Love Dolls

the Sorcerer’s Daughter

part 2

The story so far: Our Hero tried to pressure a lovely young intern into sexual favors. Her father, a powerful sorcerer, is rather pissed. Our Hero has been made to suck the sorcerer’s cock, been subject to immense breast growth, had his dick turned into a cunt, and his lips grown shut around a large dildo.

    I was trying desperately to make some sense out of this insane situation. The man was a sorcerer—impossible, yes, I know, but the gigantic boobs I was wearing kind of overrode such niggling little common-sense type arguments. Rosen had told his awesomely buxom maid Betty that she could “have” me for the night. Ordinarily, being a plaything for a staggeringly beautiful woman like that would have been wonderful. Now, in this situation, I desperately feared what would happen.

    Betty sashayed up to Rosen, every part of her body swaying in rhythm, and said “Mr. Rosen, sir? There is just one small problem.”

    “Oh?” he replied, jovially enough. He genuinely seemed friendly with Betty, I thought, and getting friendly with her just might be—

    “Well, sir,” she continued, sweeping her arm in my direction, “That is the ugliest woman you’ve ever had over for a party.”

    “Yes, I see your point,” he smiled, and I could feel myself falling inward, actually shrinking, except…

    My gigantic boobs remained the same size as I shrank behind them. The sudden change in my center of gravity made me step forward to catch myself—and my legs didn’t work right. I fell to my hands and knees, my huge tits squishing out from under me. The tassels rubbed very much the wrong way against my tender nipples, and as I struggled painfully back to my feet, pulling long blonde hair out of my face, my legs still didn’t move right.

    Then I realized, it wasn’t my legs, it was my hips, my thighs—I looked down, trying to push my boobs one way then the other to try to see past them. Rosen and Betty had a good laugh at my attempts to move my jugs out of the way, but I barely noticed, as I saw I was, truly, a woman, with all the right curves, and a lot of them, at that!

    Rosen left, calling back to remind me that if Betty made the least complaint about me…

    Betty smiled and waved me to follow her. Between my new skeletal structure and the way it was so overloaded up top, I made pretty bad time even getting to the door. At least the dildo had vanished when I changed.

    “You’ll get used to it,” she said, with what I hoped was real sympathy in her voice.

    “That’s not too reassuring.”

    As we passed the bathroom, I was reminded of a growing need. Betty just said to meet her in the next-to-last room down the hall. She smiled reassuringly and gently patted me on my shapely butt.

    Inside, I walked up to the toilet and…well, that wouldn’t work now. I turned and pulled down my G-string from where it had nestled deep inside me, and sat down on the toilet. I was prepared, but still shocked as the pee came out my little slit.

    After struggling to my feet, and the indignity of wiping off the urine left on my pussy lips, I looked in the mirror again. At least now, I was too short to see the little slit in my crotch.

    In the mirror was an amazingly beautiful woman with long full curly blonde hair, angelic face framing baby blue eyes, tits so big they were resting on the counter…I closed my eyes and shook my head, hoping to wake up from the nightmare. Instead I just felt my blonde tresses dancing over my face, and my boobs swaying with the motion…

    I was sorely tempted to just sleep in the bathroom, or even run away—no, that wasn’t a solution. Right now I was an impossibly busty girl, and no court in the country would ever buy my claim to be Mark Banyon. The only way back to my own life was through Rosen, and that meant being his maid’s toy for the night.

    As I entered the bedroom I saw Betty was already lying in it, the sheet pulled up barely past her pussy. Her boobs, which had seemed so gargantuan before Rosen began “playing” with me jiggled and rolled as she patted the mattress beside her. “Room for one more, Marcia.”

    “I really don’t like that name, if you don’t mind?” I asked hopefully as I stepped out of my G-string as daintily as someone on the verge of toppling over can. I’d already pulled off my tassels and wiped my nipples clean in the bathroom.

    “Sure, no problem,” she said, smiling. “Let’s just call you ‘Jiggles.’ ”

    “Um, given the choice, I can live with ‘Marcia.’ ”

    I slid-fell into bed, and she hugged me, hefting my right boob like a duffel bag of wet laundry. “Oh, whatever,” she said. “It’s really not that big a deal. Jiggles.”

    I bit back my retort. My best chance at ever becoming a man was lying here, stroking my tits. I took hers in my left hand and started playing with her nipple. It was a technique I’d used before—though usually on jugs smaller than Betty’s nipple.

