Love Dolls

the Sorcerer’s Daughter

part 5

The story so far: Our Hero tried to pressure a young lady into bed. The lady’s father, a sorcerer, wasn’t too pleased, and the lady herself was royally pissed. After turning him into an extremely buxom blonde slut for the weekend, he thought he’d been restored to manhood—until he tries to take a piss.

Glenda, the Perfect 10 Deluxe Fantasy Love Doll

    I stumbled out of the bathroom in a state of shock. My dick was still gone!!

    I sat down, trying to compose my thoughts. I’d just gotten used to the feeling of not feeling it, over the weekend, I hadn’t noticed until now, when I needed to use it to—

    I was going to have to go back. Go back, and beg for my manhood…if I could even get a chance to before Lisa changed me into a dick addict—or worse. Her father wasn’t going to be much help—

    I dialed their number, taking a chance—it was the only one I—

    “Hello, Rosen residence,” came the sweet, familiar voice on the phone. Betty!

    All weekend, my only friend had been Bert/Betty, a shapechanging hermaphrodite who enjoyed their sex games. I quickly explained my problem, that the male body they’d returned me to was missing a rather vital component.

    Betty was nice enough to try stifling her laughter, and said she’d speak to Mr. Rosen on my behalf. In the background, I could tell he wasn’t even trying to control his laugher, but I listened carefully after it died down. After a minute, Betty got back on the line.

    “Mark, honey, here’s the thing. Meet me at 118 Oak street at 12:00 sharp! I can get you an appointment to see Mr. Rosen, but it’s gonna be on his terms. Be there sharp.”

    Betty hung up while I was still thanking her, leaving me with a falling feeling in my stomach. I’d thought I was home free, out of there, and now…now I was going to have to back, to the sorcerer who’d turned me into a girl in the first place and used me for his pleasure…to his daughter, who’d let literally hundreds of men use me. I snapped out of the funk; I had half an hour to get to the rendezvous with Betty, but there was one thing I had to do first.

    I went back into the bathroom, pulled down my pants and briefs, and sat down to pee. Hello, I’m Mark Banyon, and I’m a girl.

    Before I left the office, I made a quick call to Mavis, my housekeeper. She’d been frantic, finding three newspapers in the box and everything. I told her I had been out, and might have to be away for a while, vaguely alluding to a ‘family emergency’ (yeah, right: The Family Jewels had been stolen) and left the office. This was turning out to be one royal Monday after all.

    Betty’s directions took me to a nice residential neighborhood. I pulled into the double-driveway indicated, wondering if Betty might have given me the wrong number. After a few minutes of steady, quiet panic I almost had the nerve to go up and ring the doorbell when Betty drove in and parked beside me.

    “Betty!” I was really glad to see her. She was a pervert, all right, who enjoyed turning “himself” into a submissive, buxom blonde, but she…he…whatever was my only ally in the Rosens’ house. “What are we doing here?” I asked as she stepped out. Even in full-length slacks and a blouse, her amazing tits made her sexier than any other girl in transparent lingerie would have been.

    “This is my house,” she answered. “I have to sleep over a lot, so I have a room at Steve’s place, but this is my home.”

    It was a nice one, and Betty explained that Steve paid her extravagantly for her ‘maid’ service, and I was too much of a gentleman to ask what all that ‘service’ entailed. Oh, okay, I was too much of a lady.

    As she shut the front door behind us, she turned to me with a serious look, and said “You know, Steve wasn’t really very eager to see you again.” My heart suddenly felt very cold.

    “But he’s in a fairly good mood right now. That guy you slept with last night had hurt a few of Steve’s friends, and he takes that kind of seriously.” I vaguely remembered that the short fat bald guy Lisa had made me love so passionately and uninhibitedly hadn’t been there when she and Betty had arrived—but at the time, I’d thought she had restored me to manhood again. The Martians could have invaded without me taking much notice.

    “The thing is, once we’re there, I’ll be back on duty for the rest of the day, and I won’t be able to be much of an advocate for you. I think I was able to convince him that you’d been promised your manhood back, and that you should get it…but, I can’t guarantee anything.”

    I took her shoulders, and she smiled and automatically moved into an embrace. When she was Betty with the Big Boobs, embracing her was a real treat…on the other hand, when she was Bert…

    “Hey, I’m really, really glad for the help you’ve given me already—not just today, but all weekend,” I said, and she shared my smile when we kissed. Her lithe, pointed tongue darted into my mouth for a minute before she pulled away and said “Mark, there’s one more…thing.”

