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    This is a story about four girls and their adventure thru their first years of high school. There were three girls that had hung around together since they were about five years old. All three were 16-year-old juniors in high school. And there was the new girl. She moved into their area about three months ago. She was a year younger and will be just a sophomore this year. The new girl’s name was Mary and she was a bright, pretty, good-looking girl. Her body was still coming into its own and she was getting better looking the older she got. With some girls it goes the other way. Mary had moved from Florida to California because her dad got a big paying job with a new company.

    Mary had moved into their new California home about a month ago and was not a very outgoing person. She finally met the other three girls and was hoping to finally have some friends to be able to hang around with. There was still about a month till summer vacation ended and Mary was very bored sitting around her house most the day. She tried to go out and meet other people but when she did, they lived too far away for her to become close to them. When she saw the three girls walking by her house everyday and then found out they all lived within five minutes of her house, she was excited and worked up the courage one day to be out there to meet them.

    The other three girls, Jill, Sue, and Karen, came from parents that had always had a lot of money. These three had been very tight for many years and didn’t let a lot of people into their world. You know the type girls I’m talking about. Spoiled by daddy and mommy. Used to getting their own way and far too cute for their own good. Mary was out there waiting for the girls next to her mom’s car as they walked by. It was hard for her but she made the first gesture of friendship. She spoke up and said “hi” and introduced herself. One of the girls asked if she was new to the area. Mary quickly said “yes” and tried to get a conversation going. She was just a little successful. The girls chatted with her a few minutes, found out her age and what grade she would be starting, then said they had to go and left about on their merry way.

    Mary thought it over in her mind if she said anything wrong but she didn’t think that she did. Everyday was the same routine. The girls always walked down this way on their way to the beach. They usually had their suits on under their short beach dresses or long tee shirts. Mary wanted so badly for them to invite her. She finally talked to her mom about this. Her mom was a pretty good confidant and had stayed close to Mary. Mary could actually tell her mom most of the things that happened in her life. Of course some things like boyfriends and sex questions she couldn’t ask her mom, because her mom would think she was out there actively involved, but just about everything else her mom was easy to talk with.

    Mary explained to her mom that she wanted to get invited by the three girls but she didn’t know how. Her mom was only in her mid-thirties herself. She’d had Mary when she was pretty young. They sat and chatted for a while and her mother helped her devise the best method of approach. They had fun doing it and her mom was glad to be involved with what Mary was doing and thinking. The next day Mary’s mom sort of watched the girls and found out which beach they went to. They didn’t know Mary’s mom so they didn’t pay any attention to her as she secretly followed them to the beach. The next day Mary’s mom took her to the beach about half an hour before the girls usually showed up. She helped Mary set up her blanket and then told her good luck and she would be back in about two hours. Mary had butterflies in her stomach but right about on time the girls arrived and pitched their blankets. They had not seen Mary yet but soon the girls started walking the beach and they spotted her right away. They walked over her way and Mary pretended she was surprised to see them.

    The girls chatted longer with Mary and finally Karen, the leader of the girls, asked Mary if she’d like to walk the beach with them. The girls still had on their tee shirts and just before they started their walks, the girls took off their tee shirts. Mary just sort of stared because everyone of them was wearing small tiny string bikinis. You couldn’t even find the string running up their butts. It was tucked in between their cheeks. They all looked hot and were very tanned already from all the days they spent at the beach. Mary had a two piece bikini on but it was very normal and was a dull blue in color. She went with the girls and ended up having a very good time. The girls knew all the places to go, the boys to talk to, everything. Today Mary was actually included in everything. She knew these girls were perfect for her to use to get to know everybody and become part of the group. She told the girls just before her two hours were up that she had to run because her mom was going to meet her at the beach parking lot. They said their goodbyes and Mary went to meet her mom.

    When Mary got in the car her mom asked how it went. She didn’t really have to ask because Mary was grinning from ear to ear. “I fit right in. And they have such good friends. It worked mom, it worked.”

    Mary knew that night that the girls would probably start asking her to join them. First one day, then two, and then three. None of the girls stopped by her house or anything. The next day Mary sort of waited outside for the girls to walk by as they usually do. Sure enough, just about on time the girls walked by and waved but they didn’t say a word to Mary. She was now devastated. Being a teenager, that was a huge rejection for her.

    She decided the next day to walk to the beach before the girls and try to mix in with them again. She was there when the girls arrived and then the ring leader Karen came over and chatted with Mary for a while. She stayed about 20 minutes and the subject finally got around to Mary and her being the new girl. Karen was pretty blunt about everything. “We have been together, the three of us, for a long time. We look at things differently than others. We know everybody and have a great time and a lot of girls want to join our little group. But we are very particular at who we want to allow in. We have tried to let a couple girls in but they were all too immature and unwilling to try new things.”

    Mary spoke right up, “I wouldn’t be afraid to try new things. I love having fun and being mischievous.”

    Karen jumped right in. “Look at your suit, you see how we dress, we like teasing the boys and having a good time. We like the way we dress. We dress very provocatively whenever we go out. To the mall, the movies, dances, we always like to turn the heads of others. Most girls don’t think like what we do. We have watched you and talked you with one day. We like your attitude and you’re cute, but we’re not sure you’re mature enough or ready to be with girls like us.”

    Mary didn’t know it but this was the biggest question she would ever answer. If she agreed, then the girls would drop her and they wouldn’t have any other problems with her. If she was to say she was mature enough and mischievous enough to run with the girls, then she would have to do everything that they did.

    Karen waited for an answer. It wasn’t long in coming. Mary knew she wanted to run around with the girls. Without even thinking what the consequences were, she gave Karen the answer she was hoping to hear. “I promise, I think I am a lot like you girls. I would like to try to become part of your group.”

    Karen loved it. The new girl was practically begging to hang with them. This could be a lot of fun. Karen pretended like she was thinking about it. Then she looked Mary right in the face. “I’m going to tell the girls to give you a try. But the first time you act immature or don’t want to do things, or are afraid to be provocative like us, it’s all over. Just to warn you, two other girls have tried and all were way too immature for us.”

    Mary was so happy. She jumped up and walked over with Karen to chat to the other girls. Karen then announced to the other girls that Mary was now one of them. Karen winked at the girls when Mary wasn’t watching. A big smile came to all their faces.

    They still had about three weeks ’til school started. The girls told Mary they would pick her up at Mary’s house around noon tomorrow to go down to the beach. They usually played and walked around the beach for a couple hours then went and had lunch. Mary told her mom most everything, leaving out the mischief and provocative stuff. She told them the girls would be here to pick her up at noon. Her mom was so happy for her. Mary was really feeling good that night.

    The next day, right on time, the girls picked up Mary and off to the beach they went. Karen was holding a package as they walked to the beach. When they got to the parking lot of the beach, Karen told Mary to come with her. The other girls went down to the beach to set up their towels. Karen took Mary into the ladies restroom and told her to get out of her bathing suit. Mary looked at her funny until she pulled a new swim suit from the bag. It was a light tan color and of course it was very, very small. Mary’s eyes were wide open at how tiny the bathing suit was. Karen again told her “hurry up and get your suit off.” Mary didn’t feel right with Karen sitting there and asking her to undress in front of her, but she remembered about what Karen said about being to immature and the other girls failing. She slowly undid her top and then her bikini bottoms. She dropped both to the ground. Mary was now on full view for Karen to check her out.

    Karen was surprised how young Mary’s body looked. She had some thin hair on her pussy but it was so light you couldn’t really see it. Her boobs were still fairly small but very perky. Karen told Mary to turn around and then she started helping Mary get into the suit. The suit was mostly strings with a few patches covering her pussy and small boobs. When done, Karen looked over her handy work. This was the smallest bikini that the store sold. The patches were even smaller then the ones on the older three girls’ swim suits. Karen had bought it a while back but decided it was way too small to wear in public. When Karen had Mary turn around, the effect was amazing. All the other girls wore bright suits and the strings were bright white, bright red, and very easy to see. The strings with Mary’s suit were flesh tone. They mixed right in with her body. From the rear view, Mary looked completely naked. You had to get up close to notice the string disappearing between her ass cheeks.

    Karen pulled Mary over to the mirror and showed off the new suit to her. Mary wasn’t sure about this at all. It was fine to see the other girls in skimpy suits like these, but now that it was her, she didn’t know if she could do it. Then Karen pulled out a tee shirt she also bought in the store. It was rather unusual in that the front of it went down about two or three inches below her pussy, but the back was cut much higher and ended about at her waist. It was made to go with these suits to show off the girl’s ass. After Mary pulled the shirt on it made her feel a little better but her ass was still out there on show.

    Mary had one last chance to chicken out. She summed up all her courage and as Karen led her out by her hand, she didn’t say a word. Now she was outside, in plain view of everyone. She couldn’t look at anyone just this moment. Karen took her down to the girls and they all commented on how great she looked. They started walking down the beach and every boy’s head on the beach turned. All four of them were gorgeous in their small bathing suits and they strutted their stuff proudly. After about an hour Mary really did find out nobody cared about what she was wearing and she started to loosen up. The girls had a great time and Karen took them all to the sandwich shop and bought everybody lunch. Of course the girls were still in their just about nothing bathing suits and all eyes kept watch over them. By the end of the day Mary had really enjoyed herself more then ever. Mary got a lot of attention from the girls, a lot of attention from the boys, and the day just sort of blew by.

    At the end of the outing Karen went with Mary to the ladies room again and helped her get out of her suit. Karen knew Mary’s parents would have a fit if they knew their little girl was out in an outfit like this. She quickly told Mary she could take it home and bring it back with her tomorrow. Then Karen reached around and gave Mary a big hug. “Welcome to our group. You were wonderful today and everybody liked you. You keep passing our tests and you will be a full member of the group.” Mary didn’t understand the test part but she told Karen thank you for giving her this chance.

    The next couple days went by about the same way. Mary now felt 100% comfortable in her tiny little suit. Of course, most of the time she had the tee shirt on covering the front of her but the girls did have her take it off when they laid on their blankets to sun. Today was a sort of special day because they were going to push the young and innocent girl to a new level. The three girls all knew about what was going to happen today but Mary did not. The girls had talked about it all night. They picked up Mary at the usual time and of course the first place they stopped was the woman’s restroom so Karen could help Mary change into her suit.

    Karen dressed Mary a little differently today. First her top was put on, then her tee shirt was put on. Then Karen threw the empty bag that she carried it in on the floor. Mary started looking around for the rest of the suit. This is when Karen pulled Mary up to the mirror and had her turn around. Her naked butt was on view in the mirror. Karen quickly asked Mary what was different in the view that she saw in the mirror. Mary looked and there was her ass on show just like it was every time before. Mary stuttered a little but didn’t say anything. Karen quickly spoke up, “you know what’s different, nothing. It looks exactly the same from behind as it did before. This is your next test. You have to endure the day at the beach like this, or else we know you don’t have what it takes to be one of us.” Karen went on to say that each of the other two girls had to go through the same thing. “It’s totally up to you, but we are really hoping you would become one of us.”

    Karen turned Mary’s butt to the mirror again. “I can assure you that you look exactly like you have for the past week or so. The string used to run up your butt cheeks and nobody could see it. They will still think your string is running up your butt cheeks. Only the four of us girls will know, and we had to go through it too so we know what you’re feeling. But nobody every knew when we did it and they won’t know if you do it too. Now it’s time to make up your mind, follow me out or quit on us. Whatever you like. I’ll wait a couple minutes out front and if you don’t walk out, I’ll know you decided to quit.” With that Karen turned and walked out front. The other two girls were waiting for her. They asked how it went. Karen smiled and said “I think the young fool is going to fall for it, this will be so hot and such a blast!”

    They waited about a minute and Mary slowly emerged from the dressing room. She felt completely naked out in public. Well, she just about was but the girls all congratulated her, hugged her and grabbed her hand and started for the beach. Mary’s long day was just starting. Of course the girls started walking right down the beach like they usually do. Many eyes were staring at the girls but most ended up looking at Mary. When she was standing still in there at the mirror her legs were together and you couldn’t really see anything. But when she walked down the beach, her legs had to open up forward so that she could walk. Unknown to her, you could actually just barely see her tiny white pussy. Anybody really watching her would pick this out fairly quickly. The girls were starting to pick up quite a following behind them. This had happened before so it didn’t really bother the girls, it’s just this time there was a lot of chattering going on between the boys and it had now grown to about 10 guys.

    The three girls knew that Mary was putting on a small show but they tried to get her to relax. They walked and had fun for about 30 minutes then they want back to their towels. Usually they all took their tee shirts off but Mary knew she couldn’t take hers off. They all laid down and Mary was the only one with her shirt on. Karen was right next to her and told Mary to turn over on her stomach. Mary took her time doing it so that her little shirt wouldn’t bunch up or anything. Finally Mary was on her stomach. Karen said to relax and everything would be fine. She was doing great and had made it this far. with Mary’s head down and sort of looking down at her towel, Karen pulled out the sun lotion and rubbed it all over herself, then told Mary she would do her since she couldn’t move around all that much.

    One of the girls got up and Mary didn’t even notice it. The girl had hidden in her hand a little camera and she stood behind Mary as Karen started rubbing lotion into Mary’s legs. She slowly worked her way up her legs till she poured some of the lotion onto Mary’s butt. Of course a lot of it ran into her crack and followed its way down onto her pussy. Soon her butt and pussy were soaked from the lotion that Karen had poured onto them. Karen started to rub the lotion into Mary’s butt and behind Mary was one of the girls quickly snapping pictures. Karen looked around and saw that nobody at this time was near them. She started to pull Mary’s legs apart just a little. Her legs were pinned shut and Mary popped her head up quickly. Karen gave her a sharp look. “Turn your head around and look ahead of you. There’s nobody here but the four of us. You have to learn to trust each one of us. We wouldn’t do anything to hurt the other one. You have to agree to trust us and we have to trust you. Do you understand that?” Mary sort of shook her head. She was so embarrassed the position she was in. She looked around one last time and saw nobody was around. She put her head back in her hands and tried to relax.

    The girl standing down between Mary’s legs slowly pulled the camera back from behind her back. Karen started the process all over of pouring lotion on Mary’s legs and then let a lot fall on her ass cheeks also. Karen knew most of it would start to run down her cheeks and in between her legs. Karen gave Mary about three minutes to settle down and slowly rubbed the oil into her legs. Then Karen moved over just a little so she would be out of camera angle and the girl moved up closer behind Mary’s body. Then Karen while rubbing the lotion in slowly used pressure on Mary’s leg and with just a little force, Karen got Mary’s leg to move open about two inches. Of course this was all it took. The girl behind her started snapping picture after picture. Mary’s thin haired pussy was now mostly in view. Mary just tried to relax and didn’t even want to look or talk. She was so scared about all this. Then she felt Karen get up and move to the other side of her.

    Again Karen stayed out of the way as much as possible and started rubbing the oil in Mary’s other leg. Soon Karen used her free hand and started pulling just a little bit on Mary’s leg. Again, with just a little force, her leg slipped open about two inches or so. Her legs were now between four or five inches apart. Her shirt in the back barely came down to her hips so her entire ass and pussy were in full view. Mary’s pussy was coated with oil and it glistened in the sunlight. Karen took one last shot at the poor scared girl. She put her hands on both legs and started to force them open a little wider. Mary didn’t let her legs move until she heard Karen say her name rather loudly. Burying her head even further in her arms, Mary relaxed her legs for just a second. Karen used this opportunity to spread her feet about a foot and a half apart.

