Love Dolls

the Sorcerer’s Daughter

part 9

The story so far: The Rosens (he, a fun-loving sorcerer, she, his prodigy of a daughter) have been punishing Our Hero, Mark Banyon, for trying to sexually harass the sorcerer’s daughter. Leaving on a seminar they’ve given their shapeshifting maid a “remote control” device to play with Mark (Or “Marcia,” as he’s been all week). Marcia, trying to use the remote to change back into a man, has turned herself into an inflated rubber love doll—which was then stolen out of the maid’s car.

    Bert!!!!! I would have screamed, if I still had lungs and vocal cords and…Face down, I couldn’t even see where we were going. I couldn’t do anything at all, except see the car seat, and feel the occasional bumps in the road. As the car turned I’d slide back and forth along the seat like the balloon I was.

    Ten minutes ago I’d been so desperate to become a man again I’d risked using the remote while Bert had gone into the store. After seeing the remote wasn’t labeled clearly—just letters, often repeating, on the buttons, I should have put it right down and waited in the car like a good girl. Instead, I wound up not only altering myself into a totally helpless state, but was even stolen…

    These guys didn’t even know there was somebody ‘in here,” I realized. To them, I’m just a place to stick their cocks, a sex toy to fuck. My only hope was for Bert to find me…Yeah, right. Somehow I doubt the police would put a very high priority on a stolen inflate-a-date. And, I realized as the car came to a stop, Bert hadn’t even seen me after the transformation. He had no idea what I looked like, how to tell me from any other love doll—hell, he probably didn’t even know what form I was in.

    The two hustled me inside a small house. I didn’t recognize the neighborhood—so what, I snapped. It’s not as if I was going to suddenly make a break for it.

    The hairier one threw me half onto the couch. At least I was face-up now, and could see the posters for modern rock bands, piles of books and dirty dishes—and the surprised smile on the face of the fat guy on the couch. “Happy Valentines Day, Lee!” Hairy called out.

    I realized now I must be close by the University; often a group of students would rent a house, one or two to a room. Lee took me firmly by my tits and sat me up straight—or as straight as I could, with my legs permanently in a “take me now!” position. By now I wasn’t surprised to find I could still feel and see…though I realized that wasn’t necessarily a good thing as Lee put his hand on my thigh and said “Hey, babe, you come here often?”

    Hairy and Shorty were arguing over who’d get to use me first. Being college-educated gentlemen, the matter was settled with three rounds of Rock/Paper/Scissors. Picking me up by my much-too sensitive nipple, Shorty carried me back into his room.

    His dick was so hard that pre-cum flung off it as he whipped it out. He picked me up, his hands on my cheeks, and gazed deep into my eyes, and I had a sudden hope that he’d seen…something, some glimmer, that would tell him there was a living soul in here.

    Instead, he just said “Kiss me, you fool,” and pushed my head down and poked his dick into my mouth, and I found I could taste, also. Lucky me. He rocked my head back and forth, faster and faster until I was getting dizzy when he shot his sperm into my mouth.

    Carrying me back out, he took me into the dirty, cluttered kitchen and used a paper towel to wipe my mouth out before handing me over to Hairy. Hairy took me over to his bed and sat on my face, driving his cock farther and farther in until he spurted into me.

    After wiping me out, he tossed me over to the waiting Lee. I noticed another couple of guys had shown up now, and were eyeing me as if I was their last chance to get lucky this weekend. Lee just hefted me and said “Don’t worry. Diane here is known as a pretty easy lay,” and they all shared a laugh as he carried me into his room to use my mouth.

    The five guys who used me that night seemed to be the only residents here. The next-to-last one decided to use me between my legs, but while I could feel him fuck me, I didn’t get any kind of sexual release from it. Then, as he carried me out, he warned the others that my cunt was a little rough, and that they should stick to my mouth.

    As the last guy picked me up, twirling me like the toy I was, he said “Don’t worry, by the time I’m through everything will stick to her mouth,” and they all shared a good laugh.

