Love Dolls

the Sorcerer’s Daughter

part 10

The story so far: Our Hero, once Mark Banyon, wealthy stockbroker, has been given to a sorcerer’s shapechanging maid as a sex toy, along with a remote control device to alter poor little ‘Marcia’ as desired.

Latex Lady box cover

    It felt almost funny, not going into shock…maybe I was getting accustomed to the Rosens’ little magic tricks. Until Bert pressed me against the head of his footlong, thick manhood and rolled my tight, seamless body down its length I would never have guessed I’d been transformed into a condom.

    After all Lisa and her father had done, it just wasn’t enough to surprise me.

    The back of my ‘head’ was rubbing and stroking on something soft, slippery, pliant and warm. Natalie must have gotten wet when she saw the size of Bert’s member. He was a giant of a man in every measurement…when he was being a man. I wondered if Natalie knew about his sexchanging games with the Rosens, as suddenly I was buried under a hot, heavy mass—

    Okay, to be fair, from the one glimpse I got of her the only excess fat she had was exactly where men enjoyed seeing it, but from my vantage point, her cunt was a hole deep enough to bury me—which Bert was doing, repeatedly, faster and faster and then he slowed down, and I could feel Natalie tightening around me, squeezing me as Bert kept driving in and out…

    It seemed like forever, Bert driving faster and then slowing as Natalie came and came and came…then Bert was going faster and faster and faster until what felt like gallons and buckets and tubs of cum spewed from his head. I could feel myself expand, and even tasting the wads and wads of jism I was being inflated with.

    Bert kept making love to this Natalie lady for at least an hour before they stopped and just lay together for a bit, cuddling. I was still wrapped along the length of Bert’s crankshaft, wondering how long he was going to keep me in this state and trying ever so hard to pretend I wasn’t jealous of Natalie.

    Finally Bert excused himself and went into the bathroom, where he unceremoniously peeled me from his submarine and dropped me on the floor. Then he cleaned himself off, and pulled out the remote from the pile of clothes he carried with him.

    I felt a jolt as I was changed into—I couldn’t tell before the next jolt hit and I was back in a confined, enclosed space—a condom wrapper, I realized as Bert pulled me out, then rolled me down the length of his awesome manhood. Then he went back to pleasing Natalie for another hour or so.

    After he pulled out, finally, he peeled me off and dropped me in the garbage can in Natalie’s bathroom and left, turning out the light. Aside from the taste of his sperm, all I was aware of at all was the soft shape that propped up my left side, like lying half-on a mattress. Before he’d turned the light out, I saw what it was: a discarded panty liner.

    I eventually drifted off to the strange ‘sleep’ I still experienced, even when experiencing ‘life’ as an inanimate object…I woke up, crusted with dried semen, just in time to see Natalie drop her robe and step into her bath. I couldn’t see her bath, lying at the bottom of a garbage can like this, but what I saw…no wonder Bert had chosen her to introduce me to life as a condom.

    After Natalie got out I had the pleasure of watching her towel off, admittedly from a rather unusual viewpoint. Then Bert came in, took a leak and left.

    Some long time later I was shooting up from the bottom of the garbage can, restored at last to my original—no, I kept trying to remind myself, my original form was a man, not this platinum blonde bimbo with a perfectly rounded ass and perfectly incredible melons.

    But even as I could see the spectacle I was making in the mirror, hugging my mind-bogglingly female body for the sheer joy of being back in it, I had to admit I was genuinely glad to be in this curvaceous bodacious voluptuous body.

    Bert was standing in the doorway, holding the remote up. “Well, Jiggles, have you figured out yet how dangerous this little toy can be?” That wasn’t fair, I remembered—Lisa had popped in and set it up to look like I’d been playing—

    I felt my mouth open on it’s own. “I’m sooooo sorry, Bert,” I cooed, batting my eyelashes at him. “I know you told me not to play with it, and I was a very bad girl to do it,” I said, dropping my head in shame. Of course…she’d have me admit to playing with the remote to encourage Bert to punish me. Good job, Lisa! “I’m sorry,” I continued in my high little-girl voice, pouting.

