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By Kim

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    Martyn stared at the clothes on the bed in disbelief. There were two outfits laying there. One consisted of a black leather bikini set covered in gleaming metal studs. The two parts of the garment were joined together by lengths of chain, which had wrist shackles attached. The top had a built in leather collar, ornamented with a ring of small spikes.

    The other outfit was similar, except it was for a male. In place of the bikini top there was a separate long sleeve glove. It was the type that held the two arms together in one sleeve and ran from the wrists to past the elbows. It too came with a spiked dog collar attached to the sleeve by a length of chain.

    “Emily, what on earth are these for?” he called out to his wife who was in the other bedroom. “They are for the fancy costume party we are going to tonight, don’t you remember?” she called back. He had forgotten. He hadn’t wanted to go but his wife had pleaded with him and eventually he had agreed, much against his better judgement. That was several weeks ago and now there was no going back on his word. “But Emily we can’t go dressed like this, surely,” he said to his wife as she came into the room. “Why ever not Martyn, it’ll be a good laugh, us two slaves together,” she replied. “I am not wearing stuff like that,” he growled. “Look, don’t be a spoil sport, they were the last outfits left in the shop, so there is no point in arguing.”

    “Well, I’ll wear the things if you will, but I’ll not put on the glove,” he said. “Don’t be silly darling,” she scolded “look it’s not real, it’s got a velcro fastener down both sides. You could pull it off any time you liked.” She demonstrated it to him, so he eventually agreed to wear it. Emily began by taking all her clothes off and then wriggling into the tight leather bikini. The collar velcroed into place and her hands pushed through the plastic shackles. “There, how do I look?” she asked. Martyn was transfixed. He had never seen his wife in such erotic clothes before. “You can be my slave any time you like,” he drooled.

    “Now hurry up and get your outfit on.” He complied readily enough, but had trouble getting the tight leather trunks on as the sight of his wife had given him a considerable erection. Eventually, after it had subsided, he managed, but could then not get the glove on by himself. “It goes behind you, silly,” laughed his wife. “Ok, you put it on for me then,” Martyn said, turning round and putting his arms together. He could feel the sleek leather tube slide up above the elbows. He suddenly felt very vulnerable with his arms tightly secured behind him, as his wife clipped the collar round his neck. “You look terrific,” she complimented him.

    “I guess I will have to drive,” she said, pulling her hands from their pretend shackles. She slipped on a coat and some shoes and then did the same for Martyn. She walked him down the stairs and out to the garage. It was already dark as they left the house. “I hope nobody sees us,” he muttered as he climbed into the passenger seat. “It’s not far darling,” she told him as they drove off.

    “It’s getting uncomfortable in this glove I think I take it off till we get there.” He tried to pull the glove off but couldn’t, and being held in place by the seat belt didn’t help any. “Don’t struggle Martyn, you won’t be able to do it in the confines of the car. You will just have to wait till we get there.” They drove in silence for a time. “I thought you said it was close,” he moaned. “Not far now darling,” she replied.

    They had driven a good way into the country before they came to a large house, set back from the road by a long driveway. The front gates were enormous wrought iron affairs that would have looked more in keeping at a prison Martyn thought, as they swept through them. He looked back to see them closing behind them. What about the other guests he thought. Maybe the gates opened and closed automatically as cars came near. It was funny though, he hadn’t seen them open, just close behind them as they came through. His thoughts were interrupted by the car coming to a stop outside the impressive front door of the house. “Here we are lover,” she said and got out of the car and went round to his side to help him out.

    The front door of the house opened and out stepped a young woman dressed in a nurse’s uniform. “This way,” she said turning to lead the way. “The changing facility is through there,” she said pointing to a door leading away from the large front hall. They walked through into a brightly lit changing room. It reminded Martyn of a show girl’s dressing room. There was a dressing table, complete with large mirror surrounded by several light bulbs. All along one wall were wardrobes of female clothes. The rest of the room was covered exclusively in floor to ceiling mirrors. “What a strange place to bring us to,” he said to Emily. “I feel like I’m in a film star’s bedroom.” Emily pulled the coat from his shoulders and casually dropped it on the floor, she then bent down and removed his shoes. “Now sit down and let me finish off your outfit,” she told him.

