titantic cockroach’s glowing red eyes sparkled in the darkness of the night. His black lips curled unwillingly. He grabbed her big bouncing boobs with greater excitement, his rough middle legs continuing to hold and massage the shamless slut’s cute and sexy butt while he began to pump his hard jade sceptor frantically in and out of the raped cutie’s formerly virgin love grotto.

   Bambi shivered heartedly as the tip of the Gargantuan lance lightly struck her cervix, then pressed snug against the rear wall of her trembling inner terrace.

   The cockroach rapist did not stop pushing vigorously downward with his loins until the entire length of his titanic jade sceptor was buried completely inside the squirming captive’s sopping wet pussy hole.

   The emerald-hard implement was so long and so thick that it filled the attractive young babe’s slick spread cunt completely — just the way Bambi’s eager, shuddering cunt liked to be filled.

   “It’s done!” he chortled. “No need to fuss about it any more. Your cherry’s gone now.”

   The majestic teenaged red-head high school cheerleader was on fire!

   “Ohhhhhhhh, Goddess!” the young bitch in heat howled!

   “You’re so hot, fucker! Rape me!” the very sexy muchacha devouringly moaned as the head of the cockroach’s long, bulky cock slammed against her tight deflowered pussy walls.

   Bambi was energetically fucked, with the stone-hard 12 inch lingam of the titanic cockroach rapist plunging and psitoning deep in her slick, juicy white tiger’s cavern.

   The well-hung insect wildly thrust his hips forward.

   “So deep, ummmmmmmmm good,” Bambi thought.

   He kept working his roaming claws thoroughly over her luscious white tits and tender young ass. The kidnapped virgin in ropes twisted passionately, her head rolled furiously from side to side in her mixture of delight and terror.

   The ponderous cockroach was indefatigably pumping away at her jade gate now with inhuman enthusiasm. The teenaged baby doll, too, was intensely committed to the fuck. The naughty, eager lass wasn’t protesting anymore. She was willingly letting the cockroach erotically ball away, inviting his gargantuan jade stalk as it rammed deeper and deeper into the ex-mad nymphomaniac’s defiled pleasure grotto.

   “Fuck me!” Bambi hoarsely whispered to the Orthoptera. “Yes, fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!”

   “Yeah, you wee bitch!” the colossal beast exuberantly gasped as he unfalteringly balled her with greater enthusiasm. “Ohhhh, what sweet pussy! Ohhh, man! What a sweet little fuck!”

   “Ooohh!” the 14-year old vivacious red-head passionately moaned with open arms. “Oooohh, yes! Ooooohhh! Mmmmm!”

   “Uhhh!” he began blithely to pant and grunt. “Uhhhh! Uhhhhh!”

   The massive insect energeticaly shook with tight, rapid throbs.

   The mammoth cockroach robustfully came in Bambi’s tight, wet twat, joyfully shooting the celestial dragons up her pretty pink lotus flower.

   The wet and wild bimbo zealously faked her orgasm, knowing that she could masturbate herself to a peak later.

   The insectoid beast left Bambi Jones alone in the swamp.

   She anxiously wondered when she’d once again have her strange nightmare.

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