    Bert wasn’t impressed—then again, he probably used the pouting trick on Mr. Rosen when Bert changed himself into Betty. “I’ll have to smuggle you out of here,” he said. I braced myself as he lifted the remote at me…

    And in a moment I saw Bert was getting even taller, taller…the carpet I was standing on looked like tightly bunched coils of rope…thick rope…it was a nest of thick vines and I found myself starting to have trouble keeping my footing…

    Finally Bert pocketed the remote and walked over to me—a yacht crashed down beside me!—no, that was just Bert’s shoe. Then he picked me up between his thumb and forefinger. I gasped, seeing how his finger was almost as thick as I was tall, and then he was wrapping me up in a roll—more likely, a single square—of toilet paper, and dropped me in his pocket.

    I rolled and bounced along, unable to see anything, unable to hear clearly, unable to right myself after a random bump left me upside-down. At long last we reached his car and pulled me out of the smothering confines of all that tissue paper. I was even glad when he pointed the remote at me.

    It was a funny feeling, as the seat material seemed to draw up together under my feet. He stopped, though, when I wasn’t much taller than five inches. “Now you just sit your pretty little butt down, Barbie Doll, and try to stay out of trouble,” he said with a grin as he started the motor.

    “Bert, please, aren’t you going to get me bigger than this?” I yelled up to him without thinking, and of course he pulled out the remote and I felt my tits getting bigger. “Oh, it’s—it’s okay, Bert! Really! I’m fine,” I assured him and sat my pretty little butt down, resting my (on my scale) gargantuan tits on my knees.

    Once home he set me down on the floor and strolled off into the kitchen. For me it was like walking the length of a football field—staggering, actually, with my boobs rolling and swaying in their own ever-changing directions.

    When I finally reached the kitchen, I saw Bert had changed into beautiful buxom Betty, in a fantastic leather & chains ensemble that would have scared de Sade. Her stiletto heels were the least dangerous-looking part of her clothing. The way her skin-tight outfit covered her whole body while concealing absolutely nothing only accentuated the fact that I was completely naked, vulnerable, and at her mercy in every way.

    “After your little games with the remote, you certainly have it coming girl,” she said, trying to sound fierce without breaking into a grin. “And I did promise Steve that I’d give this little toy a workout,” she concluded, pointing the remote at me.

    I almost fell as the wall I’d been leaning against started sliding down as I grew and grew…she stopped me at four feet tall. Even without her spiked heels she’d have towered over me, but I hardly noticed. As I’d grown, my tits scaled up with me, and those barrels of flesh were a hell of a load. Betty took me by my arm and led me to a chair in the kitchen, but as I was turning to sit she pulled me around and pushed me against the back of the chair.

    Top-heavy already, I half-fell over the back. She grabbed my arms and I saw she already had handcuffs attached to the top of the front legs. I struggled momentarily against my bigger, stronger friend and then she had me secured, first my arms, then my legs which had been left dangling in mid-air. She kneeled down and, pushing and pulling and enjoying herself worked my right tit up and back through the back of the chair, before going around to do the other one.

    Betty stood back a moment, admiring her handiwork, and explained “The remote has a button that I use to restore you to your regular female body after you fuck up and turn yourself into whatever,” she said, like explaining to a dull fourth-grader. She’d walked around in front of me, but the way I was bent it was hard to crane my neck up to look—but I did when I heard a vicious CRACK!! right in front of me…

    Betty was holding a big leather belt, from the size, one of Bert’s. “I’m…curious to see if welts and such can be removed by the remote,” she said and walked back around me. Even knowing what was coming, I still thrashed against my restraints as a strip of fire was laid across my ass.

    “There, that should be enough for our experiment,” I heard her say. CRACK!! Another line of pain drawn across my ass, and CRACK!! a stripe of burning fire across my legs and…

    Betty let up after twenty, untying me and even hugging me. I knew her genuine feelings for me were conflicting with the compulsions the Rosens had given her to play with their remote control and enjoy the effects on me.