    Puzzled he sat down in front of the brightly lit mirror. His arms were in the way, so she swung them round the back of the chair. He heard a small click behind him and tried to lift his arms up, but they wouldn’t move. “What’s going on,” he demanded. “Oh nothing dear, I’ve just secured your arms out of the way, that’s all.” “What do you mean you’ve secured my arms?” he asked incredulously. She ignored him and stroked her hand along his chin. She leant over to the dresser and picked up a jar. She scooped out some of the cream and began to smooth it into his chin, chest and under his arms. “What the hell are you doing?” he almost shouted. Without replying she bent down and buckled his legs to the chair with the convenient leather belts that were part of the chairs fitments.

Chasey Lain Inflatable Fantasy Playmate

    Martyn tried to stand up but was securely held by the bound glove and the leg straps. He then tried to pull the glove apart but found it impervious to his efforts. “Sorry darling, I switched gloves when you turned round. This one is definitely for real. It doesn’t come off until I say so,” she giggled. “In God’s name why?” he shouted. “You can shout all you like, this room, indeed this whole house is sound proofed. And anyway, there is no one to rescue you even if they wanted to. But I’ve had enough of answering your questions.” So saying she opened a draw and pulled out an inflatable mouth gag. She deftly pushed it into his mouth and gave it five quick pumps. Martyn’s tongue was squashed flat to the floor of his mouth and his jaws spread apart by the bulbous gag. He could feel the tendons of his jaw creaking at the sudden tension placed on them. He tried to push it out of his mouth, but it was firmly wedged in place. He then tried to shake it out but all that did was to bounce the pump across his chest. He tried to shout but all that came out was a muffled hiss.

Glenda, the Perfect 10 Deluxe Fantasy Love Doll

    “Now here is the score darling. For the last year or so I have become increasingly bitter about the nature of our roles in this marriage. It seems to me that whilst we both hold down full time jobs, I am still expected to come home and do all the housework, the cooking, pay for all the food and act as general dogs body. When all that is done I am then expected to be your sex toy and perform on demand any of your many and varied fantasies. Well I’ve had enough. The last straw was your refusal to get in a home help. You said I was coping well enough without any outsiders. So now we’ve come to this. Through a friend of a friend I discovered this establishment. It is through them that I intend to get my home help. In fact I’ve decided what I need is a maid. A maid who will obey my every whim and fancy. When we have finished you’re only wish will be to serve me in any way I think best.”

Alexa’s Essensual Elements Vibrating Love Doll

    He stared at her in astonishment. Unable to speak he just shook his head from side to side. “Oh but you will my darling, you will, you can be sure of that,” she said. “Now let’s see, the cream should have done its thing by now.” She proceeded to wipe it off with a towel and as she did so all of his hair came away with it. His chin and chest were now baby smooth and hairless. “This should last for about a week, then we can see about some more. Oh by the way, I’ve phoned your boss and told him that you’ve been taken ill and the doctor has told you to stay in bed for a fortnight. That should be enough to complete your preliminary training.” So saying she turned and left the room. He stared after angry and dumbstruck, which was just as well because the gag effectively silenced any reply that he might have ventured.

    A short while later the young woman in the nurse’s outfit came in carrying a tray. She placed it down in front of Martyn on the dressing table. She removed the cloth covering it to reveal some glass ampoules and a syringe. She went round the back of the chair and released a catch. The chair back tipped backwards through thirty degrees and Martyn found himself looking up into the face of the young nurse. “You nancy boys. I don’t know why you go through these humiliations. How much are you paying them to put you through this? You ought to be ashamed of yourself. A grown man wanting to become a bimbo. You should go out and get a proper girlfriend to put you right, show you what its for,” she said, leaning down and gently squeezing his penis through the leather trunks. “Still each to there own I suppose,” she said and tugged down his trunks to his thighs. Martyn was helpless to prevent her and blushed a deep shade of red with acute embarrassment. Unable to speak he couldn’t shout out and tell her he was normal, that this was all a ghastly trap set by his vengeful wife.