    Mary’s tight little virgin pussy opened up fairly wide. You could now see her tight pussy hole and the oil made everything glisten. Karen then laid up beside Mary and both the girls laying next to Mary gave thumbs up to the camera while smiling at Mary’s fully exposed ass and pussy. The girl clicked off a bunch more pictures then Karen got up and went to Mary’s legs. She finally pushed them together and then went up to next to Mary’s head. “Congratulations, you passed our second test. We are so proud of you that you trusted us with so much.” Mary pulled her head out of her arms. Mary looked around and nobody was even close to them. Only the girls would have been able to see her. Maybe they were just testing her to make sure she would fit in. Mary didn’t have time to think about it because all the girls jumped up and they grabbed Mary and started to walk down the beach in the other direction. She took this opportunity to start building Mary’s confidence back up.

    Karen said that tonight all the girls were going to the mall and then to the movies. They will have a great time out and enjoy each others company. Plus they will add some new clothes to their collection. All the girls started laughing and talking about what they would buy. They all made sure that Mary was right in there talking about what she would get. They caught on quickly to what Karen was doing. They walked about 10 minutes down the beach and they passed a lot of people. They finally turned around and when they did one of the girls whispered softly to Mary. “You’re doing great. We hope you make it and become one of us. Just trust everything that Karen has you doing. She watches out for us and she is just testing you. You see that even with no bottoms on, no body knows. We had to do it too. Just hang in there and you will soon be one of us.” Mary was now floating on cloud nine. That little whisper meant so much to her. The girls really did want her to become one of them.

    The girls finally got back to their blanket and sat down. Mary looked around but nobody was really close enough they could see them very good. She sat back real quick and all the girls laid back on their backs. Karen looked over at Mary and told her to lay down on her back also. Mary gave one last look around and she knew nobody was that close. The shirt she was wearing came down a couple three inches below her pussy. It was long enough she could barely walk around without showing anything. She went ahead and laid back and the shirt came up about an inch but she saw that it still covered her pussy. This would be ok. As soon as she laid back Karen got the baby oil and first lubed up her own body. So did the other girls. Then Karen turned her attention to Mary. She started pouring lotion on her legs and rubbing it in. Karen looked up at Mary and told her to close her eyes and relax. “Enjoy the sun. And don’t open your eyes till you’re told.” Mary slowly closed her eyes while Karen rubbed oil into her legs. The same girl as last time got up and moved down between Mary’s legs. She had the camera behind her back and quickly pulled it out and snapped a couple pictures. Then she put the camera behind her back and shook her head at Karen. Karen then used her hands to spread Mary’s legs apart. Mary didn’t fight her this time and very shortly Mary had her legs apart about the same amount as last time, a foot and a half or so. The shirt was still down covering Mary’s pussy and Karen kept rubbing the oil on her legs.

    The girl snapped more pictures and Karen worked her way up Mary’s legs. Finally Karen was just at the bottom of Mary’s shirt when Karen picked up the shirt bottom and folded it up around Mary’s waist. The second it was put there the girl started snapping pictures. There was nothing covering Mary from her waist down. Her legs were spread out about a foot and a half and she jumped a little when her shirt was pulled up. All she heard was Karen’s voice, “trust us, remember, trust us.” Mary kept her eyes closed and prayed nobody was very close to them. Karen continued to rub the lotion higher up her legs. Of course the girl was busy clicking picture after picture of Mary getting her legs rubbed by another girl. It was easy to tell the hands were another girl because of the pink finger nail polish that Karen was wearing. Karen took the bottle and squirted oil on the part of Mary’s stomach that was not being covered by the pulled up tee shirt. Of coarse she did it in a way that most the oil ended up on Mary’s pussy and flowing down her pussy crack to her ass. Snap, Snap Snap, these were some great pictures. Mary’s full body above her knees were in the pictures and her face was right there very easy to see.

    Karen moved up to Mary’s head and started talking to Mary. Y“ou are doing so good. We can’t wait to have you as part of us. If you continue to act the way you are, you will be a full member of our group on the first day of school. No more tests after that.” Mary really liked the sound of that but that was still about 9 or 10 days away. Then Karen asked “Mary, you trust all of us, don’t you?” Mary nodded her head yes then the words left her mouth, “yes, very much”. That’s exactly what Karen was hoping she would say. “Ok, no matter what, you keep your eyes closed. There is nobody even close to you except the three of us girls. We are keeping a good eye out for you. And you are doing great.” Mary was happy they were watching for people. But she still felt so out on display.

    Karen then moved back down to beside Mary’s body. She used her hand and actually opened up Mary’s legs a little wider. They were really spread out wide now. Karen made sure to move back as much as she could so the pictures would only pick up Mary’s body and Karen’s right hand. Karen took the bottle of baby oil and this time she didn’t pretend to put it above Mary’s body. She actually poured the lotion directly on the top of Mary’s tiny little pussy. There was a small flinch in Mary’s body but nothing big. Her pussy was covered in the thin film of baby oil and it made her pussy shine for the camera. They were now going to push Mary a lot further then they have yet tried. Karen grabbed Mary’s right hand and told Mary to relax. She guided her right hand and laid it right on top of Mary’s own pussy. “Don’t open your eyes, and don’t move your hand unless I move it, do you hear?”

    Mary was petrified. She just nodded her head yes and didn’t move. She wanted to stick her head in the sand and hide. Karen removed her hand and the pictures started to be taken. They would be great showing Mary nude from the waist down on the beach and her hand resting on her very wet and glistening pussy. After a few pictures Karen again grabbed Mary’s hand. This time she took just two of Mary’s fingers and slowly ran them down her own pussy crack then back up. Again the camera was busy. Mary’s legs were so wide open you could make out every inch of her pussy. Her hot little button was there at the top of her slit but it was still covered by the little hood that protected it. Mary’s heart was pounding faster than it ever had. She didn’t know what was going to happen. Then Karen let her know real quickly. She guided Mary’s two fingers directly over the young girl’s clit and started rubbing them all around. It was Karen that was doing all the work. Mary just allowed her hand to go where Karen wanted it. Then both Karen and the girl saw what was starting to happen. The little hood around Mary’s clit was starting to move aside as Mary’s clit grew a little larger. Mary was starting to get excited by all the actions that were taking place.

    Mary was terrified and thought she was going to die of embarrassment. She just laid there while someone guided her fingers around her most private parts. Karen worked another minute or so then spoke up so Mary could hear. “I’m moving my hand away. You keep doing exactly what I have you doing now till I tell you to stop. If you stop before that, it’s all over.” Slowly Karen removed her hand and the girls watched as Mary kept rubbing circles around her growing and stiffening clit. The two girls got up close to Mary and the camera girl stepped back a little so she could get a couple pictures off the girls watching what Mary was doing right in front of them. They again gave the thumbs up signal then all the girls walked out of the way so the camera girl could get some close shots and far away shots of Mary by herself on the beach masturbating herself. Finally that walked back next to Mary and her clit was now sticking out hard and Mary’s face was changing expression. With the camera clicking, Mary’s throat gave a little grunt before the rockets started exploding in her head. This was so nasty, so dirty, so exhibitionist, that her mind ran away with her and she exploded on her own fingers. The girls sat back down beside her in the positions they started in and then Karen finally pulled Mary’s hand away and pulled the girl’s shirt back down. Mary was so majorly embarrassed that she didn’t even want to speak. They laid there for about 10 minutes without talking before the girls decided it was time to go for a walk again. Mary didn’t think she could face them.

    All three girls looked at Mary and said, “See, that didn’t kill you. And you did much better then me when I had to do that.” All the girls agreed, she passed another test and let’s put it behind us and continue on. Mary was surprised the girls didn’t laugh at her or make fun of her. They handled it so well. Maybe that is what Karen talked about when she wondered if Mary was mature enough for their group. Most girls would have giggled, laughed, and made jokes. These girls went on like it was nothing special. It made Mary feel a little better but she was still majorly embarrassed. They walked the beach and made sure that Mary enjoyed the rest of the day. They didn’t put her in any more embarrassing situations and at about 3 p.m. the girls took Mary back to the restroom and she was allowed to put on her original bathing suit before heading home. All the girls told Mary how good she did. They couldn’t wait till she was a full member of their group. That would only be 9 days away. Mary couldn’t wait either. On the way home Karen told Mary to ask her parents if she could go out with them tonight. Karen’s mom were taking them all to the mall where they would shop and eat then the 7 p.m. movie. They would have her home around 9 p.m. or so.

    Slowly Mary had adjusted to what had happened today to her. None of the girls every brought it up the rest of the day and they really seemed interested in her joining the group. She only had to make it 9 more days. When she got home she told her mom how much fun she had (leaving out a few details) and then told her what the girls had planned tonight. Her mother was happy the her little girl finally met some other nice local girls. Her mother told her she could go and Mary went back and took a shower and got ready. The girls had a great time out. They all made sure Mary was happy and got a lot of attention. Karen also bought Mary a nice skirt and shirt. It wasn’t anything super sexual, it was like a gift to make her happy. Karen then went up to Mary and told her these were to show her how much the girls really did like her. They had to go through exactly what she was going through and they really wanted her to make it. She was a great friend and fun to be around. Of course this shot Mary to the moon. She couldn’t believe the girls chipped in for her outfit. She was beside herself with respect for the girls.

    The movie went quickly and soon the girls were dropping Mary off at her house. The whole night was just wonderful. Mary started thinking about things, the girls were so great to her. Sure, they had her do some weird stuff but nothing you don’t hear talked about in the girl’s locker room at school. She was certain now she could make it and become a permanent part of the girls’ club. She would be their first new member in more than five years. And other girls had tried but none made it. She knew she would make it. She had to. She finally went to sleep with her new outfit hanging on the door. The next morning was another day. Mary woke up and around 9 a.m. and got up and took a shower. She knew the girls would be over again at noon. She was ready to see them again. The girls picked her up right about on time and they were off to the beach. Again the girls went down to the beach to set up the blanket and Karen and Mary went into the ladies room to change her bikini. Mary watched as Karen pulled the tee shirt out of the bag. Karen told her to hurry and undress so they could get going. As soon as Mary was new, her outfit of the day was slipped on her. The only thing in the bag was the tee shirt. Mary didn’t say a word as the tee shirt was slipped over her head. Karen grabbed her hand and just led Mary out of the door.

    Yesterday, Mary was just missing her bottoms. Today she had a fairly thin tee shirt on that was cut waist high in the back and that was all. The wind felt like it went right through everything. Karen was expecting Mary to say something but not a word came out of her mouth. Just like yesterday, all the girls sat down on the blanket and Karen told them to start on their stomachs. They all laid down and Mary slowly looked around. There was nobody here yet. Not one person. Just the girls. Mary slowly put her head down into her arms. She heard Karen putting oil all over herself then she felt the first squirts of oil on her leg. Immediately Karen started moving her legs apart. They were two feet apart before a minute went by. Mary was holding back today and not going to say a word if at all possible. She felt the oiled being poured everywhere. Of course one of the girls had gotten up. Yep, picture time. They kept Mary on her stomach and opened up like this for about 20 minutes. They all got up, took their 20 or 25 minute walk and talk, and then were back at their towels. Mary thought to herself, the girls were right. I can make it through this and nobody will ever know. She felt a lot of confidence now. She knew the girls would lay on their backs now, she knew she would get more lotion put on her, she could do this, she knew she could.

    Just like she thought they all laid on their backs. After applying lotion to herself, Karen started putting lotion on Mary. Soon Mary’s shirt was folded up just like last time and her pussy was coated with lotion. She peeked around one time and still nobody on the beach. She was feeling good about everything. Karen just happened to see her peek down the beach. This scared her because one of the girls was snapping pictures of Mary being exposed this way. Ok, I’ll settle this stupid girl down. Karen motioned for the girl who was taking pictures to lay down and hide the camera. Once she was down, Karen told Mary to sit up for a second. Mary got up and looked around again. Nice and quiet. They were it on the beach for now. Karen looked Mary in the face. “Ok, I want you to close your eyes and not open till I say. It will probably be 20 minutes but do not open your eyes till then. OK?” Mary nodded her head yes and closed her eyes. Next Karen told her to touch both her hands to the top of head. This was to get Mary’s arms up and above her head. As soon as her hands were on her head, Karen grabbed both sides of the tee shirt which was down by her belly button and pulled it up and over Mary’s head. Before anything could be said the tee shirt was totally off Mary. Karen spoke up quickly, “now don’t open your eyes and lay back. You know the beach is deserted and we will all keep a close watch.” Karen slowly pushed Mary’s body back. Mary couldn’t believe what had just happened. She was now on a public beach, and she was 100% nude. She had no clothes of any type on. Karen had just pushed her body back on the blanket and Mary was now totally on show.

    It only took Karen and the girl a second to get her legs spread and more lotion on Mary’s body. Mary felt all the air hit her body and her small tits perked up quickly. The girls moved away from Mary’s body so the girl could get some great pictures of all this. It looked exactly like Mary was there by herself. Then the girls posed around Mary looking and pointing and giving the thumbs up sign. All the time the camera was snapping steadily. Then the lotion started going on all over her body. She felt Karen’s hand rubbing the lotion in. The sun was very hot and the wind cool on her body. Finally Karen was ready and she grabbed Mary’s hand. She knew immediately what was about to happen. Just like she thought her hand was guided down to her own pussy. Her fingers were guided around her pussy just like yesterday. With her legs so wide apart, no part of her pussy was hidden. Karen let go of all the fingers in Mary’s right hand except her middle finger. Karen guided her middle finger all around her pussy and her clit. Then while peeking down to guide Mary’s finger, Karen pushed Mary’s long middle finger down her slit and right into her tight little pussy. The camera clicked as Mary’s finger slowly entered her own pussy. She wasn’t in control of her hand, Karen was. Her finger pushed in till the first joint, then was pulled out. Then pushed back in, then pulled back out. Mary’s face was now totally flush with embarrassment. After a few more seconds Karen moved up to Mary’s face and said she was moving her hand away. “Don’t stop till you’re told to stop.”

    Karen’s hand moved away and Mary slowly kept pushing her finger in her pussy and then pulling it out. All the girls got up to watch this. The camera was clicking and the girl taking the pictures made sure to get Mary’s whole body in each shot. She wanted to make sure her face was in the pictures. After about a minute Karen kneeled back down next to Mary and grabbed Mary’s free hand. She guided two of her finger to the top of Mary’s pussy and started rubbing them exactly where her clit was. Within just a couple seconds the clit pushed its hood away and started getting a little larger with each rub. Karen told Mary not to stop either hand. And then she released Mary’s hand and moved back. What a hot little scene to view. This very very young girl was naked on the beach, her legs were spread far apart, and both her hands were working on her own pussy trying to make it cum. The girls again posed around Mary while she continued to rub her pussy. Today it on took about two minutes. They knew right away by how stiff and hard Mary’s clit got under her fingers. Then Mary exploded for the second time in two days. The finger sliding up into her pussy and her clit being rubbed was way too much. The thoughts put her right over the top. They had her keep rubbing and fingering herself for about another minute. Then they let her relax. All the girls laid back down and Karen told everybody it was time to lay on their stomachs. Everybody turned including Mary. She wasn’t looking at anyone and her head went right between her arms folded under her. Of course Karen pulled Mary’s legs open wide and started rubbing the oil all over her.

