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    This is a free educational web site about sissies and sissification. Although there is a small collection of sissy fiction, you will not find porn on this site. You will not find photos of naked men or women or sex. If you are looking for sissy porn, you might try sissySearch.

    Contributions are all hand processed. A human being is going to make sure that there are no sexually explicit or nude phtographs (sorry, not even art photos). Hand drawn or computer generated images may often be acceptable.

    Copyright claims are also hand processed. When making your Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) notice, please indicate which picture (or other copyrightable material) and the page or pages you know it is on. Also indicate whether you want your copyright material taken down or you want your copyright notice added. The original poster will be given a chance to challenge your DMCA notice. You must certify that you are the copyright owner (this is a legal requirement and a false claim is an actual federal crime).

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    When this website was created there were still states that outlawed crossdressing in public. The two major religions actively condemned crossdressing, giving even those who were merely cultural Christians or Muslims deep internal conflicts over their own identity.

    Back then most of the trans, crossdressing, sissy fiction involved scenarios where the crossdresser had no choice. It gave a kind of plausible deniability — “this isn’t really my fetish, I had no choice.” Bondage was a big part of sissy sexuality.

    While the United States, Europe, and other civilized nations are moving towards healthier attitudes about human sexuality, there are still vocal opponents to sexual freedom, including President Donald Trump. And there are many nations where crossdressing is still punishable by lengthy prison sentences and in some places punishable by the death penalty.

    We all need to be active in the worldwide movement for equality and rights for all, not just for LGBTQ, but for women, Blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans, Witches, Jews, Gypsies (Roma), and other groups that have traditionally been oppressed and still face active bigotry.

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    The vast majority of sissies are part time sissies, normal heterosexuals who occassionally don women’s panties or other feminine lingerie, usually for masturbation (with or without an inflatable doll). Sleeping in panties and bra or panties and nightgown are also common part-time sissy activities. Some part time sissies occassionally have crossdressing sex with their girlfriend or wife.

    Increasing levels of sissidom include full time cross dressing, extremes of bondage, and other fetish play. Drag queens are gay men who dress up and act as stylized pseudo-women to attract men. Some sissies are temporarily in a transition state leading to sex change surgery.

    A lot of the internet discussion of sissies includes femdom (female domination), bondage, cuckolding, chastity, forced feminization, and humiliation, but most real life sissies have much milder versions of sissiness.

    The top lap dancer in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, for 2004 was a sissy. If you are going to be a full-time sissy, be a hot sissy. The standards are high. An obese bald guy in bad fitting stockings and garter belt just ain’t sexy. You need to make your master or mistress (or both, if you serve a couple) proud.

    Masters, mistresses, and self-taught sissies can share in the lessons of real sissification in all its variety.

    synonyms (nouns): sissy (plural, sissies), baby, chix with dix n tits, cissee, cissey, cissi, cissie, cissy, crossdresser, CD, fairyhopper, jessie (Scottish informal), lady boy, lizzie boy, milksop, milquetoast (U.S.), mary, mollycoddle, mummy’s boy, namby-pamby, nancy, pansy, pantyboi, panty boy, poosay, pussy (U.S. slang), queen, panty man, pissy, princess, shemale, sissee, sissie, sissey, sisspot (informal), sissy baby, sissy boy, sissy maid, softie, tgirl, t-girl, t-gurl, titmouse (male who stares at women’s breasts), trannie, tranny, transvestite, TV, wet (British informal), wimp, wuss (slang); ALSO: sissiness, sissyness

    synonyms (adjectives): sissy, sissier, sissiest, (informal), cissified, effeminate, feeble, fem, namby-pamby, prissy, pussy whipped, silky, sissified, sissyish, soft (informal), unmanly, weak, wet (British informal), wimpish (informal), wimpy (informal), wussy (slang)

    origin: Diminutive of sis, which is common slang for sister (1840). Ware declares it to have originated in 1890 as a Society term for an effeminate man; the Oxford English Dictionary (O.E.D.) claims it is of U.S. origin; American meaning for effeminate man 1859; Anglicized before 1887. Alternative etymology is diminutive form of Cecilla (Latin, blind one).

    other languages: afeminado (Spanish), bundão (Brazilian Portuguese), une chochotte (French), khrnteh (Arabic Syrian), maricão (Brazilian Portuguese), maricon (Mexican Spanish), mariquita (Spanish), mijão (Brazilian Portuguese), Muschi (German), Weicheil (German)

Healthy Sissy

    There are a wide variety of healthy sissy options, from occasional wearing of panties to full chastity cuckolding and gang bangs.