    “Steve is…used to getting his own way. Both of them are, really.” She took a breath, and continued. “You’ll have to go dressed as a cheerleader.”

    I wasn’t surprised, not after all they’d done to me over the weekend, but already it wasn’t looking good. I was going to have to make the case for regaining my manhood dressed like a cheerleader. That should be real convincing.

    “Make-up, properly padded bra, the whole nine yards. By one o’clock.”

    “What?? God, Betty, just getting to a costume sh—”

    Betty smiled. “Don’t worry, I have a quick trick for reducing my wardrobe expenses.” As I watched, she began shifting, morphing taller—not into her usual Bert the 6'6" giant, but into…me. Me wearing a cheerleader’s outfit.

    It was quite bizarre, watching ‘me’ do a curtsy in the little skirt. “Watch this,” I saw my twin say, and the skirt got a bit shorter—not what any school board would approve of. The boobs, which were already more than ample, swelled bigger than basketballs.

    “Bert, what are you trying to do to me?” I asked as I watched myself strip out of the costume. I was amazed she could ‘create’ clothing from her shapeshifting power, but caught myself before I asked a stupid question about conservation of mass. The Rosens had already demonstrated their well-deserved contempt for the laws of nature.

    “I’m trying to make you presentable to Steve. Now strip,” ‘I’ ordered me. “If he’s entertained enough by your appearance, then he might not feel like making you entertain him.”

    I stripped, seeing as it was the only game in town. “Did you have to?” I asked, holding up the lacy pink panties.

    “Sorry, force of habit,” Bert said. I felt oddly comfortable with him looking like the old Bert I’d known. The discomfort came with the bra. Bert clasped the ten hooks in back, and then I found I needed both hands for the falsies, big saline balloons that cut my bra straps painfully into my shoulders. After pulling up my skirt and pulling on my top, I asked Bert how I looked. He kissed me.

    I was too shocked to draw back, which gave me time to remember how much I was depending on him. He didn’t look too hurt that I didn’t respond like when he kissed me as Betty, and helped me paint my face the way Steve wanted it, thick and slutty.

    I’d almost lost my nerve as Bert—now Betty—pulled us into the Rosen’s circular drive in front of their mansion. Betty was in her ultra-skimpy maid’s uniform as she led me up the steps. She led me to the study where my torture had begun Friday night, whispered “Good luck,” to me, and sashayed down towards the kitchen.

    I walked in, unsteady in my heels, watching Mr. Rosen silently laughing at the spectacle. “So, you’d like to be made a man again, is that it, Marcia?”

    I started to speak, but the words coming out of my mouth weren’t my idea. “Well, Mr. Rosen, sir, truth is, I was never what you’d call a man.” The high-pitched, little-girl voice I found myself using wasn’t a good sign, either.

    At least ‘Mr. Rosen’ was an improvement on ‘Master.’ I’d take whatever good omen I could get after the insanity of this past week-end.

    He was watching his home theater TV, and I saw scenes of me…over the weekend, when they’d made me a blonde with giant tits, made me do…everyone and anyone. Scenes of me sucking dick, stripping, sucking dick, flirting, sucking dick, dancing for boys. I watched me in the van I spent Saturday afternoon in. I was pleasuring three guys at once, in my cunt, between my tits and in my mouth. The man in my mouth pulled out and spewed his sperm all over my face. I was already covered in jism, and on the TV I could see me licking off around my lips and thanking him until another cock was plunged into my eager mouth. “You know,” he said, smirking at the TV, “You really don’t look all that…manly.”

Big John Doll

    “Yes sir, you’re right. I sucked more dick that day than most porno queens get to have in an entire year!” The girlish giggle he made me have didn’t help much.

    He smiled, and I hoped that was a glimmer of pity in his eye. “Sit down here, Marcia,” indicating the couch beside his plush chair.

    I obediently sat, and he said “Something about magic, changes and stuff…once you get the ‘knack,’ all kinds of transformations are possible. And no, you’re lucky, you haven’t seen what I’m talking about!”

    He continued before I could even thank him for his restraint. “But, there’s one thing that—well, I’ve seen mages five hundred years old who couldn’t turn someone from one sex to another. Not down there, where it really matters.”

    He smiled at that, glancing down at my bulge-free crotch where my panties showed under my mini-miniskirt. I tried holding my legs closer together and he laughed.

    “My daughter is extremely powerful for her age. One day when she was six, I came home and the baby-sitter was gone—and there was little Lisa, playing with her brand-new Barbie doll.” He smiled at the memory, proud of his powerful and capable and dangerous little girl.

