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For Sale By Owner; part 2

    Having a humble, obedient, submissive sissy slut slave at my beck and call has quickly gone from being a delightful luxury to an absolute necessity, and it is hard for me to imagine now how I ever managed without one. To think that I used to actually have to get my own meals, clean my own house, do my own laundry, and worst of all, suffer the frustration and indignity of being stuck in a sexually unsatisfying relationship with an inadequate lover! Well, never again! Now that former lover is my sissy slave, does all the housework and serves me, and the wide variety of lovers I am now free to enjoy, in anyway I desire.

    That is why I could never actually sell the slut, as I could not now imagine living without a humble, obedient, live-in sissy slave, and the thought of having to train another from scratch is no fun either. I must say, though, that having the slut THINK that I am planning to sell her, and making her take out an ad on an alternative sexuality website, offering herself up for sale is, if I do say so myself, one of the most brilliant ideas I have ever come up with for degrading, humiliating and tormenting the slut, and ensuring her obedience to me. It has the combined benefits of keeping her in a near constant state of extreme mental anguish, the very thought of which makes me very hot, wet and horny for some reason, and it also induces her to strive ever harder to please me, in her desperate efforts to influence me to decide to keep her after all, as well as providing a new and rich source and variety of people to use, abuse, humiliate and degrade her, as people respond to the ad and make arrangements to come by and “test drive” her.

    Naturally, I let everyone who responds to the ad know right up front that this is really just a ploy to torment the slut and heighten her humiliation, degradatation and feelings of complete powerlessness under my ownership and control, and so far almost all of them have found the idea very amusing and happily taken part in the charade. Only one, a very wealthy middle eastern businessman who really wanted just such a pre-trained sissy slut to own for his own amusement and as a party favor for his friends and business acquaintances, seemed greatly disappointed at first. He was in fact very hard to convince to take no for an answer, and to just go along with the game. He even offered me an outrageously unheard of sum of money for the slut, which I have to admit was very tempting, as it was considerably more than I make in a year, and I make pretty good money as a designer and fashion consultant. The very fact, though, that he, with all his wealth, was so eager to pay so much for my slut slave made me realize how precious, and apparently not that easy to find, a really well trained sissy slave is, and only heightened my resolve to keep her.

    Eventually, he was able to be convinced just to play along with the trick, though rather than just coming by to try out the slut at my home, as most respondents to the ad had done, he insisted on paying me an also amazingly large sum to rent her to him outright for a few days. He actually wanted her for at least a week, but I was not willing to go that long without my house being cleaned, my laundry done, and eating in even the fine restaurants that I could easily afford with what he paid me, so we settled on three days. Of course the slut was kept ignorant of this arrangement, and when he took her away, she actually believed that she had been sold to him and would never see me again, but would now live the rest of her life as his slave, until or unless he decided to give or sell her to someone else. The agonized, teary-eyed look of adoration, longing, and abject terror that the slut gave me as he dragged her out the door by a leash just about made me orgasm without even touching myself! It was incredible!

    In order to keep the slut in the dark about the true nature of this elaborate ruse, we had prearranged, when he returned her to me, for him to make a pretense of complaining that she had turned out to be unsatisfactory for some reason, and demand his money back. When he did bring her back to me and threw her roughly to the floor at my feet tearfully gasping, sobbing and moaning, she was a total mess, and my pussy instantly got all wet and tingly just imagining what she had suffered while in his possession. She was dressed in an elaborate belly dancer’s costume, but it was very torn and disheveled, her makeup was a complete mess, and her face, hair and costume were caked with old, dried stains, as well as new, fresh gobs of thick, white cum. She started blubbering and sobbing and reached out to embrace and kiss my feet, but I shouted, “Ewwww! Get your filthy, cummy face off my nice, clean shoes, you stupid slut!” and kicked her away, then reached down, grabbed a handful of her sticky, matted hair and dragged her on her knees into the bathroom and over to the toilet, where I shoved her face into the bowl and closed the lid over her head.

