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Dear Real Sissy School Administrators,

Here is a sissy fiction story which i humbly hope you might enjoy, and consider worthy of publication on your website.

Thank you,

—sissy slut crystal

For Sale By Owner

    Sometimes it is amazing the way fate seems to work in our lives. One day I was complaining to a girlfriend over lunch about my boyfriend at the time, about what a lousy lover he was, and how unsatisfied I was sexually because of him. It wasn’t that he wasn’t a dear, sweet guy who really meant well, that he didn’t really love me, or that I didn’t really care a lot for him (though I had come to realize that I wasn’t in love with him). It wasn’t even that he wasn’t well-endowed enough, couldn’t keep it up long enough, or didn’t try his best to satisfy me. It was just that his heart wasn’t really into a good, long, hard, fucking, and I was starting to feel really starved for a big, hard cock throbbing in my hungry pussy.

    To be fair, the poor guy had admitted to me that straight fucking wasn’t really that much of a turn on for him for some reason, and that what he really enjoyed most was pleasing me orally, and anytime he was around I could enjoy long hours of innumerable orgasms, lying back on the bed or couch, or sitting on his face, while he licked and tongued my pussy and asshole. This was all very nice and sweet, but as I said, I was starting to get really dick-starved, and it was just about all I could do to get him to put it in me at all, and when he did, it was clear that he just wasn’t into it enough to satisfy me fully.

    It was at this point that my girlfriend revealed to me, to my total astonishment, that she was a dominatrix (or rather, as she put it, a “humiliatrix”). It turned out that the guy I had met a few times and had just assumed was her boyfriend was really her humiliated sissy slave, who lived with her dressed as a woman full-time whenever at home, and did all the housework, including cleaning, laundry and ironing, cooking and serving meals, as well as sexually serving and submitting to her and any of her friends, lovers, or even complete strangers, whenever, wherever and however she desired and commanded. She told me that she could have sex with anyone she wanted, anytime she wanted, and that he not only had no right to complain about it, but in fact was required to assist and serve her and her many lovers in their sex play, and was also required to perform sexually in any way, with anyone that she might require. She went on to say that it sounded like my boyfriend was perfect slave material, and gave me some ideas about how I could transform him from an unsatisfying lover into a humble, docile, obedient servant, freeing me to get as much sexual gratification as I desired anywhere and anytime that I wanted, as well as providing me with absolutely free, full-time, impeccable quality domestic service.

    This sounded like a plan to me (the thought of never ironing another blouse, washing another load of laundry, vacuuming another rug or even cooking another meal again was enough alone to hook me on the idea, not to mention the thought of complete, total sexual freedom and gratification), and I decided immediately to take her advice, and pumped her for more information and pointers about how to go about it. She said that one of the best ways to enslave a man was through forced feminization, starting gradually at first, letting him think that he was just being allowed to indulge in a little kinky crossdressing play, but then increasing the intensity over time until, almost before he knew it, the poor sap had been completely transformed from a regular guy into a totally submissive, obedient sissy slut slave.

    I told her that this should be relatively easy, as my boyfriend had already expressed an intense interest in my lacy, frilly underthings, and we had even played with me letting him wear them while eating me out on a few occasions. She explained to me that most men actually have this fetish to some degree, whether they admit it or not, and that it can often be the key to their complete undoing if used right. She also offered to come by on occasion and help me in transforming and training my now already, in my mind, former boyfriend and future sissy slave, an offer which I happily and gratefully agreed to.

    I came away from that lunch feeling that fate had brought her to me that day, and offered me the key to a world of total sexual freedom and gratification, instead of the frustration and dissatisfaction I had been suffering with for so long. I decided to start putting her plan into action immediately, made arrangements to take the afternoon off from work, and dropped by my unsuspecting slave-to-be’s house unannounced.

    This is where fate really kicked in. I slipped into the house quietly, hoping to surprise him, and instead got a huge surprise myself — one which made me realize that my girlfriend had been right, and also that this plan was going to be even easier to put into action than either of us had imagined. At first I thought no one was home, because I didn’t see him anywhere, but then I heard a sound from the bedroom, and as I made my way back there, I saw around the slightly open door a sight that only hours before would have totally disgusted and angered me, but that now filled me with a wicked, sinful glee.

