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The Stalker

by Michelle

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The Stalker — Part One

    Mike didn’t know where to start with the visual feast that was coming his way. He wanted to ravage her — to take her and use her in every way, but his mind simply couldn’t absorb all her commanding beauty.

    He was sitting alone at a table in his favorite after-work bar sipping on a beer, and he noticed her the moment she walked through the door — hell, EVERYBODY did!. She was tall! God, she was tall — at least 3" taller than Mike, who was an average 5' 6" and 125 pounds. She was clothed like a woman out to capture a hapless male.

    She wore a black leather mini skirt — just about the first thing anyone would notice since it revealed miles of long, luscious legs — legs that were perfectly shaped as they fit into subtle leather boots with heels that HAD to be at least 5". The dark stockings disappearing beneath the skirt caused the eyes the drift upward to her shapely ass and hips. Her rear swayed as only a female’s can, making the moment stop for any horny male.

    Her waist was small — and contrasted completely with her large, firm breasts. THEY should be the first thing a male would notice — with nipples standing proudly out, poking through her sheer satiny blouse. They bounced slightly — but only enough to let the voyeur know that they were firm — they were breasts that any man or woman would die to get lost in. Her neck was long and lovely — a small leather collar accenting her white, clean skin.

Latex Lady box cover

    And her face! THAT should be the first thing any man would notice! Lips — THEY may have been the treasure that eyes focused on, wishing they could be wrapped around a hot, hard cock. High cheeks, blonde hair — and deep — DEEP — eyes. Her eyes are CERTAINLY the first thing any entranced male would notice. They captured you the minute you looked at them — hard to look away — hard not to be drawn further into her beauty and power.

    EVERYONE noticed her walking into that bar — and everyone noticed as she paused to look around, and finally started walking straight towards Mike’s table. They all thought, “what a lucky bastard THAT is!” Mike, on the other hand, could only look into her eyes which had focused to the very heart of her prey.

    She came to the table and stood close to Mike — close enough that her nylon covered leg touched his. Mike just stared with his mouth open; he was staring into those mysterious eyes. “Aren’t you going to ask me to sit down?” asked the lady.

    Mike stammered a bit, “um, o, why — uh — YES, PLEASE do sit down.” Mike stood up to pull out her chair and noticed how much taller she really was than he. His eyes broke focus on her eyes for a moment while he stared at her lovely breasts — and those inviting nipples. Before he was able to sit down, a bulge had made a presence in his slacks.

    “Uh — do I know you?” asked Mike.

    “Of course you don’t,” responded the woman again capturing his eyes with hers. “Won’t you buy me a drink? I’ll have a ball buster — oh, excuse me — a WALLbanger, if you please.”

    Mike caught the sexual innuendo immediately and turned a bit red. “Why certainly,” he said, “I’ll be right back.” He headed to the bar, not believing his luck.

    When he came back she was pulling something out of her purse. It was a small box — a gift box. She placed it in front of her, took her drink and immediately captured Mike’s mind in her gaze.

    “I’m Mike.”

    “Oh, don’t be silly, I know that!” she said immediately. “I know who you are and what you do — I know all about you. You’re a writer; you work for Jamie Foxx as an editor, proof-reader, and whatever else she wants you to do. You are divorced — wife’s name was Sandy — isn’t that right?” Mike simply nodded, having been taken off guard by her knowledge of him and her forcefulness. “You’ve got a daughter, 18 — named Julie; a son named Scott — and you have no life whatsoever since your divorce. Do I have you sized up pretty well?”

    “How do you know all this stuff?” asked Mike — bewildered as he sipped on his beer, looking strangely at the glass for a moment wondering why it tasted differently. “What are you, a detective or something?”

    “No, Mike! I’m your new Mistress.”

    Mike laughed at that remark so loudly that most eyes in the bar looked over to see what was so funny.

Chasey Lain Inflatable Fantasy Playmate

    “I don’t HAVE a Mistress, lady — I really don’t NEED a Mistress. I do all right by myself.”

    She stopped him from babbling by putting her finger to his lips. He stopped and stared — stared deeply into those hypnotic eyes. As she talked with him, her soft leg gently began to caress his. She looked deeply into his heart and soul and whispered so softly that he was drawn even closer to hear all she was telling him. “I am your Mistress, Mike — already you’ve been captured by my gaze — you can’t seem to get away from it — you can’t seem to get enough of it, can you?”

    Mike simply shook his head and drew closer to listen to her lovely voice. She smelled so good, perhaps he would get lucky with her and get to screw her brains out.

    “Listen, Mikey — or should I say, Michelle — I am CAPTURING you, aren’t I?”

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    Mike was taken back by her reference to “Michelle”.

    “Excuse me, lady, but you…”

    Her finger again touched my lips — so softly. “All you need to do is listen, dear. you can’t seem to help yourself, can you? I’ve captured you eyes — they can’t escape mine, can they?” — and they couldn’t! Mike couldn’t tear his gaze away from hers — what was She doing to him? “I have chosen YOU, Mikey, to be my toy.”

    “What do you mean by that?” Mike said, almost in a trance.