    “So, what did Mr. Rosen get you for,” I asked, as Betty slid into that pre-orgasm, dreamy state. She smiled, and just said, “Scoot down, I want to ride your face.”

    I’d licked women to orgasm before, but it had always been on my terms, in my time. I obediently scooted down, and as I slid my tongue back and forth against her engorged clit, she filled me in on her story.

    ‘Betty’ had been born Bertrand Randall Carter (Bert to his friends) and had been studying Engineering at the community college when one day, heading to school, he’d passed a burning house. He suffered second and third-degree burns pulling a three-year-old boy from the blaze. While recovering, a classmate of his had introduced him to her father.

    Rosen liked the young man, and felt that, in light of what he’d experienced, young Bert deserved a reward. The fire had left him badly scarred on his face and chest, so Rosen changed Bert, made Bert able to consciously remake, re-arrange his body—and even his clothing, at will.

    “And you chose to look like this?!?” I asked, once my mouth was finished servicing…her. I was trying not to think: So, this is the second man you’ve gone down on…

    ‘Betty’ smiled at me. “Steve knew what I was, what I dreamed about. Lisa knew I was bisexual, and they could ‘read’ what kind of fantasies I had. When he offered me a job here as his maid, it was a win-win situation for both of us!”

    She was playing with my tits again, and I could feel the sensations mounting between my legs. “And so you change into this shape all on your own? Your decision?”

    She smiled. “Well, Steve is the boss. One time he decided I was getting just a bit too sassy. I had to stay a girl for the whole week. Other than that…” She smiled at me ever so sweetly, and changed.

    She grew, swiftly, to a man six and a half feet, at least. He pulled himself over me, and I could feel a very large, stiffening cock getting even larger against my slick little slit. He pinched me playfully on my right nipple, equal pleasure and pain, and said “Being a girl is fun, yes. What we’re about to do is fun, too.”

    I gasped, but his iron-strong arms kept me firmly in place on the bed. “Bett—Bert!! Bert, I-I”

    He smiled, but it wasn’t a friendly type. More of a hungry smile. I swallowed, and started again. “Is it all right if I call you ‘Bert?’ “

    He chuckled, and started fingering my nipple in a way that made me moan out loud. “Sure, no problem. We’re all friends in this bed, aren’t we, Jiggles?” I could feel my nipples crinkling under his strong, amazingly-skilled finger, as he reached down and roughly pulled my legs wide apart.

    He took a firm grip on my nipple, and started swinging it back and forth, watching the way my tit rolled. I let out another small moan, and said “What—what about Lisa? Are you two friends?”

    “Lisa? Sure, she’s good people! She’s out with her boyfriend right now, but yeah, we’re friends.”

    “Listen, do—do you think there’s any chance she might be able to talk to her dad, maybe talk him into…letting me go?”

    “Listen, Jiggles, I don’t think you want to ask Lisa to talk to her father about this. Not right now,” he replied.

    “Not now? Why—”

    He cut me off, pulling himself further up over me. “Because, the G-string and tassels were her idea.” Then, he slid his big, wide, throbbing meat into me.

    It hurt, as my little cherry was burst by the mammoth torpedo plunging deep into me. I could feel the strain around my cunt as his dick—a foot long, at the very least, plunged deeper, and Deeper, and DEEPER into me. I had a wild vision of it being forced up my throat when I came in a cataclysm of ecstasy, feeling caught up in an avalanche of warm, loving, joyous feeling exploding between my legs and filling my very soul.

    As a man, I was aware of the…time involved, by biological necessity, between sexual athletic events. Bert, with his magical shapeshifting ability, took about a second before he was ready to fuck me again. And again. And…

    After about two hours, I realized why there were two beds in the room. He took me again, as we were showering off, and then led me back, even delicately helping me remain upright as my boobs kept lunging in their own directions, sloshing around with their own momentum.

    We fell asleep in the other bed, him holding me—okay, he was fondling me, but he was my only friend in this insane mess, and, damn it, he was good, I remember thinking, as I slid into a gentler, but still awe-inspiring, orgasm…


    “Wake up, Jiggles!”

    I felt funny, but not surprised. That was one hell of a weird dream last night, with being changed into a woman, and—

    My eyes snapped open, my body motionless, in response to an ancient danger-avoidance instinct—almost motionless, my boobs kept gently swinging, swaying…

    Bert was sitting on the side of the bed, in a rather tight pair of jeans. I resolved not to be interested in the manly, exquisite bulge under his zipper. I looked into his eyes. “It-it’s all real? Last night, I was really-really changed—” I couldn’t bring myself to say it.