    After they’d finished, they left me propped up on the couch, a cigarette in one hand, with a pretty pink garland around my neck, and turned the lights out, leaving me sitting there with my ready-for-action pose.

    What did surprise me was that I could still sleep. I woke up from a disturbed dream—I was a G.I. Joe doll, and some kid kept putting Barbie swimsuits and evening gowns on me—to find that Shorty had gotten up in the middle of the night for a quickie.

    After mashing my face into his pubic hair and spraying his seed into me, he stopped to look at me in my frilly undies, a trickle of jism running down my chin. “Picture of class, lady,” he said with a grin.

    One of the new arrivals had an early class, but everyone else was able to find time to fuck my mouth that morning. When Hank came back by lunchtime, he was “in the mood” again…and so were the two buds he brought with him. After the last one came in my mouth, they were rushing back to class and so he just propped me up again, with my mouth still full of cum.

    All afternoon, more ‘buddies’ kept dropping by, to the point that as soon as the doorbell sounded someone would repeat their oh-so hilarious catch-phrase “Diane, your date’s here!” The traffic peaked around 9:00, but then fell off sharply.

    Hairy, the last one to use me, had just tossed me towards the couch after wiping my mouth out. I wound up upside-down on my head, propped up against the couch. So this was my life now, I thought, a receptacle for horny college boys to come in. After a while, when no one heard from me, they’d look, but…

    Tomorrow they’d use me again, and the next day and the next…the sum total that I could do was to feel their hands pawing me and taste their sperm. I’d been in hopeless situations before, ever since becoming a plaything for the Rosens, but at least then, I was there, where they could change me back. While they no doubt could find me, I doubted Mr. Rosen would bother looking. Lisa might, but only for the joy of seeing me being used like this.

    The next day was much like Monday had been, except that they had a full-blown party in the house that night. For the occasion Hairy pulled off my lingerie and pulled down another costume over me, a Wonder Woman outfit with the crotch cut out. The traffic that night was so high that they were riding me two at a time. Finally the last guy, Lee, staggered off to bed, leaving me lying on the floor, caked with jism.

    The next morning Shorty stuck me under the shower to wash me off, before the traditional pre-class blowjobs. He was quite upset about everyone else leaving me in such a state, and was taking his frustration out on my nipples. After everyone had finally left for school I was left naked on the couch, waiting for the next guy to use my mouth.

    It was maybe an hour after that when I saw a butterfly somehow wrestle its way through the mail slot—and morph itself into Bert!! He gave the “thumbs up!” sign at the window, and I felt myself falling, contracting and Bert walked up to where I lay. He towered way up there, and it looked like a mountain falling on me when he bent down to pick me up. He slipped me into his pocket—I didn’t seem to weigh anything—and walked out the door.

    It was once Bert had gotten in his car I heard a man saying “Did you get the girl?” It wasn’t Bert.

    Bert replied “Yeah, mission accomplished. Let’s bail,” and the car came to life and we were moving again. I was wondering what I was now—if the Rosens’ remote control was programmed to change me into it, I probably wouldn’t like it—and why Bert didn’t at least change me back into a woman.

    Back at his house, he pulled me out of his pocket and casually tossed me on the floor—I didn’t weigh enough to even notice the impact. Then I felt my body growing, surging out and up and then I was a woman again, a real live woman. I felt myself, not even caring how insanely glad I was to be a woman again—

    I saw the two of them, Bert was standing by he door, looking angry, while sitting in the easy chair was a man with expensive clothes and long black hair. I gasped as I recognized him and—

    “Freeze,” Bert said, pointing the remote at me. Instantly I stopped, my arms half-raised, a comical look of shocked surprise on my face, but for the moment I wasn’t even thinking about the picture I presented them. Tony Windell, my accountant! He burst out laughing at the way I was frozen in position, nude, with such a brainless look on my face.

