Love Dolls

the Sorcerer’s Daughter

part 7

The story so far: Our Hero, Mark Banyon, is learning the hard way that payback’s a bitch. After trying to sexually harass the daughter of a sorcerer, he’s been turned into a very buxom blonde (among other things), used for various sexual acts, and otherwise punished.

    “Oh yes,” Lisa purred. “The fact that we found you here with a dildo strapped into your mouth proves how desperately you’re addicted to jism, doesn’t it, cunt?”

    You put it there you b—I caught myself before completing that thought…not that it did any good.

    Lisa smiled. “Was ‘bitch’ the word you were going to use to describe me, cocksucker?” she asked, smiling her cheerfully dangerous smile. Two more dildos appeared, but my pants were tight enough they didn’t need straps. “The dumpster behind the Pizza Baron is the last man who called me ‘bitch.’ I’ll be nice about it, though, and put it down to sperm withdrawal. Or maybe that way overstuffed bra is too tight for you, Jiggles?”

    She pointed at my chest, cocked her thumb up like a toy gun and said “Bzzt!” Instantly my bra shrank, cutting painfully into my tits. It shrank until my tits were bulging way out, both in front and along the sides.

    “Oops,” she said, giggling. “Gee, it’s too bad that Daddy made me give my sacred word to not alter you until I can turn you into a man…so I guess I’m not going to change your body.”

    “And speaking of sperm withdrawal,” she said, turning to Ken, “It seems like a crying shame for you to have that fake rubber schlong in your mouth when there’s a real one here that you can have…if you’re nice about it. Drop them,” she ordered, and Ken eagerly let his pants and boxers down. He smiled eagerly at me as his thick ten inches leapt to attention.

    Even he looked shocked when his balls started growing. “Lisa!! Hey Li—”

    “Shut up,” she snapped, and Ken obediently fell silent as his grapefruit-sized nuts grew to cantaloupe size and kept growing. Finally he was carrying a pair of basketballs under his dick.

    That’s when I could move again, and the dildo in my mouth vanished. Without my wanting to I found myself walking over and kneeling before them.

    “Please Mistress, please let me suck your boyfriends big luscious dick,” I cooed at her, as they both enjoyed the spectacle immensely. “I haven’t had any cum all day, and I need it! I just need to feel a big hot cock filling me up with jism!! Please I’m begging you to let me suck him off, I need his dick…”

    They let me go on on that particular subject for another minute or three, before Lisa ‘allowed’ me to slurp up Ken’s dick. He was already so aroused by the sight of a huge-titted blonde begging for his tool he started spurting into me almost immediately. I couldn’t swallow it fast enough and it started dribbling down my chin and onto my swinging springing boobs.

    It seemed a long, long time before Ken’s balls even started to reduce in size as I sucked the sperm out of them. According to the clock it was over two and a half hours that I was on my knees swallowing like crazy to try keeping up with his rapid-fire wads. I was also coated in jism all down my front, my bra was soaked, and my pants were wet with it, too.

    As Ken pulled his pants back up Lisa bent over to me and said “Good little cocksucker! Now you get a treat!”

    As I struggled back to my feet I found I was standing outside—in front of a building I didn’t recognize. I looked down quickly—at least I wasn’t covered in cum anymore…I was barely covered at all, in a stretchy, see-through halter and bright red microthong. I barely had time to notice my high heels matched the thong when the door opened, music blared out and I strutted in.

    It was a fraternity party. Four or five dozen boys were standing around, all ogling me as I sashayed my wriggling self in. “Hi, boys,” I called out with a musical lilt, “The entertainment’s here!”

    I shimmied out of my meager clothes and started dancing to the frenetic beat, my boobs bouncing wildly from one groper to the next. Several guys asked my name, and I found myself saying “Marcia Bobbins…but my friends call me Jiggles!” After a couple of songs I sidled up to a big, husky-looking red-head. I gazed deep into his eyes and said “So what does a girl have to do to get a drink around here?”

    He stammered excitedly and started towards the nearest keg, but I grabbed him by the belt and said “No, not that, honey,” gently cupping his crotch in a very friendly manner. “I mean, something high in protein,” and felt his trouser tent forming under my hand.

    I knelt right there in front of everyone, unzipped his pants and took him in my mouth. He was shocked, surprised and made no attempt to get away as my trained lips and tongue expertly swept over his throbbing six inches. Within a minute, he was spurting into my mouth.

