Love Dolls

the Sorcerer’s Daughter

part 8

The story so far: Our Hero, Mark Banyon, has gotten in bad with a sorcerer and his powerful and vindictive daughter. At present, he is a superhumanly busty, blonde bombshell, barely dressed and with an uncontrollable craving for cock.

    I drove as fast as I could to Howard’s Bar. Normally business tended to trail off on a Sunday night, but gossip about my previous night’s performance had the place packed. My usual room was open for me, and as I skipped in there, eager to get a dick into my mouth, everyone applauded—or tried to grab—my gaily bouncing boobs.

    Jeff and his buds were back in their usual booth, looking quite happy to see me. They stood as I dashed by, and I grabbed Jeff’s arm to hustle him in. As I swung my caboose down on the chair I was already wrenching his zipper down and pulling out his lovely ten inches.

    He enjoyed the way my boobs swung in time with the way I forced my mouth harder and harder on his divine rod, almost as much as he enjoyed what my expert lips and tongue were doing. In no time I had his throbbing manhood pumping jism into my mouth and loving every wonderful drop!

    There kept up a steady stream of men into the room all night long, and after the bar closed I spent another hour or so in the parking lot, anxious to get every single drop of semen I could.

    Betty was still up as I came in, just after 3:00. I smiled at her and said “Betty, honey, I certainly hope you weren’t staying up for me! I was just having a night out on the town,” I said, smiling reassuringly.

    She wasn’t convinced. “Yeah right,” she said, “Yesterday you’re just so shy about being seen in public hauling that rack around, and now you’re the blushing debutante?”

    I smiled and jiggled at her. “Well, to get what a girl needs, sometimes she’s—”

    Betty jumped on that. “What is it you need,” she asked.

    “Men,” I answered. “I need their manhood, their cocks, I need as much sperm as I can get…and more!” I crowed.

    She took me in her arms, after the usual awkwardness of our enormous boobs bouncing around and about each other. “Marcia, listen, this is just one of Lisa’s games, it’s not you, not really you, it’s…” I didn’t notice what the rest was. Betty was a sweet girl and all, but holding a woman just didn’t do it for me—

    And I remembered! I pulled back and said, “Betty, could you do me a big, huge favor?”

    “What is it, honey?” she replied.

    “Turn yourself into Bert!” I said, with a twinkle in my eye. Betty/Bert was able to shapeshift at will, due to the Rosins’’ magic, and ‘her’ male form was as spectacularly masculine as her present blonde bombshell form was feminine. “Please, Bert’s the only one can help me now, the only man who could give me as much cum as I neeeeeeeed!!!” This last was drawn out as I dropped to my knees, begging her.

    “Please change into Bert,” I implored her. “I need his dick, I need to feel him in my mouth, to feel his cum jetting into me…”

    That went on for another minute or two, but in neither sex was Betty inclined to suppress her sex drive…or his, for that matter. The important thing was that as I looked up I realized that Betty had indeed changed, and now Bert’s stiffening twelve inches were right in front of me.

    I lunged onto it, hard enough I thought I might have poked out a tonsil. No way I could hope to get that incredible member all the way into my mouth, any more than I could ever stop trying. I could already taste the wonderful pre-cum dripping from his heavenly cock. I summoned up all my practice and my lips and tongue loved Bert to the very finest of their abilities.

    And then he came, and I joyfully swallowed it, reveling in the feeling of his jism spurting into my mouth, bouncing off my tongue and generally making me one ecstatic slut.

    He moved as if to back off, and I grabbed him, wrapping my arms as much as I could around his tree-trunk legs. He surrendered to the inevitable, and stood there with me hanging off his big sweet cock. He came again, and again, each wad a delight for me to suck and swallow.

    When he finally led me into bed, I still crept over and fastened my lips onto his big hard pole, bringing him to another three bounteous orgasms, filling my mouth with his delicious, blessed cum each time.

