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   Hi everyone, if you’re reading this thinking its fiction, it’s not. This is my way of life now.

   I used to be a happy go lucky kind of bloke, owned my own business, lots of friends, nice car, etc. One day three months ago I did something stupid which has landed me here, writing my story on my mistress’s say so.

   As I mentioned, I ran my own business installing sky satelite systems around Hertfordshire in England. I got a call from a lady who wanted a quote to install the system in every room. Couldn’t belive it, my luck is in!

   Arrived at this house near Pottersbar at around 3 pm to be greeted by a set of electronic gates. They opened and I drove in and parked.

   When I knocked on the door this very attractive 30-something women answered the door. Very severe skirt suit in black showed her figure off. A treat all the way down to her sexy high heels which had to have been at least four and a half inches, with a little strap that went across the foot, just really nice!

   I followed her in and she sat down to explain what she wanted. I had to go around myself and find the best position for each tv and the cabling had to be hidden.

   She would catch up with me later, so off I went. I started in the kitchen and made my way upstairs. The last room I came to had to be hers. It was exquisite. Black satin bedspread on a lavishly decorated four poster bed. A few pairs of heels decorated the floor.

   Anyway, when I moved the wardrobe out of the way the door opened and the smell of rubber filled the room. When I looked inside I saw lots of rubber and latex dressess, trousers, tops, and a cat suit. I was instantly hard thinking of this gorgeous women wearing all this.

   Anyway I shut the door and carried on with what I was doing, all the time thinking of what I’d seen. Not sure why, but I decided it would be a good idea to look through her drawers and I found lots of rubber panties, thongs, and bras.

   I picked up one of her rubber panties, which were baby pink with white lace around the edges and I put them to my face to sniff them, the smell was amazing, the mixture of her hot pussy and perfume made me itching to sort myself out. i didn’t though and quickly put them back in the drawer as I heard her coming up the stairs.

   When she entered I handed her the quote and she asked me if I could come back this afternoon about five to show her the set top boxes as she was busy at the moment. Of course I agreed and left.

   Five o’clock I returned and again knocked on the door but this time she was completely clad in black and red rubber, black gloves, red corset, and rubber skirt down to five inch open toed heels with an ankle strap. My eyes almost fell out of my head.

   I followed her in, watching her arse sway in that skirt.

   “Oh” she said. “Please excuse me. I’m off out later to a rubber ball in London but we have plenty of time.”

   She took a quick glance at the box and noticed my erection bulging through my jeans and she giggled. “You like rubber, then, do you? Or is it my shoes?”

   Caught unaware by her question I sort of mumbled that it was both. Again she giggled and said, “why dont you come along this evening, I’m sure I can find some thing for you to wear? What do you say?”

   “Er yes I suppose so.”

   “Great,” she said, “follow me, the best way to wear rubber and latex is to be completly shaven. Here’s the bath room, everything you need is in the cupboard. I’ll go sort you some things out.”

   A bit bemused I undressed and got in the shower. I was stiff as a board as I shaved myself. She came back in to see how I was getting and to shave my balls and the crack between my bum.

   I toweled off while she led me to her bedroom. Again the smell of rubber filled my nostrils.

   She had laid out some clothes, but they were women’s. And that latex skin coloured cat suit I’d seen earlier. Thing is it had feet with toes and hands with fingers, plus a molded head.

   She gave me a bottle of baby oil and said to get lubed up as it will go on much easier. I was directed to sit on the bed and raise my feet.

   As I did so she got the cat suit and told me to wiggle my toes as she slid it on and up my legs. It felt tight and some how nice.

   She told me to stand up and bend over holding my penis and balls tight against my stomach, she then pulled the skin tight suit further up and smoothed it out round my bum insuring it was right up the crack.

   When I thought she was done I started to straighten up.

   “Oh, no, baby girl,” she said, “just one more thing.”

   That’s when I felt something cold nudging at my virgin arse. It was a big butt plug.

   She explained that this was to keep the suit snug against my bum. I felt so humiliated but it felt so good at the same time.

