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    “Mike, honey — would you get that? My hands are full right at the moment.”

    “Yeah, doll! I’ve got it!”

    He HAD it alright. It was but a brief phone call — just like the ones he’d received every night precisely at 7:00 p.m. He would listen to the voice on the other end of the line and soon his face would go blank — then, usually, he would go to bed.

    Tonight would be different, however. Sandi knew that! She had been the one to arrange these phone calls for the past month — and it had cost her most of her savings to do that. “Payback is a BITCH,” they say — and Mike was about to BECOME a “bitch” because it was PAYBACK TIME.

    Mike and Sandi were married for three long years — long to Sandi, but not to Mike. He had stepped out on their marriage the very first week after their honeymoon — and that was with the neighbor’s young teenage daughter next door. Mike simply couldn’t keep his hands off of young flesh — something he’d freely admit to his wife. “That’s the way men are made,” he claimed. “We have cocks that need sucking! And that’s why God made pussy like YOU!” He’d laugh at his jokes and walk away as though Sandi were too fragile to do anything about it.

    She WASN’T!

    Mike picked up the phone and within seconds his face became blank. He listened for a minute, put down the phone and started out for the bedroom. “I feel like going out tonight,” he said — not knowing exactly WHY he said it.

    Sandi watched closely as her husband took off his shirt and pants, his socks and underwear and put them in the hamper. He went to Sandi’s dresser and opened the top drawer, pulling out a pink pair of nylon panties and began putting them on not really knowing what he was doing; it just felt like the thing TO DO right now. Next he pulled out a nylon bra and began fumbling with the clasps to try and get it on. “Can I help you with that?” asked Sandi with a smile.

    “Thanks, hon,” Mike responded, allowing his wife to help him with his bra. It didn’t even occur to him that it was ludicrous for him to be putting on a bra and panties. Then he stopped as though he didn’t quite know what to do next.

    “I think you’ll need something to fill these out, won’t you?” asked Sandi.

    “Oh yes!” said Mike. “I knew there was something missing.” She handed him two silicone breast forms that she had tucked away for this very purpose.

    “Let me show you how these go in,” she said as she continued to help dress her husband for the evening. “I think this blouse and this pair of slacks will be just what you need,” she said handing Mike a sheer blouse with ruffled sleeves and bodice. The slacks were pocketless and they zipped on the side, again taking Mike by surprise. “Where are you off to tonight?” asked Sandi.

    “I don’t know — I just need some air”, Mike said putting on the shoes Sandi had put out for him. They were black dress shoes with 3" heels. He was ready to go out the door — and he looked like a ridiculous male dressed in female clothing with DD breasts protruding from his chest. The breast forms sways nicely as he walked down the stairs. “I’ll see you later,” he said thinking he needed to find some young thing for a fuck tonight.

Chasey Lain Inflatable Fantasy Playmate

    “I’ll see YOU!” said Sandi as she got herself prepared to go to The Club, a nightclub featuring a professional hypnotist. She had contacted Damon several months ago after Mike had cheated on her once too often. The last time was with Sandi’s kid sister — and she was only seventeen! By this time Mike didn’t even care if she found out — that’s how cocky he had become.

    Sandi was out with one of her friends for a drink at The Club and saw Damon at work. She watched as he had hypnotized a man and made him act like a girl on stage. It came to her in a FLASH! She would hire Damon, even if it cost her every cent she had — and she would get her revenge. PAYBACK time!

    Mike drove to The Club and under the startled stares of many patrons walked in the lobby and back toward the stage area as if he were expected. A young, attractive lady met him — her name was Patti. Patti was a beautiful young woman that Mike would LOVE to have fucked; she had boobs and curves that just wouldn’t quit. He smiled at her and quipped, “if you’re looking for some dessert tonight, look no further!” Then, grabbing his crotch, he continued, “I’ve got some meat here for you if you’d like!” Patti just laughed at the sight of a crossdressed male grabbing his crotch and acting so macho.

Glenda, the Perfect 10 Deluxe Fantasy Love Doll

    “Sit here,” she said, “Damon will be with you in a few moments.”

    A few minutes later a tall, handsome stranger came up to Mike. “So, you’re my sweet Michelle!” Mike’s eyes immediately took on a blank stare. Damon had used a post-hypnotic phrase to put him into a deep trance. In fact, Damon had been hypnotizing Mike over the phone and programming him for the past month, inplanting post-hypnotic phrases and commands in his mind for various purposes — all of them evil!

    “Listen to my VOICE, Michelle, and stare into my eyes. You’re falling deeper and deeper into my grasp. you are unable to think about anything on your own. Your mind is stupid and blank — it belongs to ME. TELL me, Michelle, who are you?”

    “I am your slave — i am Michelle”, said Mike in a monotone voice.

    “Very good, Michelle. Tonight you will listen to my voice and follow whomever I command. You have no will of your own — you are a SLAVE.”