    It was broad daylight when I woke up, with Bert still snoring beside me. All I could think was the need, the terrible longing need to get a dick into my mouth! Struggling up against the weight of my tits, I saw Bert—still in his delightful male form—lying there asleep. I saw the dramatically raised mound under the covers and carefully made my way over, so pleased that the very first thing he’d realize on waking up was that his dick was in a mouth, specifically, my mouth.

    Awake or asleep, the dick certainly knew when it was having a good time. It stiffened immediately, almost choking me, but I kept sucking and tonguing for all I was worth, and was rewarded with a few mouthfuls of jism. I noticed idly that Bert was awake, watching me, and in no hurry whatsoever to get up and start his day. I grinned at him around the giant shaft in my mouth, and he winked at me as he pumped more sperm down my throat.

    I was just running my tongue around the head of his rod when I was suddenly—well, not myself, but thining like myself—thinking I had a dick in my mou—

    I jerked up suddenly, angry, sick, alarmed and disgusted, and before Bert could notice, he’d doused my face with a giant wad of cum. I fell back, not wanting it on my face, not wanting to touch it—off the edge of the bed and down onto my pert fanny. Bert was down in an instant, holding me as he handed me a washrag to wipe myself off with.

    After showering I was cleaner, even if I didn’t feel it. I looked over at Bert, reading the morning paper, and asked him why he’d ever changed, knowing what condition I was in last night.

    “Why?!?” he asked, surprised. Then he nudged me gently, and continued in a low conspiratorial voice, “Hey, did you see the size of those jugs on the slut who was just begging me for it?”

    I cut off my next retort. Being caught in Lisa’s game, no doubt even with the best will in the world, Bert would have given in sooner or later…most likely sooner.

    Bert saw the look on my face and motioned me to come over. I was just framing my apology when he put his muscular arm around me and pulled me down. Sitting on the lap of this big strong Adonis, I could feel his cock starting to harden under me, which set me squirming, which Bert’s dick certainly enjoyed. Bert himself was happily watching my boobs rolling round and round.

    “Listen, Marcia,” he said, gently fondling my bare boobs. “I’m really sorry if I did anything that hurt you if I upset you, but—”

    I put my finger gently to his lips. “It’s okay, sugar,” I said, trying to ignore the warm happy sensations I was feeling from his cock stiffening under me. “You probably felt it was the best you could do for me at the time, and I can see how a girl getting on her knees and begging like a whore could make you—”

    He’d taken my hand, and suddenly raised it and softly kissed my palm. I was dizzy from the sudden longing—not Lisa’s perverted desire to make me a rabid cocksucker, this was the need I felt between my legs. Plain missionary-position being in heat.

Inga Three Hole Love Doll

    Bert was saying “Oh, don’t worry, you weren’t acting anything like a whore,” he had smiled at the way my nipples perked right up when he’d kissed me, and then continued “A nymphomaniac, yes, but not a whore.”

    I actually laughed at that one, even remembering the mental image of me begging to get his dick in my mouth. Now, though, I needed it again, only…Bert had noticed the trickle of moisture from my pussy. “I say, Marcia,” he said, “Did you spring a leak or are you just happy to see me?”

    We both laughed then, and my rocking as I gasped for breath was the last straw for his member. Again I was cradled in his strong exquisitely-toned arms and carried into the bedroom, where he lay back and ‘installed’ me on his thick rod.

    Pleasure tore through me as my clit slid down that powerful throbbing shaft. We rocked and rolled together, heaving ourselves at each other as he played delightful games with my boobs.

    After a couple of hours, we stopped and cuddled a bit, before I got up and slipped into the shower. As I washed myself, still unused to holding slick soapy tits that big out of the way, I wondered…

    Being left in this body might be the very best I could even hope for. Being with Betty made me think I could learn to be a lesbian—hell, technically I already was one—but then I’d see Bert and start getting wet between my legs…

    I stopped the shower and lay my head against the wall, covering my eyes and ignoring the cold tiles against my nipples. And the thing that made me…I couldn’t describe it…Bert just didn’t understand it. To him it was all fun and games, playing maid and slut to satisfy those kinks…it was the only way I could describe it, for someone born male like Bert to want to be a curvaceous fucktoy.