    “You’re mine now! I’ve spiked your drink while you were gone — that’s right!”Mike looked at his beer — so THAT’S why it tasted funny! He knew he should just go and run from there, but he somehow felt riveted to his chair. “Even now there’s a marvelous drug racing through your veins that will make you mine forever. It’s changing you — even while we speak. It won’t be long — before I own you, my little Mikey Michelle.”

Alexa’s Essensual Elements Vibrating Love Doll

    Mike tried to throw off her influence by shaking his head — but it did no good. She never broke her gaze — and her hands now took his and placed them on her smooth legs.

    “Doesn’t that feel good, Michelle? Feel the softness — feel the silk — look into my eyes.”

    Mike felt her soft legs — his hands roamed up to her thighs — wanting to travel on, but not without permission. He didn’t even know her NAME yet — and he felt totally helpless — no! it was WORSE than that! He felt TRAPPED!

    “What’s your name, Mistress?” Mike asked thinking to gain some control over this strange encounter. Again that finger came to his lips. She definitely did not want him talking.

    “I am MISTRESS, Michelle. That’s all you need to know. — I am YOUR Mistress — and I am beginning to own you.”

    “No, Mistress, PLEASE!” said Mike — a little panicked by this whole scene.

    “You have no control, Michelle — I OWN you! That drug is making SURE of that! — Soon you will be mine — and I will change you.”

    She moved the package across the table til it bumped Mike’s glass of beer — now emptied. “Open it, Michelle — take a look at the new life you are about to explore!”

    Mike opened the box and inside was a pair of satin panties with lace — pink lace — around the legs and waist. There was also a white garter belt with pink roses on the waist band — and a pair of nude stockings.

    Mike just looked at it, dumbfounded. “You can’t mean that these things are for ME!” he said with a little more animation this time. “I’m no cross-dresser — you’ve got the wrong MAN, lady!”

    A finger on his lips quieted him down immediately. How did She gain such POWER over him?

    “Not only are you now a cross-dresser, my dear — you are becoming a sissy, too. Your body and mind are changing — even now. There is really nothing you can DO to resist it — the chemical is already coursing through your system, erasing Mike — creating Michelle.”

    Mike stood up — banging the chair against the wall as he stood. “NO! You can’t DO this to me,” he said with some authority.

    “SIT DOWN, Michelle,” the Mistress said with a firm tone. Mike sat down, unable somehow to resist.

    “You HAVE no choice, Michelle. I’ve already CHANGED you — it will simply take some time for it all to work out. You are becoming My girl!” She said … “And I am going to make such pretty changes in you.”

    Whatever She had put in my drink was making me light-headed. I was unable to think straight — what should I do?

    Sensing my disorientation, Mistress suggested that I go to the restroom to try on my new clothes. I knew I couldn’t DO that! So I ran away — or rather stumbled away — out the bar. I was going to leave THIS bitch behind.

    I didn’t feel good enough to drive, so I returned across the street to my office. Jamie was still there and I needed to have SOMEONE to help me out. “Jamie, I don’t feel so good,” I said as I stumbled into the office.

    She looked at me and quickly came over to help me to the couch. “Mike, what’s going on? Are you sick?”

    I told her the story of the woman I had met — all except the thing about the drug — even I didn’t fully believe that!

    Jamie just smiled at me and said, “Working overtime on your fantasies, I see!”

    “But Jamie,” I stammered, “there really WAS a Mistress.”

    Jamie put her finger to my mouth and for a second I became entranced again. “What are you doing?” I asked.

    “Just rest here and be quiet for awhile,” she said. “I’ll leave you alone to get some rest before you go home.”

    She gave me a kiss on the cheek, closed the door, turned out the light — and left me alone. I wished she could stay — Jamie is a dynamite little lady herself with looks that could probably KILL — if she ever dressed properly. Mike drifted off to sleep...

    When he awoke he had a terrible headache. “God! was this only a dream?” he thought. He got up to stretch and find the restroom and a box slipped out of his lap. He looked at it and recognized it as the box the Mistress had given him at the bar. He opened it to find the panties, garter and stockings. He had always liked the feel of silky lingerie. He took the box to the restroom — relieved himself — and for some reason, perhaps because he was all alone — he slipped out of his shorts — took off his shoes and socks — and slipped into the silky treasures. The panties fit just right! — as did the garter. He had a little trouble attaching the stockings to the tabs, but he finally got it. He walked out of the restroom the way he was, knowing that he was alone in the office — and then it HIT him! Where did the BOX come from? He had left it at the bar with that woman! In a panic he rushed back to the restroom to retrieve his pants, but found nothing there except his keys.

    He glanced at the clock which read 4:15 a.m. — and knew that he had to get out of there before the early birds got to the office in about an hour. But he had to first get to his car — which was a block away. He looked around the office, not thinking straight — never figuring out that SOMEONE had to be there WITH him since his pants were missing — but he found NOTHING and NO ONE. There was nothing for him to cover himself up with, so he tried to make his shirt go down as far as possible and headed for the elevator and his car.

    No one saw him — although he could have sworn that someone was always watching him. Two bums saw him on the street and made nothing of “another strange sight on the night streets.” He took his keys, started his car and headed for home hoping that he wouldn’t get stopped by the police or anyone. He pulled into his drive while the sun was beginning to peek over the horizon. A neighbor caught a glimpse of him without his pants — but with the shirt hanging low it looked like he just went outside without pants on. Mike quickly made his way to the bedroom and fell down on the bed.