    “Stay there and think about what a disappointment you have been to me, bitch, while I go see just what you have done to cause me such embarrassment and cost me such a lucrative sale!” I growled at her, as I prepared to go talk to the gentleman, under the pretense of returning his money and listening to his complaints, but really just to get all the juicy details of whatever had gone on over the last few days, which judging by the looks of things had in fact undoubtedly been quite enjoyable for him and his friends, though quite an ordeal for my lowly little slut. “I will deal with the matter of your punishment when I get back,” I spat at the whore, and then, quite as an afterthought, but realizing that I had to pee anyway, lifted the toilet lid off her head, squatted down and released a bladder full of urine all over the back of her head saying, “Here’s a shower to start getting you cleaned up from your miserable failure, cunt!” before replacing the lid down on her head and stalking briskly out of the room. It is impossible to describe the intensity of the thrill that I got from her utterly pitiful sobs echoing out of the toilet bowl as I stormed away from her!

    The gentleman was very kind, and far from taking any money back from me, actually insisted on giving me an astonishingly large additional sum on top of the rather princely rental fee he had already paid me when he took the slut! I asked him what had happened, and he told me in long and intimate detail the whole tale of the three days, which would make an entire story in and of itself, and which therefore I will not relate here. Suffice it to say that he had not been disappointed at all, but had greatly enjoyed the use of my slut (as had many of his friends), and he entreated me again to reconsider and accept an even larger sum than his original offer to sell her to him. Tempting though this new offer was, I still felt I had to turn it down, which he said he understood. He then insisted on taking me out to the finest restaurant in the city for dinner, and this offer I graciously accepted. He was, after all, quite suave, handsome, debonair and a very intelligent, refined gentleman, not to mention being obviously almost inconceivably rich. I almost forgot about my slut kneeling with her head in the toilet, but then I figured that a few hours kneeling with her piss and cum soaked head in my toilet would still be almost like heaven to her, compared to what she had just gone through for the last three days in this gentleman’s possession, thinking that that was going to be her lot for the rest of her life.

    Many hours later, when we returned to my home after a long, exquisitely luxurious dinner, I had had so many glasses of fine wines, champagnes, cognac and apertifs that I literally did forget all about the slut until this wonderful, kind and exotic gentleman and I were in my bed together, preparing to make love. When Isuddenly remembered her, it occured to me for a brief instant to drag her in and have her service us while we made love. As soon as I remembered what a filthy, nasty state the slut was in, however, I discarded the idea immediately, and spent a beautiful, passionate night alone with my new lover, while the slut remained all night on her knees in the bathroom, her cummy, pissy face in the toilet, undoubtedly imagining that she had failed me miserably, and agonizing over what her punishment might be. Little did she know that she had opened a new, beautiful and wonderful chapter in my life by bringing this gentleman to me. I certainly wasn’t about to tell her.

    After awakening in the morning, my new lover and I made wild, passionate love again several times before getting up to go to the bathroom and shower together. As we entered the bathroom, we saw the slut, still on her knees with her face in the bowl and the lid down over her head, fast asleep. I guess it had been a rougher three days for her even than the gentleman had described to me. I started to burst out laughing at the sight of the whore sleeping with her face in the toilet, but my new lover motioned for me to be quiet, and I stifled my laughter, watching to see what he had in mind. Nimble as a tiger stalking its prey, he crept over to the slut, knelt down behind her, and in one swift, smooth motion, pulled down her panties and the flimsy, sheer, see-through pants of the belly dancer outfit he had dressed her in, and rammed his long, thick cock into her exposed asshole. At this point I could not restrain my laughter as the slut let out a pitiful, startled, frightened yelp at being awakened by this gentleman’s hard, strong member entering her from the rear. It was jst too funny, and the little cunt’s whining, moans and sobs emanating from under the toilet seat as my gentleman friend proceeded to fuck her hard, fast and furiously in her sissy ass made me very hot and wet.

