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Biker Bar Punishment

By Sissy Slut Crystal

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    Recently, I was subjected again to one of my Mistress’ favorite punishments for me — that is, that She dragged me out to a local strip club popular with the biker crowd, and chained me on my knees on a filthy mattress to the dumpster in a dingy alley behind the place, then went inside and announced to all that I was there, ready and available to serve as a willing sex toy, and even as a human urinal, for any who might find it pleasing or amusing to use me however they might like.

    What was the offense that earned me this punishment? I really don’t even know for sure, but it may have been that, the day before, when Mistress decided to ‘tip’ the garbage men by allowing them to fuck me in the face and ass with their huge, mean black cocks, I infuriated one of them when he shoved his massive dick down my throat, and I involuntarily gagged and choked on it when he then let loose a massive stream of hot, wet piss down my gullet. Although he slapped me around pretty severely for this, it seems that either he or Mistress was not satisfied with this punishment, and decided that additional corrective action was in order.

    Or maybe it was because, during the night that I spent on my knees with my face in the toilet bowl as additional punishment for this offense, I fell asleep and accidentally wet the diaper in which she had dressed me, despite having been explicitly commanded not to? Who knows? Mistress never sees fit to bother to let me know just why I am being punished. There is always something, after all, and besides, such is her total ownership, mastery, control and dominance over me that she doesn’t even need a reason anyway, but may do as she pleases with me merely for her own amusement.

    I have been to this particular dumpster behind the bar before — many times! — and Mistress knows that it is among the most dreaded of the various forms of discipline to which she loves to subject me. These guys are so rough and dirty! Even with what one might imagine to be the bonus that the pretty, female dancers from the club will often come out to use my mouth as a urinal, and sometimes even allow me to lick and suck their pretty pussies and assholes, the brutal treatment of me by their male audience more than compensates for this honor and pleasure, and makes a night chained to the dumpster behind the bar an ordeal I would not wish on anyone.

    On this occasion, I was dressed only in pink, lacy bra and garterbelt, pink fishnet stockings, pink five inch heels, and white lace maid’s apron and headpiece. Heavy, slutty makeup punctuated by bright, shocking pink lipstick, blush and eye shadow gave me the appearance of just about as sleazy a whore as ever sucked a cock, and a studded leather collar around my neck, attached by short chains to studded, leather cuffs on my wrists ensured that I could easily be secured in place, and that my hands would be completely useless to me for anything more than stroking a cock that was fucking my sissy face. My little sissy clitty was encased in a cruel metal chastity harness, which made any sexual excitement or pleasure on my part far more painful than pleasurable. A pair of pink, lacy, ruffled panties pulled down to around my knees added to the “fuck me” intent of my attire, and as if this all were not enough, Mistress actually wrote on my forehead in the same bright, pink lipstick as adorned my lips, “FUCK HOLE,” with an arrow pointing down the bridge of my nose toward my mouth, and the same on the small of my back, with an arrow pointing to my sissy pussy asshole.

    When this costume was complete, she dragged me by a leash attached to a D-ring on my chastity cage, and dumped me unceremoniously into the trunk of her car for the ride to the bar. Almost as an afterthought, she shoved a large, black dildo into my mouth before slamming the trunk on me, saying, “Suck on this, slut, it will get you in the mood for what is coming to you tonight!” Although she had not told me anything about her plans for me, at this point I had a pretty good idea where we were headed and what was in store for me.

    When the car finally came to a stop and Mistress roughly dragged me out of the cold darkness of the trunk, I saw that my worst fears had been correct; there before me was the dumpster with the filthy, threadbare, cum and piss-stained mattress on the pavement in front of it, on which I had already endured such extreme humiliation on so many occasions. Wasting no time, Mistress dragged me cruelly by the leash on my sissy clitty over to the mattress, and exchanged the leash for a short chain affixed to an eye-bolt screwed into the pavement, ensuring that I could not get off my knees or move from the disgustingly filthy mattress.

    Seeing the fear and desperation in my eyes, Mistress laughed wickedly and said, “Awww, little sissy slut is soooo excited about the fun evening she’s going to have tonight, aren’t you, bitch?” She then slapped me hard several times across the face before yanking the dildo out of my mouth so that I could whimper meekly, “Mistress, y,y,yes, Mistress, thank you, Mistress,” barely managing to choke back tears of fear, humiliation and pain. Mistress’ response was merely to give a wickedly demeaning sneer and chuckle at me, then to lift her skirt, pull down her panties, shove her beautiful pussy almost up to my painted lips and say, “Open wide, slut!” then piss all over my face and hair and into my gaping mouth. She saw to it that I could not possibly catch it all in my mouth, spraying it all over me, and then slapped me repeatedly, sharply rebuking me for having missed any drop of her divine, golden nectar. Then she turned on her heels and strode nonchalantly into the bar through the back door.

    Within only a few minutes, my “clients” for the evening began appearing through the same door. From then on, for who knows how many hours, even until long after the bar had closed, I was surrounded by a circle of laughing, jeering, nasty and rough guys who took turns fucking me as hard and roughly as they pleased in the face and ass, pissing all over me and in my mouth, slapping me around and verbally abusing and humiliating me. A number of the beautiful female dancers from the club also came out to participate in my degradation, fucking my face with their pretty pussies, forcing me to lick and worship their assholes and using my sissy mouth as their urinal. This would perhaps have been pleasurable for me, except that it always made my sissy clitty swell and tumesce in its constrictive metal cage, causing me as much pain as pleasure, and the ladies, too, perhaps taking out on me their repressed resentment against the men, resulting from their own less-than-ennobling profession as sexual objects themselves, were often even more cruel, harsh and mean than the men in slapping me around and verbally demeaning and humiliating me. A few of them in particular seemed really to enjoy abusing me, and I can only say that, as beautiful as they were, their attentions were not entirely enjoyable for me.

    I have no idea how many cocks were roughly forced down my sissy throat and up my sissy ass that night, how many piss loads and cumshots I was forced to swallow, how many beautiful, sexy, dripping cunts and sweaty assholes I was forced to lick clean. I dimly remember spending long hours with one hard cock being brutally forced down my throat, another up my ass, while stroking two more with each of my hands, and then, when one finally shot its load of cum and/or piss, it was immediately replaced by another fresh, hard, throbbing member for me to accept and service.

    Toward the end of the night, as the crowd of my abusers began to dissipate and drift away, Mistress reappeared, walked over to me and lifted her skirt to reveal a beautiful, juicy cunt absolutely dripping and sloppy with thick, juicy cum from who knows how many men she had enjoyed that evening. Needless to say, I was required to lick her entirely clean, then swallow a long, hard, bitter piss from her beautiful pussy, which she obviously had been holding in for a long time just for me. (Mistress can be so kind and thoughtful!)

    Finally, mercifully, she unhooked my cock cage from the hook in the pavement, reattached my leash and led me back to the trunk of her car for the ride home. To my horror, just as she closed the trunk on me, I heard her call out to a couple guys she knew who she saw leaving the bar just then, and invite them to her place to party. This long night of servitude, humiliation and punishment was apparently just beginning; and it was a Friday night! I shuddered and cried all the way home, drenched in and filled with countless strangers’ cum and piss loads, hardly daring to imagine the degradations, humiliations and abuses that the coming weekend held in store for me.

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