   With that she handed me the rubber panties I’d sniffed earlier and told to pull them up nice and tight to keep the plug in.

   Next she told me to lay on my back as she needed to glue on my big melon sized breasts. They were big with big nipples on each one. When I sat back up the weight was weird.

   She then took out this very pink rubber corset which she put around my waist, arms. “up,” she said as she laced it up.

   God it was tight, i could hardly breathe.

   With all of this done she continued to pull up the latex cat suit over my erection and then over my massive breasts.

   I wiggled my arms and fingers through the sleeves, which was easy due to the baby oil and then the hood was put over my head and zipped it up. She pulled and tugged at my hood to place my nose and eyes through the holes.

   I stood there completly encased in latex, my erection was raging behind the second skin and with no access it just made it worse.

   “Almost there,” she said.

   She handed me a pink rubber bra that matched the panties and I put that on.

   She told me i looked pretty but we weren’t finished.

   She went into the wardrobe and pulled out a baby pink rubber maid’s dress, very short with frilly lace round the edges. She unzipped it and I stood inside it as she pulled it up.

   Again I was covered in baby oil to ease the dress up. It was zipped up and the apron placed around my now feminized waist.

   I was crowned with a dark blonde wig with high lights and then the five inch pink and white open toe shoes were placed on my feet.

   Here I was, her doll, her plaything. I was helpless.

   She led me to the mirror and I couldn’t belive what i saw.

   I really was a doll!

   She seated me back down on the rubber sheets and started saying that since I was now hers to do with what she wanted, all this dressing up in rubber had made her horny. She wanted oral and I was to give it.

   She turned around and unzipped her skirt letting it fall to the floor. I couldn’t wait to smell her, to taste her.

   As she turned around I noticed the huge tent that her panties were making. She had a cock! And a big one at that.

   I refused to belive that this woman had a cock bigger than mine. I was shocked.

   She pulled her shemale panties to one side and her shemale cock sprang out straight out.

   “That’s right,” she said. “You weren’t sniffing pussy on my panties, you were sniffing my cock. Now suck bitch.”

   It then dawned on me she had seen me and this was obviously my punishment.

   Right at this moment she pushed her hardness past my lips and held the back of my head as she pumped my latex covered face.

   Just as I was preparing for her cum she pulled out and stuck in between my skin and the latex and shot loads of spunk. I felt it dribbling down my chest stuck there untill I took all of this off.

   “There,” she said, “just a little reminder of who you belong to now.”

   With that she placed and buckled a pink collar with slave writen on it in diamonte, two wrist cuffs and two ankle cuffs. She put me on a lead and led me out. The rest is history so they say.

   She attached a pink leather lead to the front of the collar and secured my wrists behind my back. To stop me being cold she placed a white rubber cape over my head which sat on my shoulders and a penis gag into my mouth.

   “There,” she said. “You can practice on that.”

   It too was made of rubber and filled my cheeks.

   “Now we are ready to go out,” she chuckled.

   She led me down the stairs. As I wobbled on my heels I could feel the butt plug rubbing my prostate as I wiggled. It was such a good feeling I thought I was going to cum. God knows I wanted to.

   Anyway she opened the front door and led me to her car. Her driver, Jean, said I looked good enough to eat. She too was dressed in rubber, a black suit black boots and black gloves.

   Jean opened the door for me and I got in. My shemale mistress got in the other side and we were off.

   As we started to move, my mistress pulled up the front of my dress and started to rub my erection with her latex covered hand. The feeling was amazing.

   “Bet you want to cum, don’t you,” she laughed.

   But she stopped right at the last minute. I was like jelly in her hands. I couldn’t move.

   We eventually arrived at what looked like an unused warehouse that was near tower bridge.

   Jean got out and opened mistress’s door. She in turn then opened my door. She grabbed my lead and told me to get out of the car daintily.

   This was very difficult as my hands were secured behind my back and I had five inch heels on.

   “Swing your legs out keeping your knees together and then stand up.”