    “What’s happening to me?” he wondered. It was only then that it occurred to him that someone was with him back at the office — THE MISTRESS! — it had to be! “I’m going to find that lady and have her ARRESTED,” he thought to himself — only to find himself again drifting off to sleep, still dressed in his panties and finery.

    While he slept he again focused on those hypnotic eyes of his Mistress, who, in his sleep, kept calling him Michelle.

The Stalker — Part Two

    When he awoke, Mike still felt groggy — and FUNNY. Here he was dressed in a shirt and panties, garter and stockings. “A shower will make me feel better,” he thought to himself.

    He took off the clothes, jumped in the shower only to find a pink razor by the soap tray. “That’s funny,” he thought… “I wonder if Julie’s been using my shower!” He washed, using the strange, but GOOD smelling soap. It made his skin feel so soft and tingly! Then for some reason, Mike lathered up his legs and shaved — never even thinking about what he was doing to himself. He didn’t need to worry about his chest or much of the rest of his body — he was a SMOOTH type — not a hairy type.

    Walking out of the shower, Mike took the full pink towel and dried himself off. “Pink towel! I wonder where THAT came from!” he mused. He walked across the bedroom and noticed that the window shade was up — “Oops!” He went quickly to lower it and noticed that a tall feminine figure was standing by the curb outside his house. He shook his head and closed his eyes, thinking he was seeing things. When he opened them again, she was gone.

    When he got to the dresser her receive ANOTHER shock for this new day. No underwear — or rather — no MALE underwear was in his drawers. He had no socks, no tee shirts, no shorts — NOTHING MALE. They were replaced with feminine items — all make out of nylon and lace and the seductive feel of satin. He went back to the window and peeked out. “She’s out there,” Mike thought to himself. “She’s changing me like She said!”

    He couldn’t go to work naked — and he CERTAINLY wasn’t going to go naked under his male suit, so he pulled out some underthings to wear. He ignored the brassières. “That’ll NEVER happen!” he promised. He pulled out a pink pair of satin panties — and he’d need SOMETHING to wear on his feet. He finally conceded that he needed a garter to hold up some stockings — ALL of them were nude in color. As he put them up his legs his cock began to stir. So smooth and silky they were. “This is DANGEROUS,” he thought to himself. Instead of a tee shirt, he put on a lacy camisole with pink flowers around the neck and bodice. He didn’t notice that it showed through his shirt, but then again — what could he do? He also didn’t notice that someone had shortened his slack by a good inch or two, allowing a great view of his stockinged ankles and legs.

    On his way to the door, the phone rang. “Hello, Michelle. Is my little girl having a good day?” It was the Mistress! She was watching him! It HAD to be her in the office — and it HAD to be her who replaced his male clothes with girly things. “Now listen here, lady,” Mike said — only to be cut off. “Shush now, Michelle! Just listen for a second while you feel the drug changing your body. Your skin feels so SOFT today, doesn’t it? Especially after you SHAVED so nicely for your Mistress.”

Christy Canyon Realistic Doll

    “What are you doing to me?” Mike asked in a panicked voice. “Why are you doing this?”

    “Michelle! Don’t think about such things. Just think about how you FEEL! While you were sleeping, I injected more of my magic into your system — and you didn’t even KNOW! Soon you’ll be my little girl — my sissy boy-toy!”

    “I WON’T,” I snapped at her. “Of COURSE you will, dear. Even as we speak the chemicals are changing your body. Did you put on a bra this morning, Michelle?”

    “I most certainly did not!” I snapped back.

    “No matter. you’ll be needing one soon enough. What kind of panties did you choose?”

    “None of your business, lady! I’m going to report you to the police”

    She laughed — and hung up. I noticed that my arm was sore — a SHOT? So were my hips! I walked out the door, looking around to see if She was there — and went to my car. I would report her to the police on my way to work.

Police Woman Doll

    At the police station I walked in and waited in line, sitting on a bench, until the officer could take my statement. “I’m being stalked,” I told him.

    “Calm down, sir!,” he said as he inspected the way I was dressed. “There’s this lady that is trying to make me into a girl! She is drugging me and has taken away all my male clothes — she calls me — she had broken into my house!” On and on I went like an incoherent idiot until the officer finally stopped me.

    “Listen, sir,” he said. “It’s none of my business what you like to do in your spare time, but don’t waste OUR time. Here you come — dressed in a lady’s outfit under your clothes. I can SEE the pink stuff through your shirt — and where’s your socks? Girl’s pantyhose?”

    “No sir,” I mumbled ashamed that he knew I was dressed in female attire under my clothes. “I’m not wearing pantyhose — just stockings.”

Nina Hartley Video Queen Fantasy Doll

    “Get the hell out of here,” he said. “And if you ever try this again on my watch, I’ll have you thrown into jail for perversion or something. Now get the hell out!”

    On my way back to the car I saw my Mistress. She was standing nearby with a smile on Her face — and a camera in her hand. I went to my office to get Jamies’ help. I guess I was quite a sight, because I drew MORE than a few strange glances at people I knew. As I walked I could feel the silky panties caressing my balls and ass. And the stockings pulled with each step — just a tinge, always reminding me that I had female clothing underneath my suit.