    Deciding to join the fun, rather than just watch, I went over, lifted the toilet seat off the slut’s head, and sliding down onto the toilet in front of my sissy slave’s face, grabbed her by a handful of her hair and pulled her mouth into my pussy, making her lick and suck the matted, dried come from the night before and the fresh gobs from that morning’s lovemaking from my cunt, ass and pubic hair. Her whines, moans and groans now were stifled in my hot, wet bush as my lover’s thrusts into her rear shoved her face rhythmically, repeatedly, deep into my juicy twat. It was not long before I was ready to come, and as I did so, I released a long, hard stream of hot piss into my slave’s mouth, commanding her to drink and swallow it all. As I was finishing, my lover winked at me and told the slut to save a mouthful, then yanked her head back roughly by the hair, pulled his cock out of her ass, stood over her and incredibly (considering that he had already come several times that morning while making love with me), let fly a huge, gooey load of sperm all over the sissy’s face and into her mouth. It was SO funny to watch, I couldn’t help but burst out laughing again. It went everywhere; in the slut’s face, her eyes, her hair, on her costume, but most of it went into her mouth, globbing up and swirling around in the mouthful of my hot, bitter, salty piss that the slut was holding there.

    When he had finished cumming in her mouth, my lover commanded her to gargle, and joined in my uproarious laughter as we both watched our own secretions roiling, bubbling and gurgling around in my sissy slave’s upturned mouth. It really was just too funny to describe. Eventually the gentleman grabbed the slut by the jaw and forehead and forced her mouth closed on the messy mixture, commanding her to swallow it. Some of it had bubbled out of her mouth as she gargled it and trickled down the slut’s face and body to the floor, and he then shoved her face roughly into the puddle of it in which she was now kneeling in front of the toilet, and made her lick it up from the floor.

    Once the floor was cleaned to my satisfaction, my lover tore off what remained of my slut’s belly dancer costume, made her lie in the tub on her back, and standing over her in the tub, proceeded to piss all over her from head to toe, rinsing away three days of caked, dried cum. He paid special attention to her face and mouth, which he made her hold wide open and swallow whatever went into it. I found that I still had a few squirts left in me, too, and stood over the slut and joined my lover in showering her with both of our piss. Then we turned on the shower and luxuriated in it together, making the slut soap, scrub and wash our entire bodies while we kissed and fondled each other and verbally degraded and humiliated the sissy slave serving us. After finishing our shower and having the slut dry us off, we returned to my bedroom to get dressed, leaving the slut with a command to get herself dried off, get dressed in her skimpiest, sexiest maid’s uniform, and have coffee, bacon and eggs and toast waiting for us in the dining room, as we would be down directly for her to serve them to us.

    After we had enjoyed our breakfast and the slut had cleared and cleaned the dishes, then prepared and eaten her own meal by scraping our leftovers into a blender and pureeing them, then slurping up the resulting mush from her bowl on the kitchen floor (topped off, amazingly, by yet another large, full cum load by my astoundingly virile lover), it was time for my gentleman friend to leave, and the slut and I were left alone. Now I had to decide what her punishment was to be for the supposed offense of failing to satisfy her (unbeknownst to her) pretend “buyer.” After all, if she weren’t punished for this, she might start to catch on that the whole thing was a sham, an elaborate game at her expense, and I was having way too much fun with it to stop now. Just as I sat down to mull the matter over, however, idly fucking the slut’s throat with a large dildo as she knelt before me and I contemplated the matter, however, the doorbell rang, and I had to send the hapless bitch scurrying to answer it. It turned out to be two of my favorite gentleman friends, a couple of big, strong, manly, incredibly well-hung black dudes I had met at a reggae concert the previous year. It quickly became clear that they had come over hoping to get laid, but I was not in the mood for any more sex at the moment, so I decided to go out shopping, but invited them to stay and help themselves to the slut’s services if they liked. They readily agreed to this, and by the time I had gathered my things, put on my coat and was headed out the door, the nasty whore was already on her hands and knees on the floor, moaning in rhythm to the motion of two huge, black cocks forcing themselves into her simultaneously from the front and rear.

    “We’ll talk later about that little matter we were just discussing, OK, slut?” I called breezily over my shoulder as I headed out the door into the bright, beautiful spring sunshine, but all I got in response was a plaintive, gurgling moan.

    “Oh, well,” I thought with a smile as I drove off to spend some of the money I had just made off the nasty little cunt, “sluts will be sluts, eh?” I would decide and inform her of how I would punish her for supposedly losing me money later, I thought, grinning from ear to ear.

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