    She slowly filled the syringe from one of the ampoules and swabbing the area with alcohol, injected him just above the base of his penis. Martyn was thankful that it didn’t hurt in any way, but he was concerned at what it was gong to do. She repeated the process again, but this time the target was just below the adam’s apple. “Ok that’s all done, I guess I’ll see you next when the plastic surgeon has done her stuff,” she said laughing, as she gathered up her tray and left.

    Emily, his wife, reappeared but this time with another woman carrying a case, which she placed on the table. “Those two injections were the start of your training. The first prevents you from obtaining an erection, and it remains that way until an antidote is administered. The second affects your vocal chords such that they rise one or two octaves. It too is permanent until the antidote is administered,” Martyn’s mind raced in confusion and alarm, but he could do nothing to alter the situation. She leant forward and released the mouth gag. The relief was enormous as he gulped in large breaths of fresh air. “Look, please, Emily stop all this nonsense and let me go,” he panted. He was startled to realise that it sounded like someone else speaking. A young girl’s voice had come out. He tried to lower his voice but all that happened was it now came out sexy, like a woman trying to seduce someone.

    “Perfect!” shrieked Emily “He sounds just like some horny little eighteen year old,” she gloated. “Now let’s try the other test.” So saying she removed her coat. She was still wearing the slaves outfit and she pushed her hands back into the shackles. “Oh Mistress I’ve been a naughty girl, please punish me,” she said in an adopted submissive lilt. The other woman took off her glasses. “Come here slave,” she ordered in a mock tone of dominance. Emily went over to her so that they were both standing in front of Martyn. The woman slid her hands into the waist band of Emily’s leather bikini bottoms and roughly tugged them down to her knees and then let them go. They fell to the floor and Emily stepped out of them, shivering in anticipation. “Spread those legs bitch,” she ordered. Emily closed her eyes and obeyed. From his lowered position Martyn got a perfect view of the woman’s fingers as they were thrust violently in and out of his wife’s vagina. After only five or six thrusts Emily’s body shuddered with an orgasm. The woman withdrew her hand and then held it up to Emily’s mouth “Now lick your pussy juice off my fingers,” she ordered. Emily’s tongue snaked out and consumed the slipperiness. The woman then leaned forward and gave her a long deep French kiss. Martyn could see their tongues licking at each other greedily.

    All through this Martyn had felt a deep fluttering roll in his belly as lust had overtaken him. He had never felt so turned on in his life, as he watched this strange woman dominate his wife. After a short while he had begun to sense a dull growing pain in his testicles as his penis had refused to erect. By the time his wife was French kissing the other woman, the pain had become unbearable. Finally he had begged them to stop, but all that came out was this breathy young girls voice, sounding for all the world like she was deeply excited. Then unexpectedly he had begun to cry. They both turned to look at his crotch and then his tears, and then turned and smiled at each other.

    “Perhaps I should have mentioned my dear, but those jabs will also upset your hormonal balance a little bit. You will find you are now much more emotional than you were. You will cry much more easily and your sense of humiliation and embarrassment will be greatly amplified. Still it will be all the more realistic won’t it. You being a drippy little eighteen year old bimbo, who is just coming to terms with her new body,” she said laughingly.

    The other woman went over to one of the wardrobes and came back with some leg stirrups, which she attached to the chair. She cut his leather trunks away and threw them on the floor. One at time his legs were transferred to the outstretched stirrups. He was left in the undignified position of a woman about to give birth. From her case she took out a hair trimmer and proceeded to remove all his pubic hair. She then rubbed in some of the depilatory cream to finish off the job. Then she took out a false pubic mound made of flesh coloured latex, complete with pubic hair and the outer lips of a female sex organ. She carefully inserted his limp penis into its inner sheath and then proceeded to glue the rubber prosthetic into place. After her handy work it would have taken a gynaecologist to detect that it wasn’t a real female organ. “The pee-hole now functions like a woman’s, you will have to sit down to pee, sweetee,” she said to him. All through this had come the plaintive pleas of “Don’t…please don’t,” from a scared eighteen year old girls voice.