    “Jamie! You’ve GOT to help me!” I pleaded.

    “Listen Mike,” she said after listening to my story. “I don’t know what this whole thing is about, and quite frankly I think you’re pulling my chain. Actually, if there IS a woman trying to change you — then more power TO her. ANY change in YOU would be an improvement — ESPECIALLY if she erased your stupid male ego. Now I don’t care WHAT you dress in — just get the work done that we have to do. — Now GET TO IT!”

    I couldn’t believe she didn’t care! I went first to the bathroom and found that I had to remove the tabs from my stockings before I could pull my panties down. As I finished my business, I noticed small bumps on my hips. Shots? My hands went up to my breasts and I felt for something — but there was nothing there except some extremely sensitive nipples.

    I did my work, as Jamie had ordered. Before I went home she suggested that I wear a blouse or something to better show my sexy camisole off! She laughed and walked out the door while I sat there red-faced.

    On my way home, Mistress was there — following me. I wanted to stop and tell her to GO AWAY — but I was afraid of her. That’s right! I was actually becoming AFRAID of her. Neither Julie nor Scott were home — when I pulled into the drive.

    A note inside said that Scott was staying overnight at a friend’s house — and Julie would be back late. I poured a glass of milk and sat down on my chair — the milk tasted STRANGE!, but I drank it.

    And then I began feeling drowsy again — like I did at the bar. I was sort of in la-la-land when She appeared in front of me. “Are we making progress, Michelle?” she asked with a smile. Again, She was dressed in an ultra-short dress that showed a LOT of cleavage. And She smelled so good — and Her EYES — just drew me in.

    “That’s right, honey. Soon you will be mine — my girl! Why don’t we get you ready for bed, Michelle?” she asked.

    It must have been the milk, because I just nodded and went with her to the bedroom. She took off my clothes and folded my pants. “I bought you a NEW pair for the morning,” She said. “you’ll like them much better. They have a zipper ON THE SIDE! And Jamie was right about the blouse. I’ve brought you a WHITE one with little pearl buttons — and a lacy collar. It will show off your bra tomorrow quite well.”

    When She got me naked She told me to sit on the bed. Then She produced a ‘milking like’ machine that She attached to my breasts. When She turned on the machine it began sucking the flesh — causing my tits to stick out momentarily. “We’re going to have to do this OFTEN,” Mistress said. “Soon you’re going to have the prettiest titties in the world!”

    I don’t know why I couldn’t speak — or DO something. I just felt like PUTTY in her hands. Before She dressed me in my pink babydoll nightie with matching pink panties, She gave me some more shots. “Those drugs are really something!” she laughed. “You KNOW, of course, that there’s no turning back. They are ALREADY making you a girl!” I just let Her inject me — and then dress me.

    I fell asleep with headphones over my ears and soft music and soft voices in the background. And in my dreams I saw a pretty girl dressed to look like a hooker — and she was begging a Mistress to teach her how to suck cock.

The Stalker — Part Three

Smart Ass Love Doll

    Mike had some of the strangest dreams he ever had — especially since he had met his ‘unnamed Mistress.’ As he awoke, he still held on to an amazing, but yet erotic, image. He was dressed in a tight pair of hot pants with stockings accenting his smooth legs. His ass was curved provocatively, helped by red high heeled shoes that had at least 5" heels. His breasts were enormous — AND sensitive. He wore a sheer feminine tee shirt of sorts; it looked like a male tee shirt, but with red bows at the low cut bodice. Under the tee shirt he did NOT wear a bra. His nipples were excited by the sight of a huge cock poised at his mouth. The head of the cock pressed against his painted lips — he tried to resist, but the voice of his daughter was urging him on to “open up and take it in.” Confused, he looked up and saw Julie — nude — with her lovely, young breasts standing out proudly as can be — heaving, as she thrust her massive cock into her father’s mouth. She made him suck and lick her while she berated him for becoming a sissy whore. The scene was as incredible as it was arousing. She was about to fill his mouth with her cum when he awoke — shaken at the image in his mind.

    He looked down and saw that he was INDEED wearing the baby doll nightie his Mistress had dressed him in the night before. “This can’t be really HAPPENING,” he thought —but as he stood up, the frills of his babydoll panties assured him that he had indeed lost control. Looking down at his feet he now saw red nails — BRIGHT red nails, accenting his now feminine feet.

    In the bathroom he showered — and shaved — and began examining himself closely in the mirror. His face look DIFFERENT. His eyebrows had been shaped somehow while he slept! They were arched and thin as a pencil — ‘quite feminine looking’, he thought! There were more bumps — evidence of new injections. He felt his skin which seem different today — softer somehow! And he touched his nipples. They HURT! — AND they were a bit red and swollen.

    There were several pills on the sink, and, not knowing exactly why, he felt compelled to take the medicine. And then he went to get dressed. Panties!!! That’s all he had in his underwear drawer — panties and bras and frilly things that belonged in a woman’s dresser— not his. He selected a pair of black panties today — and he began fingering a black bra that matched. “NO!” he thought. “I am a MAN! I am NOT going to let Her DO this to me!”