    Bert smiled at me, gently cupping one nipple. Then he slid his other finger into my pussy.

    I bolted up, defeated by my massive mountains, and slid back down. Bert helped me sit up.

    Suddenly, I felt my tits shrink!! I smiled in genuine joy as I looked down, to see them growing smaller and—

    They stopped, suddenly, and I realized that I was now just as busty as Betty had been, in other words, extremely.

    Bert confirmed my fears, pointing to the open closet, where I could see a black maid’s uniform hanging. “Steve wants waffles, sausage and English muffins for breakfast,” he said as he pulled on his shirt. “In your position, making him wait would be a bad idea.”

    I took a deep breath, and tried to think of any possible alternative. I could run away, in a body that would make me any man’s toy, or…

    The black fishnet hose weren’t uncomfortable, though I was still sensitive about where it rode up on me. The skirt was a brief sash of satin—no way to make it street-legal even if I was going to run for it. The bra looked huge in my hands, but after three unsuccessful attempts to clasp it shut behind me, I finally pulled it around, clasped it and pulled it around again. Once I wrestled my jumbo jugs into them, the cups that had seemed so big were definitely overflowing, leaving over half of my now-erect nipples exposed.

    The top to my maid’s outfit didn’t cover them, either, just added a lining of lace to disguise where my bra left off and my blouse began. I looked at myself in the mirror, remembering how I’d fantasize about a horny, willing, beautiful young slut with boobs the size of basketballs. You could drop a basketball down the cleavage I was showing off, and it would have looked quite small compared to the rack I swung around in front of me.

    The high heels were a problem, but I had a nice long hall to practice walking down in. I was mildly surprised at how fast I got the hang of it, then remembered why I shouldn’t be.

    I was just wondering why a wizard like Rosen would even need someone to cook his food when I smelled it—sausage. I rounded the corner to find a long dining table. At the head were Rosen and Bert, as well as Lisa. Rosen looked at me coldly. “Did you think we had all morning, cunt?”

    “I was trying to get dressed—it didn’t-I didn’t” Suddenly I felt my mouth clamp shut, and I marched over to the corner. And stood there, facing the wall, as they ate behind me. Rosen asked Bert how I was last night.

    “No complaints, Steve. She was one fine lady.” I felt cold inside, but nothing suddenly changed, and the conversation moved on to other things. Finally I could hear them moving, and I could turn around.

    “Clear off the table, and then you can eat before washing the dishes.”

    I remembered to smile and bear it, and just get through whatever hell he planned to dump on me. “Okay, Steve. Any—”

    I felt a long, thick dildo materialize in my mouth, with straps that fixed it tightly into place. “What makes you think you can address me like that?!?!?!?” It was the first time I’d heard Rosen raise his voice, and I was terrified. He glared at me, and continued.

    “Bert is a friend of mine. When his…duties are done, he’s free enough to socialize with me.” I nodded my agreement vigorously. “Since you seem unable to refer to me as ‘Mr. Rosen,’ maybe it’ll be simpler if you call me Master.”

    I felt faint, but nodded in agreement anyway. Whatever he wanted, I’d do, as I’d learned the previous night. He looked at me another moment, and said “Grab your ankles.”

    I was instantly nude, except for the dildo in my mouth. As I reached down, gently guiding my tits between my legs, I saw him take off his belt.

    The first lash was a fire across my fanny, and I would have screamed if my mouth hadn’t been full. The next one was just above my knees, and it took all my strength not to fall. He alternated for a full fifty strokes, striping my legs down to my knees and leaving my rear two mounds seared with burning hot pain.

    I got up and scraped their scraps into one plate and carried it into the kitchen, where I then scraped them into a dog dish. Then, with Rosen and Lisa watching, I got down on my hands and knees and the dildo disappeared as rapidly as it had appeared. I ate my breakfast from the dish, my cherry-red butt bobbing in the air.

    After that, my maid’s costume re-appeared on me as I got up. So did the dildo, and I spent my Saturday washing the dishes, and vacuuming the floors, and cleaning up the five bathrooms in the house. I was putting the second load of laundry in—including the sheets Bert had caked taking me last night—when the dildo vanished, and I saw Lisa standing in the doorway, looking at me.

To Be Continued

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