    Of course the pictures started flashing of this new position. Then Karen had a quick idea. She called the other girl over that didn’t have the camera. She whispered something in her ear then the girl sat down next to Mary right across from Karen. Now both girls were just out of camera sight but close enough to touch Mary. All of a sudden the other girl started working on one of Mary’s leg while Karen worked on the other. All the camera caught were two sets of female hands rubbing the lotion into Mary. Slowly they worked their hands up until one set of hands were rubbing one ass cheek and the other set of hands were doing the other. They kept their hand right on her ass or very near Mary’s pussy. They were really posing for the camera. Finally they were done. All the girls laid down and Karen had Mary finally sit up. She slid the tee shirt back on Mary’s body and told her to open her eyes. Mary glanced around quickly and both girls were laying down with their eyes closed like nothing ever happened. She also noticed the only people were more then a half mile down the beach. She didn’t say a thing. She tried to catch up mentally with everything that had just happened.

    The girls walked around for a while and chatted quite a bit. When they went back to their blanket, another set of kids had setup camp about 200 feet away. Mary was nervous about all of this but she now felt like she had a lot of clothes on. After laying out nude, this tee shirt felt really good. They all went down and started talking with the kids that had just showed up. Of course Karen and the girls knew the kids. They knew everybody from around this area. They introduced everybody to Mary and actually told them that Mary was part of their crowd now. This did make Mary feel pretty good. She wanted to be accepted into the group. She had gone through so much for it. She couldn’t wait for that day to arrive. The kids were made up of four boys and three other girls. They were all about Mary’s age. A few older, none really younger. They all got along great and they brought out some beach games. They decided to throw the Frisbee around. Mary didn’t want to go out and throw it with them but one of the boys came up and personally invited her. He was a hunk. Karen poked Mary in the side. “Don’t be stupid, that boy is really cute.” Mary didn’t want to go not because she didn’t want to get to know the boy, but because of how little she had on. Karen just spoke up for her. “She’d love to play.” Mary reluctantly walked down the beach a little way with the cute boy and they threw the Frisbee back and forth. Mary really thought she was doing good covering up what she had on, but it only took the boy a few peeks to realize she didn’t have a brassière on under her tee shirt like the other girls did. The boy started throwing the Frisbee just out of reach of Mary and they were working their way a little further away from the group of kids with each throw.

    Mary was having a good time with the young boy and finally the young boy said he was tired. They were a couple hundred feet away from everybody else and Mary looked to see if anybody was paying attention. Not one person was watching her and the boy have a good time. Mary had never had a boy friend before and she was boy crazy just about like all the other girls of her age. The boy she was with now was quite a cutie. She flirted just a little with him as they walked even a little further from the group. She peeked and they were five or six hundred feet away from the main group of kids. She really enjoyed talking with this cute boy. He finally said he was tired and without even asking Mary he grabbed her hand and pulled her down onto his lap. It was so fast Mary didn’t know what happened. But somebody knew exactly what was going to happen. Up on the parking lot of the beach was Karen with one of the girls. They had been walking just out of sight. The girl was taking pictures of whatever Karen told her to. They stayed down so you couldn’t see them unless you were looking for them. Back on the boy’s lap, Mary tried her best to keep her tee shirt down in the front as she fell onto the boy’s lap. The boy’s lips were immediately on Mary’s mouth. Everything happened so quickly. She fought for a second then the lips on her mouth and the boy’s strong arms and body started to win her over. They kissed there on the beach for a good three or four minutes. The boy started to push Mary back. “No, I can’t do this. Let me go.” The boy looked at Mary. “You know they have names for people like you.” Mary’s face and expression changed. “What do you mean?”

    The boy continued to try to push her back on her back while Mary fought to keep upright. “They call you a dick teaser. Come out here like that and then not want to be touched. I know you have nothing on under your tee shirt.” This caught Mary by surprise but she didn’t let the boy push her backwards. The boy just looked her in the face. “If you don’t lay back and relax, I’m going back and tell everybody how you’re dressed. Then I’m going to ask anyone if they know where you live, and I’ll go tell your parents how you walk around the beach. And a lot of my friends will back me up.” Mary’s face changed a lot and she thought about what her mom and dad would do if they really found out. The boy kept making threats and trying to push Mary back. Slowly but surely Mary knew she would never be able to explain this and she quit fighting for just a second. That’s exactly how long it took for the boy to push her on her back. Like a flash his lips were all over hers. She was scared to death but his lips did feel very nice. She had never had a real kiss before. They kissed for a couple minutes and finally Mary relaxed just a little. Of course the boy could feel it and his hand went straight to Mary’s pussy. She tried to reach down and stop him but he had one of her arms under him and was holding her other hand above her head.

    He continued to kiss her as his fingers found her pussy for the first time. She moved her head around trying to break free but the guy kept his lips on hers and kept his fingers moving around her pussy. Her pussy was covered with baby oil and the boy’s fingers slid right inside Mary’s tiny pussy hole. He worked his finger in and out and then started playing with Mary’s clit. It was already still enlarged from when she had just rubbed herself to climax. This made it very easy for the boy to find. Within a minute Mary had stopped struggling and the boy was able to kiss her more deeply. The tongue in her mouth and the hand rubbing her pussy felt so wonderful. Her eyes were shut tight and the boy sensed the change in response. He slowly let the hand above her head go. He still had one of her hands pinned under his body. He used his legs to spread Mary’s legs out nice and wide. Mary was now in her own little land. She knew a hunk of a guy was kissing her and feeling her up but right now her body was just floating in mid air.

    Mary’s open legs were pointed straight up to where Karen and her girlfriend were taking pictures. This worked out much better then they ever thought. They didn’t know when they told the boy earlier about Mary and her no bathing suit that he could ever get her to do this. CLICK, CLICK, CLICK. They were getting very good pictures. The boy was softly and lightly rubbing on Mary’s clit and pussy. He didn’t want her to cum very soon. He wanted to just keep her floating in the non-fighting mode. With his free hand his hand went down to his bathing suit and Karen watched from up top as the boy pushed them down to his knees. Mary didn’t even know it had happened. Her eyes were still closed and everything felt so nice and perfect. She was kissing back the soft pair of lips that were kissing on her. Karen could see from she was the boy had a raging hard on. What young boy wouldn’t? Slowly and with patience the boy slowly slid from beside Mary and was a little up on his knees. Of course he was still slowly French kissing the young girl and lightly rubbing his fingers over her pussy and clit. Her pussy had doubled in moisture since he started and the moisture was a lot hotter. If was fresh lubrication directly from Mary’s young pretty cunt.

    The boy was just about completely over Mary now. Mary’s hips had just started her first movement as she was very close to Cumming. Karen couldn’t believe her luck. She grabbed the other girl by the hand and started running down the sand dune. She had to get much closer to all of this. The soft tongue probing her mouth and the light touch on her cunt was finally too much for Mary. A grunt came out of her mouth and her hips raised a little bit as her orgasm was just about to happen. The boy had waited patiently for this to happen. While her butt left the ground, he removed his hand from her pussy, grabbed his dick and lowered his knees down until the head was touching the girl’s cunt. The first big wave of orgasm was just coming over Mary’s body. She didn’t feel anything but the huge wave of feeling that was overtaking her. She pushed her butt up even higher as the brute force of the orgasm over took her. The boy’s dick was now right at her pussy’s entrance and with one quick shove he blasted his young hard dick right through the wet soaked entrance to Mary’s pussy and pushed it straight through the young girl’s barrier. The feeling confused Mary for just a second. The intense orgasm had changed real quick to a very bad stabbing pain. Her mind came back down from its high right as the boy’s balls bottomed out against Mary’s butt. “OH GODDDDDDDDDDDD,” was all that came out of her mouth.

    Mary’s legs were wide open and the girl was about four feet behind Mary as the dick slid into her for the first time. It was like, click, click, click, click, click. Ten then fifteen quick pushes of the shutter. About every second the camera lens opened and closed. Karen was actually filming a virgin being taken for the first time. She just could not believe she was here watching and filming this taking place. Mary was speechless for a couple seconds. The pained seared into her brain the same way her orgasm did. The boy had pulled out once and sunk himself back deep into Mary before the first sounds erupted from her mouth. “Noooooooooooooooo, don’t do this to me.” Both the girls between her legs watched as some little pools of red started to run out of Mary’s legs. She had just had her cherry popped and they were getting it on film. How many can ever say they have pictures of that happening? Mary starting fighting again and putting up a fight. The boy held his hand over her mouth and told her “just shut up you beach slut, it will be over soon”.

    Over soon? It was then that Mary understood what this meant. The boy would climax right into her pussy. “Oh please no” she was trying to say. But everything was muffled with the hand over her mouth. She rocked and fought but this only made it feel better to the young boy. Then the sound burned into her ears, “I’m Cumming, I’m Cumming.” The boy started to shake and all of a sudden Mary could feel the heat deep within her body. The boy was pumping his white hot sperm right up into Mary’s body. She couldn’t stop it and felt pump after pump of sperm splash her insides. She was now defeated and stopped putting up a fight. The boy pumped in her for another minute or so. Behind, both of the girls were watching and filming and finally they saw the tale tell evidence that the boy had cum. White foamy stuff was starting to pour out the sides of Mary’s pussy around the young dick that was ramming itself up and down inside of Mary. After a few pictures of this evidence, they started walking away all the while snapping pictures at different angles as they left.

    Mary was now crying pretty hard and the boy rolled over and pulled up his trunks. He told Mary as he got up that if she told anybody, he would tell them it was consensual and to prove it, all he had to do was tell everybody how she was dressed at the beach. All his friends would back him up. She would get the reputation as a slut and whore. But if she didn’t tell anybody, he wouldn’t either and it could be their little secret. Then he turned and told Mary, that includes your three snotty girlfriends. “If you tell them, I flood the area and the school with what my version of the story is.” While Mary just cried on the beach, the boy walked back to his friends on the beach. Karen and the other girl also returned to where the main crowd was and nobody went down to check on Mary. Karen knew it was better to let her come up to them when she was ready. Karen told the other of the three girls what had happened. Then she told the other two girls to go home and she would meet up with them tonight. Karen then went down to where Mary was now sitting up on the beach. Tears were still flowing from Mary’s eyes. Mary saw Karen and jumped up against her real tight. She started crying again. Karen thought very quickly on her feet.

    “It’s ok Mary. There are other guys. We all get dumped every now and then. You’re too good for him anyway. He came back and said you to were getting along good then had a fight. Forget him. He’s just another guy. All they care about is themselves. We girls will stick together.” She kept talking about just because she didn’t catch him on her first try, you don’t have to cry about it. “We’ll all work together, we’ll all play together, and need be we’ll all cry together.” She was giving Mary a way out if she would take it. So far Mary had not said a word. Karen was still holding her close and slowly started walking back down the beach to where their stuff was. Mary was still crying and Karen kept allowing Mary to use the breakup or fight excuse as to why she was crying. They finally reached their blanket and everybody was gone but those two. Karen sat down on the blanket with Mary and kept talking to her about how the girls needed to stay together and how they could forget any guy by just becoming closer girlfriends.

    Mary’s mind was just starting to come back from the attack. She really now liked what Karen was saying. This would sour her from boys for a while but she still had a chance to get into this great group of girls. She only had one week to go after today. Mary slowly started to dry up the tears and looked at Karen closely in the face. Her first trembling words out of her mouth were “thank you so much.” Karen was starting to believe she might be winning the battle. She continued to tell Mary how good of friends they could become. Then when all the tears were gone, Karen asked Mary if she was crying because the boy up and left her. Mary wanted so badly to tell Karen the truth, but at the same time she wanted nobody to know what had happened. She just nodded her head up and down to say yes and buried her head in Karen’s shoulder. Karen helped her up and picked up all their stuff. She helped Mary up to the bathroom where they always change their clothes. Karen also gave her an out. “Why don’t you go get into your other bathing suit why I rinse off over here. I’ll meet you here when you done.” Mary was happy that Karen didn’t come in with her. She slowly pulled off the tee shirt and notice all the white goo slowly dripping from her pussy lips. Also there was a thin string of blood mixed in with everything. The tears started to flow as she walked over to the sink and cleaned herself up the best she could. She didn’t come out for 15 minutes but she was dressed back in her other bikini and her tears had all but ran out.

    Karen walked home with her and asked her if she would like to spend the night with her tonight. She would make her forget all about the boy that got away. This brought a small smile to Mary’s face for the first time since she was attacked. Mary nodded her head yes as she didn’t want to be alone the whole night tonight. She ran into her house and up the stairs to her room. She called down and said she was invited to Karen’s house for a sleep over. Was it ok? Her mom didn’t even have to think about it. “Sure babe, have fun.” Her mom thought to herself, that means her and her husband would have the house to their own tonight… Hummmmmmmmmmmmm

    Mary grabbed a few things, stuck them in a bag and went back out to where Karen was waiting. “Let’s go, I’m ready.” Karen could see a small change already in Mary. And she hasn’t mentioned the attack yet. The girls got to Karen’s house and the fun started immediately. Karen’s dad had a big recreation room with pool table and pin ball machines. They ordered a quick pizza and played games most the night. Mary was laughing most the night and really having fun trying to beat Karen at pool and other games. Around 2 a.m. both girls were beat. They went up to Karen’s room and they both dressed in tee shirts and undies and jumped into bed. Karen fell asleep first but soon Mary started crying. Then it got louder and it woke Karen up. Karen immediately rolled over next to Mary and pulled her tight. She held Mary as she cried and then they slowly started talking again. They never did let go of each other. Mary started talking about how no guy would ever want her. Karen knew what she was talking about and said screw the guys. “You got three great girlfriends that will always be there for you.” Then she started building Mary up. “Your body is great. You look so much better than the three of us. You don’t need guys right now when you have us. We can give you everything any stupid guy can.” She kept talking and pulling Mary closer. They were both wrapped up in each others arms since the time Karen tried to get Mary to stop crying.

    Karen wasn’t sure at what point it happened, but Mary’s mouth found Karen’s lips. Karen was by no way a lesbian but she didn’t pull back. She was really surprised that Mary would do that. To Mary, she heard how nice Karen had talked about her, how much she really cared. She just wanted to show her how much she cared. They made out for a good ten minutes before Karen decided to try something. It could be dangerous because of what happened earlier, but she decided to try anyway. While the two girls were locked in another kiss, Karen let her hand fall down to Mary’s panty covered waist. She kept kissing on Mary’s lips and waited to see if she would pull Karen’s hand away. Mary didn’t move. She just kissed Karen harder. This could really work out Karen thought. She started to slide Mary’s panties down and right away Mary lifted her hips and let them slide off. For only a second Karen broke the kiss and told Mary to lift up for just a second. In no time at all, Karen lifted the tee shirt off Mary’s body and for the second time today, Mary was totally nude in front of her while she had all her clothes on. Karen started kissing Mary again and slid her hand down to the girl’s freshly fucked pussy. When her fingers found Mary’s pussy slit, it was soaking wet. Mary was very turned on by everything that was going on. Karen only rubbed on Mary’s pussy about one minute before she found Mary’s hand and guided it to her own pussy.