    “I changed you into a woman, so this,” he said, gesturing at me, “was as far as Lisa was able to restore you…so far. However, I really think she’s progressed enough to be able to switch genders. So I’ll just wait and let her do you,” he concluded.

    Her??? I felt a chill, and not just from the miniskirt. Lisa was only looking for another excuse to…better not cast any aspersions on his daughter—not even in my mind. Instead I asked, glad to be able to speak for myself “Mr. Rosen, sir, isn’t Betty able to switch at will—and she isn’t really a sorcerer-ess-whatever…” I trailed off sheepishly.

    He replied, grinning at my high, feminine voice, “Yes, that’s true. However, that’s really sort of my magic he’s…well, borrowing. Being able to make the switch, I was able to give him the power to turn back and forth at will. Obviously, someone who couldn’t make the change wouldn’t be able to make someone else change themselves at will.” Then he stretched, and stood up. “Well, time for a blow job,” he said, laughing at the fear in my eyes.

    My fear of what he would do if I refused was real enough. He waved his fifteen-inch weapon around in my face, and I leaned forward to take it. Or as much as I could, it was a strain just to get the head of that enormous dong into my mouth.

    “Oh here, we don’t want you to stain your pretty little dress.” My lips were suddenly stuck tight to his rock-hard rod. I could only suck on that monstrous throbbing head filling my mouth. I ran my tongue around and around and up and down, desperate to please him.

    “Hey, you’re very good at this. Must be all that practice,” he snickered as he came in six or seven big hot wads. With my lips sealed not a drop escaped, and could barely gulp it down fast enough. My cheeks puffed out painfully under the pressure. “Maybe we should keep you on regular!” he said, reveling in the terror he saw in my eyes.

    He came again, three times, before Lisa came home. “Well, back for more, Marcia?” she snarled. Suddenly I could feel the lacy cups of my bra, and realized that those weren’t falsies hanging from my chest any more. She continued, dripping scorn, “ Seems like every time I see you, you have a dick in your mouth.”

    “Now, now, Lisa. Marcia’s just here to get changed back. You weren’t quite able to push her past the gender barrier.”

    Lisa shrugged it off. “So? I made her as ‘manly’ as I could. Fact is, I’d rather she stay a woman for the rest of her life,” and smiled a sweetly freezing smile at me, as her father spewed another pint of jism into my mouth for me to chug. Lisa smirked, watching my cheeks inflate while I tried to swallow even faster.

    “Now, Lisa,” Mr. Rosen said. “You did tell Marcia that you would turn her back. It’s only fair to—

Big Bazooka Babe

    “Dad, will you look at that slut you’re pumping sperm into?” I was instantly stripped to my bra and panties.

    “Lisa, Marcia is a guest here, now. Be nice,” he said cajolingly, and blasted another volley of wads into my mouth.

    “Oh, don’t worry, Daddy. I’ll be just so nice to our cocksucking little girl Jiggles. After all, it was my idea to make her able to swallow an unlimited amount of cum. Otherwise, after the hundreds of blowjobs she gave this weekend, she might have gained weight.” My huge tits swelled out on cue, bulging out of their pink lace holsters and giving my GGG-cup bra that overstuffed look.

    “If you want him to be turned into a man, you do it, Dad,” she said as she stormed out. Mr. Rosen looked down at me. “She’s always been stubborn like that,” he said, and shot another load of jism into my mouth. And another, and…

    He finally stopped, and after I swallowed the last of it my lips came unstuck, and I was able to lick his dick clean before he put it back in his pants. “Listen, I have an idea,” he said. “Try telling her to look at it as a challenge, that changing you into a man would be her last big hurdle in fully developing her powers.”

    “Mr. Rosen, sir, maybe you should—”

    “No, you should. Part of being a man is being able to stand up to a woman, even a strong woman. You’ve tried asking Betty to intercede for you, and me…here.” I felt a wave of—something—indescribable pass through me. “Now, nothing she can do will kill you, so even at her very worst, I can reverse it.”

    The straps on my bra were really digging in under the weight of my tits, though the bra did keep help restrain them from the usual gyrations I remembered. I decided the digging was just a little bit better, until I started up the stairs. I’d reached the top landing before I realized: Mr. Rosen said he can undo whatever mischief his daughter did…not that he would.

    Too late now, as she came out of her room and saw me. “Oh wow, a sexual predator on my very doorstep!” she said sarcastically, as my hands were suddenly handcuffed behind my back. I took another couple of steps, realizing just how much I’d depended on my arm movements to counteract the way my boobs bobbled around.