    That was when the phone rang, and Betty peeled away from me to go answer it. “Tony!…yeah, sure…okay, yeah, fine. Bye.” “Tony’s coming over,” she said cheerfully. We’d better finish up Phase One…” she trailed off, while the thought hit me: Phase one?!?

    She pressed a button, with no effect, turning me around to confirm I still bore her stripes on my rear end. Then she hit another button, and I was falling into another shape—Oh God no Tony’s coming she’ll make me—

Hustler Street Slut Inflatable Sex Doll

    And then I was restored back—not nearly as tall as when I’d first been changed into his ultrafeminine body, and the burning sensation on my ass and legs told me that the welts from my spanking were still quite evident. “Come here,” Betty ordered, “I want to try something.”

    She stood me in the doorway, and raised the remote at me, and asked “Okay, what just happened.”

    “You told me to come here,” I replied, curious about where she was going with this, “And so I came, Mistress.” Betty laughed with glee.

    “So, Marcia, you don’t remember anything between when you walked over here and when I asked?”

    “No, Mistress,” but I was starting to get a good idea. I knew the remote could control my words and actions…I guessed she’d loaded me up with some suitably subservient commands, the magic equivalent of post-hypnotic suggestions. I wondered with a growing sense of dread what she’d planted in me, and her eyes twinkled seeing the fear and uncertainty in my face.

    When Tony arrived for lunch, he did an impressive double-take upon seeing us. Betty was still in her skintight leather domme outfit. Even though her tits were fully covered, the skintight leather molded to each one individually, making for an effect even more striking than the handcuffs, riding crops and whip hanging from her belt.

    One look at me in my skimpy little French maid costume would be ample evidence of who was in charge here. The delicate gold chain Betty held, which was attached to my pink satin collar, was overkill. It took five inch heels just to bring me up to four and a half feet, and I was showing so much cleavage Tony could see how perky my nipples were. He also enjoyed the way my rack bounced and swayed as I curtsied and said “Good day, Master.”

    Betty unhooked my chain so I could serve the luncheon prepared, and then stand by in case either one desired anything. Tony desired to feel me up, and I really hated telling him I existed merely for his pleasure and he was entitled to any liberties he wished with me. Master. For his part, he loved the way my microskirt was long enough to hide the waistband of my panties, but not much more. He’d order me to walk into the kitchen and back just to enjoy the show, and the way I had to answer every order with “Yes, Master.”

    I ate and cleaned up after them, when they left for Betty to bring in the Rosens’ mail and Tony to get some shopping in. When Betty got back I was switched into just G-string and tassels, and danced for her pleasure as she relaxed in her living room, enjoying the entertainment from her little slave girl.

    After a while, Betty sauntered off into the kitchen and came back with a list and her credit card. “You’ve got some shopping to do, Jiggles,” she said and handed me the list and her credit card.

    “I can’t go out like this,” I said, indicating the scrap of lace and tassels that, aside from my heels, were all I was wearing.

    “You can if I tell you to!!” She shot back, and then laughed at the terror in my eyes.

    “Don’t worry,” she said, as she used the remote to bring me back up to my normal height…or at least, the ‘normal’ for my female body. “There’s a button here to make you street-legal,” she said, and pressed it.

    I guess there were streets in the red-light district where my clothes would be legal…but just barely. Speaking of bare, the tiny strip of tube top I had on was stretched out to a wide mesh, at least an inch wide or so in front—and even stretched, it didn’t quite cover all my nipples. My skirt was a bit longer, though it was still plain I was wearing thong panties.

    I marched out without another word and drove to the center mall. The supermarket there was crowded, and I was drawing icy glares from the ladies and bulging eyes and tongues from the men. After the third time a display case was knocked over by a nipple-blinded man, a stock boy was dispatched to gather up the items on my list.

    By the time he returned with the cart, I’d attracted a pretty sizable following. Dozens volunteered to help me take my purchases out and put them in the trunk…and to grope me at every conceivable opportunity.

    By the time I was back and Betty had reduced me back down to four feet—she really got a kick out of me having to look way up at her 5-foot-and-change frame, even in heels—it was after four o’clock, so I whipped up a taco salad for us. As we ate, Betty gave me the bad news: The Rosens were back, and Betty was expected back at work the next morning. My presence was expected, too.

