Wrist cuffs

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    Safety first.

    Cuffs come in many varieties.

    Leather and metal wrist, ankle, thigh, and elbow cuffs are designed for more serious bondage. They are available in locking and non-locking versions and in a variety of thicknesses and colors. Different cuffs are designed for use on different parts of the body (ankles, thighs, wrists, and elbows). Cuffs are available with a variety of rings (both number of rings and style of rings). The rings can be used for attaching chains, ropes, or other items. There are combiantion cuff sets, including combination collar and wrist cuffs.

self-bondage adventure includes ankle and wrist cuffs and ball gag    Sandra loses the dare and must complete a new self-bondage adventure. Cuffed and ball-gagged, waiting for her release — the key hanging just out of reach, suspended from a slowly melting ice cube (or so she thinks…).” —courtesy Trannies in Trouble

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    Wrist cuffs: Fleece Lined Wrist Restraints, Hasp Style Wrist Restraint, Lavender Leather Wrist Cuffs, Neck To Wrist Restraint Locking, Suspension Fleece Lined Wrist Restraints, Thigh To Wrist Restraint, Waist to Wrist Restraint, Waist to Wrist Restraint Hasp Style, Wrist to Neck Restraint, Wrist Restraint Leather Lined, Wrist Shackles Leather Lined

    Accessories for wrist cuffs: Fleece Wrist Fuzzies

Wrist cuffs pictures

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    Pictures courtesy of Shemade Shemale: Access strictly forbidden to minors — © Carpe Diem — All rights reserved — All images presented on this are conform to French legislation : no images of anyone under the age of 18 are present on this access. Proof of age and majority as well as the running rights for the videos and photos are available at Carpe Diem’s head office.

Sissies in Bondage , Femdom

    Please learn more about bondage safety before actually engaging in bondage.

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Bad Sissy

    Yeah, okay, I can explain…

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    People! Where’s the love?

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