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For Sale By Owner; part 3

    The story so far: after complaining to a girlfriend who turned out to be a dominatrix (or rather, ‘humiliatrix,’ as she put it) about a boyfriend who was failing to satisfy me sexually, I went over to his place to surprise him with my decision to transform him into my submissive, sissy slut slave. Imagine my surprise when I found him dressed in my “borrowed” lingerie, fucking himself in the ass with a dildo and cumming into his own mouth! This gave me all the ammo I needed to make the transformation I intended for him immediate and permanent, and since then he (now she) has been my live-in sissy maid, slut, whore, serving me and any of the many lovers I now enjoy in any way that I or they please.

    I never thought of myself as a sadist, and it came as somewhat of a surprise to me to find what an intense sexual thrill I get from causing my nasty little sissy slave to suffer, especially mentally and emotionally. For this reason, one of the crowning glories of my enslavement of the slut was making her take out an ad on an alternative sexuality website offering herself for sale by me, and then entertaining the various men (and even a few women) who come by to “test drive” her. The intensity of anguish that this causes the nasty slut makes me all wet and tingly just thinking about.

    Recently, an astonishingly wealthy middle eastern gentleman responded to the ad, and even though I informed him up front, as I always do, that the slut is not really for sale and that the whole thing is merely a ruse to tease and torment her, he really wanted to purchase her, and offered me a sum for her that I could barely refuse. I ended up striking a compromise with him, renting the slut to him for three days, with the sissy bitch imagining that she had finally in fact been sold outright, and then when he returned her to me, making a pretense of her not having been satisfactory for some reason.

    This turned out to be a wonderful development for me, as this gentleman and I hit it off really well and he has now become one of my preferred lovers, and it also gave me a golden opportunity to increase even further the torment and anguish of my slave (which, as I mentioned, turns me on inexplicably intensely) who still does not know otherwise than that she was actually sold and then refused and returned to me as unacceptable.

    With regard to punishment of my slave, I am unlike perhaps most Mistresses in that I do not particularly care for either orgasm denial or corporal punishment of my slut. I rather find that control of her orgasms to orchestrate them to be as humiliating as possible, and intense psychological torment, usually involving even more than usual humiliation and enforced depravity for her, are what really get my juices flowing, as opposed to whipping or otherwise physically torturing her. That’s too much like work! Why waste my energy physically tormenting the nasty slut when I can derive an even bigger thrill and cause her even more intense agony and discomfort by a mere twist of the mind delivered with a few short words?

    That is not to say that the whore does not get slapped around plenty and receive lots of over the knee spankings, but though she may hate them and cry pitifully from them sometimes, these are not really so much punishment as simply constant reminders of her lowly status and station. Most of my male lovers especially enjoy slapping her face and spanking her ass when they are using and abusing her sexually, as do I myself, and she need not even have done anything deserving of punishment for this to be her lot.

    No, the punishments that I most enjoy inflicting, that have the deepest and most scathing effect on the slut, are psychological in nature, almost always involving some form of extremely intensified humiliation and degradation. Examples include dragging her out to a biker bar, tying her up on her knees next to the dumpster out back, and then inviting all of the patrons at will to come out and use her sissy mouth as both cum dumpster and/or urinal. Naturally, the guys are not only alowed but actually encouraged to slap her around and be as rough as they like with her while using her, but I have learned from experience that her most intense torment (and thus my greatest thrill) is from the incredibly intense humiliation, far more even than from any physical pain, that they cause her.

    I am a big fan of making the punishment fit the offense; for example, if there is any problem with the laundry, she might have to wear a pair of my nastiest, filthiest, most cum-drenched panties over her face, inside the penis gag that always fills her mouth whenever it is not actively servicing me or someone else of my choosing. If the dishes are not cleaned to my satisfaction, she will likely be put on a several day long diet of the sissy slut slave equivalent of bread and water — nothing but cum and urine, taken directly from the source. It is amazing how much a few days of this makes her hunger for the ground up, always cum-drenched leftovers from my meals, eaten from a bowl on the floor, that are her usual fare.

    It is rather amazing that the slut has come to look upon such activities as licking and sucking my clit and asshole and my lover’s cock, balls and ass while we make love, or sucking and licking the cum from my hot, wet pussy and ass after I have fucked a real man, then licking and sucking him clean as well, not as punishments but privileges! Punishments are more likely to be, say, spending an entire day and night on her hands and knees chained to a toilet in a bar, sucking off all comers, her sissy ass also exposed and available for any to use, “bobbing for gobs” of cum in the toilet bowl between guys squirting their hot, juicy loads in, on and about her face and mouth. I swear the water level in the toilet will be an inch higher just from her tears after a day and night of that!

    The most amazing thing of all is that the nasty little whore really does strive her utmost to, and in fact does do a pretty good job of pleasing and serving, not only me, but also my many friends, guests and lovers. Of course, I cannot let her know that, as I do not want to enourage any semblance of pride or complacency on her part, so that she is almost always at least on the verge of tears for having failed to please me, even while I am purring inwardly with joy and pleasure from her services. Oooh, it makes me so wet just thinking about it, I think I will go smother her for an hour or so with my ass and pussy right now! I just got back from making love to a big, strong black man, and my cunt and panties are wet and dripping with his cum — what a treat for my pathetic, loser sissy slut whore!

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