    Even after washing up and dancing for my Mistress again, my mind was hurtling through various possibilities…none of them much good. If they were back, then Lisa must have mastered that sex-changing trick…and under the promise she’d made to her father, she was free to change me any way she wanted. So far, the ways she liked to change me hadn’t been too pleasant. Judging from the way she’d acted when she popped in the other night—

    My reveries were ended as Betty changed back into Bert, and tugged me over by my gold chain. As he led me into the bedroom, and I saw what was coming down, I panicked and fell to my knees.

    “Please Master, please don’t make me take your divine sex between my legs!!” I bawled. “As small as you’ve pleased to make my body for your entertainment, Master, you are just too big a man for a little girl like me! I’m begging you Master, please!! It hurts too much, Master!”

    Bert looked down at his little Barbie Doll begging ever so sweetly, and gently lifted me to my feet.

    “Hey, no problem, Jiggles,” he said, wiping the tear running down my cheek. “If you’d rather suck me than fuck you, I guess that’s all right.”

    “Thank you so much, Master” I gushed sincerely. I was ecstatic! Bert was going to let his little girl suck his dick instead of impaling me on that mammoth weapon…

    I realized how that sounded—but, it was how I felt about this big, beautiful gentle and compassionate hunk—wait, when did I start thinking of Bert as a—

    And then his thick solid foot of throbbing cock was in my face and I kissed the head, smiled up at him and ran my tongue down it’s length before swallowing up all of that amazing dick that I could. I played with the shaft with my lips and lovingly tongued him. I realized I was actually happy that he enjoyed this, as his hot jism started gushing into me and I had to concentrate on my speed-swallowing.

    I sucked him for an hour, he ate me to an untold number of mind-shattering orgasms over about half an hour—in my smaller frame, his tongue was quite a tight fit in my twat, but it didn’t hurt and it did drive me well past Ecstasy Factor Nine.

    After that he lay back on the bad, a smile on his lips and a small but incredibly busty girl sucking on his cock. After about another hour he told me that he’d come enough for the moment. I felt so good, cradled in his strong and gentle arms that I hardly even had a thought for the nightmare that I’d surely face the next day.

    By eight o’clock Friday morning we were both at the Rosen mansion. Betty and I both were in the skimpy maid uniforms that Mr. Rosen preferred, and Betty had even increased my height to 5' 1". She hoped that Lisa would be happy enough with me always having to look up to her. Betty led the way in and after I tried to brace myself for whatever sadistic fun Lisa would want at my expense.

    Inside, Lisa stopped and hugged Betty, gushing over how glad she was to be back, while I stood silently by and let her boyfriend Ken paw me. I wasn’t under her usual mental compulsions, but I knew if I drew back she’d make me do a lot more than merely let him play with my tits. Lisa was telling Betty about all the fun she’d had, learning to switch people’s genders around, how much she enjoyed altering them in the most basic level imaginable.

    As Lisa and Ken headed down around the corner toward the kitchen I pulled Betty close and whispered “If that psycho bitch’s idea of fun is—”

    “I don’t approve of people talking about my daughter in those terms, Marcia.” Mr. Rosen was standing right behind us. “I don’t approve at all,” he said, a dildo appearing in my mouth to emphasize the point.

    Mr. Rosen didn’t embrace Betty as long as Lisa had, but then, Lisa hadn’t been copping feels, either. He told Betty to file the notes he’d taken on the students he’d seen, noting that even the other Mages present had all agreed that Lisa was far and away the most talented and powerful one there, in the 5 to 150 years age group.

    After Betty left, Mr. Rosen marched me up to his room, went over to his bed and sat down with his pants undone. As I knelt demurely before him, he said “Jiggles, I think you should put your mouth to better use than slandering my daughter,” and unleashed his fifteen-inch cock in my face.

    I smiled as my dildo vanished and opened my mouth as wide as it would go, straining to get as much of his cannon in my mouth as I could. I’d just barely got my lips past the head of the monster when my lips sealed tight, as usual, to avoid spillage. As I started sucking and licking as hard and fast as I could he sat back and smiled a contented smile, then chuckled as usual at the way my cheeks bulged out as he spurted wad after wad after huge salty wad into me as I swallowed hard and fast.