    Karen whispered in Mary’s ears. “Close your eyes for me, rub your sweet little pussy and let me watch. It will be such a turn on for me.” Karen started kissing Mary again and right away Mary attacked her own pussy. She was actually fingering her own pussy and rubbing her clit trying to put on a good show for her best girlfriend ever. Karen would kiss Mary for a few seconds then lift up and watch the show. The young girl was completely out of the covers and her fingers were working slowly over her little pussy lips. She was getting very excited very fast and Karen liked the personal show that the girl was giving her. Karen watched as Mary started cumming to her own hand and her whole body began to shake. Karen quickly kissed Mary again as she started coming down from her own finger climax. Karen whispered in Mary’s ear. “You’re so beautiful. We don’t need a boy to be happy. Just being with each other will be far more exciting and without all the hustles.” Mary was nodding her head up and down agreeing with her and every word. Then Karen knew her chance was here. She started softly kissing on Mary and whispering in her ear.

    “I have never met a girl like you before. Listen to my proposition. When I’m done shake your head yes or no. No matter what you decide we will continue to be good friends. Are you ready?” Mary quit moving around and nodded her head yes. She opened her eyes and looked right into Karen’s eyes. Karen was going for the entire game right here. But she thought she could get away with it. If she did, everything would move right up to the next level. Karen started talking: “I have found out that I like you more then any guy or girl I have ever been around. You make me feel alive and you’re so beautiful. I never thought I could be so close to another girl. I want us to have a secret relationship. We will continue on as normal when we are out with the other girls, and you will finish the 7 days that are left and become one of us. But when just me and you are alone, I want you to my girlfriend. You will never had to cry again because a boy has hurt your feelings. I will be your boy, you will be my girl. I actually want to treat you like the soft beautiful girl you are. I want you to treat me just like you would a boyfriend. We can go out to lunch together, see movies together, and spend nights like tonight in each others arms. I think I know what is good for you, you listen to me and do what I ask, and we’ll have more fun together then you could ever imagine. We will tell nobody we like each other this much. It will be our own little secret. The only thing I ask is that whatever I ask you to do, you don’t question it, you just do it. I will be your man, you will be my woman. All I can promise you is somebody that cares a lot more about you than any boy will, and will see that you are well taken care of. Remember, if you nod your head you are telling me that you trust me to make most decisions for you and that you will become my secret girlfriend. It is ok to shake your head no, it’s just we will not be nearly as close of friends if you do. I have never asked anyone to be this close to me before. That’s how special you mean to me.”

    Again, Karen could really think fast on her feet. She knew from the attack earlier that Mary wouldn’t want to think about guys for some time. This gave her somebody to take care of her and to have a very special close relationship with. Karen looked directly into Mary’s eyes and was very surprised how quickly the answer came. “You’re now my boyfriend. Whatever you ask of me, for you, I will do.” Karen just couldn’t believe her ears. The whole day was one exciting thing after another and each one seemed to top the other. She now had the girl in reality as her personal sex slave. Karen’s mind raced to figure how to get started. Karen and Mary kissed for a couple minutes and all the time Karen was trying to think of something to test Mary with. Then she thought of something. It was something she needed Mary to get used to and fully accept. She told Mary to lay still while she went and got something. The room was a little dark so Karen turned on just one lamp. She went over to her drawer and got out the camera they used earlier on the beach. She turned it on and it said there was enough memory for about 30 or so more pictures. Karen flipped on the bright overhead light and it sort of blinded Mary for a second. Karen came over and pushed Mary down then told her to close her eyes and don’t open them. Mary was happy about the close the eyes part because the light was so bright.

    Karen guided Mary’s hand down to her own pussy and said, “this is your boyfriend speaking, rub around for a couple minutes one more time to get me all excited.” Mary didn’t even hesitate. She was on Karen’s bed totally nude and rubbing on her pussy. Karen stood over her and started taking pictures of Mary working on her own pussy. Then right before Karen was ready to press the shutter button she told Mary to open her eyes. At that exact instance the flash went off and a very concerned look flew on Mary’s face. Karen set the camera down and went over and hugged Mary. “I am going to take pictures of you whenever I want. I want to be able to enjoy you even when you’re not here. They are for my use only and nobody will ever see them but me. As your boyfriend and best friend, I want you to give yourself to me any way I ask and not question it.” Then she started making out again with Mary and when they came up for air, Karen asked her, “Do you agree with your boyfriend?” All Mary could do was nod her head yes. Karen was so amazed still at how this day and night had turned out. Now she just got the ok to take all the pictures of Mary, whenever she wanted, and with her blessings. This just couldn’t get any better.

    The girls finally fell asleep in each others arms. Karen fully dressed, Mary totally nude. Karen dreamed of all the possibilities. The next day the girls got up and Karen let Mary go to the restroom before she started a bath for her. “Hop in the bath my little princess. Time to get ready for our day.” Mary jumped in the tub and Karen told her to lay her head back, close her eyes and enjoy the water. Karen grabbed her camera and came in and took a couple pictures. Then she told Mary to open her eyes. After she did Karen snapped a few more pictures of Mary. Mary wasn’t sure of all the pictures but she felt so good about everything she wasn’t going to ruin it by objecting. Karen got out her razor, soaped up Mary’s legs and whole body, then started shaving her legs smooth. Mary just laid back and closed her eyes. Slowly Karen finished up all of Mary’s legs but then she moved up and started trimming the light hair around Mary’s pussy. All of a sudden in one stroke Karen pulled the razor straight through the thickest part of Mary’s pussy hair. Mary opened her eyes and watched as Karen shaved her pussy totally clean. With the soap and most the hair just laying on top her pussy, Karen handed the razor to Mary and guided her hand to the middle of her freshly shaved pussy. “Hold your hand here and smile for me.” Karen stepped back and took a couple pictures of Mary like this. It made it look like Mary had just shaved her entire pussy clean. Then Karen saw the light on the camera, the memory stick was full. It held about 200 pictures and they filled it up in just yesterday and today.

    Karen told Mary to sit back and relax and she would be right back. She had the stick of memory in her computer and all the 200 pictures on her hard drive in about five minutes. She put the memory stick back in the computer, cleared all the pictures and then went in to get Mary. Today was going to be an extra special day for both the girls. Their first day out together as BOYFRIEND AND GIRLFRIEND. Karen came back and got Mary out of the tub. She first had Mary call her parents. She told them she was fine and going out shopping with Karen and her parents. Then Karen started the process of turning Mary into her cute little date for the day. First Karen took Mary back into the bathroom and worked on her hair and makeup. She did Mary’s face all over as Mary sat and chatted. Then she sprayed Mary down with a lot of perfume, brought her into her room and had her sit on the bed while she looked through her closet. Karen found a cute but short pink dress out of her closet. She pulled in on over Mary’s head and then got Mary her pink high heel shoes. They were about a half size too big for Mary but Karen just stuffed the toe with tissue for now. Karen then quickly dressed herself and they had Karen’s mom drive them to the mall. Karen’s mom left and wouldn’t be back till around 2 p.m.. The girls were going to shop then see a movie that started at noon.

    Once they got dropped off in front of the mall, Karen turned to Mary and sat down the law. “You’re now my girlfriend, I expect you to treat me just like I was your new boyfriend. You act like the cute little girl you are and I will treat you that way too. Now let’s go have fun.” Karen grabbed Mary’s hand and off through the mall they went. Karen took her around to all the nice stores. In every store Mary had to try on something that Karen picked out. First there were a couple skirts, Karen didn’t like the first few but when she went into the young girl’s section, she found two really cute skirts. They did look great on Mary. But they were short by even her standards. Karen bought the two skirts then went to stores looking for blouses. It took awhile but Karen finally picked out two blouses to match the skirts. Now was the shoe store. Karen picked about four pair from the rack and then asked one of the girls that worked there to bring the shoes out to them. While they sat waiting for the girl to bring the shoes, Karen looked over at Mary. She was enjoying the time so much. She spoke to Mary in a firm voice. “When the shoe girl comes back, you just put your head back and let her put your shoes on. I’ll do most the talking for you. Understand?”

    It was then that Mary remembered she had no undies on under the short skirt. She had grown so accustomed to wearing very little because of her outings at the beach that she had forgotten about being undieless. Mary nodded her head ok and then the sales girl came back. Mary looked over at Karen and Karen gave her a pretty hard stare. Mary just put her head back a little and didn’t do anything. Karen started chatting with the shoe salesgirl and then the girl picked up one of Mary’s feet and started to pull her old shoe off. Mary just sort of closed her eyes and let the girl put her new shoes on. The first one went well, nothing out of the ordinary. But when the girl put her leg down, it was a little ways apart from her other leg. Before Mary could do anything, the girl lifted the other leg up and pulled it up to her. When she did her legs split apart about a foot. The salesgirl was sitting down below and right between Mary’s legs. There was no way she couldn’t help it. She was now staring right up Mary’s short skirt with her legs split apart about a foot. And the girl was staring directly at Mary’s clean shaven pussy. She could make out the lips and crack very nicely.

    Mary didn’t move and the girl didn’t take her eyes off Mary’s pussy. She continued to put on her shoes and then finally dropped her other leg. She had Mary walk around in those shoes. Then the routine continued for each of the other two pairs of shoes. But the girl immediately spread Mary’s legs with the first shoe of each pair she put on. Finally they were done and Karen picked out the two pair she liked and paid the girl. The girl stared at Mary all the way out the store. Mary was glad that part was over and Karen made sure Mary was holding her hand just as if she was her boyfriend. They were both hungry so Karen took her over to the food court. Karen ordered for the both of them and didn’t even ask Mary what she wanted. When they got to the table, Karen told Mary not to sit down. She put all the food and packages down then went over behind Mary and pulled the seat out for her. Karen looked at Mary, “you have to start regarding me as your boyfriend. I’m going to treat you exactly as a girlfriend. Remember that.”

    They finished up and Mary didn’t move in her seat. Karen looked over and said, “good, you remembered.” Karen got up, pulled the chair back for Mary and helped her out of her seat. They went to a couple more stores before Karen found exactly what she was looking for. In one of the stores, they had all type of stockings and in all colors. She opened her bag and matched a pair of stockings to both skirts. Then she paid for that and took Mary directly to the ladies room in the food court. They both got in one booth and Karen picked out the cute pink outfit that she just bought. She had Mary undress and slowly she got the new outfit onto Mary. She was now dressed entirely in pink. The skirt was very tight and short but fit her very good. She had a light pink shirt top, pink thigh high hose, and of course pink high heels. When she was done dressing, Karen looked at her and told her how beautiful a girlfriend she made. Karen then packed everything back up and led Mary out of the bathroom.

    All Karen could think was DAMN, SHE LOOKED HOT! And all the people in the mall must have agreed because most of the turned their heads when Mary walked by. Mary wasn’t that old of a girl but made up the way she was, all the boys and men had to look. Karen walked her around the mall and the girls had fun. At 11:45 Karen led them to the movies and bought two tickets. Mary was learning how to be a good date real quickly. She allowed Karen to open doors for her, walk through doors first, everything a guy would do you his date. Karen picked out the seats and the girls got seated. They talked till the lights went down. Because it was such and early movie, there were only about 15 other people in the movie house. They had been holding hands ever since sat down but once the lights went out, Karen’s arm went around Mary’s neck and Karen slowly pulled her head over to her shoulder. Within two minutes Karen guided her lips to Mary and all of a sudden they were making out right there in the movie. The two girls kissed in front of the 15 or so people if they happened to be looking. Mary thought to herself, this is just like having a real boyfriend. ONLY BETTER!

    After a couple minutes of kissing, Karen adjusted Mary’s legs the way she wanted them. That was fairly wide open and her body a little slumped down in her chair. Then Karen guided Mary fingers to her mouth. Mary opened her mouth and Karen slipped in two fingers. Mary told her to suck them, get them very wet. Then Karen guided Mary’s hand down to her own pussy. She started Mary off and guided her hand around. Then put it back up to Mary’s mouth. Then back down to her pussy. Finally Karen pulled her hand away. She whispered in Mary’s ears, “close your eyes, don’t open them, and keep rubbing and sucking on your pussy for me.” Mary did just that for Karen. After about three minutes Karen could see how wet Mary’s hand was becoming from all the juices flowing out of her pussy. She let her suck her fingers dry a couple more times then stopped her. They still had the entire day in front of them. She told Mary to get comfortable and enjoy the movie. They held each other for the rest of the movie and then got up and went outside when it was over. They only had to wait about 10 minutes before Karen’s mother picked them up.

    Karen’s mother made an immediate comment about Mary’s new outfit. “YOU LOOK SO CUTE!” That made Mary really feel good. She was trusting Karen more and more with everything. On the ride back to Karen’s home, Mary thought about everything Karen had done for her. She couldn’t really think of any negatives. She then decided that whatever it took, she was going to be the perfect little girlfriend for Karen. Who need boys… When they got home the girls took their packages upstairs. Karen told Mary to stay right there and she got her camera and took some pictures of Mary in her new outfit. She also had Mary sit with her legs apart and she took some pictures so people would know she didn’t wear undies with the short dress outfit. It was now around 2:30. Karen had Mary get dressed back in the clothes she wore over. Then told her to go home and hang around the parents for an hour or two then Karen would come pick her up to go to the beach. Mary left and Karen got on the phone right away.

    She called both the other girls. She explained to them that Mary was still having problems with what happened to her. She told them she was trying hard to get back into Mary’s confidence. For the next few days, she was just going to concentrate on helping Mary through everything. She would call them back in about three days and they would go out again. The girls were all fine with that. While Mary was gone Karen downloaded all the pictures from her camera to her computer. She then started looking at all the pictures she had taken of Mary since they first met. There were about 800 photos on her hard drive. She started from the beginning and just started clicking on each one. Watching all the things that she had made Mary do started to get Karen hot and bothered. She had to turn the computer off and cool down. She started planning her day with Mary. At around 3 p.m. she got dressed in her bikini and packed a small bag of goodies, then left to pick Mary up.

    Mary was ready to go about five minutes after Karen got there. Karen took the time to chat with Mary’s mom. Karen tried to make the best impression she could. She talked about how she couldn’t wait for school to start. How she loved being in all the clubs and functions at school and how she was working hard at school so she could finish up halfway through her senior year. She said all the things a mother wanted to hear. She finished up by saying she was going to try to get Mary to join the clubs and work on an advanced school courses so she too will finish up school early. Mary’s mom really liked this young girl. What a perfect match for her daughter. If only she knew…

    The girls left for the beach and once they were out of sight, Karen grabbed Mary’s hand and walked just like they were boyfriend/girlfriend. When they got to the beach parking lot Karen took a chance. She had Mary walk in front of her up the path because she wanted to see what Mary would do. A big smile hit her face when Mary turned to go into the ladies room. Karen knew everything was going to be ok today. They got into the room and Mary started to slip out of her normal bikini she had worn from home. Karen dressed her in her little bikini and then put her specially cut tee shirt on her. Karen guided Mary to a place on the beach and put their towels down. In minutes they were laying out on the sun enjoying the wind and surf. Karen had Mary take off her tee shirt and Karen and her were just laying there in the small revealing bikinis.