   As I swung my legs out the butt plug caught my prostate and I murmured.

   “Oh.” she said, “is my latex shemale turned on by whats in her arse?”

   I just looked at her with pleading eyes, pleading to let me cum, pleading not go in there.

   Of course, no attention was paid and she led me off inside.

   I was led to a room with a metal pole in one corner and loads of chains next to it. Attached to the pole was a big black dildo about half way down. It was about 10 inches long and about 2 to 3 inches thick and very realistic, balls and and very vieny. It just hung there expectantly.

   I was pulled over to it and ordered to stand still.

   She placed a big rubber band at my feet and told me to step into it which I did. She struggled to pull it up to my ankles as it was very tight. I noticed it had d rings attached to it too. Then she used the chains that were on the floor, attached one end to the wall and the other to the d rings. She did the same to the other side and asked if I could move.

   As much as I tried I couldn’t.

   “Excellent,” she said with a smile.

   Moving up she attached a chain to my ankle cuffs and the other end to my wrist cuffs. It was short which made me bend over enough to be face to face with that dildo.

   She removed the penis gag and with a swift tug of the lead, the penis gag was replaced with a very big mouthfull of black dildo.

   She secured the lead and made sure I couldn’t move at all. I couldn’t!

   She left the room for what seemed like ages. When she re-entered her skirt was gone and her breasts were almost out of the corset. You could see the bulge in the front of her rubber panties.

   She started by telling me what a good girl I was and then she lifted the back of my short uniform to reveal my latex covered bum, giving it a little spank.

   She told me to start practicing my sucking on the dildo. Because I hesitated I received another wack from her hand.

   So I started sucking.

   I closed my eyes and thought what the hey, no one can see me. After a few minutes of bobbing up and down on the rubber shaft I opened my eyes, only to find that the room I was in was in fact a glass room. The blinds had gone up for all to see my sissified self sucking and being spanked.

   I felt really humiliated now but there was nothing I could do. She started to spank me harder and every now and again she would hit the butt plug which sent shock waves through my body and made me suck harder.

   Just then she stopped. I felt her pulling out my plug which left a feeling of emptyness, but not for long.

   She asked the audience if they thought I’d deserve a good fucking and they all roared “yes, do that sissy.”

   She then pulled down her rubber panties to let her cock spring free. She lubed me up and said, “hold on baby, I’m about to turn you into a girl.”

   With that she slowly slid her hard cock into my waiting arse.

   It slid in with ease due to plug.

   She started to rampantly take me from behind, spanking me occasionally, and telling me to keep sucking that dildo.

   I didn’t need telling. I was very turned on.

   She went on to say that this my life now, you will never be the same again and she was right.

   Just then she drove herself in deep and told me she was going to cum and that was it for me. I shot my load as she was inside me causing me to milk her even more.

   “That’s it honey,” she said. “Let it all out.”

   She then started spurting her load deep inside me. Still coming, she pulled out, spurting more over my latex bum, and then placed the plug back in.

   “That should keep your cum in there,” she said, laughing. “Also I’v left a little reminder on your bum so people can see what you have been up to.”

   Placing my dress back down she moved around the front so I could see her limp sperm covered cock.

   “Time for you to say thank you to it.”

   Removing the lead and my head from the dildo she placed her cock in my mouth and said to suck it clean.

   The people were right up at the glass now as I pleasured her again.

   She quickly became hard again. I was thankful that I had something not quite so hard as the dildo to suck on.

   Without warning she came again forcing me to swallow as quick as I could but it wasn’t quick enough.

   It spilled out of my cheeks and dribbled down my chin on to my uniform.

   “Tut, tut,” she said, “bit more training is required I think.”

   With that she popped her cock back in her rubber panties and said that it was time to go home.

   That was months ago now and my training has become more intense, I now have my own breasts which she paid for and receive regular doses of cum and hormones.

   I’m constantly in latex and rubber and have grown used to the looks I get when we go shopping.

   Just leaves me to say think twice about sniffing panties as you never know who’s watching.

—Latex Maid Tia.

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