    He looked for a shirt, only to find he had none. In his closet were two items only — a pair of white slacks with pink flowers embroidered on a fake back pocket, and a white blouse with scalloped pink trim. He put the blouse on — only to find that the material, soft and silky as it was, really irritated his nipples. No matter how he moved, they made his breasts HURT!. He looked at the black bra he had fondled earlier and decided to see if that would act as a shield to protect his sensitive tits. It did! He put the blouse back on and felt — well — GOOD! He really wasn’t even aware that the bra was slightly padded and added shape to his beginning feminine form.

    His slacks were a different matter. First he put on his garter and stockings, increasing the growing erotic feeling that was enveloping him. But the slacks — they were SO FEMININE! — and they did nothing to hide the small garter tabs poking through the thin material of the pants. The worse part though was that they zipped on the side. There were no pockets — and they came a full 3" above his ankles. They tapered off at the ankles giving him a — FEMININE shape. But because there was nothing else to wear — and he certainly wasn’t going to wear the babydoll to work! — he decided to wear what he had on. Funny — a couple of days ago he wouldn’t have MADE that decision.

    He walked into the kitchen to get a drink and Julie almost shrieked. “Daddy! What are you WEARING? What’s going ON?”

    Michelle blushed, immediately realizing how shocked his daughter must be to see her father wearing obvious female clothing. “Is that a BRA you’re wearing? What are you DOING?” she demanded from him.

    Mike tried to calm his daughter down telling her to sit at the table. She did. He told her the bizarre tale from the beginning — at least as much as made sense to him.

    “So where IS this so-called Mistress of yours?” Julie demanded. “You know what I think, daddy? I think the ‘old man’ has become a FAIRY! You’re a fucking PERVERT!” Julie had completely lost control and Michelle was now openly crying. But even while he cried, an odd thing came over him.

    As he stared at his enraged daughter who was continuing her diatribe against her father, he began to get turned on. The images of her nude body and hard cock that he had in his dream flooded his mind and, as he began to flush with the images, he took on an enormous erection — something Julie did not miss at all.

Teri Love Doll

    “What’s this? My sissy dad is getting a hard-on for his daughter?” Mike tried to divert her accusation only to find that the more he looked at her, the more aroused he seemed to be getting. “I’m getting the hell OUT of here,” Julie shouted. She slammed out the door too angry to cry — and too out-of-control to make any sense of what she had seen.

    Michelle, on the other hand, found her hands massaging her erection through her new tight slacks. Suddenly, the kitchen door swung open again and he was about to try and console his daughter when he heard a familiar, sexy voice. “Don’t WE look pretty today?”

    “Mistress — you’ve got to STOP this! I BEG you! Don’t put me THROUGH this!” She laughed in his face while walking up to him, again stealing his soul through her hypnotic gaze. “you’re MINE, Michelle. LOOK at you! My special medicine is already turning you into a little sissy male — or should I say, sissy FEMALE!” She began to tweak his nipples through his bra, causing him a great deal of pain. “TELL me, Michelle. Who do you BELONG to? Tell me?” she taunted.

    Michelle put her hands to her ears and ran out the door — hearing the laughter of his Mistress in the background.

Devon’s Futurotic Pleasure Doll

    At work, Jamie was soon to call Mike into her office. “Things are really getting WIERD with you, aren’t they, Mike?” she accused. “LOOK at you!! you’re wearing a bra that can clearly be seen under a frilly blouse — you’ve got female slacks — pantyhose — or, excuse me — STOCKINGS, isn’t it? What about the MAKEUP?” Michelle tearfully begged Jamie to believe her story about the mysterious Mistress. The only thing Jamie was interested in was the work that Mike seemed to be slacking off on.

    “If you don’t straighten yourself out, I’m going to have to FIRE you,” she threatened. Michelle begged her not to, promising to do ANYTHING if she gave him another chance.

    “Then take that stupid bra off,” Jamie ordered. “It’s INSULTING to see a queer wear something he doesn’t need — OR deserve.”

    “But Jamie,” Michelle begged, “my tits are so sensitive that it was the only thing that helped. Even my BLOUSE hurt my tits.”

    Jamie demanded that Mike remove the bra and show her his tits. Actually, she was beginning to get turned on by this whole ‘dominating scene.’ Michelle slipped off her blouse and fumbled with the back latches of the bra. Jamie came around her to help and released him from his padded protection. He was RIGHT! His tits DID look inflamed.

    “They look just like MINE did when I began growing breasts,” Jamie said with a curious tone. “Are you taking hormones?”

    Michelle, in tears, blabbed something about the shots the Mistress was giving him in his sleep.

    “Nice try, Mike — but it won’t work with me. Put your bra back on and get to work.” The rest of the day was tense, if not horny for BOTH Jamie and Michelle.

    He saw Her again at noon — standing outside with Her camera — waiting for him. And after work She was there as well — waiting for him by the front entrance of the firm.

    “Want a drink?” She cooed. he felt compelled to follow her to his bar — and they sat down at the same table they had met in a few days before. “You’re coming along NICELY, Michelle,” Mistress chimed. “Why — you’re already starting to grow your breasts!”

    “How long are you going to DO this to me?” whined Mikey.