Alexa’s Essensual Elements Vibrating Love Doll

    “I am a slave,” repeated Mike.

    “First I want you to follow Patti — she is your GOVERNESS — your Mistress. You must do anything She tells you AND withever WHOM she tells you.”

    “I will listen to Mistress Patti,” Mike said blankly.

    “Michelle, I am going to count to ten backwards — and when I reach One, you will come out of this trance but you will still be totally under my control. Do you understand?”

    “I understand Master,” said Mike.

    “You will become Mike again, but you will be unable to resist any order or suggestion given you by Patti or myself. You must follow all our commands — you have no other choice.”

    “I have no other choice,” said Mike.

    “You will see yourself doing things you don’t understand, but will be powerless to resist, regardless of what you are asked to do. You are my puppet, my slave — AREN’T you, Michelle?”

    “I am your slave — your puppet,” Mike responded.

    “Ten — you will remember EVERYTHING that happens to you — but you will be powerless to resist.

    “Nine — you will find your male world disappearing and dissipating before your very eyes — and you will feel every humiliation and shame that goes with it.

    “Eight — even though you will awaken, you will continue to fall deeper and deeper under my control — you belong to me.

    “Seven — I alone control your mind and body — you will become whatever I command you to become.

    “Six — Patti is your Mistress — and you are deeply in love with her.

    “Five — you are starting to wake up now — you recognize that you are not home anymore —

    “Four — your mind, though confused, realizes it belongs to ME and Mistress Patti.

    “Three — you are starting to look around — you notice that you are wearing female clothing — you are embarrassed, but cannot cover up your tits.

    “Two — you are awake — and aware of your capture.


    “Where the hell AM I?” asked Mike looking down at his huge chest and his sexy clothes.

    “SILENCE,” said Patti. “You will follow me, scum!”

    “Yes, Mistress,” Mike found himself saying even as he noticed his feminine slacks and sheer blouse. He wanted to cover up his tits, but found he could not as he followed his beautiful Mistress into the club.

    “You will be seated HERE,” she said as she pointed out a seat in the front row of the Club in full view of everyone. “By the way, the seat next to you belongs to Sandi — she will be here shortly and you will rise when she comes in.”

    “Yes, Mistress,” Mike found himself saying. Sandi? Coming HERE? She’d SEE him dressed in these female clothes — what would she THINK? What kind of mess had he gotten himself into NOW?

    Just as the show began, Sandi approached. Mike stood up, turning red because of his attire. “Now don’t WE look pretty,” Sandi said looking at her husband. “Are you ready for some fun?”

    “What’s happening to me?” asked Mike completely confused and dazed. Meanwhile, up on the stage Damon was explaining the power of hypnotism to the audience.

    “To show you its power, I have conditioned someone in our audience who was unaware he was being put under my power. He is a STRONG, MANLY man — but tonight he was dressed by his wife! *burst of laughter from the audience*

    “I would like to introduce you — TO Mike — or shall I say — Michelle!” Mike found himself standing at that phrase and coming up toward the stage. He was dressed by his WIFE? What did they DO to him?

    “Michelle — please stand up here by your Mistress”, said Damon. Mike stood by Mistress Patti and faced the audience. As he approached, jeers from the audience were hurled at him, calling him a fag and a queer.

    “Tell us about yourself, Michelle — ARE you a fag?” asked Damon.

    “No, I’m not,” said Mike. “I am a heterosexual male — married — and I …

    “You’ve never had sex with a MAN before?” asked Damon.

    “NEVER,” said Mike — “I’m NOT a fag!”

    “Is THAT RIGHT?” said Damon. “Then why do you feel like dancing on stage like a cheap stripper?”

    With that the music began to play and Mike began to dance a lewd dance, swinging his hips and seductively teasing his breasts, making them swing and sway. He KNEW he shouldn’t be doing this, but he felt powerless to stop it. Damon let him dance for a few minutes and then said, “ENOUGH!”

    “I think that if you WERE a man, you’d want to DRESS like a man,” Damon said. *laughter from the audience* “TELL Mistress how you want her to dress you, slut!” The word “slut” was another post-hypnotic word that triggered yet another response which Mike found himself unable to avoid.

    “Please make me pretty like a whore, Mistress,” he said loudly to the cheers and jeers of the audience.

    “You don’t want to look like a MAN?” asked Patti.

    “I want to be a pretty girl,” said Mike wishing he were dead now.

    “Then come with me — we’ll fix you up nice and pretty for one of the guys in our audience,” she said leading the defeated male off stage.

    “Mike — rather, Michelle will be back with us in a little while once she’s all prettied up. I bet she’ll just BEG to suck someone’s cock she’ll be so hot!” said Damon to the cheers of the audience. Mike was in trouble now — and getting deeper all the time.

Christy Canyon Realistic Doll

    Mistress Patti took Mike backstage and ordered him to strip naked. Then She rubbed a smelly pink lotion all over his body. “We want our pretty girl to be nice and SMOOTH, don’t we?” she laughed. “By the time we’re finished with you, you will have become one fucked sissy!” Patti said continuing her work.