    There he was, lying on the bed, dressed completely in sexy lingerie of mine that he must have “borrowed” from my laundry hamper, with some kind of magazines spread out all around him, his knees up over his head, a large dildo stuck in his asshole, furiously jerking his hard, but now worthless to me, cock directly toward his own open mouth! I couldn’t believe my own eyes! I stayed very quietly behind the door and watched this pathetic performance until, after a minute or so, he started to moan and gasp, and squirted a huge load of hot, sticky cum all over his own face and into his mouth. This really was going to be even easier than I had ever dreamed!

    Just as the last few gooey drops were dribbling onto his face, I burst through the door into the room, applauding loudly and crying, “Bravo, Bravo! What a performance! Encore, encore!” At this he all but flew into an upright position, squatting on the bed in complete shock, fear and horror, not to mention the very qualities I was intending now to instill in him as his permanent state as my sissy slave, obvious, total humiliation and embarrassment.

    “What… what are you doing here?” he started to stammer, while trying desperately but uselessly to cover up somehow what he was wearing, the magazines spread out around him, and what he had been doing. “No, what the fuck are YOU doing?” I shouted back at him in mock anger as I strode over to the bed and picked up one of the magazines. It turned out to be a glossy publication filled with stories and pictures of men transformed into sissy french maids and sex slaves by aggressive, dominant mistresses. Perfect! “And what the fuck is this?” I shouted in continued feigned outrage as I rolled it up, grabbed him by the hair and began slapping him about the face and head with it. He was crying, whining, moaning, trying to stammer some pathetic excuse or explanation, but I wasn’t listening or the least bit interested in hearing any of it, and told him so, and barked at him to shut the fuck up, which he did, sitting there sobbing quietly while I continued slapping and berating him.

    Tears were now streaming from his eyes, mingling with the creamy dribbles of cum on his face, which I then scooped up with my fingers, cramming them roughly into his mouth and making him lick them clean. “And what the fuck is THIS?” I shouted as I reached around behind him, yanked the large, fake cock out of his asshole and shoved it roughly into his mouth. He gave a yelp as I yanked it from his asshole and made a pitiful, gurgling, moaning sound as I crammed it down his throat, but I was on a roll now and beyond caring about his feelings. Besides, somewhat to my surprise, but just as my friend had predicted, my newfound power over him, and his total humiliation, were really turning me on.

    “Suck it, faggot!” I yelled at him as I face fucked him with the dildo that had just come out of his own ass. “You want to be a sissy, cocksucking, faggot whore? You fantasize about being transformed into a humiliated, submissive little sissy maid, bitch?” I went on. “Well, I had just decided that that was exactly what I was going to do with you anyway, slut, so this is actually perfect! It turns out that you’ve already done the hardest part for me, you pathetic, nasty fag whore! From now on, you’re nothing to me but my little sissy slut slave, and you will do whatever I say, whenever I say it, immediately, obediently and without question or hesitation. Got it, cunt?” I demanded.

    He murmered something that sounded like an “mmm hmm” through the rubber cock I was still fucking his face with, and nodded meekly, fresh tears welling up in his eyes. I continued berating, degrading and humiliating him, pretending to be furiously angry, but inside I was filled with inexpressible delight. Fate had really come through for me! In one day I had gone from being horny and frustrated, to having a plan revealed to me for how to resolve my problem, to being here with the most challenging part of the plan already done for me, with no effort on my part at all! It was unbelievable! And this poor guy, my former boyfriend, now sissy slut slave, had gone in an instant from fantasizing in secret about being a submissive sissy slave to actually being one for real, for life!

    I imagine this must probably have seemed like something of a mixed blessing to him, but I was not the least bit interested in his feelings on the matter; from now on our relationship was to be entirely about my satisfaction, my gratification, my total comfort and sexual pleasure, and I could not afford or be bothered to care how he felt about it. Besides, I was also fulfilling his own obviously long-held fantasy, so I figured that he also had no good reason to be anything other than happy about our new relationship.