    “Oh my pretty little sissy! I plan to go ALL THE WAY with you. You’re going to be my little STREET WHORE and work off the money I’ve been spending on you!”

    “What do you MEAN?” asked Michelle. “Why, you don’t think these drugs and clothes cost NOTHING, do you? I’ve spent a lot of money on you already — and you’re going to work every penny back — AND MORE.” I was being set up to become a prostitute — a WHORE! “Before long, the medicine will make you more female than male — in fact, the only male thing that will be LEFT on you will be that ridiculous little thing you call a cock. We’ll leave that there — for the moment!”

    She handed me some more pills — and promised that I would be having “an interesting new experience tonight.” I didn’t like the sound of THAT at ALL.

    Embarrassment? I guess I’ve been too wrapped up in the whole experience to feel much of that — although I began to feel PLENTY of it when the guys at the bar got a good look at me. The things they said to me were worse than the pinches and the cheap ‘feels’ they copped. And then when I had to go to the restroom — they insisted I go to the Girl’s Room. “We don’t allow queers into the Men’s Room,” they said.

    I went home — Mistress with me. Julie was not at home — a note on the table said She would call me when she had this whole thing worked out in her mind.

    Mistress began to undress me and get me into something more comfortable. As She went to my closet, I was astounded at all the female clothing hanging there — many of the items being skirts and dresses. She dressed me in my first summer dress — SHORT, it was — a full 8 inches above my knees.

    “How am I supposed to keep everyone from seeing my panties?” I asked with a sulk.

    “Work on it,” She said with a sneer.

    She dressed me — after giving me my shots and putting me on the breast machine for a half-hour. Since morning, I already had some flesh mounding around my ever more sensitive nipples. “After you suck your first cock, I’ll tell you my name,” She said with a laugh.

    “Who’s going to suck cock?” I asked.

    “Why, Michelle! YOU are, of course — and sooner than you think. Didn’t it seem nice to suck cock in your dream last night?” How did She know about THAT?, I wondered.

    She fed me — lectured me — put me in my babydolls — put the headphones on me — and put me to bed. “By morning,” She taunted, “You will no longer be a virgin!” As I drifted off to sleep, I wondered what She meant.

The Stalker — Part Four

    I was sleeping soundly when a noise in the other room woke me up. I knew it wouldn’t be Julie, since she had promised not to come home until she had worked my ‘problem’ out in her own mind. The noise repeated itself. “I wonder if it’s Scott,” he thought. “I haven’t seen him since this whole nightmare began!”

Black Latex Corselet

    Michelle put on her pink slippers and coyly peeked into the other room. she was SHOCKED at what she saw! There in the living room was a lovely virginal sight that was unbelievable. There was a young, half-naked girl curled up on the couch. She was dressed only in what looked like a corset which barely covered her large tits, panties, and garter with stockings. She had long blondish hair — just like Scott! In fact — she LOOKED like Scott!

    “Who ARE you?” asked Mikey in a timid voice. “What are you doing in my house?”

    The girl answered in what seemed to be a voice that belonged to his son. “Please don’t come any closer! Please go away!”

    Michelle turned on the lamp — and there curled up on the sofa was — HIS SON! “LOOK at you! What has She done to you?” Scott was crying and in a fetal type of position and ‘dad’ came over to console him. “It’s going to be all right, Scott!”

    “It’ll NEVER be all right, dad,” Scott said as he opened his eyes and caught the first glimpse of his father in babydoll pj’s — looking much like the feminized male Scott had been only a couple of days before. “Dad! Has She gotten to YOU, too?”

    They embraced and cried as they both began to understand the game that was afoot. They had BOTH been captured by the lovely Mistress who had orchestrated this unusual reunion. As they hugged, Michelle couldn’t help but feel the heaving breasts of his son. As their soft skin intermingled, both began to become aroused in a way they had never experienced. Scott began to caress his father’s small, but sensitive chest while his dad began to fondle a growing erection in his son’s panties. Soon the erotic dance took on a life of its own.

    It didn’t matter who was the first to initiate the kiss — but their now soft lips crushed each others as they innately understood the feelings each other was going through. Dad was soon releasing his sons heavy breasts from their corseted confinement; he began to devour those lovely breasts while his son moaned in feminine pleasure. The only uncomfortable portion for the both were the panties that were now too small to hold the raging erections.

    As dad continued to play with his son’s tits, Scott began to fondle his dad’s huge cock. Drops of precum were gathered on his painted fingers and raised to his father’s lips — tasting the male juice for the first time. Then, as though magnetically driven to a force greater than their minds, their head both began to sink toward the male member of the other. Soon, painted mouths were devouring each other’s hot dicks in a love dance that was too strange. As dad furiously sucked and pumped the hard member of his son, he felt the hidden talents of his son’s mouth. Scott was the first to cum — filling his dad’s mouth until the cum seeped out the sides, spilling down his face. dad soon followed as son greedily drank in the erotic gift of his father.

    Scott, being younger and more virile hardly grew soft at all. Still in the heat of passion he flipped his father onto his backside, raising his legs high above his head. In one swift motion he drove his steel hard cock deep into his father’s virgin ass — even as his dad raised a horrid cry of pain and passion. He thrust into his father over and over until they were both panting and moaning in pain and pleasure. His ass now filled with cum, even while the taste was still fresh in his mouth, Michelle cuddled up with his son and they fell asleep there — on the carpet by the couch.