    His friends had gotten so hard watching me slurp him that almost all of them came within a minute, and because of the practice I’d had at speed-swallowing jism, almost none trickled out. After I was done—some of the guys wanted to go twice, and did—I got back up, blew a kiss to the room and jauntily marched back out.

    They guys poured out right behind me, thanking me, congratulating me and generally trying to get close enough to cop yet another feel. One very nice young man ran up with my discarded top, but I told him to keep it, and walked away with a waggle in my rear that had them cheering again. It was getting cold, and I was mildly surprised my nipples could get even harder and perkier.

    I recognized the street now, running in front of the University—but now I was coming up on Howard’s Bar, which was eight streets away! I whirled around, my rack swinging and bouncing with the sudden motion. It was indeed 10th street, with not a sign of the frat house I’d left less than half a minute ago.

    Then my legs were moving under remote control again, and I strode into the bar in just my thong. The bartender just smiled as I breezed past. I even returned the smile, even though at a back booth I saw Jeff Green, my VP at the brokerage, with Daniel and one of the new interns! They all enjoyed the show as I went jiggling past, and I pursed my lips into a full-lipped pout that begs a man to lay his dick across them.

    I marched back into a small room in back that had been storage space the week before. Now it was empty save for a small wooden chair, which I plopped my pretty round ass onto. A moment later, Daniel walked in and began unzipping his fly.

    Daniel had always been a quiet, shy but bright and efficient at the office…he wasn’t known as a ladies man, not bad-looking, a trim black-haired man in his mid-twenties, but just not aggressive enough to catch their attention. From the look on his face I imagined that this may be his first blow job.

    I made it a memorable one, teasing with my tongue and teeth while brushing his shaft ever so lightly with my lips. When he shot his impressive (outside the Rosen’s clan) wad into my mouth, I smiled and gave a contented gurgle as I slurped it all down. Daniel gave his own contented sigh as I licked him clean.

    I didn’t recognize the next man, a Latino who kept thrusting deeper and deeper into my mouth yelling “Oh mama! Oh mama!”

    Jeff came in next…At 32 he was in better shape than most college football players. I’d hired him on fresh out of college, been his tutor, his mentor and his friend. Now he undid his pants and waved a big thick cock in my face. “You really, really want this, girl?” he asked with a grin, as it hardened to a full nine inches! I’d always thought he was exaggerating, but he did have a reputation with the ladies…

    “Oh, I need that big beautiful tool, please, sir,” I pleaded with him as I favored him with a sweet little-girl smile. He stuck his dick right into the middle of it, and I took as much as I could in, running my tongue around his shaft as I sucked.

    The bar closed three hours later, at 1:00 am. As I left the room I saw a crude, hand-lettered sign “Marcia Bobbins—Have Mouth, Will Suck.” I guess Lisa really wanted me to maintain my reputation.

    I headed out, still topless, and much sooner than I could have normally walked was at the Center Mall. I was walking between rows of parked cars when I saw a man heading for his car. As I walked up he spun around at the slight noise, fearing a robbery attempt.

    He relaxed when he saw it was an almost-naked bimbo…well, most of him did. I walked up, swaying sexily, and brushed my melon-sized perky nipples against him. “I need cum, I really, really need cum!” I said as huskily as I could in my high-pitched voice.

    He almost dropped the bag he was holding, but inside of a minute we were in his back seat, my nose buried in his pubic hair. I wandered around the parking lot that way until I saw Betty driving up. As soon as her car was beside me I was suddenly under my own control.

    I wanted to spit out my tongue after everybody who’d…I realized I’d lost track of how many guys I’d sucked at the frat house…and the bar…and…

    I got in, seeing it was 3:45 on her dashboard clock. Neither of us said anything until we were almost back to Betty’s place. She explained that Lisa had told her where to pick me up just as Betty was leaving. She’d given Betty a note to give me. The last thing in the world I wanted was another helping of gloating from that witch, but I wasn’t surprised when my arms raised themselves. I opened the envelope with one long, hot-pink fingernail and took out the note:

To the thirstiest slut in town,

    Tonight was just a small ‘taste’ of your new life. As long as that’s the face and body you’ll be wearing, I wanted to be sure everyone in town knows how eager you are to suck dick, and how you’re addicted to jism.

Your Social Director,


    Once we were home, inside the door, I just collapsed into Betty’s arms. She hugged me tight, lovingly and sympathetically and sexually and—

    “B-B-Betty, could you please do me a favor?” I asked, choking back the tears.

    “Anything, sugar!” she declared. I saw the love in her eyes, and knew she meant it.

    “Tonight, don’t change—don’t change into Bert. Just…Betty?” I asked, timorously.