    “I would certainly never do any—”

    “Oh, yes, you would! I saw in your mind what you would have done with me—and would have, if Dad and I hadn’t had powers you can’t understand—or use,” she said contemptuously. My panties disappeared, and she gestured at my cunt. “Or if you had anything to rape with,” she said. “So okay, Daddy wants to treat a rapist shit like you as a guest, fine. Here, let me help you get your bra off.” The pain tripled and quadrupled as my tits surged out and around the failing, ripping cups—the left side blew out, the freed boob jumping for joy.

    Lisa really enjoyed seeing how hard it was for me to stand up under the load. I realized the situation was deteriorating fast and decided to try the approach her father had suggested.

    “Mistress, maybe you might want to try—” The dildo appeared in my mouth, effectively cutting off my side of the conversation. It felt just a little softer than before, but was strapped in just as tight.

    “Listen, Jiggles! Maybe you might want to try just walking out of here, leaving, just as you are,” she said, smirking at the picture I made there. “If you stay here, it’s only going to get worse for you. Much worse than that,” she said. Then another, much bigger dildo was strapped into my pussy. Then a much bigger one rammed itself painfully up my ass, all strapped on tight.

    Then the one in my mouth jetted out a burst of jism!! I was so surprised that a trickle of cum drooled out my lips and down my right tit. I found myself swallowing automatically, as the one in my pussy sprayed its load, which started running down my legs.

    “I didn’t think you could go five minutes before getting another dick in your mouth,” she said laughing as she headed down the stairs. I watched her go, as the dildo in my mouth fired again, and again I couldn’t stop myself from swallowing. Then the one up my ass. Then—

    Between the weight of my boobs, the loss of balance from having my hands cuffed and the sudden orgasm that hit me when my cunt’s visitor fired again, I lost my footing, tried to stop myself—and slipped in a puddle of jism. Between the increasing slipperiness of the floor, my boobs enormous weight and not being able to use my arms, I couldn’t get back up. I could only lie there, helpless, orgasming every few minutes, and swallowing every few seconds.

    Mr. Rosen found me there, a couple of hours later, curled up in a vast puddle of cum, whimpering. The dildos and handcuffs vanished, and so did the sperm all over the floor. Mr. Rosen started down the stairs, and then turned back for a moment and even I was cleaned up.

    “Th-thank you,” was all I managed to get out, before I started to cry. It was all too much, Lisa had been right. I needed, really needed to get out of there. I’d keep my cunt instead of a dick, I’d keep these whopper melons, just…go. Get as far away as possible.

    That’s when Betty found me, sitting there, crying my eyes out. She helped me up, and guided me down the stairs to her bedroom. There she held me, not talking, just holding me while I cried and cried. After the longest time, I was finally able to stop. “I-I’m sorry, Betty. I-I try-tried to—”

    “It’s all right, sugar,” she said, holding me even tighter. “It’s all right. You just go ahead, and try to get some rest now. We’ll try something different tomorrow.”

    “Please, Betty, no, I can’t!!” I cried. “Don’t you see? There’s no way I can win, they’ve got the deck stacked—”

    Suddenly I felt my whole self getting smaller, my arms and legs were drawing in—and changing, getting pudgier, even my boobs got smaller and smaller. I tried to call Betty’s name, but my lips and tongue didn’t work right, and my teeth were disappearing into my gums…

    When Betty picked me up, I saw in the mirror she was holding a baby, no more than eight months old, in a diaper and a pink bonnet. I started crying again—I literally couldn’t help it. Betty tried patting me, cooing to me and even singing before it hit her. She let one of her marvelous boobs out and stuck the nipple in my mouth. I automatically started sucking, and she gave me milk. I sucked and sucked, and when I finally stopped she burped me, relieving an unpleasant knot of gas in my tummy. She cradled me gently, and I again tried to talk, but could only make random vowel sounds.

    “Marcia, can you understand me?” She asked, and I was surprised to find I could nod my head. I gurgled with happiness, and pooped in my diaper.

    They had diapers in the bathroom, Betty explained carefully as she wiped my little bottom clean. A couple of years back, a gang had tried to shake down Mr. Rosen for protection money. Not smart. After dusting me with talc she fastened a new diaper onto me and took me out to the car. I slept on the way there, and woke up as she was bringing me inside. She piled together a makeshift pile of blankets on the bedroom floor—where I couldn’t fall out of, she explained.

    I dozed off finally, after a futile hour or two wondering what I could do in my present situation. It was a no-brainer: absolutely nothing. Even a small child could figure that out.

    I awoke cold, on a mattress with no cover, my diaper sopping wet and cold. I started to cry.