    “Wake up, sleepy head,” a cheerful voice said to him, rousing him from his sleep. Michelle woke with a start and quickly took inventory of where he was. Scott was nowhere to be seen — and HE was back in bed, dressed in his babydolls as though nothing happened. Perhaps it was all a dream — like the weird dream he had the night before about Julie.

    He moved — and when he felt how sore his mouth and ass were — somehow he KNEW that is was NOT a dream — it was real! “Where’s my son? What have you DONE with him?” Michelle asked.

    “He’s — or I should say, SHE’S in a safe place. she will bring in a lot of money, that one. By the way — her name is no longer Scott! She is called Missy.”

    “What have You DONE to him, Mistress?” Michelle asked. “Why — that magic solution has given you a SHEMALE as a boy,” She laughed, quite amused with Herself. “Is that what’s going to happen to me?” Michelle asked, almost afraid to hear the answer. “What give you the RIGHT to come in here and destroy people’s lives?” I asked my Mistress. “What have we ever done TO YOU?”

Big John Doll

    “Oh, my dear! You have done NOTHING to me — and nothing FOR me YET! Enough chatter. Let’s get you dressed.” I threw off my pj’s only to notice that I now had breasts that were at LEAST C cups — they were HUGE! “What have you given me?” I inquired. “Why are they growing so fast?”

    “Magic, my dear!” Mistress said. “It’s the same thing I’ve been giving your son. He started out only two days ahead of you — isn’t that something? It’s a new substance — experimental — but highly effective it seems. Looks like it turned YOU into a girl in less than a WEEK!” I began to cry, knowing that Mistress was correct. “By the way — you can call me Rebecca. Either just Mistress — or Rebecca will be fine!” She said with a huge smile. “I thought that after all we’ve been through, you should know who it IS who owns you. By the way, would you like a tape of the orgy you and Missy had last night?”

    “You taped it?” I asked.

    “Yeah, I did! A little insurance — or something like that. Now I can show anyone I like that you’ve become — a COCKSUCKER! Tell me — I want to hear it come out of your own mouth — TELL me that you are a cocksucker — a cocksucker who has taken his OWN BOY — in his mouth.”

    With tears steaming down my cheeks I said the words; She had won — “I am a cocksucker,” I said. I couldn’t get away from Her even if I TRIED. I was caught — hunted and mounted by a Mistress far more superior than anyone I had ever known. She had watched my every step and knew my every weakness. She was turning me into a girl — even as She had my own son; She made trapped me into becoming a cocksucker — and now She was going to turn me into Her street whore.

    “By the way, Michelle — you might like to know that you were FIRED yesterday.” I moaned, but knew it to be true — even without having to see the evidence. “I guess you’ll have to find OTHER ways to pay your bills now. I wonder what we can DO?” She was laughing at my predicament.

    “You’ll probably put me out on the streets like you said.”

    “Why — that’s a BRILLIANT idea, Michelle! Trouble is — that it is also a DANGEROUS idea. Imagine YOU — a shapely lovely boy-toy out on the streets by herself! No — I think you need some HELP — some PARTNERS.”

    “What are You getting at?” I asked — getting more hesitant by the moment.

    “I’m glad you asked, Michelle — DEAR! YOU’RE going to recruit some help for your nnew duties. We’re going to make it a FAMILY business!”

    “You can’t mean my SON! — I won’t DO it!”

    “No, no! Your son is already spoken for. What I have in mind for you is more delicious — more wicked — more exciting! you’re going to pull your lovely daughter and ex-wife into your little web. It will be the THREE of you — just like the old days — you’ll be FAMILY again!” She was laughing so hard at that one that She began to cry.

    I vowed inwardly that it would never be — even as She attached me to my breast pump, put the ear phones on me, injected me, and got me ready for my next adventure. As the pump worked on my ever-growing breasts, the music and words that played mind-games with my brain were doing their duty. She won! I had been captured — and I would soon capture my daughter and ex-wife for Her NEXT amusement.

The Stalker — Part Five

Nancy Nurse Doll

    I don’t know how long the music played — but I must have been on the breast pump for at least a couple of hours this time. The pump made my breasts tingle — AND grow. “How big are you planning to make me?” I asked.

    “Oh, I really have no control over that — but with what I’ve seen in your son, I wouldn’t be surprised if you topped out at about a 40" bustline. Delicious, isn’t it?” Rebecca was laughing again — that wicked laugh.

    “Oh, by the way, sweetie, I’ve arranged a little get-together this evening with Julie and Sandy,” Mistress said. “I told them that I was a counselor — and that it would be advantageous to you if we met together over here to work out your little problem.”

    “I didn’t HAVE a problem until YOU came along,” I said with a bit of anger in my voice.

    “Do we have to work with your ATTITUDE, Michelle? I simply won’t have a disrespectful young lady working for me!” She said in a rather strong tone.

    “You’ve manipulated me and my family in a cruel way,” I said to Her. “You can’t just come in a ruin people’s lives the way You do.”

    “But darling!, I CAN — and what’s more — I HAVE!” She said as She approached me. “YOU, darling, have a bad attitude for a sissy, slutty girl.” She began to look deeply into my eyes again. “I think it’s time to do some ADJUSTING here.”