    It is important to figure out where you personally fit into the entire range of sissy activities. Do the things that are right for you and don’t feel pressured to do anything outside of your own personal comfort zone.

    When society equated sissiness with homosexuality and heavily punished both, it was common for sissies to claim they were forced into sissidom against their wills. Forced feminization and other bondage play remain important parts of some sissy’s turn-ons, but this is an option you choose, not a requirement of being a sissy.

    Cuckolding and chastity are also options. Some sissies like cuckolding because they are turned on more by watching and they enjoy being dressed and possibly chastised while watching their partner have sex with another man or woman. Some sissies actively want to participate in a poly lifestyle and may desire to engage in bi or gay sex. Some sissies are very monogamous and jealous and simply can’t share their partner. Again, those are all choices, and it is important to find the choices that fit you personally in a healthy manner.

    Choices in clothing range from a single fetish item (usually panties or pantyhose) to full cross-dressing. Currently, sissy maids are the most common full dress, but streetwalker slut, nurse, cheerleader, and other forms of cosplay are also popular. Some sissies dress in a highly sexual or erotic manner, while others emphasize realism and the ability to pass in public. Sissification can range from fully private to full on cosplay at conventions or even performing on stage as queens.

    Some sissies like to dress in nice dresses or little girls dresses. In some cases this is a safe refuge from the stress of everyday life and these isn’t any sexual component to the dressing.

    Some sissies are making a transition to surgically becoming a woman, while most sissies intend to keep their male parts. Most sissies live their normal everyday lives as ordinary men (although many will secretly wear panties or pantyhose under their male garments).

    There are more sissies than there are women who have a fetish and desire to be with a sissy man. Fortunately, many women will accept their man engaging in some forms of sisisifcation, although not all will want to participate. This is especially true if the sissy is willing to participate in the woman’s kink. Openly and honestly explore what works for you and your partner.

    If you want to experiment to discover your own personal limits and desires, experiment safely with a positive attitude.

    Once you know your limits and desires (which can change over time), don’t let anyone push you into activities you don’t want to do.

    Please be a happy and healthy sissy.

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picture courtesy of Michael’s Sin, Sex & Pleasure: Lingerie
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Michael’s Forced Femme

    Forced feminization is the combination of transvestism and bondage. Sissification (forced or vountary) is training as a sissy.

    This is an introduction to forced feminization and sissification.

    Important: See SAFETY suggestions.

    Please learn more about bondage safety before actually engaging in bondage.

    Some of you have written in protesting that you aren’t a “sissy”. If you wear women’s or girl’s clothing and/or play with dolls and/or display musical or artistic talent and/or read, like, books and stuff … well, sistah, get over yourself because you are a sissy!

    Sissies can be straight, bi-, auto-, gay, or lesbian. Straight sissies are the most common kind and surprisingly common (even if hidden in the closet). Gay sissies seek a homosexual relationship with one or more men. Lesbian sissies (often called “lipstick lesbians”) have a homosexual relationship with one or more women (that means they either have their penis chastized or they only have sex through masturbation, usually with dolls). Bisexual sissies have sex with both men and women. Autosexual sissies only have sex through masturbation, usually with dolls.

Chasey Lain Cyber Signature Pussy   Devinn Lane’s Vibrating Double Pleasure   Kobe Tai Ultra Realistic Pussy and Ass   Cyberskin Cyber Sex Buddy   Kobe Tai Vibrating Vagina   Lexus Ultra Realistic Vibrating Vagina and Anus   Nikki Tyler Natural Thrust Vagina

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    A sissy is a person who wears women’s clothing and/or plays with dolls. The mildest and most common form is a straight guy who sometimes wears women’s panties to bed and/or for sex with his girlfriend or wife. The wearing of panties and brassières and/or nighties to bed is the next most common step. Other common variations add other articles of intimate women’s clothing, such as stockings, high heels, corsets, skirts, dresses, etc., eventually including various kinds of fetish costumes (most commonly sissy maid, slut/whore, schoolgirl, and cheerleader), wigs, and/or makeup. Play with dolls may or may not be combined with wearing women’s clothing. Anal sex (with the woman wearing a strap-on dildo) and/or cunnilingus are popular activities among straight sissies. Forced feminization often includes bondage. Cuckolding (where the woman has sex with “real” men), forced oral and/or anal sex with “real” men, penile chastisement, whippings, and surgery are more extreme verrsions of forced feminization. Verbal abuse and (often elaborate) embarassment is a common variation, usually with severe bondage.