    A light came on, and I saw Lisa looming over me. Now there was an element of real terror in my cries. I was in a crib, in a nondescript room—no, not a room, there were no walls, no ceiling, just…

    “Welcome to nowhere, little girl. Cry all you like,” she said, sounding quite cheerful, “Because there isn’t anybody within…well, any distance you can name. Any distance,” she emphasized.

    She turned to go, and then stopped. “Oh, don’t worry, little girl, I wouldn’t leave you here with nothing to eat!! Here,” she said, and dropped a baby bottle into the crib. I crawled over to it—slowly, uncordinatedly—and just as I reached it she pulled it away, dropping it in the other corner of the crib. She watched me crawl to it again, and let me grab it with my tiny, virtually useless hands, and started to suck.

    It was full of jism, of course. She watched me suck and swallow for a while, then disappeared.

    I couldn’t control the sucking any more than—well, than I could ever since this nightmare had started. I sucked it, got gas and cried, peed some more in my diaper, and finally drifted off to sleep. I woke up, saw where the bottle lay, crawled over and started sucking it down again. I idly wondered how it stayed so warm, as I sucked until I fell asleep, and then…

    After seven or eight little “naps,” I woke up on a hard, carpeted floor. I automatically tried sitting up, and found that I actually could!!

    I was—well, not quite a man again…I looked like myself again, and could have passed as a man if I had had any clothes on, but between my legs, was just the same little slit.

    Lisa and her father were standing there. He was glowering at her, while she tried her best to act indifferent, while occasionally glancing icy, threatening looks at me.

    “Lisa, listen to me, we really—” I was a roach.

    “Dad, you simply don’t get it—” I was ‘restored.’

    “—Need to talk. You are going—” I was a lizard.

    “—I am not going to turn—” I was ‘restored.’

    “—To have to learn how to switch—” I was a frog.

    “—That—that girly cocksucking whore—” I was ‘restored.’

    “—Genders anyway, and Marcia—” I was a cheeseburger.

    “Into a man. Not even after I learn how!!” I was ‘restored.’

    “Would be perfect for you to practice on!!” I was a potted plant.

    “Lisa, this is getting nowhere. Let’s go,” Mr. Rosen said, and led her out of the room.

    Sometime next morning, Mr. Rosen came in, and I was almost a man again…

    “I told Betty you were all right, she was worried sick when you disappeared. It took two days to find the dimension—”

    “Days??” I said, cutting him off accidentally. I braced for him to…whatever, but he actually sounded apologetic.

    “It’s Thursday morning,” he continued. “Betty will be here soon, and you should just stay out of Lisa’s way for a while. I’ll be back soon—”

    Back?!?!? “Um, wait, please, Mr. Rosen, sir!! Did you say you were leaving—”

    “Yes, yes, I’m going to set up a little…seminar, it should solve everyone’s problems at once.” He leaned closer to me.

    “The thing is, Lisa developed so fast, it’s hard for her to accept that this is the one power she doesn’t have…yet. Once she can change people’s sexes, no doubt she’ll be happy—or, at least, willing to change you back into a man.”

    “But—but, Mr. Rosen, sir, you could—”

    “No, Marcia. My daughter made a commitment, and she’s going to have to stick to it. I wouldn’t be much of a father if I didn’t insist she keep her end of the bargain.”

    “Just sit tight,” he continued, as I was dumbstruck. “I’ll be back by tomorrow night at the latest, and Betty will be here soon.”

    He left then, and as I watched him drive away I decided to make a run for it anyway—as soon as I could find some clothes. By now I didn’t care if they were male or female. I was just heading for Betty’s room when Lisa came around the corner.

    She was smiling.

    “So Daddy wants me to try out my power on you,” she said gleefully.

    “Pleas—” was all I got out, and then I was falling, falling to the floor. I was a lot smaller—while I couldn’t quite see clearly, when she picked me up I fit in her closed fist. She was carrying me somewhere, I could tell by the way her arm swung. Finally she shook me, bent me and—

    Darkness closed over me. I was lying on a soft enough surface, but again I couldn’t talk, or move or anything. The darkness seemed to drag on for hours, and hours…I prayed, I cursed myself for dipping my dipstick in the interns pool, for going on my first date. I might have slept, I definitely started wondering if having a dick was all that important—


    Betty!!! She’s holding me up, but she doesn’t seem to recognize me…I still can’t talk or move, and now she’s putting me down and—

    She slid her leg through me, and then the other…I realized now what had happened, what I was. I realized it, but even still couldn’t believe it until Betty pulled me up firmly against her ass and cunt.

    Lisa had turned me into Betty’s panties.

To Be Continued

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