    Karen got up, took the camera out of her bag and took a couple pictures of Mary. She told Mary to just lay back and enjoy the sun. Then the oil came out and Karen was busy oiling up Mary’s legs. Karen thought to herself how different it was now that she didn’t have to hide anything from Mary. When Karen got up around Mary’s waist, she looked up and Mary had her eyes closed and was just enjoying everything. In two quick pulls, the bows that held on Mary’s bottoms were undone. Mary opened her eyes and looked to both sides of her. Not a person in sight. She then just shut her eyes again. Karen used her hands to lift Mary’s hips just an inch. That’s all she needed, and the bottoms slipped from Mary’s body. Next came the top. Mary trusted Karen completely to watch after her. She didn’t even open her eyes again. The sun really felt good on her body. Karen proceeded to rub lotion all over Mary’s nude body. Then Karen guided Mary’s hand to her wet pussy and without saying a word, watched as the young girl started rubbing her hand up and down her pussy crack. Karen stepped back as Mary slowly rubbed her own pussy in the warm sun. The camera started clicking away. Karen thought this was the perfect setup. Mary knew she was masturbating in front of a camera and she didn’t even care. After a few shots Karen reached into her bag and pulled out something a little different. It was a six inch realistic vibrating dildo that Karen had bought just for an occasion like now. As Mary was slowing rubbing the top of her pussy, Karen brought the vibrator down to the lower part of Mary’s pussy. Karen whispered to Mary for her to keep her eyes closed. Mary just nodded her head yes as everything was feeling so good.

    The tip of the vibrator slowly touched Mary’s pussy lips and Karen slowly moved it up and down the young girl’s crack avoiding Mary’s rubbing fingers that were above it. Mary’s face changed just a bit as she felt something also rubbing her. She then heard Karen’s voice tell her to lay back and relax. Just trust her boyfriend as he knew what he was doing. Mary didn’t say a word. She still continued to rub around her pussy. Karen took her hand and guided Mary’s hand directly to her clit. She gave Mary the message to rub her clit only. Mary started doing this and Karen saw the effect immediately. The little hood moved aside and the small nub started to grow. Karen was still running the vibrator up and down Mary’s pussy slit. Then when Karen knew Mary was close, she edged the tiny vibrating dildo up inside the lips of Mary’s cunt. This caught Mary by surprise and she was very close to cumming. Her fingers continued to move and the dildo pulled out a little then pushed back up inside Mary’s pussy. Mary’s hips had just started to twitch with her first signs of orgasm. As the dildo in her pussy pulled back out, Mary went into full throws of her orgasm. At just about the same time the object at the lips of her pussy was pushed halfway up her tiny little pussy. It seemed like it filled her whole pussy up. That shot her orgasm sky high and her head was turning in all directions. One more withdrawal and then on the next shove the small 6 inch dildo slid just about by itself all the way into Mary’s barely used cunt. It slid in so only an inch was left hanging out. Karen left it right there in that spot and didn’t move it. Mary was twitching back and forth with the very hard orgasm she was having. Finally Mary settled down and could still feel the object inside her.

    Karen stepped back and with her camera started taking pictures of the dildo buried deep inside Mary’s pussy. After a few shots she sat down next to Mary and asked her “Hey Girlfriend, How did your boyfriend do? Did it feel good?” Mary just nodded her head yes. It was a very nice climax. Karen then guided Mary’s hand down to the dildo that was deep inside her cunt. She put Mary’s hand on it then slowly used Mary’s hand to pull the vibrator just about out, then pushed it back in. Out then in. Karen whispered to Mary, “keep it going for me, please.” Karen’s hand moved away from Mary’s hand and she watched as for the first time in the young girl’s life, she was fucking herself. Karen grabbed the camera and took many pictures this time from all angles. She took about four minutes of getting pictures from every angle, close, far, with the beach scenery in the background so people could easily tell Mary was on the beach entirely nude fucking herself with a small vibrating dildo. Karen finally had enough pictures and moved over and took the dildo out of Mary’s hands. She then laid down next to Mary and started making out with her. Again, Karen was fully dressed and Mary was entirely naked. This is the way Karen wanted their relationship. She was really the girl’s Master, Mary was her slave. But in front of Mary, Karen always called the relationship Boyfriend/Girlfriend.

    Karen finally got up and had Mary put her bikini back on. They then walked around for a while and enjoyed the beach. They stayed about an hour before Karen told her they were heading home. Mary didn’t know why they were leaving so early but Karen had more plans for her. Her parents were going out today and wouldn’t be home till about 9 p.m. tonight. She knew they would have the house completely to their selves. They got to Karen’s house and there on the counter was a note reminding Karen she was on her own till around 9 p.m. tonight. Karen let Mary read the note then took her hand and guided her outside. They had a really nice pool setup. Small diving board, screen covered pool area. It just spoke of money. Karen guided Mary over to the lounge chairs and then slowly untied the strings of her bottoms and top. Again Mary was entirely nude in front of Karen. Karen had her jump in the pool and Karen took pictures of Mary swimming around nude. She threw in a small plastic raft and had Mary get up on it. Mary swam the small raft over towards Karen in the shallow end of the pool. Mary then had her lay her head back and spread her legs. More pictures. She took a lot of pictures here with Mary floating on a raft completely naked.

    Karen told Mary to float around and she would be back in a minute. She went upstairs and prepared her bedroom for what was soon to happen. Karen had bought a lot of new toys in the last five days. And they were all for Mary. Once she had the room setup, she went back outside and Mary was still floating around. Mary was staring to get a very nice looking tan. Karen decided to let her lay out in the sun another 30 minutes or so. It felt so wonderful to Mary. Just floating on the water, completely nude with no worries what so ever. She never wanted this to stop. Karen could tell Mary was really enjoying it. She let her stay another 15 minutes on the raft then told her to come back in. Karen dried Mary off then took her upstairs. Karen’s bedroom had been turned into a little sex factory. On the bed were small little ropes that went to each corner of the bed. There was a black leather web outfit on the bed and just out of sight was a box of toys that Karen planned on trying out today.

    Karen laid Mary on the bed. She made out with her and then started talking to Mary. She asked if everything was going good and she liked being her GIRLFRIEND. Mary told her it was the best thing that had ever happened to it. She loved being Karen’s GIRLFRIEND. Karen softly told Mary that so far everything had been about her, making her feel good, making her cum, letting her enjoy herself. Well, her BOYFRIEND needed his turn. Once a day from now on one hour a day would be devoted to Mary’s BOYFRIEND and during that time Mary had to give in to all his wants and wishes. The rest of the day would be about Mary, but the one hour was about Mary’s BOYFRIEND. Mary thought about it and Karen was right, Mary was the only one getting to cum and having such a good time. Mary agreed right away with Karen. “Yes, my BOYFRIEND can have his hour a day. Anything he wants for an hour..” Karen’s eyes grew big and a smile grew across her face. This was turning out PERFECT!

    Karen kissed and made out with Mary for about five minutes. Then Karen slowly turned away. She whispered to Mary, “your boyfriend is now going to take his hour. You will not be allowed to enjoy this hour as it is for him. Everything that will happen will be something that he enjoys and makes him feel good. Your job as the girlfriend is to just please him and let him enjoy himself. No matter what happens, it’s because your boyfriend wants it to happen and it will not be for you to enjoy, but for his enjoyment. Are you ready for your boyfriend?” Mary quickly nodded her head she understood and was ready. She really did want Karen to feel as good as she did. The very next thing that happened was Karen put a small black blindfold over Mary’s head. Then some headphones that was playing some loud teen music. In just seconds Mary went from totally alert to totally blind. All her senses of sound and sight were taken away. Then she felt Karen’s hand starting to put some sort of clothes on her. In about five minutes Karen had the black webbed garment onto Mary’s young body. It was straps that went all over her body but didn’t cover her boobs, pussy or ass. It looked very erotic and gave Mary the sub look. Karen then took each arm and leg and used the ropes tied to the side of her bedposts to tie Mary up. Then the camera came out and the picture taking started. Looking at the helpless girl on her bed brought back all the memories from the first time she laid eyes on Mary up thru this very second. Karen’s hands were trembling with anticipation.

    For the first time ever, Karen stripped out of her clothes with Mary in the room. Mary would never get to see Karen nude, Mary was there to only please Karen’s growing sexual urges. Karen put on a little harness that fit around her waist and in it was a normal size dildo but this dildo felt really real. It was made out of rubber that had it feeling like it was a real dick. It was about 6 inches long and very black. Karen got her camera out and took pictures of the dick right in front of Mary’s spread out pussy. Then Mary poured a little lotion over Mary’s pussy and rubbed it in. Then she took the end of the fake dick and pressed it to the entrance of Mary’s tight little pussy hole. Slowly she pressed her body forward and watched as the head of the black dick disappeared into Mary. Karen had the camera in one hand and was snapping off pictures as she slowly starting sawing the dildo in and out of Mary’s tiny cunt. She didn’t even look up to see how Mary was taking it. This wasn’t about Mary, this was about her wicked desires to fuck this young sex slut as hard as she could. The camera kept snapping pictures as inch by in the dick worked its way deeper inside of Mary’s cunt. The thoughts of what she could do with Mary turned more depraved the more Karen’s mind thought about it. She actually had her own sex slave that she could try anything she wanted. She finally was driving her fake dick just about all the way in and then pulling it out. She finally buried the entire six inches deep into Mary’s young tiny cunt. Mary’s body tensed as the dick hit up against the limits of her pussy wall. With it totally buried, Karen sat there and let the camera do all the talking.

    Finally Mary started fucking Mary for real. In, Out, In, Out. Full long strokes. The fake dick was fucking Mary just like she was fucked yesterday by the young boy. Thinking about the boy fucking Mary got Karen off to thinking of other forbidden pleasures. She then had a really exciting idea. She got off of Mary and ran into her mom’s room. She couldn’t believe she was doing this. She called a number and boy answered. “Hi Tom, how are you?” The boy was the same one that fucked Mary yesterday. Then Mary told Tom to just shut up and listen. She explained that the girl he fucked yesterday was her sex slave and she was tied up on her bed upstairs. She asked Tom if he could come right over and give her another show of him fucking the cute young girl. At first Tom thought it was a joke, then he realized Karen was serious. “I can be there in 10 minutes.” Karen set down a few rules. He wasn’t allowed to let Mary know he was there. He could watch and use her sex slave for his pleasures, as long as she never knew about it. If he did good, she would invite him back over tomorrow. Then she told him the front door was open, just walk upstairs and you will see them easily enough. Karen then hung up and couldn’t believe what she had just done.

    She quickly went back in and rubbed along Mary’s legs to let her know she was still there. She lifted one of Mary’s headphones and whispered to her “Thank You Girlfriend, You’re making me feel Wonderful!” This made Mary feel much better. She wanted Karen to feel good and get hers too. Karen put her clothes on real quick and then went into the bathroom and brought a few things out. She sprayed Mary’s body down with a lot of perfume. The girl smelled very sweet now. Then she pulled out the makeup kit and did Mary’s cheeks with a lot of red coloring then applied a huge coat of bright red lipstick. Her face had more makeup on it then it ever had before. If it wasn’t more, it for sure was the thickest coat ever. Karen walked back and took a few pictures. Mary looked like the youngest little slut you could ask for. She then heard the front door open. Just in time she thought. In a minute Tom was at the door and his mouth dropped. Karen was really telling him the truth. She went over and chatted with Tom for about two minutes and then pointed to Mary. Tom was in sexual heaven. He had this girl for 10 minutes to play with as he pleased. When he looked closely at the girl he fucked yesterday, he noticed she was dressed exactly as some of the girls he saw on the internet sites. She was dressed ready to fuck and her face was made up to say, FUCK ME HARD!

    Tom saw the toys next to the bed but his hormones were too excited for any of that. He undressed and Karen saw his dick was as hard as a brick. Mary’s pussy was still coated in the oil that Karen had used earlier. Tom stood next to Mary nude and the first flash went off. Then another and another. Karen had told Tom she would be taking pictures and he could have some of them as a reminder of this day. Slowly Tom pushed his rock hard dick forward till it touched the entrance to Mary’s cunt. Mary felt it and was happy that Karen was going to please herself a little more. It had been a little uncomfortable for Mary but the more Karen did it, the less if felt bad. Tom’s dick slowly started to spread the young girl’s tight little hole apart. Unlike yesterday when he fucked the girl, he didn’t have to fight with her at all. And her legs were spread very wide open offering the young girl’s cunt to be used as hard and deep as the boy wanted to go.

    Karen was snapping picture after picture. In less then a minute Tom had sunk his dick all the way in. Mary’s young pussy felt so tight on Tom’s dick and it actually grabbed at it and tried to keep it from pulling out of her. He had never felt anything like this. It was nothing like the quick fuck her got from her yesterday. He took his time and worked his tool back and forth inside Mary’s tiny cunt. The pain that used to be associated with something pushing in and out of her cunt was now gone. She just felt like she was going from feeling empty to entirely stuffed. But no pain of any kind anymore. The boy started pumping faster into Mary’s tight little pussy. Karen was right behind them clicking pictures and waiting for the big event. It only took about 20 seconds more. Tom’s back stiffened up and then his balls started pumping load after hot sticky load of cum deep into Mary’s pussy. Karen knew Mary had no protection what so ever, but she didn’t care. Mary was there for her pleasure and she was definitely having a lot of fun watching what was happening to her.

    The boy pumped deep inside Mary’s pussy for about another minute. Then he slowly pulled out. Karen whispered in his ear to let all the sperm drip onto Mary’s shaved cunt lips. When he pulled out he pulled a lot of sperm with him and he held his dick directly over Mary’s shaved pussy. All of the cum fell directly on her slightly spread pussy lips. Plus her pussy was starting to leak the white gooey stuff. Tom got up and Karen moved closer and snapped many pictures of the gooey mess all over Mary’s cunt. The boy put his shorts back on and Karen pointed him to the chair. He went and sat down and Karen took a few more pictures then went over to the boy and sat him down at her computer. “Here’s a treat for you, just click on a picture to make it bigger.” The boy was presented with a directory that had over 1000 pictures of Mary in all states of nudity. His eyes were sticking out of his head. He started opening and closing picture after picture. He was now in teenage boy heaven if there ever was one.

    Karen got Mary completely cleaned up by scooping most the sperm up into a paper cup then she slowly unhooked her hands and feet from the ropes. She kept her entire outfit on her and lifted Mary’s headphones for just a second. “Walk with me and I will guide you but keep your headphones and mask on. I still have 15 minutes left in my hour.” Karen was going to get Mary used to being under the mask and headphones for her entire hour. Tom was clicking away at the computer having a great time. When Karen finally motion for him to follow them, he was a little disappointed. He would have loved to just sit here and continue to look at the pictures. Karen led Mary downstairs and back to the pool area. Karen guided Mary to the small diving board and had her lay down flat on her back. She then positioned Mary’s leg and feet so they were up in the air with her legs bent and her feet resting on the high handrails that were at the end of the diving board. Both Tom and Karen noticed how slutty the position looked and how the outfit that Mary had on just added to that effect. Karen took some pictures then had Tom sit right between her legs about a foot away from Mary’s wide open pussy.