    There is a strong tradition of strong, dominant women holding their husbands in submission and forcing them to serve in much the same way as I would use a female slave: being dressed in humiliating outfits (French Maid seems to be very common), making them behave subserviently in public, name-calling, use as a toilet, and the whole range of typical dominant/submissive training and humiliation plays. —Courtesy of Doug Adams’ Cuckolded and Submissive Men

    The person performing the bondage is called the dominant or dom. If the dominant is a woman, then she might be called a femme dom, femdom, dominatrix, mistress, and/or goddess. If the dominant is a man, then he might be called master. The person upon whom the bondage is performed is called a submissive, sub, or slave. A person who does both is called a switch. A transvestite submissive may be called a sissy, she-male, and/or he-she.

    S&M stands for sadism and masochism (sometimes called sado-masochism). B&D stands for bondage and discipline.

    In light bondage, a sissy is lightly restrained. This can include such things as tying a sissy up with silk or ropes or a simple blindfold. In light bondage, the sissy in bondage can normally escape from the bondage on his own. The purpose of light bondage is to give the sensation of giving up control.

    In heavy bondage, a sissy is more seriously restrained. This can include ropes, chains, cuffs, leather, and all kinds of specialty gear. In heavy bondage, the sissy in bondage cannot normally escape on his own.

    Rope bondage can be very intricate, an artform in itself. Masters and mistresses may want to learn macrama. A severe form of rope bondage is the hog tie.

    Chain bondage can be put together with lengths of chain purchased at a standard hardware store.

    Post bondage is any bondage involving a post. The classic sissy version is to be chained or roped to a post outdoors. This is usually a secluded back yard, but some braver sissies are bound to a front porch post or other post or tree in the front yard.

    Bondage horse involves using furniture similar to a gymnastic horse for bondage. The padding can allow longer periods of bondage and there are several “bent over” positions possible that allow easy access for both oral and anal sex.

    Forced feminization always includes some level of fantasy, as real forced feminization would be a serious violation of human rights.

    For some people, forced feminization is pure fantasy. For others, forced feminization is partly fantasy and partly reality.

    There is huge variation in what parts are real and what parts are fantacized. Even which parts are interesting or explored varies.

    Here are some variations and options for reality and fantasy:

    Forced feminization can be a masturbation fantasy for men or women. Men and women can fantacize being the man forcibly feminized or being the master or being the mistress.

    There is a huge variation in feminine attire chosen. Most costume choices are keyed to a variation of the forced feminization fantasies.

    High heels are common, especially with extreme heel heights. sometimes bondage and/or platform heels. Ballet shoes, especially with extreme high heels, are a popular option, especially with show sissy or ballerina fantasies. Stockings and garter belts are popular, but many sissies start with pantyhose. Fishnet patterns and ribbon bows are common.

    Panties and bras of all kinds are popular. Some sissies wear excessive numbers of panties. Some colors and designs of panties may be associated with particular fantasies. Women’s panties come in four basic styles: g-strings, bikinis, hip-huggers, and briefs. Panties section has information on how to make your own pink ruffled panties!

    A panty pet is a sissy whose fetish centers on wearing womenn’s panties, usually with B&D overtones..

    Padded panties give the shape of a woman’s ass or woman’s ass and hips. Some padded panties also pull in the stomach.

    Bubble panties are panties with two layers. Bubble panties “bubble” out more than regular patnies and tend to swish and slide more than regular panties.

    Gaffes hide the cock and balls. There are rubber and latex panties that provide fake vaginal lips.

    Wearable pussy panties allow a trransvestite to have their own vagina.

    There are transvestite bras with fake breasts, as well as a variety of breast forms.

    Corsets are a very common fetish item for both transvestism and for BDSM. Dominatrices often wear corsets too. Variations include corselettes, waist clinchers, and bondage belts. Transvestites wear corsets to help create a more feminine shape. Not only does the squeezing of the corset make the waist more narrow (and therefore more feminine), but it also proportionally makes the hips and breasts appear to be fuller and rounder and more feminine. Corsets are sometimes also worn by women in the role of bondage mistress.