    Bert wasn’t laughing. “Don’t do anything unless specifically ordered to!” he said. “Do you have any idea how stupid that was, Jiggles?!?” he roared. “If Steve hadn’t had the foresight to build a locator into this, you’d still be there as the house whore!” He glared at me for a moment, then shook his head.

    “I swear, Marcia, if you really want to treat this powerful magic device as a toy…we will,” he said.

Brigitte Ultimate Fantasy Love Doll

    “I was able to find you right after they took you…but I couldn’t risk trying to morph the remote when I broke into their house, so I needed an accomplice,” he said, waving at Tony. “And now,” he continued, “I have to go check on the Rosens’ house while they’re away. Try not to get into too much trouble.”

    He put down the remote as he changed into Betty. She then put the remote in her purse and walked out, leaving Tony there to admire my frozen form. Then Betty came in, smiled sweetly at me, and handed Tony a folded-up paper…and the remote!!

    As Betty left, I could only hope that Tony didn’t know who I was before the Rosens’ little games. Then he said “Well, Mr. Banyon—or should that be ‘Miss?’—you’ll be glad to hear that Betty told me all about your trouble.” Betty!! How could you?!?

    Tony chuckled. “Don’t blame her, he had to explain to me what we were doing after you went and let yourself get shanghaied. And,” he continued, looking at the paper Betty had handed him, “I’m not unfamiliar with the Rosens’ little…games.” He pushed a button, and I was suddenly wearing a pink string bikini.

    “Remember the week I was out with the flu, seven years ago? I’d just gone to the movies,” he said. He pushed another button, smiling as my boobs grew until they burst through my top. “I found a fourteen-year-old girl there, telling me she was waiting for an apology, for spilling a few bits of popcorn on her. So after the movie, I hit the men’s room,” he went on, removing the remains of my bikini top, and continuing to fondle me once they were gone.

    “I was just undoing my zipper when I see this little girl standing there in the bathroom. I asked her what the hell she was doing, and suddenly—poof!—I’m one of the urinals!” He pushed another button, and I was in a G-string, with tassels on the tips of my huge nipples. All pink again…I was starting to see the trend.

    “Dance!” Tony said, and I found my body moving sensuously, swaying and shimmying as he enjoyed the wondrous ways my giant boobs bobbed and waved. “Anyway, after being peed into for a week, she found me in a most apologetic mood when she restored me.”

    “So, Jiggles,” he said, enjoying the show, “Bert told me you tried putting the moved on Lisa when she interned at your company,” he just managed to finish that before he burst out laughing.

    “Speaking of boobs,” he said, as he regained his voice and picked up the remote, “Make them rotate counter-clockwise,” and I found myself timing the moves on my pretty chassis to make my titanic tits move as he’d ordered.

    By the time Betty returned, Tony’d trained me to make them spin in opposite directions. Betty stood there watching the show, and laughed as my tits swung around into each other, their momentum making them try to corkscrew around themselves.

    As my boobs unwound from each other she took the remote from Tony and ordered me into the kitchen to fetch out a plate of cold cuts and crackers—and to instantly get anything either of them ordered, addressing them as ‘Master’ and ‘Mistress.’ I brought it out to them, setting it on a small end table between Tony’s chair and the couch Betty was reclined on. Betty looked up at me, smiling as I waited obediently for her next order.

    She clicked on her TV, and then started the VCR, grinning as I flinched each time her long pink fingernails tapped a button. Then she tapped one of the top row buttons on my remote, and I felt my clothes changing. I wasn’t even able to look down, but in the window I could see a Playboy Bunny standing submissively at attention, her rather brief pink uniform not quite covering all her wide perky nipples. Still, it did cover a lot more than my previous ensemble, even if my bunny ears did bob and wave in a rather silly way.