    Dear sweet Betty stayed her own female self for me that night—which, of course, included her usual nuclear-powered libido. But after being the town slut for every guy who’d wanted to use my mouth, having a massively buxom girl cuddling up to me was a great improvement. We played with each others tits until we were experiencing our own minor orgasms, and then rolled over, she straddling my face as I plunged my tongue in. Further south Betty bent down and kissed my clit in wonderful and skillful ways.

    Sunday morning. I usually attended morning services at Eastside Methodist, and the last time I’d missed two weeks in a row when not on vacation was seven years ago, in the grip of a nasty flu. Last Sunday, though, Lisa had me out walking the truckstop as a whore, and this morning…I didn’t want to think of what she’d do to me in church.

    Betty grabbed a quick bowl of cereal and left; she was ‘on duty’ today. I found a miniskirt and a T-shirt that didn’t leave too much tit bobbing and rolling into view under it—I didn’t feel like struggling with a bra—and had an apple for breakfast.

    I was just finishing up the dishes when I noticed an envelope on the kitchen table that hadn’t been there two minutes ago. Yet more bad news, but I knew I’d wind up reading it, one way or another…I slit open the envelope to read:

Miss Marcia Banyon,

    Your presence is required at a Birthday party for our mutual friend Bertrand Carter.

    Party to be at the Rosen Residence Tomorrow Monday at 8:00 pm.

    You will arrive no later than 6:00 pm.

    Proper attire will be provided.

—Steve Rosen

    I heard a nasty laugh behind me. “You might even want to arrive early, Jiggles.”

    I whirled around and almost slapped Lisa when my boobs flew off on their own scouting expedition. “Daddy can be very angry when a slut is late.”

    Oh, great… “So, I suppose you’ll ‘fix’ it so that I can’t get there on time?”

    She assumed a look of mock innocence. “Moi? Actually, me playing with you is the one reason he just maybe would consider accepting…so no, I wouldn’t do anything to keep you from being on time…I just wanted you to know, this is going to be a special day for Bert.”

    She looked at me levelly. “You had better not do anything to screw up Monday. We really like Bert. As much as we play games with him, it’s only because he likes it. He’s a pretty nice guy, unlike…” she waved her arm at me, “Well, unlike some cunts around here!”

    I decided to try one more time, getting on my knees and clasping my hands in a supplicating, reverential fashion. After all, she’d get tired of having to remember to remote-control me through my daily degradations. “Mistress, please please let me apologize to—”

    I was stripped, aside from the three big thick dildos that appeared strapped into me. My hands were cuffed and large clamps were pinching down tight on my sensitive nipples, pouring agony through me. I was already crying from the immense pain when I lost my balance from the excruciating pain and fell, face down. The sudden weight on my tortured nipples made me buck and twitch like an electrocuted woman.

    Suddenly a hand was in my hair, yanking my head up viciously. “You think you’re ever getting out of this? Bitch???” she screamed and slapped me, hard. “You think my promise not to transform you is going to keep me from teaching you your lesson?”

    She threw me down then, and just looked down at me, twisting in unbearable pain. My nipples were swollen an ugly veined purple where they bulged out from the heavy clamps, which clinked and clanked on the floor. Small squeaks escaped around the dildo in my mouth as I writhed in agony.

    Suddenly the clamps and dildos vanished, leaving me gasping and moaning there on the kitchen floor. My swollen nipples were slowly returning to normal, but still blazed with pain from their mistreatment. I was just starting to roll over to try getting back up when one nipple hit the hard wooden floor, and I gasped with pain. Lisa laughed, enjoying as always how hard it was for me to get up, as top-heavy as I am.

    As I finally got up and flopped down in the chair Lisa stepped up and grabbed one misshapen, swollen nipple and squeezed it hard! I almost jerked back out of the chair as she yanked my sore nipple back and forth. “Do I have your attention, cocksucker?” she snarled.

    “As even a bubbleheaded fucktoy like you should have realized by now, I can play with you to my heart’s desire, all without having to change your shape in the slightest. Do I,” she continued, accentuating every work with a jerk on my nipple, “Make myself, absolutely, completely, clear?”

    “Yes, Mistress,” I blurted, fearful of yet another demonstration. She smiled, and then pulled a chair around and straddled it, facing me.

    “Hey, look, Marcia, I actually came to bring you some good news! Daddy and I are leaving after the party Monday night. No, not forever,: she said, laughing at the hope glimmering in my eyes, “Just to this retreat where Daddy and his friends will teach us younger Mages how to do the ultimate, the gender-switch thing.”