    Nighties are bed clothing often worn by women. There are many different kinds. The two most common are Baby doll nighties and night gowns.

    Wigs are common, even for sissies with long hair.


    Makeup can be natural, dollish, or slutty. Fingernails and toe nails are typically polished to match.

    Masks and blindfolds are used to block a sissy’s vision. This can be done by itself (for light bondage) or in combination with other forms of bondage. A blindfold covers just the eyes, while a mask covers more of the head or face. Inexpensive blindfolds often have light leaks at the edges, which might allow a sissy to partially see around. More expensive blindfolds and masks completely block any vision. You can use a piece of cloth (such as a rolled up scarf or a necktie), but these almost always allow some peripheral vision.

    Gags are used to muffle speech. No gag completely blocks the ability to make sound. A simple gag is made by tying a scarf around the head so that it is partly inside the mouth. Do not stuff cloth into the mouth, because the cloth will expand with saliva and can choke a sissy to death. The most common gags are ball gags, which have a rubber ball on a leather strap or metal chain. If there is paint on the ball gag, make sure that it is not flaking or loose. There are gags that have a horse’s bit. These can be used for pony girl play or as a gag that allows a sissy to bite down hard (a bit gag might be used in combination with spanking, paddling, or whipping). There are gags that include a penis head, usually made of leather. Most gags have a single chain or leather strap that fastens at the back of the head. There are gags that are designed to be locked into place, as well as gags withmutliple straps. Some masks have built in gags. Make sure that the gag used does not completely fill up the mouth, as this is a choking hazard. A gag will cause saliva to flow. Make sure that the sissy can either swallow the saliva or that the saliva can freely flow down the face. Otherwise, the sissy might choke on his own saliva.

    Collars are normally used in association with other forms of bondage. Collars are available in leather and in metal. Make sure that the collar does not choke off a sissy’s blood or air supply (either from being too tight or from being too big). Make sure that the collar can’t tighten on its own. Collars are available in both locking and non-locking forms. A “posture collar” is a collar that is extra tall in the back, shaped to hold the head in a single position. Many collars have rings that can be used to tie or lock items to. This can include such variations as chaining a sissy’s wrists near his head or for fastening a leash.

    Cuffs come in many varieties.

    The best known are metal handcuffs. There are cheap plastic handcuffs that give the illusion of bondage but that can easily be released by the sissy in bondage. Cheap handcuffs don’t have any method for preventing additional tightening and can easily become tight enough to cut off the blood supply and introduce a risk of injury. Also, cheap handcuffs can often be forced open without a key. More expensive handcuffs can only be opened with a key and can be adjusted to a specific tightness. Even when properly adjusted, handcuffs can become uncomfortable, chafe or cut the wrists, and are therefore not suitable for lengthy bondage. There are padded handcuffs for longer play, as well as pads that can be used with any handcuffs.

    Thumbcuffs are small devices that only restrain the thumbs. These are usually rather cheap devices and may not work properly.

    Leather and metal wrist ankle, thigh, and elbow cuffs are designed for more serious bondage. They are available in locking and non-locking versions and in a variety of thicknesses and colors. Different cuffs are designed for use on different parts of the body (ankles, thighs, wrists, and elbows). Cuffs are available with a variety of rings (both number of rings and style of rings). The rings can be used for attaching chains, ropes, or other items. There are combiantion cuff sets, including combination collar and wrist cuffs.

    Bondage mitts cover the whole hand. They are available in a variety of lengths, from mitts that just cover the hand to mitts that cover the entire arm. Mitts can be designed as pairs (one for each hand or arm) or as a single mitt that both hands or arms are put into. Mitts can be locked into place or laced up or both.

    Heel straps are designed to lock high heels or high heeled boots onto the sissy’s feet.

    Waist belts are designed to go around the waist and are made of cloth, leather, or metal. Waist belts can be locking or non-locking. Most waist belts include several rings for attaching chains or ropes or locking cuffs into place. Waist belts are available in a variety of thicknesses and colors. Some thick waist belts also serve as waist clinchers.

    Nipple clamps are designed to attach to the nipples. There are special nipple clamps for use with pierced nipples, but most nipple clamps are attached by pressure. Cheap nipple clamps can be quite painful. More expensive nipple clamps have adjustable pressure, so they can be attached without pain (or an adjustable amount of pain). Many nipple clamps are designed to allow the attachment of chains or weights. Some nipple clamps are fine jewelry.