    Then Karen clicked a couple pictures of the view that Tom was getting and that Mary was putting on for Tom. Next Tom watched in amazement as Karen took the sperm that had dripped on top of Mary’s pussy and leaked from it and slowly poured it on the very top of Mary’s pussy. She got back and took a few more pictures of the white sperm standing out brightly against the skin of Mary’s pussy. Then she grabbed Mary’s right hand, guided into the mess of sperm and then guided her fingers to her pussy hole. Karen lifted the headphones again and whispered to Mary, “for my last ten minutes, your BOYFRIEND wants you to take all the lotion on top of your pussy and slowly rub it deep inside your tight pussy hole. When you think you got most the lotion off your pussy and deep inside you, put on a great show for him to thank him for everything he has done for you.”

    Immediately Karen stepped back and with her camera started snapping pictures. There was quite a lot of white sperm on top of Mary’s pussy and as Tom watched on in amazement Mary started dipping her fingers into it and slowly rubbing it deep inside her tight little pussy hole. It took about 10 or 11 trips to get the sperm off her body and into her little pussy hole. Tom couldn’t take his eyes off the exotic show that Mary was putting on for her BOYFRIEND. Mary finally couldn’t feel any more lotion on top her pussy so her fingers moved up to her small little clit. She started rubbing the wet gooey sperm mess that was all over her pussy onto the still hidden clit. Quickly Tom saw the hood move out of the way and for the first time in his life, saw a close up view of a girl’s clit. Mary started rubbing fast and hard on her clit. CLICK, CLICK, CLICK. The camera caught Mary putting on this great show for the boy sitting between her legs. Within a couple minutes her clit was fully erect and her hips starting moving a little. Then the dam burst and she came very hard. The boy watched as the girl masturbated herself right in front of his eyes. His dick was hard as a rock.

    Karen got one last thought. She got Mary up, took her over to one of the tables, bent the forward half of Mary’s body onto the table and spread her legs. Mary wasn’t sure what was up but she was just giving her BOYFRIEND exactly what he wanted. Karen whispered in Tom’s ear, “ready for one more ride?” Tom looked at the cute girl bent over and wide open and had his swim trunks down and off in a second. Karen just reminded him, “no touching her with your hands. She’s not to know you’ve been here.” Mary felt the body move up behind her. Karen lifted on side of the headphones. “Your BOYFRIEND is here.” She made it act like it was her behind Mary. The boy guided his dick to the now very moist pussy and it slide right in. The young girl was so tight and it felt so hot. He was again very worked up from all the pictures he viewed and the nasty slutty show he had just watched. He pounded in and out of the tight cunt for about four minutes then blew another load of white hot baby making sperm deep up inside Mary’s unprotected pussy. He finally moved back and away and when he did long lines of sperm slowly dripped from Mary’s pussy and onto the ground. Karen took many pictures of this happened. It looked very hot standing from behind her.

    Karen cleaned Mary up and then motioned for Tom to come over to her. She told Tom that if he was good, he could have times like this just about every day. BUT, it would cost him. He wanted to know what it would cost him. Karen told him to expect a phone call tonight. BUT, if he told one person, didn’t matter who, just one close friend, then his good times with her slave slut would end. And he could never do anything to let Mary know what has happened to her. “Do you agree?” Tom was very quick to agree. Karen told him to go home and after making sure Mary was cleaned up, she took the mask and headphones off of her. Karen started kissing Mary softly and very deeply. Then she pulled her head away. “Your BOYFRIEND thanks you for his hour. The rest of the day and night is for you, his GIRLFRIEND. But tomorrow, he wants another hour just to call his own.” Mary quickly thought about it. It seemed like a long hour under the mask but it was ok, she survived it. She nodded her head and said, “anything for my BOYFRIEND.”

    Karen took Mary back upstairs and put her in the shower. She wanted to wash away any hidden evidence that might be there and wash the heavy makeup off her face. Then Karen had Mary get dressed and suggested she spent the rest of the day around her own house. She had been gone a lot lately and her parents would probably be happy to see her around the house. Mary thought this was a good thing too. Not that she didn’t want to stay with her BOYFRIEND but she didn’t want her parents to think she was gone too much. That night went very slowly for Mary. She forgot how boring her usual life was. When she was with Karen, something was always happening. But just laying there at home was very boring now. She was sorry she had told Karen she would do that. The night might have been going slow for Mary, but Karen was busy at work. She worked hard on her computer and she went through about every picture that was now on her computer. Some pictures were out of focus, or just bad shots. She deleted them off. Then when she was satisfied that all the pictures were pretty good, she ran a thumbnails program. It made up a nice directory on her hard drive, put a menu on the directory that allowed you to view all the pictures or watch a running slideshow. She found some hot music files and added it to the directory. When she got everything working perfectly, it was about 2 a.m. in the morning. She had worked most the night on this project. She ran the program and watched as a nice slide show came up starting with the first outing with Mary and working up through today when the boy finally went home. While the slides changed about every three or four seconds, music was playing in the background. It turned out very professional looking and worked really good.

    Karen couldn’t wait to view every picture cause it would have taken hours. She stopped the program, Put a blank CD-rom into her burner, and told it to make a copy of the directory that was all setup with the thumbnails and the slideshow software. It took about 5 minutes but when it was done Karen tried it out. She slipped the newly burned CD back into her home DVD player. Most of all the newer DVD players will play burned CDs if they were made right. Karen waited about 20 seconds and she thought it wasn’t going to work. Then the menu popped up.




    Karen pressed 1 on her DVD remote control and the effect was immediate. The first pictures she ever took of Mary popped up and music started playing in the background. Karen just left this running on her DVD while she went over to her computer and made three more copies of the CDs to her CD-rom burner. An hour later the program was still going to picture after picture. Karen labeled each CD as to what was on it: “SLUT MARY’S VIDEO SHOW” then stuck them in her drawer. She fell asleep watching the slideshow still running on her tv set. She didn’t know at what time it had finished but when she woke up in the morning the slideshow was over. She removed the CD from the player and turned off her TV set.

    Karen took a shower and got ready for another day with Mary. School would be starting in about four days. Their long summer break was about over. Today was different, she called up Tom because she forgot to last night. They talked a long time and Karen had spent all her saved up allowances on buying things for Mary. She used to have close to $1,000.00 in her little slush fund that her parents didn’t even know she had. Now she had about $120.00 dollars. Karen knew that all the kids she knew had well off parents. She decided that a fun time with Mary would cost $50.00. And that included viewing her big collection of pictures showing Mary being used and doing about everything possible. Tom didn’t think that was bad at all. He asked if he could come over today. Karen’s parents were home today so she told Tom to meet her on the same beach they were before at 2:00 p.m. Tom couldn’t wait. Karen quickly reminded him of the rules so she wouldn’t have to do it later. She then got ready and called Mary up. Mary was waiting for a phone call or a knock on the door. Karen told her to come on down to her house and they would start from here.

    Karen asked her mom to drive them to the mall again today. She only had about a $100.00 but she knew she would start getting money very soon. Her mom had the kids there around 9:30 a.m. The mall had been opened for about 30 minutes and it was already getting busy. All the kids and their moms were looking for school clothes. Karen was looking for something a little different. Before they had left the house, Karen dressed her cute little girlfriend in her other outfit that she had bought for her. This was a very short black mini skirt, black matching tennis shoes and small white tank top shirt. Again Mary was looking very hot. All the moms looked at her and were glad their daughters didn’t dress that way. All the boys looked at her and wished like anything that she was their girlfriend. Karen wanted to get Mary a couple things today. First stop was a sport store. It didn’t take Karen long and she was buying Mary something. It was a cute little tennis dress that came with matching white panties. It was small but very nice. Karen didn’t even have Mary try it on.

    Next Karen took Mary down to one of the little sexy ladies stores. Karen looked around and then again saw just what she wanted. It was a little school girl outfit. very tiny and short skirt that had straps the went up and over the shoulders. It was a red plaid color and then she picked out a thin white top that would come just above Mary’s belly button. It was very thin and very delicate type material. Then she found some small white socks with white frilly material around the top. She bought it all and they headed out of the store. Mary was surprised she didn’t have to try anything on. Karen led Mary to the ladies rest room in the food court. They again got in one stall together and Karen started removing the outfit that Mary had one. As she was doing this she reminded Mary that she was the girlfriend, and Karen was the BOYFRIEND. Mary had to be good and please her BOYFRIEND. Karen had her nod her head that she understood then she pulled out the short tennis dress outfit and pulled it on over Mary’s head. Without even giving Mary time to look at herself, she pulled Mary out of the stall and out of the bathroom.

    Mary knew this little white dress was very small. It was made to have the white shorts on under it. It was in no way made to wear like this. And it was fairly see thru. It was pure white and not very thick. If a lot of light was to be put on her, it would probably become near see thru. Karen walked Mary over to the food bar and ordered something for both of them to eat. The food court was on the second floor of the mall. They had tables all over the place to sit at and Karen picked a four seat table right next to the hand railing that overlooked the first floor. She pulled Mary’s seat out for her and of course gave her the seat closest to the hand rail. Mary and Karen could see everybody walking around on the floor below them. Mary had the short skirt down as far as she could get it. Karen told Mary to start eating and while she was eating Karen’s hand found Mary’s knee. Karen kept chatting to Mary as they both ate their lunch. As Mary was eating Karen’s hand worked its way up higher and higher until it was at the bottom of her short skirt.

    Karen reminded Mary about how she needed to do as her BOYFRIEND requested. After all that is why she had a BOYFRIEND. Karen was thinking in the back of her mind, it should be MASTER and SLUT but she knew it worked better this way. While Mary had both hands busy eating Karen grabbed onto Mary’s knee and she whispered for Mary to turn her head towards her. Mary turned her head towards Karen and Karen told her to relax her legs. Then Karen told her that whenever she says open, Mary was to open her legs up about a foot and half. And when she says close, she would need to close them. “This again is one of my little tests. I will watch down below. When it’s safe, I want you to open your legs. You keep on eating like nothing is happening. But when I say close, close your legs before people can get into view and see you. And you’re to keep looking my way. Nod your head if you understand.”

    God, Mary thought, this dress is so short her entire pussy would be out there on view if anybody was down there looking. Then she heard Karen ask her again, “nod your head if you understand GIRLFRIEND.” She knew Karen meant it. She nodded her head yes and prayed that Karen kept a good look out. Karen told Mary not to stop eating and to keep her head turned towards her. She then spoke out, “NOW”. Mary’s legs opened up about a foot and a half across. Karen looked down and that had pulled the top of the short tennis skirt back to about her waist. Her entire shaved pussy was right on the edge of the seat and VERY easy to see. About 20 seconds later Karen said “close”. 5 seconds later “open”, then “close”. Mary continued to eat her sandwich and look towards Karen. Karen had told Mary mostly the truth. She just messed a couple things up. What she was doing was if people had a chance of seeing Mary, she would say “OPEN”, and when nobody was near she would say close.

    While Mary was eating and looking at Karen, Karen was busy scanning the floor. It didn’t take long. Five boys about 10 or 11 years old just started walking into view. “OPEN”. Mary’s legs went wide open. One of the young boys looked and quickly got the attention of the other four boys. At first they stared very hard but then one of the boys pointed them to the side wall and they went up over there and tried to watch Mary with Mary catching on to what they were doing. The boys stayed against the wall for a good ten minutes as Karen continued to give the orders to Mary as people walked by. Finally, Mary was done with her sandwich and Karen had her close her legs but keep looking at her. Karen wanted to wait till the boys left before she let Mary look down. Five minutes or so and they finally gave up and left. Karen told Mary she was free to look around again. She immediately looked over the railing but nobody was there staring.

    Karen told Mary “as your BOYFRIEND, I was very proud of the way you trusted me. Now, let’s go have some more fun.” They took the elevator down stairs and Karen walked her around the mall. The little skirt she had on was dangerously short but it did stay down just below her butt as we walked the mall. Most people just assumed she had tennis shorts under the dress. Karen saw a sign that said video arcade and thought they could have some fun in there. When they walked in there were the four boys from earlier that had watched Mary for some ten minutes. They recognized her immediately. They started whispering and Karen picked out something she and Mary could play. The first game was a pinball game. After five minutes Karen picked another game. Karen looked around for something different. There in the back of the room was a sniper game. You looked into a scope and you tried to pick off the bad guys when they popped up. But what Karen liked about it was you had to stand on a little stool and bend over just a little to get your eyes down on the rifle’s scope. Karen went up and put my money in it, “you got three minutes for two dollars.” Karen then told Mary to go first. She had a scared look in her eye. Karen told her to remember her BOYFRIEND is asking her to do this and he will protect her.

    Karen stuck another two dollars in and the timer moved up to six minutes. Karen then stood close behind Mary and pressed her head forwards onto the scope. Karen whispered to her, “just trust your BOYFRIEND, he will keep watch and cover you up.” Slowly she bent forward and with that her skirt went right up over the top of her ass cheeks. Karen then pressed the start button and Mary started playing the game. Karen stood close behind her but after 20 seconds Karen used both my hands to spread her legs apart about a foot. She kept on shooting and next Karen used her finger and dipped them in her mouth and starting rubbing them up and down her dry pussy. Karen looked up and just over a minute had gone by. Karen started working a finger into her pussy then saw the boys standing way back but watching everything. Her finger was buried in Mary’s pussy and rubbing in and out. Mary was shooting away at the game and trusting Karen to keep her covered. Karen stepped back just a little then again looked at the time. Four minutes left. Karen continued to finger fuck Mary but stepped to her side and now her entire ass and pussy was on view. And Karen’s finger was plunging in and disappearing into her tiny little pussy.

    Karen watched as the boys worked their way closer. The oldest must have been around 12. When they got about four feet away Karen stuck her fingers up to her lips to signal them to be quiet then motioned them forward. They gathered around the back of Mary about a foot away and looked right up at Karen’s finger sawing into Mary’s tight shaved pussy. All their eyes were wide open. Karen wished she’d had her camera with her but she didn’t. Karen kept this up and let the boys watch until the game timer hit one minute. She then used her hands to shoo the boys away. She pulled her hand out of Mary’s pussy and stood back behind her covering up the view. Karen shooed away the boys again and they finally got the message. They slowly walked back up to the front of the arcade and disappeared around the corner. The timer said 15 seconds left then the game finally ended. Karen helped Mary down and Mary looked around but nobody was back there at all. Karen reached over and kissed Mary on the lips. “Your BOYFRIEND says thank you for trusting him.” Mary did really trust him 100%. She always assumed that she was guarded from anybody seeing her, so whatever her BOYFRIEND requested of her to do, she would just do it.