    I fetched Tony a beer and Betty a gin and tonic as their porn movie started. Tony drank his beer down and ordered another one, grinning as I hopped to obey him. He took the beer from me and went back to watching the movie, in which a girl was explaining to two uniformed policemen that she’d only run the red light because she’d been distracted by her too-tight bra, which she obediently doffed. Tony’s pants were already bulging, and as the girl knelt to bribe her way out of a ticket, Tony spoke up. “Jiggles, get me a blow job.”

    I instantly marched over, ducked down and crawled the last four feet to avoid blocking his view. He’d already unzipped his pants and his dick was at attention. I slurped it down, sucking and licking, and he relaxed, letting me do the work. He thrust himself into my face at the end, reflexively, as he shot his wad into my mouth and I swallowed it.

    From the delighted surprise on his face, he hadn’t been prepared for me to lick him clean, but he certainly didn’t object, either. After I finished cleaning him he put himself back in his pants, and Betty, who’d watched the whole thing grinning, ordered another gin and tonic.

    After the movie, Tony stayed to watch me eat Betty. I have to admit a certain eagerness for that particular order as I leapt to obey, lickety slit. I kissed her and gently worked my tongue into her, sucking on her clit while swirling my tongue around the tip as she’d done to me with ecstatic results, and more than once I thought she might buck right off the couch.

    After Tony left, she again picked up the remote, smiling at the trace of fear in my face. “Marcia, you may now move and talk, freely and as you normally would—except you may not, under any circumstances, touch the remote control for you.”

    I thanked her, and made a desperate run to the bathroom. The pressure was so great now that the pee exploded from my pussy as I sat my ass down on the toilet to pee. It struck me, as glad as I was to be a real live girl again, that I was getting used to sitting down to pee…even getting used to being a sex toy. If I ever did get my cock back again, would I still feel…feminine?

    I collapsed into the chair Tony had been in. The strain of being on my feet so long, carrying around the gigantic melons spilling over the top of my bunny costume, had been more than I’d ever expected. The little puffy tail was pressing into the small of my back, but for the moment I was too tired to move.

    “Two things,” Betty was saying. “One, yes, I am mad at you—you came this close,” holding her thumb almost touching her forefinger, “This close to spending the next half a century or more!—as an inflatable sex doll, handed down from one generation of college boys to the next.”

    “Two,” she continued, “That wasn’t the reason for today’s show. It’s just…” she picked up the remote, holding it gently, even fondling it. “It is just such a tremendous, new thrill to have this…this power over someone,” she said with a cheerfully drunk smile.

    Lisa had gloated about how they’d…‘influenced’ Betty into feeling that way, that she’d feel so excited about being able to toy with me that she’d be unable to resist using the remote on me. I, in turn, found myself unable to say a word about how the Rosens had played with their good friend’s mind.

    For her part, Betty waved me over to sit by her, and so I levered myself up and went over to her where she was lounging on the couch. We had our usual grope session moving our tits out of each others’ way, womanhandling each others rack long after we’d meshed together into a cuddlesome ball of femininity.

    Things went well until I said “You know, sugar, anytime you’re Betty and you want me to go down on you, you don’t need any magic toys to make me want that.”

    She took her lips from my right nipple to ask “And what about Bert?”

    Even after all this time, I could so easily forget, when holding Betty’s heavenly, hyper-voluptuous body in my arms, that she was born male and given the power to shapeshift by her sorcerer friend. “You know,” she continued, “Bert is as much a part of who I am as this body is,” she said, gesturing at her ample chest. “Sometimes, Marcia, I get the feeling you don’t feel the same towards Bert as you do when I’m playing dress-up as Betty.”

    “Well,” I said, looking for a safe way through this sudden minefield, “I’ve always been straight, plain hetero before I met you, at the Rosens’ place. I’m just not used to—”

    Her eyes lit up and she snatched the remote as I realized the depth of my mistake.