    Chastities are designed to prevent sex. Both male and female chastities are available. Chastities are available in leather and metal and a wide variety of styles. Chastities usually have a waist belt and there is a wide variety of waist belt designs. Women can normally masturbate while wearing a chastity (unless additionally restrained), but male chastities do not allow a man to masturbate. Some chastities include butt and/or vaginal plugs.

Male Chastity Belt with 1 LockMale Chastity Belt and Leg Strap with 4 Locks

    There are a variety of full body restraints, most of which are systems of interconnecting leather straps. There are also restraint systems, such as bondage chairs, bondage beds, and various kinds of swings. Most swing systems can be used for non-bondage sex play as well.

    Posture training involves training a sissy to have good posture. There are distinctly different styles that posture training might take. Depending on the goal, different postures might be considered “good”. Slutty sissies, bimbo sissies, and similar will have exagerated flirting posture and movement. Sissy maids, sissy secretaries, and other servant sissies will have formal and graceful posture and movement Highly submissive sissies (including many sissy maids) will have a deferential posture and movement.

    Bondage is often used in posture training. Short lengths between ankle cuffs can force short mincing ultra-effeminate steps. Collars can force particular head positions, especially looking straight forward. Ropes, chains, or other bonds can force particular positions for long periods of time. Corsets and high heels are commonly required during posture training, especially severe posture training.

    Be careful about any restraint system that involves suspension. It is very easy to cause serious damage to delicate tissues with a cheap or poorly designed suspension system.

    Whips and paddles are available in a variety of forms. Whips can have one or more straps made from a variety of materials. Paddles can be flexible or hard. There is danger of serious injury with whips and paddles. Often the sexual pleasure of being whipped or paddled can mask the pain that would indicate serious injury. You should learn proper safety before using whips or paddles.

    A closet sissy is a secret sissy. Discovery is the most common fear among closet sissies. Closet sissies wil often goto extreme measures to try to avoid being discovered. Closet sissies often develop intricate fantasies about what might happen if discovered. The two most common variations are being discovered by “the guys”, then gangbanged, and being discovered by a girlfriend or wife (or neighbor or desired girlfriend), then being turned into a personal sissy maid.

    Forced masturbation is when the sissy is forced to masturbate on commmand for the master or mistress. Forced masturbation can be highly ritualistic and involve many rules. Often there are time limits. Minimum time limits are used to delay orgasm, while maximum time limits are used to hurry orgasms (or even not allow enough time for an orgasm, increasing sexual frustration. Forced masturbation can be combined with CBT (cock and balls torture), cock control, male chastity devices, and/or masturbating orders.

    Playing with dolls is a classic sign of a sissy. Some masters and mistresses force their sissies to masturbate with inflatable dolls in an attempt to embarrass and humiliate them. Some sissies play with dolls just because they like to play with dolls. Some sissies dress up their dolls and enagage in fantasy play other than masturbation with their dolls. A suggested inexpensive doll is the Spread Eagle Doll. The fanciest and most expensive doll (several thousand dollars each) is the Real Doll. A more affordable top of the line foam doll is the Virtual Girl doll.

    Anal play can include analingus (ass licking), butt plugs, anal probes, anal beads, strap-on dildoes, and anal copulation. Anal sex includes the insertion of both toys and real cocks into the sissy’s ass. Buttplugs can be used as part of sissy bondage as well as preparation for the sissy to be ass fucked by either strap-on dildo or a real penis. Anal probes can be pumped in and out of a sissy’s butt. A wife or mistress can fuck the sissy up the ass with a wide variety of strap-ons. Some strap-ons come as prepared units, with built in belt or panty and built-in dildo, often with vibrations and some kind of stimulation for the woman. The ultimate in sissification is having the sissy take it up the ass from a real man, especially while in bondage as part of cuckolding.

    A show sissy is one trained for public competition (real or imagined). Show sissies can be of any costume choice.

    Rape play is simulated rape.