    For him it was fun—he could return to his own form any time he wanted to. For me, it was like I was being violated at the very core of my being, Mr. Rosen and his spoiled, evil, terrifyingly powerful daughter casually altering my shape, and even my mind, just for a laugh or two. I was simply trapped, in a way Bert could never come to understand.

    When I came out, I saw Bert had changed to Betty. It was 5:25, and Bert had advised me to leave by 5:30. It barely took fifteen minutes to drive to the Rosens’ mansion, but Bert had impressed on me that the stories of Mr. Rosen’s anger at tardiness weren’t exaggerated.

Action Motion Party Doll

    On the dresser was a small package that had appeared while I was in the shower. There was a fairly brief tan halter, with wide lacing in front to show off my extensive cleavage, and a leather microskirt that allowed an almost unobstructed view of my pink lacy thong panties.

    I sashayed out and horns were honking immediately. By the time I’d gotten in my car someone crashed a van into a Ford parked along the road…I had a horrible moment wondering if I was blocked in, trapped until I was late, and faced the wrath of Rosen. Even after this past week, starting off the evening as a urinal would be bad…there was nothing to stop Mr. Rosen from changing me any way he saw fit.

    But the van moved, and I was able to get out and on the road. Twelve minutes later, I was driving along the road outside their mansion, very early still…maybe I should just circle around a bit until time for—

    My arms moved on their own, turning the car onto the Rosens’ driveway. I had no choice but to pull up to the mansion, get out and go on in.

    As I approached the door, a maid opened it, in the same barely-dressed knockout-blonde pattern—no wait! That was my knockout-blonde body the maid was in…as I walked in, I saw at least two other maids, all identical to me except for their tiny little maids’ outfits. They were hustling along, carrying china and crates of champagne and trays of various goodies while I was hustled upstairs into Mr. Rosen’s room itself.

Nancy Nurse Doll

    I stood by the door while he was talking to someone, last-minute details for the party, it seemed. I took the chance to look around…bed the size of a tennis court, bar and entertainment center, desk with an iMac, copier and every other piece of office equipment I knew of, glass-fronted figurine case—

    No, wait, Betty had warned me that those weren’t figurines, but actual women—well, men changed into women, miniaturized and suspended until Mr. Rosen decided to restore one for his pleasure. There were quite a few empty spaces, and I realized where the bevy of maids had come from.

    They were all races, all nude, some just standing there, some stuck in highly sexual and/or demeaning positions for…weeks? Decades?

    Looking at Mr. Rosen’s ‘trophy’ case made me realize just how much danger I was in, just standing here. Finally he clicked off the phone and handed it to a waiting maid who stepped out the door with it. Unbidden my long shapely legs were moving, walking over to where he sat back on an ornate divan.

    “I could never abide having a telephone in my bedroom all the time. Damned uncivilized,” he said with a friendly-enough smile.

    “Yes, Mr. Rosen, sir,” was the safest thing I could think to say to him. He looked at me, and asked “How would you describe Bert’s feelings towards you? Would he enjoy you more as a sex toy if he didn’t know it was ‘you’ inside there?”

    I started to think of a safe, neutral answer when my mouth opened on its own. “Bert has always enjoyed any sexual contact between us, and I get a strong feeling he genuinely cares for me. He certainly isn’t shy about initiating sex, in either gender, and perhaps his feelings for me might actually enhance his enjoyment of his body.”

    He nodded, not surprised by the answer. “Lisa was right, then. This seems like the perfect opportunity,” he said, and then picked up a small, gift-wrapped package and stared at it, deep in concentration, and suddenly I felt dizzy, like waves of their magic were running through me, in me—

    The sensation stopped, and I was rather surprised to not find myself in the package, or changed in any other manner. A maid stepped in smartly and took the package from Mr. Rosen. Instead of leaving, though, she came over and stood beside me, holding the package out between the two of us. I looked at Mr. Rosen for some clue as to what this was all about, and he looked back at me as if seeing me for the first time… “Hmmm, Jiggles, we really wouldn’t want you confused with the real maids right now.”