    Back on Stage Damon continued his work. “I will now invite a young lady forward,” he said. “COME, my pretty,” he said, staring at Sandi. Sandi felt a deep panic as she involuntarily stood up and began walking toward the stage. She KNEW that Damon had played some mind games on her husband, but she was quite unaware that he had done his programming also on HER!

    “Up here, my pretty,” Damon said. Sandi came forward and stood by her Master. “So, you wanted your husband humiliated and feminized in front of an audience, did you?” he asked.

    Sandi looked at her Master and said, “yes, Sir”.

    “And you wanted me to change him so that he would desire to such cock rather than play with pussy,” he said.

    Sandi replied, “Yes, Master.”

    “Have YOU ever played with another pussy before?” asked Damon.

    “Never, Master,” Sandi said wishing she could somehow snap out of this.

    “You will tonight,” said Damon — “but FIRST I think we should start by having you play with YOURSELF!”

    Sandi began to feel the heat of sexual tension rising in her body. Damon continued: “Your breasts are tingling, aren’t they dear?” Sandi nodded her head as she felt her nipples enlarge. It was as if someone were lightly flicking their talented tongue across her sensitive tits.

Nina Hartley Video Queen Fantasy Doll

    “You feel the heat — the tingle is penetrating every pore of your body — you feel it in your pussy now — your ass — you have to relieve yourself of some of those restrictive clothes, don’t you?”

    Even as he spoke Sandi began disrobing in front of the cheering audience. She couldn’t help herself as her hands ripped off her blouse and bra, tearing the strap. She ripped the panties off her body after tossing her short skirt aside — and then we furiously grasped her breasts with the right hand even as her left hand began toying with her sensitive clit.

    “STOP!” said Damon. “We don’t want you to waste all your energy on yourself now — DO we? That would be SELFISH! You feel a deep desire to touch a body as soft as your own, DON’T you, Sandi?” Sandi put her hands to her side still feeling the waves of sexual energy pulsing through her tender body. Her glistening breasts wet with sweat heaved as she shook her head in agreement.

    “Your mind is thinking how wonderful it would be to touch a female body — to fondle her soft breasts — to put your lips on her tender nipple. Your body is aching to feel the softness as your lesbian friend embraces you — you want to feel her breasts on yours — her lips and tongue playing with YOURS — you want to feel her hand on your pussy — on your shoulder as she makes you kneel to face her moist and tender pussy.”

    Sandi was beside herself with lust as Damon continued to play with and program her mind. “TELL me what you want, Sandi,” he demanded.

    “I want to fuck a girl,” she said with tears in her eyes. She was so ashamed because of saying it, and yet she was helpless as the waves of sexual energy overwhelmed her body.

    “Are you saying you’re a lesbian?” asked Damon.

    “YES! I’m a LESBIAN!”, cried Sandi — “let me fuck a lesbian!” By now the crowd was cheering as several young attractive girls came on stage, disrobing as they neared their sexual target.

    “Let’s cheer our new lesbian slave on!” said Damon as the crowd went wild.

    Sandi was in the throes of orgasm at the hands of three beautiful lesbian women as Patti led Mike back on stage. He was smooth now — and dressed like a slut. His face was made up to look like an attractive hooker — his outfit was equally as slutty: short skirt which barely concealed his satin panties — garter straps showing and attatched to black fishnet stockings — pierced ears — realistic breast forms were glued and attatched to his torso in such a way that he no longer required a bra. He was wearing a see-through blouse clearly showing off his DD breasts.

    As he came back on stage he noticed his wife eating the pussy of a young blonde even as a black girl with a double dildoe was fucking her pussy. According to command, Mike was swaying his hips in a suggestive manner. He was carrying two unrolled condoms as Patti led him back on stage.

    “Now THERE’S a sight for you gentlemen,” said Damon. “Who feels like having their cocks sucked?”

    Hands went up all over the place and three men were escorted on stage. Two of them were huge black males — the third looked like a wrestler. “Tell them what you want, Michelle,” commanded Damon.

Hustler Street Slut Inflatable Sex Doll

    Aghast at what he was saying, Mike said, “I want you fellows to fuck the hell out of me.” Within seconds, it seemed like, Mike was thrown over the wrestler’s lap and was being spanked on his pantied ass by him while one of the black fellows shoved his huge black cock into Mike’s mouth. He came within seconds! — only to be replaced by the second black male.

    There they were — husband and wife turned into street whores — and that’s what they would be for the rest of their lives. Damon had no intention of allowing his new catch to escape. He had turned them into their worst nightmares — it was PAYBACK TIME for BOTH of them.

    Damon watched as Sandi devoured pussy in front of an audience while her feminized husband squealed away as a huge cock penetrated his virgin ass. He smiled at how easy it was to catch new bait. All it takes, after all, is a phone call.

The End.

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