    “And the good news,” she continued, “Is that my promise was only that I wouldn’t transform you until I’d learned the sex-change trick! After that,” and she leaned in close, taking my chin in her hand and raising my face to meet hers, “I’m then allowed to change you any way I want!!” She got up, laughing, and turned to go.

    “Any way,” she called over her shoulder, and disappeared.

    By midday it was only very painful to touch my abused nipples. They’d returned to their proper shape and the marks from where the clamps had mashed into them were fading. I’d sat at the kitchen table, still nude, still dazed by the torture Lisa had so kindly dropped by to inflict.

    When I heard the front door opening I figured Betty had come home for lunch. I was pushing myself up from the table when I realized I was hearing a lot of footsteps.

    About a dozen guys were swarming into the kitchen. The first four grabbed me and held me down while the rest were dropping their pants. After an instant the shock left and I started to scream. I was just remembering how futile it was when Lisa was torturing me when one boy shut me up by stuffing his not-particularly-fresh underpants into my mouth.

    Then he straddled over me and shoved his dick hard into me. It hurt, but paled compared to what I’d already been through this morning. What hurt was the way they played with my still-aching nipples while they raped me. Most of them were okay, but some tended to play rough with my nipples, and one would grab them viciously, playing ‘crack-the-whip’ with my tits while yelling “Hi-yo Silver, away!!”

    They took turns repeatedly well into the afternoon. Once they all got off me and the first boy ripped his underpants from my mouth I thought it was over.

    Instead they formed a ring around me, watching and laughing as I scooted back, then struggled into a sitting position and forward onto my hands and knees. Then I bent my head down and started licking the mix of jism and cunt juice that had leaked out while I was gang-raped.

    I wondered idly about the lack of blood, lapping up the sperm soup on the floor as the boys laughed and hooted. Mr. Rosen had said I couldn’t be killed by Lisa’s ‘games,’ so maybe I was puncture-proof…but not pain-proof.

    They finally left after I licked the floor clean. I stumbled into the shower, trying no to wince as my sore nipples kept bumping into…well, everything. I had just dried off and was thinking about getting some clothes—

    It suddenly hit me: Betty had been so good to me, so nice, after a long hard day at work, she really deserved to have dinner ready and waiting for her. I trotted straight out to the kitchen, whipped up a tangy bar-b-que glaze, spooned it liberally over some chicken and popped it in the oven, surprised at my sudden culinary skills. I then peeled some potatoes, and cut them into french-fry strips, seasoned them just so and slid them into the oven.

    I’d just dropped the brick of frozen greens into the boiling water, when—

    I needed cock!!!!

    I gasped as the full force of my desperate yearning hit me. I longed to feel a man throbbing and spurting in my mouth, and I just had to have cum, I needed cum…

Teri Love Doll

    I was just heading for the front door when I remembered I was still naked. I didn’t want to spend time answering dumb questions at the jail when any time could be put to so much better use sucking on a lovely juicy throbbing dick.

    I pranced back to our bedroom, to grab some clothes…but Betty, dear sweet soul that she is, she had such modest and conservative ideas about style. I had me a body that could inspire men to want to give me the sperm I needed, and I was going to flaunt it!!

    That’s when I noticed the small brown paper bag on the dresser. As I picked it up, a note fell out:

Dear Jiggles the Jism Addict,

    I want to wish you the very best of luck finding enough guys to satisfy a nympho cocksucker like you. I hope you get all the dicks in you mouth that you deserve tonight.


    What a thoughtful, sweet girl she was! I was still glowing over the warmth and friendship in her note when I realized there were clothes in the bag, too!

    Inside was a T-shirt, emblazoned with the letters “FONDLE ME!!!” I eagerly slipped it on, and found it didn’t quite conceal the undersides of my nipples—just the look I was looking for! Then there was the black, lacy see-through microskirt. My tiny little hot-pink G-string was clearly visible through it, and underneath it.

    I jumped into my heels and was ready—almost. Last evening, Betty had come to pick me up before while I was still patrolling for pricks. I wrote her a note, saying I’d gone out for a bit, to get used to the way men look at and treat ladies, and that she shouldn’t worry, I’d be right back. I put the food on the table to keep it from burning—it was just ready, anyway, and there were a few hundred men out their with my supper dangling between their legs. Smiling at the mental picture, I grabbed my purse and car keys and was off.

    As soon as the locked door closed behind me, the need, the overpowering craving I had to drink sperm, doubled, and then tripled. I jumped in my car and drove off.

To Be Continued

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