    Karen took Mary back to the ladies room and let her put on the matching panties to her tennis outfit. That was because her mom would be there soon to take them home. Again, when Karen’s mom saw Mary’s cute tennis outfit, she had to tell her how darling it looked on her. They drove home and Karen went straight to her room and packed her beach bag full of toys and her camera. She wasn’t sure what she would need today. She was just about out of money, about $40.00 dollars left in her slush fund. Karen dressed her and Mary in their swim suits. They had to take a different route to the beach so Mary’s mother wouldn’t see her in the tiny daring swimsuit. The girls got to the beach and Karen walked them down the beach for about 10 minutes. She wanted to really make sure they were not disturbed today. Mary liked walking the extra way down the beach cause she too knew the chances of anyone seeing them was small.

    Within five minutes Karen had Mary completely nude and totally slicked up in oil. Then she whispered in Mary’s ear. “Your BOYFRIEND is ready for his one hour of playtime. The next hour is all about his wants and desire. Are you ready for him?” Mary was nice and relaxed and the cool air blowing over her nude body did feel good. Plus she trusted her boyfriend 100% to let her know if anyone was near. As long as nobody bothered them, she was fine with whatever her BOYFRIEND wanted her to do. Mary felt the mask being put on her then a pair of wireless headphones that picked up the local radio stations. It was very loud, just about too loud, but Mary didn’t complain. Karen continued to pour oil over Mary’s body and took a few pictures of her out on the beach. She wait about 10 minutes and she began to wonder if the boy would show up. Then down the beach came not one boy, but the same three that had been at the beach the day before. Karen met them about 100 feet away from Mary. “What’s up guys?” The boys held out their hand. They had about $200.00 dollars in front of them. Tom spoke up. “I knew you were running out of money. I took the chance that you wouldn’t mind some visitors and maybe you could let them enjoy her also. But if you don’t want this, they will leave right now and not say a word.” Of course all eyes were on Mary’s nude body laying on the beach with her blindfold on.

    Karen looked at the money the boys had brought, “Ok, but here’s how it goes down.” Karen explained the rules and each of the boys agreed. Then she handed the digital camera to one of the boys. “I will be busy directing the action. I want a lot of photos from all angles and every possible view.” She turned the camera on and showed the boy where the shutter button was. Then she motioned for the other new boy to come with her. They used mostly hand language. First she had him drop his shorts. His dick was straight up at attention from looking at the naked Mary laying there. Next Mary pulled a few things out of her beach bag. She laid a cup down next to Mary and told the boy what to do with it. Then she motioned him forward. The young teenager had never been with a girl before. This was his first time. Karen noticed that he had trouble putting his dick into Mary’s cunt. She was about to step in when the head of his dick slide into Mary. The boy had never felt anything so soft and hot in his life. He pushed just about all the way and then started to pull out. Mary’s pussy actually tried to grab his dick very softly and not let it out. The boy had jacked off before but nothing ever felt this good. He didn’t even make it a minute. With everything being filmed, the boy starting shooting load after load of his hot sperm up inside Mary’s unprotected little pussy.

    Karen didn’t know when Mary’s last period was. She hasn’t had one since she met her. But she knew it was going to be quite a long time before she got another one. Her little cum slut was definitely going to take some sperm over the next week or two. She had a lot of money to get back. When the boy finally slowed down he remember what Karen had told him, he took the cup laying beside Mary and as he pulled his dick out he held the cup there and watched as a huge load of his sperm dribbled out of her and into the cup. He kept it there about a minute till the flow slowly stopped, he had actually filled the bottom of the small plastic cup with just his leftover sperm. He wondered how much was still up inside her. He backed away after only actually fucking her for about a minute and a half. The boy with the camera swapped places and was now about ready to fuck Mary. Again, the same thing. A very quick fuck and then he came. He too collected all the run off sperm. Finally it was Tom’s turn.

    Karen wanted to see something different this time. She waited for Tom to slowly start fucking Mary then she came up and using her hands, lifted Mary’s legs up above her head. She had Mary grab both her own legs and hold them back near her ears. Now she was totally bent in half and wide open. First Karen had the boy take a lot of pictures from a few different angles of Mary on the beach like this. This she finally turned Tom loose. He was on her like in a second. He couldn’t touch her except with his dick but her pussy was up in the air and in the perfect condition for a great fuck. While he was pumping away hard at Mary’s body the boy with the camera was snapping away. Mary was getting the hardest fuck of her young life right now. The dildo that she thought was fucking her was burying itself deep inside her then pulling out quickly before being rammed back into her. She thought of how Karen must have been enjoying it. Her BOYFRIEND had been fucking her for about 20 minutes now. As hard as it was to keep spread open like this and allow the dildo to drive into her, she didn’t want to move. She wanted to give her BOYFRIEND a great little ride. And that she did. Tom’s dick exploded deep into her already full pussy. With her feet over her head, the sperm slowly was pulled deeper into her pussy by gravity. When Tom pulled out, he had the cup ready but nothing came out.

    Karen replaced Tom and slowly let Mary’s legs come down from over her head. When she did the flood gates opened up and sperm started pouring out of her cunt. Karen was right there collecting every little drop. It took a couple minutes before all the cum stopped flowing. The cup had about an 1/8th of sperm in the bottom of it. Might not sound like a lot but the boys had really pumped Mary full. After Karen put the top of the portable cup, she cleaned up Mary’s pussy and then motioned for the boys to move out of range. She thanked the boys for the $200.00 and said for another $200.00 they could come to her house tomorrow at 3 p.m. for some more fun. The boys looked at each other. They knew they had spent all their money but they also knew they had to get that much before 3 p.m. tomorrow. Karen had them leave then she dressed Mary back up. She removed the blindfold and earphones and the two girls hugged and made out on the beach for about 20 minutes. Karen told her GIRLFRIEND how much her BOYFRIEND had enjoyed the day today. And she looked at Mary and said she wished everyday could be just like today. Mary just glanced at her and said, “you’re the BOYFRIEND. Tell your GIRLFRIEND what you want of her.”

    Karen got everything together and took Mary to her home. She had Mary shower and clean up while she got on her computer and started entering things into her search engine. She found exactly what she wanted. She went to the site and read about the product. She looked at the price, wow, it was expensive but she wanted it. Next she looked a little more at the same company’s site. Yep, there it was. She knew if they made the one product they would probably have the other. See added all the stuff to her order and then looked at the price, $98.00. She filled out all the ordering information and said she wanted it shipped C.O.D. next day air. That means it would arrive by 3 p.m. the next day but that added $15.00 to the cost. She didn’t care and pressed the button that finally ordered everything. Tomorrow, Mary would be on her way to really earning the name of Slave Cum Slut. Mary came out and toweled off. Then they went into the room where Karen was just getting up from the computer. Karen knew her parents would be gone from about 11 a.m. till 8 p.m. tomorrow so they would have the house just about to themselves. It was still pretty early but thinking about everything got Karen going again. She laid Mary back on her bed and stuck a dry towel under her. They kissed for a few minutes then Karen told Mary: “I think your BOYFRIEND is so happy with you he is going to give you a total body massage and make you relax. Lay back on the pillow, close your eyes and don’t open them to our BOYFRIEND tells you.” As Mary laid back, Karen put on some soft music on her stereo and went in and grabbed the bottle of white hand lotion. Slowly she started at Mary’s feet and she did give Mary a very good hand massage. She was very patient. Then when she hit Mary’s butt she had Mary lift up a little and she stuffed two pillows under the towel and when Mary sat her butt back down, the pillows pushed her pussy high up into the air.

    Karen continued her rubbing of Mary’s body. In about five minutes Karen told Mary to lay still she would be right back. Mary felt so good being pampered like this and she was very relaxed. Karen ran down to the kitchen, got something then ran back up and got her beach bag. Karen slowly started rubbing the hand lotion around Mary’s pussy that so far had not been touched. Karen got her lips and pussy all wet and moist with the hand lotion. Then she pulled out the item she had ran downstairs to get. It was a small plastic kitchen funnel. It was a very small funnel but was exactly what Karen wanted. She put the funnel directly over Mary’s small little cunt hole and slowly pushed it down. The very small funnel end opened up Mary’s cunt and the funnel slide down just over an inch. Karen grabbed her camera and then took a few photos of what this looked like. A very young shaved pussy opened up and ready to accept anything that is poured into the funnel. Karen’s hands started shaking. This happened every time she tried something new and wicked. She took her camera, got a small cup out of her beach bag, and took the lid off. She took a couple pictures of what was inside. It was very easy to figure it out. In the cup which was about 1/8th the way full, was four or five loads of sperm from the boys just an hour or so earlier. With one hand using the camera and the other hand holding the cup, Karen got up above Mary and slowly poured the entire cup of sperm into the funnel that was lodged in Mary’s tight little pussy. It filled the small funnel about a third of the way up. She quickly dropped the cup and started filming as slowly but surely, the amount of sperm in the funnel was going down. She was trying to take a picture about every two seconds because she wanted to show where every drop of that baby making sperm was going. It took about 30 seconds to empty the funnel. All that sperm was now up inside Mary’s tight little pussy.

    Karen slowly pulled the funnel out and watched to see if any sperm would start flowing out. Not one drop. The pillows had her pussy at just the right angle. The sperm was slowly using gravity to pull itself closer to the great prize awaiting it about 8 inches or so up inside Mary’s cunt. Karen kept Mary in this position for an hour as she massaged her entire body and let Mary just lay there and relax. Mary did feel very relaxed. She had never had anybody pamper her body like Karen just did. Karen slowly spoke up, “how did your BOYFRIEND do, did he pamper you enough.” A smile came to Mary’s face. “I love my BOYFRIEND. He thinks of me most the time.” Karen told Mary that in a few minutes they had to get dressed as her BOYFRIEND expected some favors in return. Mary softly said, “MY BOYFRIEND GETS WHAT HE WANTS!”

    It had been over an hour since the cum was poured into Mary’s cunt. Karen pulled the pillows out and watched to see what happened. Nothing, not a thing. She kept a close eye on it but nothing was leaking out of Mary’s cunt. My god, all that sperm had found a place somewhere in her tight little pussy. I just wonder where? Karen told Mary she would be right back. She rushed into her mom’s room and made a phone call. It was to Tom again. “Tom, I need a favor. I need a boy to be at the movie theater in 90 minutes. I don’t know what we are going to watch, but I want my little slut girl to be fucked right there in the theater. I’m asking for $50.00 but other then that, he gets to be fucked dry from my little cum whore.” Tom told her he would find somebody to be there. Karen made sure to have Tom brief the other guy about no touching and no letting Mary know he was there. She hung up and went back into the bedroom. First she got Mary dressed, today she let her wear her cute white outfit, it didn’t matter, it wouldn’t be on her that long. Then she packed up a few things in a small bag that looked like a purse then she took some clothes into the bathroom and changed. Whereas Mary was all dressed up and very cute, Karen had on blue jeans, tennis shoes, and a pull over shirt.

    Karen looked at Mary and said “your BOYFRIEND is ready for his date”. Mary looked at Karen, she was dressed like a boy tonight. Her mom drove them to the movie theater and said she would be back when the movie was over. The girls got out and Karen took them directly to the ladies room. In the stall Karen started undressing Mary and telling Mary how pretty his date was tonight. When she was entirely nude Karen had her turn around and close her eyes. She wasn’t allowed to open them again until Karen said. Mary did as told and in about four minutes she was in her new outfit. “Now keep your eyes closed till I tell you.” Karen guided her out to the mirror and proceeded to do up Mary’s face and then sprayed her entire body down with thick heavy spray perfume. Karen looked at the young girl. My god, her body was hot. Mary told her to hold her hand and put the other hand on her shoulder. Karen was going to guide her the little ways from the bathroom to the room her movie was going to be in and Mary wasn’t allowed to look. Unknown to Mary, the outfit was the very sexy slutty school girl outfit. The top was entirely see thru, it only came down to the top of her belly button. Her little tits were right there to be seen. It was like looking through clear stockings. And the skirt was so short, you could actually see Mary’s ass cheek when she was standing still. This was a costume that was made to wear at home, not be seen out in. Karen took a few pictures of Mary in her slut outfit. She looked out the door and the coast was pretty clear. She grabbed Mary by the hand and guided her out into the hallway. She told Mary not to open her eyes. If she was caught they both would be in BIG trouble. Karen watched this little slut girl walk beside her. This was the best FUCK ME outfit she had ever seen. And she had Mary wearing it right in a public building while a movie was going on.

    She was right outside their movie and it had already started. She had came late on purpose.That’s why see thought she could get away with this and that’s why nobody was there in the hall. She saw a couple of movie posters in the hallway. What a perfect background for a few pictures. She had Mary stand there while she flashed off a few quick pictures. Then she told Mary to turn around, bend over and pretend to tie her shoe. Mary never even questioned it. Bent over like this her entire ass and pussy was on view. Karen spoke up for Mary to turn her neck this way and look back here but DO NOT OPEN YOUR EYES. Mary’s faced suddenly appeared next to her legs while she was still bent over. Perfect pictures in the movie theater. Karen guided Mary into the movie theater and the movie was playing and it was rather dark. As soon as they entered nearly every guy in the place spotted the little school girl’s outfit that Mary had on. They knew exactly that it was a FUCK ME outfit and not real clothes. The chatter picked up immediately. Karen guided Mary to a few seats next to the wall. She looked around trying to see if the boy had spotted them. Oh yea, how could he miss that. A boy got up and walked their way. Wow, it was Tom. He smiled but didn’t say a word. He looked Mary up and down real hard. How did she ever get in here dressed like that? She was completely exposed from head to toe.

    Karen pulled out her blindfold and put it over Mary’s head. Next she whispered into Mary’s ear, “treat your boyfriend right for the next hour”. Then she put the tiny set of radio headphones on her head and turned them on. Mary couldn’t see or hear the movie but none of them were there for that anyway. Karen moved over to the seat on the other side of Tom. She motioned for Tom to take her seat. Tom was now next to Mary. Karen motioned for Tom to pulled his dick out of his pants. Just like Karen, Tom was wearing blue jeans. He unzipped his fly and then Karen used her hands to grab hold of Mary and guide her body over to Tom’s lap. Tom immediately guided his dick to the bald shaved pussy on Mary’s body. It was inside her very quickly. Now Mary was sitting on Tom’s dick and she thought all the time it was her BOYFRIEND. Karen used her hands just a little on Mary’s shoulder to show her what she wanted. Very quickly Mary knew and using her legs, lifted up and then back down onto Tom’s dick. Karen loved the view. She somehow got her slut little slave girl to dress in an outfit that would have her thrown in jail if she was caught. Got her to pose in pictures in the front of the movies posters, then have her fuck a boy with 40 other people sitting in the same movie theater. Mary rode up and down on her BOYFRIEND’S dildo. She thought to herself how nice it was to trust somebody the way she could trust Karen. She didn’t know where she was, but she knew Karen would watch after her. She just continued to ride her BOYFRIEND till he asked her to stop. It only took about four minutes and Tom started pumping more cum into Mary’s tight little pussy. Tom finally shook his head at Karen and Karen let Mary pump up and down milking all the sperm out. Finally she put her hands on Mary’s shoulder and had her stop.