Hustler Inflatable Bondage Sex Doll

    Instantly I was shrinking. Looking in the wall-length mirror I saw I was now a tiny little Japanese girl, naked except for my high heels, maybe 5' 3" at best, long black hair and brown eyes, quite buxom by Japanese standards—though, the next moment, I was extremely buxom by Dolly Parton’s standards.

    “Mr. Rosen, sir,” I said, even taking on a lilting ever-so-cute Japanese accent and dropping to my knees, “Perhaps you might want to relax for a while before the party. I would be honored if this unworthy slut were allowed the great honor of sucking your dick. While my promiscuous mouth is certainly unworthy of holding your revered manhood, I can only beg you for the boon of placing your infinitely esteemed cock in my common often-used hole of a mouth…” This went on at some length, before Mr. Rosen finally deigned to unzip his pants and let out his fifteen-inch monster.

    It had been a strain before, just getting the end of that thing into my mouth. Now as a petite (except for my gigantic rack) Oriental doll, I had to strain my jaws painfully just to get the head of the monster in. Instantly my lips were sealed around it, and I found myself automatically sucking and licking despite the pain.

    Of course, this was when Lisa walked in. “Why Jiggles! What a surprise to see you with a cock in your mouth!” She was certainly enjoying the way my jaw was strained holding just the tip of her father’s monster dick—to say nothing of the way my cheeks chipmunked out and I made gulping and slurping sounds, desperately trying to swallow fast enough as Mr. Rosen came.

    Lisa stayed to watch the spectacle for a few minutes. About once a minute I had to convulsively strain to swallow the huge wads of jism that kept pouring into my mouth, and her self-satisfied smile would break out into a giggle. After watching me struggle with four comings, she said “Now aren’t you glad we gave you the ability to drink unlimited amounts of cum?”

    She stayed to watch me gulp down another pint of sperm and turned to her father. “Daddy, we’ll need another couple of dancers. Oh, and while we’re at it, if I’m going to arrange the entertainment properly, then I’ll need to be able to…‘work’ with the talent.”

    “Okay,” Mr. Rosen agreed. “I’ll do the honors on this one, as soon as she’s finished here.”

    I dreaded to think what he was going to do to me, as Lisa took a couple of girls from the display case and left.

    As she left, a maid came in and handed Mr. Rosen the phone. He seemed to be talking to some caterers. “Yes…two Bacardi, one Canadian Mist…yes…no, two two-liter jugs on the sodas. We,” he smiled, and looked down at me as another wad came gushing into my mouth, “We’ll have some thirsty people here.”

    After maybe a half an hour, I suddenly felt that ‘magic’ feel shoot through me—but again, I couldn’t tell any change. Mr. Rosen nodded at the maid and she left, taking the package with her. “That one, we had to leave in close proximity while the magic took,” he said. That was all he said on the subject, and picked up a copy of the Wall Street Journal, idly perusing it as he kept pumping jism into me.

    After another timeless while of struggling to swallow it as fast as it was coming in, he stretched his arms and legs, neatly kicking my right tit in the process, gave me another mighty wad of cum, and then my lips released and I was able to remove my aching jaws from his massive cock. He waited for me to lick him clean before stuffing his trouser snake back into his pants.

    I thanked him, deeply and at length, for the privilege of servicing him, and found myself marching down stairs. On the way out, I saw in the mirror my hair had turned platinum blonde, matching my eyeliner. I found myself heading straight for the kitchen and pushed the door open and—

    I was jammed into what looked like an elevator, with another nine girls and four guys. Jammed in as we were, everyone had plentiful opportunities to play with the huge boobs available in there, since all of us, male and female, were sporting a huge pair. Amazingly, there was enough air flow that we weren’t sweating with all those bodies crowded together.