    “Well of course, honey, if it’s just a matter of getting you used to it,” she said with a smile, as she pressed one of the arrow keys on the remote. I felt a faint feeling of magic wash over me—not as strong as when I’d completely changed, more subtle…

    That’s when I noticed the back of the couch. When I’d sat down I could easily see over the top of it, now it was above my eye level, rising as I watched. The couch, and Betty herself, were getting larger and larger…

    She stopped while I was still more than four feet tall, but not much more. My bunny costume still fit—or at least, as much as it had before. Betty stood up and told me to get up—I got up. I knew if I balked, she’d just use the remote to get me to obey…among other things.

    She embraced me and we danced. She was at least a head, head and a half taller than me now…on the plus side, her embrace was keeping my face buried between her amazing boobs. Net win for me, I decided, resting my head between those wondrous orbs.

    It didn’t last long. Suddenly she was changing into he, massive boobs shrinking into Bert’s broad massive shoulders. I was facing Bert’s washboard stomach, and suddenly a massive hand cradled my chin, lifting my face up. Bert smiled down at me from way up there, and took the remote in hand again.

    I shrank again, just a bit, and now in my face was Bert’s crotch, bulging ominously. He chuckled and my boobs grew out, just enough to free them from my bunny costume. “Just perfect,” he breathed, as I heard the metal in his zipper tinkling under the strain.

    He pushed one more button, and then set the remote down. I didn’t notice it at first, blinded by the sudden searing need I could feel like an icy claw between my legs. I looked at that incredible physical specimen that Bert was, a giant, muscular and handsome enough to make a mannequin’s nipples perk up, and with a weapon that could conquer me anytime…

    I was so deeply lost in heat, I didn’t even notice I’d wrapped my little arms as far around as they’d go, embracing this big huge hunk of man, panting softly as his beautiful crotch bulged rhythmically against my cheek. “Please, Bert, I need it I need it so bad please—”

    “Tell you what, Jiggles…if you suck it, then you can fuck it,” he said with a grin. In some distant corner of my mind I remembered he’d put this compulsion, this all-consuming need into me, but the only thing that mattered to me was that I could get to ride the wild Bert once I’d sucked his heavenly staff. I squealed in delight and grabbed at his zipper, but a giant hand grabbed both of mine and held them. Easily.

    “Of course, before you can suck you’ll have to show me the trick you did with your tits, where you made them counter-rotate!”

    He laughed at the way I snatched my bunny suit down and jumped out of it the moment he let go of my arms. In just my high heels, cuffs, collar, and bunny ears I rolled my shoulders and chest the way Tony had helped me learn, and in another couple of minutes Bert was watching me intently, my right tit rolling clockwise while the left twin was spinning counterclockwise.

    Then giant arms scooped me up and carried me back into the bedroom. I looked in his angelic face and could only feel total, unconditional yes-I’ll-marry-you-and-have-your-kids love. That, and an attack of horniness that would burn through three-inch steel.

    As he dropped his pants and lay on the bed I lunged at him, getting as much of his foot long dong in my tiny little mouth as I could, working my lips and tongue for all they were worth. I even caught almost all of his wads, leaving just a couple of trails of cum running down my chin. I looked up and smiled at him, his jism glistening on my lips as he reached over to the night stand—

    The compulsion was gone, he had made me need his cock, made me insane with horniness, and as I started to get back up he picked me up in his huge strong hands, pulling me closer to—

    “Bert, no!! I’m too small now you’re too—

    “A deal’s a deal,” he said and impaled me. The pain of his awesome weapon pushing up into my tiny cunt ripped through me. Far worse than that first night when he’d taken my cherry. The pain didn’t let up, either, as my swollen clit was mashed and massaged by his pipeline. My screams were equal pleasure and pain as he spurted deep into me and I came and came and came…

    Mercifully he only did me for twenty minutes or so, and as I stumbled back into the bathroom to clean up I was truly surprised there was no blood. More of the Rosens’ magic, like my infinite capacity for sperm, to keep their toys from breaking. He’d been so deep in me when he came, I’d expected to taste it.

    As I came out of the bathroom, more good news: Lisa was sitting on the bed, watching Bert sleep. The look on her face was so tender, so loving as she watched him sleep, I almost didn’t recognize her. I could tell she genuinely cared about him…no wonder they let him play with me so much.