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Christy Canyon Realistic Doll

    Next came a pair of highly realistic silicon filled latex breasts. These too were glued into place. They hung heavy on his chest and rolled about languidly, just like the real thing. “Quite a little stunner aren’t we?” his wife teased. “This is surgical glue. It takes a special solvent to get them off, so once again you keep them till I say otherwise.” The other woman closed her case and after giving Emily a passionate kiss she turned to leave. Then she turned back and gave Martyn a gentle caress on his new pubic mound. The soft latex transferred the touch through to the sensitive penis inside. Martyn involuntarily moved his pelvis with the hand and let out a little girlish sigh. She removed her hand and smiled “My, what a wonderfully willing subject you are. Girlie, you’ll go a long way,” Martyn was mortified at his own bodies reaction and blushed a deep crimson of utter shame. He turned his face away and the tears began to roll delicately down his cheeks again.

    “Oh please Emily don’t do this to me, I’ll do anything you ask of me, just let me be normal again…please I beg you,” he said in his coquettish little voice. His wife roared with laughter at his contrition. The door opened and in came yet another woman with a case. She set it down in front of Martyn and turned to look at him. She whistled “Boy have they done a number on you little girl. You are going to be the sweetest little girlie you ever saw.” So saying she opened her bag to reveal make-up and a wig. The wig was black hair with a shoulder length bob cut. She began to expertly comb his hair and then smoothed it flat with a brush. She then took the wig and applied some of the surgical glue to its base. She pressed it onto his head and then brushed it into place. Martyn now had a perfect teenage girls head of hair. A head band completed the effect. Next she applied appropriate make-up for a young servant girl. Bright red lipstick, a dusting of blusher, light brown eyeshadow and a touch of mascara. He was now so baby faced he didn’t need any powder or foundation. It was finished off with a dab of perfume behind the ears and between his breasts.

Nina Hartley Video Queen Fantasy Doll

    When she had finished they untied his legs and tilted him back into the upright position so that he could look into the mirror. Staring back at him was a gorgeously sexy young girl flaunting her full, voluptuous breasts. He couldn’t help feeling both appalled and elated. Appalled at what they had done to him, but elated at such a sight of a beautiful young girl. The sight of the naked girl was beginning to cause an intense ache in his caged testicles. He began to weep again at the pain. “Stop that you little pansy, you’ll ruin the make-up.” She unclipped the glove from the chair and pulled him to his feet then lead him to the door and out into the hall. In the hall stood a dozen women or more. He recognised three of them as the ones who attended to him. They all began to laugh and cheer and clap. Some were taking pictures of him. He was devastated and tried to turn back into the room, but Emily held him firm.

    Eventually the nurse came forward and lead him back into the room. He was grateful to her for getting him away from the crowd. She ordered him to stand still while she administered three more injections. One in his upper arm and one in each of his buttocks. “The first jab will generally reduce muscle action throughout the body,” she told him “The effect of which, will be to reduce your strength by about fifty percent. We wouldn’t want a teenage girl lifting heavy weights would we. It would be most out of character. The second two will stop the buttocks clenching, like a males do. Your backside will take on the distinctive rounded female shape. Won’t that be appealing. You’ll have all the boys after you now,” she taunted him. “Please, you don’t understand, I don’t want to be like this. It is all my wife’s doing, it isn’t my idea,” he told her in a hushed girlie voice. “You really do play your part well,” she told him admiringly. He saw it was pointless trying to explain. She thought he was a pansy paying for this, and was just playing the part. It was hopeless.

    His wife was busy picking out some clothes for him to wear. She brought them out and laid them over the chair. She told him to turn round and then she removed the glove and collar. His arms tingled in relief at being released. He thought about trying to make a break for it, or trying to overpower his wife, but he knew that the injection had already taken effect. He felt as weak as a kitten and now his wife, or any of the other women, would easily over power him in a fight. For the first time in his life he knew what it was like to live in a world where most people were his physical superior.