    She handed me a glass of milk — had me drink it — and soon the concoction began to mellow me like it did the first time we met. “Look into my eyes, my love. Look deeply into my eyes. You’re getting lost in my beauty — lost to my control. You are being driven deeper and deeper into my web of sin — and there is no way out.” She put me under her spell again — and then gave me some post-hypnotic suggestions that I anytime I felt that I was becoming aggressive with Her or with any other female, I would have a deep craving for a spanking. “You want to be spanked, don’t you, Michelle?” She asked. I nodded as if in a dream state. The next thing I knew, I was draped over Her lap with my panties down by my ankles getting a sound spanking like I hadn’t had since I was a child. Real tears rolled down my face as I promised to behave and obey.

    The rest of the day She spent teaching me how to conduct myself as a female. My biggest problem is giving everyone a ‘free show’ every time I sit down. Every time I complained, I felt the urge to ask for a spanking — and She complied. By supper time my ass was sore, but I had made some feminine progress.

Island Babe Love Doll

    I took a bath to get ready for Sandy and Julie. Rebecca made sure I shaved my little pubic mound into the shape of a lovely heart. “To show your LOVE for me,” She said. I couldn’t believe that my breasts had grown since morning. They bounced so seductively with every step I took that I had a continual hardon just by feeling my boobs bounce.

    Mistress dressed me Herself. White satin panties with rows of ruffles made a mockery of anything that remained male in me. My waist had already shrunk to a respectable 28". Mistress said I only had another 5" to shave off by next week. She put a white satin garter belt around my waist — with sheer silky nylons (roses up the sides) making my legs look lean and feminine. A demi bra held up my breasts, allowing my nipples to be exposed through whatever blouse Mistress would make me wear.

    She placed a pretty leather collar around my neck with rings on either side — and locked it in place with pink padlocks. Then She made up my face to look sweet and virginal — finally spraying me with ‘special perfume’ that would enhance the affect of the drugs She would give my ex-wife and daughter. I couldn’t believe it when She pulled out a white, satin MAIDS uniform for me to dress in. The bodice was so low that most of my tits were exposed — and if I bent over my nipples would be clearly seen. The skirt was so short that my ruffled panties peeked out with every step I took. 6" pumps made me almost as tall as my Mistress — but that didn’t matter. I was told to wait in the kitchen until summoned. She placed the headphones on me and made me listen to the music while She ‘got the show on the road.’

    It was about an hour later that I was summoned. Rebecca had greeted my ex-wife, Sandy and Julie at the door — offered them some drinks — and had them pretty well under control by the time She got to me. “Come in and say hello to your wife and daughter,” she said with a coy look on Her face. “They’re READY for you!”

    I walked gingerly into the room to see both girls staring at me in unbelief. I curtsied (for some reason) and knelt down at their feet.

    “Why DADDY!” Julie said, “You look absolutely BEAUTIFUL!”

    My wife agreed, giggling into her drink.

Doc Johnson Pussy Galore Doll

    “When did you get the urge to become a sissy?” Sandy wanted to know. “You never showed THAT side to me.”

    I stumbled through some sort of nonsense and simply bowed my head. Mistress then said something: “You look like ONE SEXY FAMILY!” And with that the whole scene began to change.

    My breasts started tingling — and my cock got awful hard in my little sissy panties. Sandy turned flush and was staring down at my breasts — ALL of them! Julie began feeling herself through her tight jeans. “Get a little closer to your girls,” Mistress commanded me. I got up on the couch and the perfume began its work. Julie began lightly caressing my legs — fondling my cock through the satin panties. Sandy planted a seductive kiss on my lips.

    “Wouldn’t you all feel better — in the bedroom?” Mistress suggested. Sandy took the initiative and led the way, removing her clothing as fast as she walked. Julie stayed long enough to get out of her tight jeans and blouse — joining her parents with only a tight pair of panties on her lovely young body. Sandy took charge and had Michelle take off her dress and bra and lay down on the bed for them. Mistress had made sure that there were some ‘extra items’ ready for them when they got there. Sandy knew what to do with the wrist restraints and ties as she secured ‘dad’ to the bed. Then as he watched, Sandy did a wicked number on her daughter — making her daughter lick her pussy until she came for the first time. As mother and daughter made love, dad was chained to the bed with a raging hardon. Julie finally took pity and pulled his cock out of his silly, white panties. She lowered herself onto his cock and began riding him for all she was worth while Sandy began to devour her ex-husband’s huge breasts. The orgy went on for an hour — long enough for Rebecca to call it to a halt. She flipped the newly recorded video into the machine and amusingly watched the reaction of the family as they saw themselves making love to each other. Sandy and Julie were in tears — especially when they saw the lovely action that Michelle and Scott had engaged in the day before.

Hustler Street Slut Inflatable Sex Doll

    That was several months ago. Today three young, delicious looking broads are working the corner of East 30th and Prospect. They are all hookers — all beautiful — and each one of them is able to fuck the brains out of a mule. One is different, however. Beneath her tight mini skirt and panties there remains a 7" cock — the last remnants of what was ONCE — Mike’s male dominated family.


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