    She looked at little girl me with amused contempt. “I’m guessing putting your mouth at crotch level was your idea? To save wear and tear on your knees?” she asked sweetly.

    “I’m guessing the party with the students the last couple of days was your idea,” I answered, too tired to worry about the consequences. She was here to what she was here to do. She’d do it. Period.

    “Me, bitch?!? You’re blaming that on me?” she demanded. I noticed Bert didn’t get up even with all this noise…more witchery, no doubt.

    She jumped up and strode over, and before I could do anything she’d grabbed my by my right nipple and lifted me bodily off the ground!!

    I screamed but no sound came out, a she pulled me up face to face: “Listen whore!” she snarled. “That entire bit was your doing. All you!” and threw me to the floor with a crash. She looked down at me, smiling as I scampered away in panic, hit the corner of the room and unconsciously tried to make myself as small as possible as she loomed up over me, laughing. “I gotta say, though, I really enjoyed watching show. I’m already looking forward to the sequel.”

    I tried to talk, to beg, to surrender but still no words came out, and I noticed my mouth wasn’t working, I reached up to my lips—which were gone, replaced by a dick and a small pair of nuts. She burst out laughing again at the way my eyes bugged out crosseyed at the cock under my nose.

    “I really should have fixed it so Bert would have taken longer to find you, maybe a month, maybe twenty years…but I’ll have all the time in the world for that…”

    She kneeled down by me and smiled, taking my chin in hand and raising my face as Bert had done so sweetly with me so short a time ago…“I’ve passed the tests, I’ve satisfied my promise with Daddy. I can switch genders now, and so, as far as you’re concerned, I’m free to do my worst. And I will.”

    As I cowered there, my hands stealing to my face to feel the dick I’d been wanting so badly for—I saw her take a pencil and walk over to the night stand. Suddenly the wall was gone and I was cowering directly in front of her.

     “Bert’s already read you the riot act about playing with the remote. Let’s just let him think you’d found a way past his command not to touch it,” she said with a smile, and tapped one of the buttons with the pencil.

    Instantly I was contracting again, as she dropped the pencil to make it look like I had after the change started. She looked down on my, smiling contentedly and left.

    After a couple of hours, Bert woke up. He wasn’t smiling. “Okay, Marcia, I warned you and—” he’d picked up the remote and aimed it at me—then smiled and put it down. A suit and tie morphed onto him and he picked me up and put me in his pocket.

    I heard the tones from his bedside phone. “Hello Natalie…yeah it’s Bert…yeah, great…me too…Listen would you like to have dinner tonight…yeah, I’m sorry but someone else canceled on me…sure,” he clicked off and I could tell from the steady sway he was moving.

    I could hear but not see as he drove, got out, and I heard a woman’s voice, distorted like all the sounds (I know, I know, the miracle was that I could hear at all. Then back in the car, with her. Getting out again…from the music I guessed it was a restaurant. Small talk, laughs over old times and old friends.

    They danced, close enough for me to feel the pressure as they embraced. She asked Bert if he still had to move around so much in his job as an engineer—his ‘cover’ when his friends were wondering where Bert was, when he was playing Betty—and he said yes…but he had a few days off now…

    They were strangely quiet in the car, exchanging occasional murmurs or sighs, but no real words.

    I eventually noticed the pocket I was in was bulging and bending—after a moment’s panic, I realized Bert had taken off his shirt. Eventually fingers like tanker trucks reached in and picked me up. A brief pull, and I could see and hear much more clearly, as I was slipped out of—I saw a lovely black woman sprawled back on a bed, in an unfamiliar bedroom, her firm supple breasts crowned with tightly perked nipples, here eyes locked on Bert’s massive manhood—

    And then the head of his dick filled my face and I tasted his precum as I felt my body somehow rolling down the shaft—

    I was a condom!

To Be Continued

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