    The nurse and his wife rubbed some more of the cream into his legs and arms. After a while they removed it. It was the last outward sign of his masculinity. He was now completely transformed into a young woman. He was trapped inside a female body and there was nothing he could do about it. His wife ordered him to get dressed. He was grateful to be given the chance to cover his nudity. He stepped into the lemon coloured silk panties and pulled them up his legs. It felt strange and erotic and it excited him, but this only lead to the now familiar ache in his trapped crotch. Next he put on the matching lemon coloured silk bra. The set was finished off with a delicate garter belt. He then drew on the white sheer stockings and clipped them to the garter belt. He straightened up and looked at himself in the full length mirror. He was entranced to see such a beautiful young sexy girl staring back at him.

    Next came the pale pink maid’s uniform. It had short puffed sleeves, a plunge vee neck that showed of his newly acquired cleavage, a tight bodice and slightly flared skirt that only covered him to the stocking tops. He zipped up the back and involuntarily smoothed down the front of the skirt with his hands. Emily noted the feminine gesture and smiled to herself, she knew then that it was going to be a walk over. He tied the small white silk pinafore with an exaggeratedly large bow at the back. The small white cap and four inch black stilettos completed the uniform. He stood waiting for orders with his hands behind his back and his head slightly bowed. He had taken a quick peek at himself in the mirror and was deeply humiliated at the sight.

Smart Ass Love Doll

    “Your new name will be Suzi. You will not answer to anything else, is that understood,” his wife asked. He nodded in quick compliance. “Now, I want to test something. Come here and stand still,” she ordered. She then gave him a long lingering kiss and began to grind her pelvis against his, all the while squeezing his bottom through the silk knickers. His testicles ached unbearably and he began to moan with a mixture of pleasure and pain. “Oh please Emily…please stop…it hurts so much,” he panted in his girlie voice. She broke off from the embrace and sharply reminded him that as a servant she must call her Mistress and not by her first name. He wasn’t even aware that Emily had now started referring to him as female and that he had accepted it without question. “Turn round and bend over,” she ordered. He did as he was told and could see himself in the full length mirror. It looked for all the world like a young servant girl being abused by an older woman. Emily began to rub him aggressively though his knickers, back and forth across the length of his latex pubic mound.

    The ache was enormous and he could only pant and moan in pain and excitement. Very shortly it was too much for him and he felt the familiar rush of an orgasm, but this time instead of the usual relief and pleasure, he felt the sensation shoot inwards, causing a sudden intense pain in his lower abdomen. He let out an uncontrollable girlish shriek and his whole body shuddered. The pain finally subsided and he straightened up. He could feel a distinct wetness in his knickers but he was too embarrassed to investigate further. “What’s the matter Suzi, have you had a little accident?” his wife taunted. “Here let me see, stand still and hold up your dress.” He did as he was told and Emily reached down and tugged his knickers down. Sure enough the knickers were saturated with mucus and his false pubic bush was matted and soaked in the stuff. “Why Suzi, I do believe that you have wet your knickers with that overheated little pussy of yours,” she laughed. “You really will have to learn how to control yourself.”

    The nurse, who had been watching the spectacle came over to Martyn. She looked him in the face and said “It’s all right, most of the ejaculation will have passed back into the bladder. Only the fine lubricating mucus gets down the urinary tract and out into the world. It’s very realistic, don’t you think. When you ejaculate it looks just like a real female orgasm. Aren’t you pleased with all our work?” Martyn/Suzi looked at her and didn’t know what to say, he felt so ashamed. His wife pulled up his knickers and he dropped the uniform back into place. “Well answer her Suzi,” his wife chided. “Er…yes…Mistress Nurse…thank you very much for all your work…it is wonderful,” he stuttered in his girlie voice, and then he curtsied for her without realising what he was doing.

    “And now Suzi your training really begins in earnest. When we have finished with you, no one will ever suspect anything other than that you are some pretty little empty headed maid, ready to perform any task asked of her,” said Emily. Suzi curtsied once more and said “Yes Mistress.” Suzi’s torment was about to begin…

The End
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