    As I stood there, my tits collecting fingerprints from the guys (and the girls—they’d all used to be guys), I heard stories floating around as to how some of these people came to be in Mr. Rosen’s collection. One had tried to molest a lady Mr. Rosen had dated back in the ’30s…a black woman used to be a white male lawyer, who’d tried to scam Mr. Rosen in a phony whiplash lawsuit…three were burglars, one pair from 1968 and one loner Mr. Rosen caught just two years ago…a drunk driver who’d run over Lisa…

    After everyone’s story had been swapped around, speculation drifted to what we were in for. I let on they were having a birthday party for a friend, and a small, fearful debate opened up on whether we were a present for him or entertainment for the evening.

    And then the roof and walls were lifted off, fast. We quick-marched out across the plateau we—

    It wasn’t a plateau, it was the dinner table! Looming up all around us were the dinner guests, laughing and clapping at the parade as we marched across. The tallest guys here were maybe six inches tall.

    We spread out across the table as twelve maids, all in ‘my’ body, ducked under the table. It looked odd until I counted and saw twelve guests. Twelve more maids were serving the Rosens and their guests, as we miniaturized people started dancing, moving and shaking and swinging whatever would swing.

    The guests were all vastly entertained by us, and no one thought anything of fourteen dolled people dancing for their entertainment. I was wondering if they were sorcerers themselves…or maybe, like Bert, just used to the magic done here.

    I wound up dancing in front of Lisa’s plate. She really got a kick out of me, dancing and swinging my tits around. Across the table, a scruffy looking young man in a “METALLICA” T-shirt also enjoyed watching me. He suddenly looked down real close, and I found myself growing a third tit, just as big as my others! Scruffy laughed, and nudged the older man in a business suit next to him to point out his handiwork.

    I saw Bert, then, down towards the end by Mr. Rosen. He was being served by one of the maids…but he was also hugging her, gently fondling her, occasionally goosing her…okay, it wasn’t much different from the way the other male guests were treating them but the way Bert was touching her…like he touched me—he thinks his maid is me!

    And then I realized, I’d been thinking of the maids as looking “like me,” not “like the busty bimbo I was turned into.” I was wondering how far I’d come to see myself as female when suddenly I was clumping around on big webbed ducks feet. All along the table, the tiny dancers were being changed and altered by the Mages present.

    As desert was served, we dancers grouped together in twos, slow dancing together. I had grown another row of three gargantuan boobs under my old rack. My partner was a man who’s arms had turned into thin oak tree limbs. We were dancing cheek to cheek when I felt something brush by me, and say his mouth had been replaced by a dick. I saw Lisa smile just as I started French-kissing him.

    Once the guests had finished desert they started getting up from the table. Lisa hugged a lady saying “Oh, it’s so good to see you, Aunt Celie…” they were still talking as I walked off, but before they got round the corner I saw them stop, and Lisa pointed back towards me. ‘Aunt Celie’ looked at me, coldly, and I felt my jaws clamp shut and my lips pursing together. Reaching up, I found another cunt where my mouth had been.

    After the guests retired to the den the maids came out from under the table, wiping off as much cum as they could and cleared off the table, leaving just us dancers milling around. Various commiserations were offered by those who still had mouths.

    After some time, Mr. Rosen came through, and suddenly all the other dancers were motionless figurines again. The men were all back in their female bodies, but a few of the women were still trapped in their bizarre transformations.

    I was left there, all alone, for maybe an hour when Bert came back through, leading a trio of maids who were carrying the gifts he’d received. He stopped when he saw me, and I instinctively raised one tentacle to wave. Bert turned to one maid and reached into the box she was carrying. He pulled out what looked for all the world like a TV remote control and—

    I was sitting on the edge of the table, back in ‘my’ busty blonde body—full-sized. I took a moment, feeling myself to make sure I was actually whole again (and even realizing I wasn’t ashamed to be glad to be a whole woman again) as Bert explained the gift from Mr. Rosen. I noticed it was just the size of the package that had been held by me when I arrived.

    “It’s a remote control,” Bert said. “Only it doesn’t work on the TV or VCR or anything…except you.”

    So…Bert could now change me at will…but he’d only used it to restore me…so far…

    As the Rosens came to see him off, Lisa grabbed me by one nipple and pulled me aside. Hard.