    The sissy maid (or French maid) is the most common fantasy costume and is associated with personal servitude and personal sex slave fantasies, as well as with cuckolded husband or boyfriend fantasies. Duties may include foot bathing, foot massage, shoe and foot licking and sucking, pedicure, manicure, body massage, bathing, assist dressing and/or undressing, hair care, cleaning clothes, cooking, cleaning house, breast massage, cunnilingus, analingus, dildo sucking, cock sucking, being ass fucked with a strap-on dildo, being ass fucked by a guy, being double fucked by men and/or women, being gang banged, helping a man fuck his wife or girlfriend (such as sucking him hard and guiding his cock into her cunt — and he’d best not use the word “cunt”), and sucking out her creampie. A sissy maid might have the penis encased to prevent sexual release or might be forced to masturbate with a doll. Any degree of bondage is possible. In some couples (mostly in monogamous heterosexual relationships), there may be oral, anal, and/or vaginal sex. Punishments include preventing masturbation, nipple torture, cock and ball torture, long and/or extreme bondage, denial of masturbation, spanking, whippings, canings, and/or paddlings.

    The whore or slut is the next most common fantasy costume and is associated with sex slaves, especially cuckolded sissy sluts with multiple partners and sissy sluts with macho male masters (commonly monogamous). Any degree of bondage possible. Often combined with kidnap, rape, gangbang, stripper, and/or police fantasies. Police fantasies can include an undercover police operation gone wrong.

    Schoolgirl fantasies involve varieties of school girl uniforms. Some popular ones include the short skirt and tight top, Japanese sailor uniforms, British schoolgirl uniforms, and British sissy boy school uniforms. Often combined with paddlings, spankings, whippings, canings, etc. Sometimes combined with cheerleader fantasies. Note that adults pretending to be schoolgirls is completely different than illegal pedophilia or statuatory rape of real young girls.

    Cheerleader fanstasies may or may not include acrobatics, dance, and/or cheerleading. Common variations include slut cheerleader, cheerleader in bondage, kidnapped cheerleader, raped cheerleader, spanked/whipped/paddled/caned cheerleader, and lesbian encounter between cheerleader and cheerleading coach. Sometimes combined with school girl fantasies.

    Pretty sissy fantasies involve frilly dresses and any degree of bondage. May include any options of sissy maid fantasy.

    A poufbunny is a sissy into wearing petticoats, crinolines, and bouffant fashion.

    Young girl fantasies are a close variation to both the poufbunny annd the adult baby. Young girl sisiies often enjoy wearing intricate and pretty little girl dresses. Note that adults pretending to be young girls is completely different than illegal pedophilia or statuatory rape of real young girls.

baby dummy

     Adult baby fantasies involve being dressed up in diapers and babywear, along with accessories such as bottles, cribs, and baby toys. Little girl, young girl, and mommy fantasies are closely related.

    In harem bondage, the sissy is dressed up in a harem costume, a belly dancer costume, or other similar costume. Belly dancing is common. Whoring and gangbangs are possible variations.

    Pony girl play is when the sissy pretends to be a horse. Typical pony girl costumes include a bit and bridle, sometimes a saddle, and sometimes even a pony tail butt plug.

    A furry is a person who has the fetish of dressing up and/or acting as an animal (most commonly a dog). Pony girls are not normally considered a part of the furry fetish.

    Those sissies with a foot fetish may perform foot bathing, foot massage, shoe licking, foot and toe licking and sucking, pedicure, and other foot related activities. This may include masturbating on feet. This is often combined with a sissy maid or sissy slave fantasy.

    Goddess worship is an ancient practice, in which the sissy serves and honors a human woman as the physical manifestation of the divine Goddess.

sissySearch - girlish links the sissy links

    Search: for more information on sissies and sissification. SissySearch FetBot Ms. Silk’s sissy links

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    Everlicking The sooner you admit to me the sooner I can work my magic and transform you into that sissy girl

    Sissies often feel socially isolated and lacking in resources and information. The goal of this site is to use the power of global internet community to provide a real sissy school through the web. Because there is such rich variation in sissihood, this web site offers a variety of topics for study and leaves the choice of study topics to the master, mistress, or self, depending on each sissy’s personal relationship.

    Sissies are expected to complete writing assignments and e-mail their essays on topics studied. Mistresses and masters may optionally also write about their sissies. Some essays might be placed on the web site, in part or in full, with or without editing or other changes or modifications (without limit). Sissies will only be identified by their sissy name, unless they specifically request the publication of their e-mail address (which must match the e-mail address sending the essays) and/or website addrress. There is no compensation of any kind for any submissions. There is no confirmation that any submitted essays are non-fiction, nor is there confirmation that all described events and/or practices are safe or legal.

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