    As I kept working on his dick—his refractory time, of course, was zero, he kept casually jetting copious volumes into my mouth. Betty came with a phone call, which he took, and Lisa just dropped in a few times, too, just to watch me struggling to swallow fast enough.

    After an hour or two, he stopped, and unsealed my lips so I could lick the end of his cock clean. Then I stood up, and he said “Jiggles, I don’t know if it’s all the practice or you’re just a natural-born dick sucker, but you are one of the most talented mouths I’ve ever graced with my dong.”

    “Thank you, Mr. Rosen, sir. I’m just so glad that you enjoy putting your most exalted manhood in the mouth of this unworthy slut. The honor of drinking your seed is beyond doubt the high point of my life…” I was made to verbally abuse myself in this fashion for another couple of minutes. Then my clothes vanished down to a scrap-of-lace G-string and matching pink tassels, as my boobs grew enormously.

    Suddenly there was another girl in the room with us, similarly attired, similarly top-heavy. “Gail,” he said to the girl. “You’ve been relieved from your position of Number One Cocksucking Slut.”

    Then I remembered where I’d seen her, on the top shelf of Mr. Rosen’s Harem, a glass case where he kept, as miniaturized statues, all the sex slaves he’d collected over—wait a minute.

    I barely had time to see the half-glad, half-pitying look she gave me as I knelt down behind her and stuck my tongue as far up her ass as I could. I gave it one wriggle and—

    I found myself locked into position, unable to move—or even breathe, but conscious and alive…conscious of being one of Mr. Rosen’s collection of feminized sex toys, frozen in place with my tongue up another girl’s ass…alive only so that he can restore me, anytime he wants a blowjob.

    This turned out to be after lunch, and I was suddenly facing his gigantic dick. I again had my lips bonded to his shaft, made to suck and swallow for an hour and a half—then back in the display case, with my tongue up another girls butt…the same position I was returned to after Mr. Rosen’s mid-afternoon blowjob…and his after-dinner blowjob…

    Like most men, Mr. Rosen thought the best way to get up in the morning was with a woman’s lips wrapped around his cock. Unlike most men, he got it.

    I passed the whole day like that, either frozen with my tongue up my predecessor’s ass or with my lips stuck on Mr. Rosen’s fifteen-inch jism bazooka. And the day after that…and the day after that…I tried talking, begging, pleading—anything, but the only words I was capable of were the flowery, humiliating thanks I had to give Mr. Rosen for the ‘honor’ of sucking his dick.

    Another day passed, and another…Betty would be trying her damnedest to intervene for me again, try to make Mr. Rosen see reason—or, at least, have pity…I had my lips locked on to Mr. Rosen’s love hose trying to swallow the torrent of cum when I realized I’d lost track of how many days I had been stuck as his favorite mouth to use. I think I’d been here for ten days…eleven? The police would be looking for me by now, but even if they thought to look in Mr. Rosen’s display case, they’d never connect this statue of a slut French-kissing another girl’s ass with me…

    After the mid-afternoon suck session, out of the corner of my eye I saw Lisa standing there. “Hello, sperm bank,” she said, quite gaily, in fact. “I guess by now, you’re starting to get worried about when Bert, your knight in shining armor, is going to come racing in to rescue his damsel in distress, hmmm?”

    I couldn’t move, or speak, only kneel there, tonguing another slut’s ass while listening to Lisa say “Well, you’ll be happy to know that we’ve put Betty’s mind perfectly to rest. She’s convinced now that you’ve been restored to your original, allegedly male body and gone back to your exciting thrill-a-minute life as a stockbroker.”

    “In other words, dear sweet cocksucking slut Marcia, she thinks you’re already rescued! The only people,” Lisa continued triumphantly, “The only people who know you’re here are me and Daddy.”

    “Oh, and here he comes now,” she said, flashing her most self-satisfied smile ever.

    “Hope you’re thirsty.”

To Be Continued

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