    Karen had Mary lift up and Mary soon was back in her own seat. Tom pulled $50.00 from his pocket and handed it over to Karen. He had borrowed it from his dad to buy school clothes.. Karen whispered in his ears, “if you get the money, be at my house around 3 p.m. tomorrow.” The boys needed to come up with $200.00 dollars if they wanted another day of play. Tom knew the other two boys were already working hard at it. After Tom left Karen helped Mary up and they too were on their way out. She peeked her head around the corner and nobody was in the hallway. She started to take Mary back into the bathroom when she just happened to see the sign in the front of the theater, snack bar closed. She told Mary to wait there one second. She walked into the front of the movie house and nobody was there. Karen was going to take a big chance. She grabbed Mary’s hand and guided her over in front of the candy stand. She quickly took a couple pictures of Mary right there in the lobby then she helped boost Mary up onto the counter and took some pictures that way. Then Karen told Mary to spread her legs wide while she was sitting on the counter. What a great shot. Mary was up on the counter with all the candy in the glass below her spread out legs. Then Karen looked closer and the front of Mary’s pussy was covered in white sperm. It stood out easily against her soft tone skin. Karen ran over and pulled the blind fold off of Mary’s eyes. She told her not to open them up but she wanted the entire girl’s face in these very slutty shots. Even through the viewfinder it was easy to see the sperm covered pussy and the sperm that had leaked out and was now on the candy glass window.

    After 10 quick pictures Karen didn’t want to get caught. She pulled Mary down and quickly got her to the ladies bathroom door. She didn’t believe everything that happened but she knew she was home free now. She put the white dress back on Mary, cleaned her pussy and face up and then after everything was put away, let Mary open her eyes. As was the custom now, Karen kissed her girlfriend deeply and softly. Then Karen told Mary that her BOYFRIEND was so happy by the way she behaved. She would get a special surprise Tomorrow from her BOYFRIEND. They went outside and chatted about everything for about an hour. Karen wanted to ask Mary when her period was due but she decided against it. Mary would let her know when she started to be worried. But unknown to Karen, Mary was due anytime this week. Her period should be showing up within the next couple days. Mary would just have to tell her BOYFRIEND when her period did start!

    Karen’s mom got them home and Mary changed before going home for the night. Just two more days till school starts. Tomorrow would be Saturday and Monday was the first day of school. After Karen and Mary said their goodnights, Mary went home and Karen fired up her computer. She wanted to download and look at the new photographs. God were they great. The outfit Mary wore was just sex play clothing and she was in the local theater walking and posing in them. The pictures of Mary on the candy counter and all the sperm leaking on the candy glass were probably the most provocative ones Karen had even taken. She even got the perfect slut smile out of Mary on those pictures. They would become her favorite to always look at. She printed high quality pictures of them to her printer and looked at them most the night. Saturday morning Karen called Mary around 10:00 a.m. She told Mary to come over anytime after 11:00 because her parents would be gone most the day. They had the entire house as their own today. Mary remembered her last day laying in the pool, the rubdown, it was very nice. They hung up and right before 11:00 her parents left for the day. Mary showed up around 11:30 in her normal bathing suit. She knew she didn’t need any special clothes as her BOYFRIEND would supply those. At about 12:15 while Karen had Mary in the bath shaving her legs and pussy smooth, the door bell rang. It was the UPS guy. He had a collect package and could only accept cash for it. Karen ran to her room, got the money and took the package to the kitchen and opened it. There in a large bottle was what she had ordered. It was called synthetic sperm. SYNTHETIC SPERM?!

    She read the label and the label was perfect. She now looked at the other toy in her box. It was a normal size dildo but it had a tube that ran out the back and it went to a black bulb. The purpose was to fill the black bulb with liquid and whenever you wanted, you pressed a button on the bulb and it squirted about five large shots of the liquid up through the tube and out the end of the dildo. It worked just like a real dick. Karen had paid close to $100.00 for these two things. She took everything upstairs then waited for Mary to get out of the tub. She finally came strolling in with all her body hair completely removed. Boy she looked young and innocent. Karen sat Mary down and started chatting with her. Then Karen finally got to the subject. “I know we are now BOYFRIEND and GIRLFRIEND. I treat you like the cute little girl you are and you know I am the BOYFRIEND and let me have my way. This has worked great and now I want to be even more of a real BOYFRIEND”. Karen had Mary close her eyes, she opened the huge jar of fake sperm and looked at it. It looked exactly like the fresh sperm that had been all over Mary lately. She took one of Mary’s finger and dipped it into the large jar. Her finger came out covered in gooey slime. “Now open your mouth for me and when I stick your finger in, I want you to suck it and swallow very hard.” Karen guided the sperm soaked finger to Mary’s mouth and as soon as the finger passed her lips, Mary closed them and sucked real hard on the finger. Her expression changed immediately. The corners of her mouth turned up and her eyes squinched together. She quickly swallowed then opened her mouth back up. Mary said it tasted awful and was all gooie and slimey.

    Karen told her to open her eyes. She pulled the bottle forward and told Mary to read. Mary started reading and couldn’t believe what it talked about. It said it had the exact taste and texture of real sperm and could be swallowed or injected into the vagina just like the real stuff. Only this was perfectly safe and made out of food parts and flavors. Then Mary saw how large the jar was. Karen turned Mary’s head towards her. From now on, it is going to be just like having a boyfriend. She pulled out the fake cock with the black bulb on it. “When I fuck you from now one, when I’m about ready to cum, I will press this button and you will get a couple squirts of the fake cum in this jar. And every now and then you might have to suck on my fake cock until I cum and shoot this in your mouth.” Mary’s face turned down at the corners. She didn’t want to have to swallow the stuff, it tasted pretty bad.

    Karen looked at her with her face of authority. “I am the boyfriend. I decide what’s best for my young girlfriend. Her job is to please him however she can. I want you to know from now on when you have please me the most because I will fill your pussy or mouth with this fake sperm. And just as if I was a real boyfriend, even though you don’t like the taste, you will suck everything from my fake dick and swallow it. I have treated you great, just like a cute little girlfriend should be. All I’m asking is that you treat me exactly like a boyfriend if you had one. You would be doing this for him and you know it.”

    By the time Karen was through, Mary had no chance of rejecting this. Karen really had done everything for her and she didn’t ask for that much. Most the day and night was devoted to making sure Mary had a good time. Karen only wanted about an hour or so for her own fun. Looking at the huge jar and hoping that most of it went in her pussy, Mary told her BOYFRIEND that whatever he wanted, he got. All he had to do was ask or just have his GIRLFRIEND do it. She was there for him too.

    “EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT” Karen thought. It wouldn’t be long before the boys would be over if they came up with the money. Karen started to pour some of the liquid into the bulb of the fake dick while Mary was watching. She quit after a little and put everything back together. She went in to dress Mary and she pulled out the little school girl’s outfit again. She dressed Mary up and Mary noticed how everything was short and see thru. This time she got some black fishnet thigh highs and some long 4 inch high heels to go with it. Mary didn’t mind as long as they were in Karen’s house. Karen helped Mary downstairs to the living room then went back upstairs to get a few more things. Karen knew if the boys would be here, it would be in about 10 minutes or less. She had Mary pose in many positions for her. Her face was in full view and her eyes were open and she was smiling like she liked it. They would go good with the pictures last night of her with her eyes closed. They would fit together well. Karen finally told Mary it was her BOYFRIEND’S hour and Mary knew what that meant. The blindfolds went on and the small stereo headset was next. Karen went over and opened the front door about an inch. It was about 7 minutes later the door pushed open a little. She saw Tom’s head poke around and she put her fingers to her lips and made a motion for him to come in. Behind him were three other boys but two of them she had never seen before. Without saying a word Tom pulled out $350.00 dollars for the four boys. Karen looked the boys over then again held her hand up to her lips. She whispered to the boys, “no talking, no touching, and just watch my hands for what to do.”

    Karen gave the camera to the only boy from yesterday that she knew beside Tom. He knew what she wanted. Then Karen grabbed Mary and put her on the floor. She whispered to Mary that she had one of her dildos attached to a chair behind her. Her BOYFRIEND wanted her to put a nice little show on for him so he could get very worked up. Karen then pointed to the first new boy and had him drop down behind Mary. She motioned for his to drop his shorts and slowly he inched up behind Mary. Mary was on both hands and knees with her legs spread wide open. The sight of the young girl from behind with her smoothly shave pussy was a sight to behold. The boy slowly moved forward till his dick touched the entrance to Mary’s cunt. Slowly he pushed forward and his stiff young dick slid into its first pussy ever. The boy’s eyes sort of rolled back in his head. Nothing felt as soft and tight as this. He pushed in a little more and Karen watched over him to make sure he didn’t touch Mary with his hands. Finally he had his dick halfway in her. The boy with the camera started doing his job and then Karen pointed at Tom. She motioned him to get right in front of Mary. He knew what Karen wanted immediately. He pulled down his shorts and he was rock hard as usual. He slowly inched forward and as he did, Karen lifted Mary’s headphones for just a second. “You are making your BOYFRIEND so excited. Open your lips for him.”

    It wasn’t but a second later Mary parted her lips and Tom guided his dick into her mouth. Tom had never had a girl suck him off before. Once the earphones were back on Mary, Karen whispered to both boys that they were not to move their bodies. They didn’t understand at first but then Karen grabbed Mary’s shoulder and got her rocking forward and backwards. The boys soon learned that Karen wanted Mary to do all the work. It took Mary about 30 seconds to figure out what Karen wanted and to figure out the correct rhythm to use, but soon her body was rocking back and forth taking both boy’s dicks in and out of her body. Mary thought she had two dildoes pushing in and out of her body, and she wanted to please her BOYFRIEND very badly. She worked fairly hard on keeping the right motion going and pleasing her BOYFRIEND as he has pleased her so many time before.

    The boy in Mary’s pussy exploded first. His facial expression changed, his body tightened up, and then he filled Mary’s cunt with a HUGE load of sperm. This was the boy’s first real sex with a girl. He enjoyed it so much he didn’t even pull out after he was done. He just let the great feeling of the girl’s cunt continue to rub and suck on her pussy. It was about two minutes later that the real test was about to come. Karen knew that Tom was about to cum. She motioned the camera boy to move closer and get some close-ups. Then she got her hands ready for the big event. Tom’s body told it all. He was just starting to cum. Karen put her hands on the back of Mary’s head and pulled her lips farther down onto Tom’s dick. At that very second the first squirts of cum blasted the back of Mary’s mouth. This is the first load of sperm she ever had in her mouth. Karen thought to herself that it was funny that the first load of sperm in her pussy was given to her by Tom, and now the first load of sperm into the back of her throat was also given to her by Tom.

    The camera was flashing about every two or three seconds. As soon as the first load of sperm hit the back of Mary’s throat, her whole face soured up. It did not taste good at all and her first reaction was to pull her head off the dildo in her mouth. But that’s why Karen’s hands were there. After the second large squirt her throat was full and Mary had no choice but to swallow. Karen continued to hold her head on Tom’s dick and Tom shot wad after thick gooey wad into Mary’s mouth. Mary just could not keep up with it and the white gooey mess started to seep out of the corners of her mouth. This was a perfect shot for the camera. Mary’s face was all made up with tons of red lipstick and her lips formed a perfect O around the young boy’s cock in her mouth. The white sperm then really started overflowing. After about 30 seconds of holding her there and allowing the sperm to flow out for the camera, Karen let go of Mary’s head. Mary pulled her head off the dildo that she thought was in her mouth. She coughed a little but didn’t say a word. Both boys had now pulled out of her young body.

    Karen again lifted Mary’s headphones. She told Mary how very excited her BOYFRIEND was and that he was very happy his GIRLFRIEND was doing this for him. Then she lowered the headphones and got up from in front of Mary. Pointing to the other boy she didn’t know, she pointed to behind Mary and the boy knew what to do from watching what had just happened. Then Karen took the camera from the boy that was shooting the pictures and pointed to Mary’s head. Today Karen had rewarded both Tom and the other boy who had been here before with Mary’s soft and wet mouth. It only took the pair about two minutes before they were in Mary and Mary was moving her body again to suck and fuck each boy. Karen was taking the pictures herself this time. Wow, how Mary had progressed from just two weeks ago. She was taking on two boys at the same time and she was really good at it. The reason she was so good was because she really did want to please her BOYFRIEND. She didn’t like doing two dildos at once and getting fake sperm sprayed into her mouth, but her BOYFRIEND had done so so much for her. This was his payback and she was going to try her hardest for him.

    Four minutes later the boys were there. First was the boy in her mouth. Then just about 20 seconds later the boy in her cunt. They continued to make Mary fuck and suck them for another minute. Then both boys slowly pulled out. Karen with the camera started to snap pictures of both ends. Mary’s mouth had a lot of cum drooling around her lips. Karen then moved to her cunt and man what a mess. White sperm all over her pussy lips and dripping out her tight little pussy hole. After some pictures, Karen grabbed a towel and cleaned up Mary’s face, then her pussy. Karen then looked at the boys and called them over. She asked if they were OK now and ready to go. Tom spoke right up, “can’t we stay and watch a while?” Karen remembered the CD up in her drawer. She told the boys to sit on the couch and she would be right back. She ran up, got the CD and put it in the DVD player in the living room. She started the show running then went to get Mary up from the floor.

    She guided Mary out to the pool and slowly got her out of her school girl outfit. She then told Mary she was taking off her mask but she was not to open her eyes even once. Mary nodded her head and before long Mary was on the rubber raft floating around the pool entirely naked. Her legs were spread apart pretty far and the white sperm was still oozing out of her shaved little pussy. The boys were still on the couch watching the slide show. Karen let them stay there for about 30 minutes. Then she told them not to make a word and sit around the pool for another little show. They came out to the pool and Karen had Mary start a great little show for them. Mary did as her BOYFRIEND told her. While laying on the raft, with the warm sun hitting her body, her finger went down to her pussy and started rubbing all the white cum all over her pussy. She didn’t know it was cum, but she knew she was very slippery. Then Karen told her to make herself cum so her BOYFRIEND could watch. Mary’s finger went directly to her little clit and started rubbing it very nicely. The boys watched in amazement as they saw for the first time how a girl masturbates.

    It took about four minutes and then Mary’s body shook a little and the boys saw her hips rise up off the raft a little. Mary was cumming and all the boys had a front row seat. Finally it was over and the boys just smiled and stared at each other. Karen signaled for the boys to follow her and she led them to the front door. They wanted to stay longer but Karen had other plans. She told them that they could call her whenever they wanted but it would cost them. $50.00 each time. The boys didn’t want to go but they had huge smiles on their faces. They left very happy young men. Karen went back inside, put up the CD from the DVD player, and went back out to where Mary was. She told Mary she could open her eyes and to come out of the pool. She took this time to sit and chat with Mary for about ten minutes. Nothing special, just some girl chat to allow Mary the chance to talk and feel like everything was normal. Then Karen told Mary they were going out. It was Saturday and school was in two days. They had to go out and have their last little bit of fun.

    Mary had to shower then come in and let Karen dress her. She was dressed today in the outfit that was bought at the mall. It was the shortest of all the outfits and really dangerous to wear outside. Karen had put the small white tennis outfit on Mary. She put some white tennis shoes on her then out the door they went. They walked around the back of all the houses so they wouldn’t be seen by Mary’s parents if they were home. They then went to the bus stop to catch a ride to Mary’s next public showing!

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