    My juices were really starting to flow now, and I dragged him by the hair off the bed and onto his back the floor. I pulled the dildo out of his mouth, placed the base of it against his chin and hiking my skirt and pulling my panties to the side, sat down hard on it, fucking it long and rough while making him tongue my asshole until I had come in several earth-shattering orgasms, some of the most satisfying I had ever had. Next I pulled the dildo out of my dripping cunt and shoved it back into his asshole where I had first found it, fucking him deep and hard with it as I positioned my wet pussy over his mouth and rode his face to a couple more delicious orgasms. The last time I came, I growled at him to open his mouth and swallow, and took a long hard piss directly into his mouth. For the last few squirts, I lifted my pussy up off of his mouth so that my piss squirted all over his face and hair, dribbling down onto the floor around his head. What an incredible rush! The feeling of total power and control was like nothing I had ever experienced, and was apparently exactly what I had been craving all my life, without even realizing it.

    When I had finished with him, I rolled him over on his face and made him lick from the floor the piss that had missed his mouth. I told him that as far as I was concerned, he was now a she, was to do exactly and obediently everything I commanded, was always to refer to me as Mistress, and would have no name himself, but would simply be called slut, whore, cunt, sissy, fuckface, or any other humiliating term I might decide to use for him. “Got it, cunt?” I snarled, and felt an electric thrill of ecstasy course from my clit all the way up my spine as he meekly stammered, “Y…yes, Mistress.”

    Looping a belt around his neck as a makeshift leash and collar, I then made him follow me on his hands and knees, still wearing only my sexy lingerie, still dripping with piss and cum, out of the house to my car, where I made him get into the trunk for the ride to my house. Once there, I made him follow me, again on his hands and knees, into the house. I don’t know if any of his or my neighbors saw any of this, but I figured that if they did, it would be a lot more embarrassing for him than for me, and I not only really didn’t care about, but actually rather welcomed the thought.

    Since then, after months of training my new sissy slave, my life has been inexpressibly improved, although I am not sure whether she (as I will from now on refer to the little sissy slut whore) would necessarily say the same about hers, but who cares about that? Not me. I am happier than I have ever been. I never have to lift a finger to do anything around the house anymore, have all my meals prepared and served for me, have as many lovers as I want, and am constantly pampered, worshipped and served like a goddess. Often with a mere glance, nod or gesture I can command an expert massage, pedicure, bath or meal, or even that the whole house be meticulously cleaned, or a large pile of laundry be washed and ironed.

    The sissy slut slave would no doubt have a rather different story to tell, but like I said, who cares? Besides, she doesn’t do much talking these days, as she now almost always, except at mealtimes or when actually servicing a strapon or a real cock, has a penis gag in her mouth. Her body is kept completely shaved, and she is always in full makeup, sexy lingerie, and some kind of very slutty outfit (dressed as, for example, a french maid, slutty schoolgirl or nasty, trashy street whore, depending on the occasion or my mood) and some form of bondage. This almost always includes a collar to which cuffs around her wrists are attached by chains just long enough to allow her to cook, clean and iron (though with some difficulty) and even to stroke a cock that she is being forced to suck on, but not long enough to let her, say, wipe a load of creamy cum from her own face, or (heaven forbid!) touch her sissy privates, which are now entirely my property, not hers. Her ankles are similarly kept shackled by a chain just long enough to allow her to take short, mincing, sissy steps, and a large dildo (often the very one which I first found there, which helped get this whole thing started) is kept almost permanently in place up her sissy ass, except when someone is fucking her there.

    That is rather often, as all of my various new lovers are aware of our living arrangement, and are not only allowed, but actually encouraged, to stop by the house anytime they like, whether I am there or not, to take advantage of her services. It is really funny to come home to find several of the guys I am currently fucking lounging around the house, taking turns having their way with the little slut, fucking her in the face and ass and even pissing in her sissy mouth. Aside from the obvious pleasure of having a ready, willing slut to give them a blowjob or to fuck up the ass whenever they might want, they all seem also to take particular delight in degrading and humiliating the little bitch, which suits my purposes just fine, as it only reinforces her subjugation and subservience to me.