    “We certainly hope Bert enjoys his birthday gifts,” she said, with a devilish smile. “Daddy wants to make sure Bert gives it a complete test, so we…‘inclined’ him to view it all as a lot of fun. And,” she continued, “He’s going to be very excited, and very turned on by having that kind of power over you.”

    “And then, once I get back,” she added, “I’ll be able to transform you into anything I wish. And I will,” she said with a flash of her old anger in her eyes.

    As I got back to my car, I heard Mr. Rosen telling Bert that if he happens to turn me into a man, to be sure to change me back before Lisa returns…I was dumbstruck! Bert had had the option, and had instead chosen to make me a blonde fucktoy instead? I barely heard him telling Bert not to worry, the remote’s batteries would never ever wear out, no matter how much he used it…and me.

    I was just considering that, given the circumstances I had been glad enough to be changed this way, Mr. Rosen looked over at me and my car vanished. “I sent it on home,” he said. “You ride with Bert, just in case he wants to play with his new toy.” I didn’t have the nerve to ask if he meant the remote control or me.

    As he drove, Bert kept giving me these grinning sidelong glances, and I realized the ‘programming’ the Rosens had left in him was coming to the surface. I couldn’t blame him, knowing how it was all those times Lisa had made me an oral nymphomaniac.

    He pulled into the shopping center, saying that he needed to get a few groceries, as he’d be living at home until the Rosens arrived. He parked far enough away that, in the darkness just past midnight, hopefully no one would notice the naked blonde with boobs bigger than watermelons.

    As he disappeared into the doorway of the store, I realized I was going to be facing yet another round of my body—or even my mind, being transformed as part of someone else’s perverted sex games. But I was already stuck in this buxom female body with no way—

    I turned around as far as I could with the weights hanging from my shoulders, and reached back into the box on the back seat…a few books…CD cases…a largish plastic package of some kind—

    I picked it up, the remote control that would give him absolute power and mastery over me. I realized how unbelievable this would have been a mere ten days ago…

    There were no words, just letters. Two arrow keys, like the channel surf or volume control on a normal remote ran up and down either side. The “B” was almost certainly my bust…yes, they were getting smaller…I stopped once my tits were in the voluptuous category. They were shrinking slower the smaller they got, and I was in a hurry. I had to make myself a man and scram before Bert got out of the store!

    There was another arrow button running along he bottom, from dark to light. I didn’t bother to test to see if it was skin or hair color. I was looking at the rows of buttons across the remote: BLDG, BSML, WBO, CDP, BLT, MBG, BDHT.

    Most likely, the Rosens’ ‘programming’ on Bert included how to work it—he hadn’t hesitated when he’d changed me back into a girl. If I hit the wrong one, I might not be in any shape (ha ha) to push another one. I was stuck trying to figure out the buttons—and running out of time.

    So many repeated letters…“M” for Man? “M” for Maid? “D”” for Dick? Or Dildo? Dude?

    Finally I decided. Even if a “D” button strapped a dildo in my mouth, I could still push the buttons again—without the Rosens’ mental control, I might even be able to get it out…and lately, it’s not as if I hadn’t had a lot of dildos in my mouth anyway.

    I pushed the “D” button in the middle, and felt the now-familiar wave of magic wash over me—it would be a deep change this time…

    The remote fell from my numb hands. I could see them held out in front of me, but I couldn’t move them or any other part of my body. I couldn’t talk or turn my head or…anything. I waited, dreading what Bert’s reaction was going to be, when suddenly the door opened.

    It wasn’t Bert, it was two guys, college aged, looking in the car excitedly “Yeah, I told you—” “Yeah, okay, I see it—” “So lets go!!”

    They looked round nervously, and the one with longer hair reached in and picked me up, carrying me effortlessly under one arm as they ran across the parking lot. They clambered to a stop by a station wagon, and in the mirrored windows I could see what the boy had under his arm, what I’d changed myself into.

    That “D” stood for “Doll,” a rubber sex-toy inflate-a-date. They pushed me into the back seat, face down, piled into the car and we were off…somewhere…

To Be Continued

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