    The slut’s meals are all composed of whatever scrapings might be left over from whatever meal she may have just prepared for and served to me and/or any guests or lovers might have been dining with me, mashed in a blender, which she must eat on her hands and knees from a bowl on the floor. Whenever I have any male guests at mealtimes, I also have as many of them as would like to (and most usually eagerly comply) drench the slut’s food with a load of fresh cum before allowing her to eat it. I have heard that it is fattening, but the sissy whore gets plenty of exercise, and I have also heard that it is high in protein, which the little bitch could certainly use to enable her better to serve me in her many chores. Beside the slut’s food bowl, there is always a bowl of fresh water — or something like it (evil grin) — for her to drink as well.

    True to her word, my humiliatrix friend who put me up to all of this often stops by to assist in training and humiliating the sissy whore, frequently bringing her own sissy slave to take part, and to receive further, ongoing obedience training and humiliation herself. What great fun it is at parties, to have these two sissy sluts waiting on us all hand and foot, dressed in their frilly, slutty outfits, and to make them entertain us all, performing the nastiest deeds together, in between serving and servicing any and all of the guests in any way commanded to!

    Perhaps the saddest thing for the lowly slut is that she almost never gets to luxuriate in the taste of my pussy or even asshole anymore, the overweening desire for which was really what got her into this situation in the first place. I now have so many lovers (both male and female) to satisfy me that I am almost never in need of her services in that regard anymore, and as much as she might long to eat my pussy or lick my asshole as she used to do for hours on end, the whole point of ths new relationship is that it is all about my needs, my desires, my pleasure, my gratification, not hers, and if I don’t feel the need for it, she doesn’t get it, simple as that. That is not to say that she does not get a lot of sex — my many male friends and lovers keep her little mouth and sissy ass plenty busy, rest assured of that. Besides, she does actually get to spend plenty of time with her sissy face in my crotch while I am being fucked by a real man, or licking both me and him clean afterward, and I figure she should be grateful for that. Maybe she is; like I said before, who cares?

    Anyway, to the crux of my story: recently I came up with an idea that is so deliciously wicked that I get wet every time I even think about it. In spite of (or maybe because of?) my harsh treatment of her, my little sissy slave’s love for and adoration of me has just grown and grown over the year or so that we have been in this relationship, and it is getting harder and harder to find ways to really cause her the intense emotional anguish that I find for some reason turns me on more than anything. Even being pimped out to be gang fucked by groups of total strangers, which I have found she really hates (and which I, for that reason, especially love) she also seems to love in a twisted sort of way, just because she can see how much it amuses and pleases me.

    The way that I found around this conundrum was to have her place an ad on an internet fetish service, titled “For Sale By Owner — Humiliated, Submissive Sissy Slut Slave,” offering herself for sale to whoever I decide might be most qualified to intensify her humiliation, degradation and abject subjugation even further than I have been able to. This really did the trick! The idea of being sold by me to some total stranger and taken away, never to see me again, is like a knife in her poor, sissy heart every time she thinks about it, so I make sure that she thinks about it almost constantly now. I love to tease and taunt her about being whisked away to spend the rest of her life in, say, an arab harem or a southeast asian transvestite brothel, or maybe as the property of a rough, nasty, down and dirty biker gang, or some gangsta crackwhore pimp, and I have found to my delight that it is pretty easy to bring her to the point of tears by just talking about it. I have never figured out (again, because I really don’t much care) just why it amuses me so much to cause her such intense mental anguish; I only know that it does, so sadly for her, and happily for me, it is now to be her lot for the foreseeable future.

    The really funny thing about it is that I really have no intention of ever selling the slut at all, but she doesn’t know that, and all of those who come by to ’test drive’ her, though aware of the ruse themselves, are carefully coached not to let the slut in on the secret. I guess that eventually she will start to catch on and will figure it out, at which time I will have to come up with some new plan to intensify her humiliation and degradation, but for now this little deception is working just as I had hoped. For a long time I have been the absolute owner and keeper of her body, mind and spirit, broken her completely and utterly remolded her as my totally humiliated, debased and debauched slave. Now it is as though I have found a way to reach physically inside of her and hold her very heart in my hand, which I can pinch, squeeze, taunt, tease and torment at whim with but the slightest effort. Never have I felt so empowered, so whole, so completely, totally gratified, fulfilled, satisfied and completely, totally, blissfully alive!

    Again, she might (if she could ever stretch her chains high enough to get the cock gag out of her mouth!) express somewhat different emotions about the situation, but again, who cares?

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